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Author: Sean Sullivan

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Converge Coffee connects you with experts who have succeeded or scraped their knees and elbows from lessons learned. You get each speaker's wisdom like you were sitting right across the coffee table.
Each episode will be packed with information at your finger tips. Think of this podcast as talking to the speaker right across the table and walk away with content to actually use. No more 5 How to... or 3 Reasons Why.
We dive deeper in the 4 marketing success cores: Messaging, Design, Tech, and Experience. These 4 essentials don't only apply to marketing. Guests have marketing, sales, customer service, recruiting, and product development backgrounds. Today, each business operation grows either through customers or employees converging back to those 4 marketing success cores.
50 Episodes
In this episode, I sit down with Wes Windham (, Founder and CEO at Woven ( Evidence-based developer hiring platform. We dive into why Wes wanted to get into help solve the hiring process with Woven. We go deeper into why storytelling is the key to a good hiring process as either an interviewer or candidate. Special Guest: Wes Winham.
In this episode, I sit down with Mitchell Levy (, The AHA Guy at AHAthat ( who empowers experts, marketers, thought leaders, and businesses to share their genius. We dive into how Mitchell started AHAthat and how to write a book easier with him than by yourself. "Its all about balance of time and money", say Mitchell. We end the episode of how people leverage their reputation to monetize a book, a product, or anything they sell. Special Guest: Mitchell Levy.
In this episode, I sit down with Marcus Hall (, President and Partner of California Closets ( We dive into how you marry design and tech together. We go deeper into how should companies leverage conventional and experimental marketing methods to up-leveling a brand. Special Guest: Marcus Hall.
In this episode, I sit down with Nemanja Zivkovic (, Director of Operations at Default Design ( We dive into why defining conversions first is important. We go deeper into why conversions, marketing automation, and website personalization need to align for great customer engagement. Special Guest: Nemanja Zivkovic.
In this episode, I sit down with Jeroen Corthout (, co-founder and CEO of Salesflare ( We dive into Jeroen's passion to make CRMs easier for clients which lead him to create Salesflare. We go deeper in first marketing strategies and constant improvements to the product. Special Guest: Jeroen Corthout.
In this episode, I sit down with Jennifer Denney, ( Founder and CEO of Elevated Marketing Solutions ( We dive into Jennifer's extensive marketing background and why she started a paid marketing company. We go deeper into the importance of segmenting and funneling audiences and what is the difference between Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn advertising platforms. Jennifer leaves some great advice on how to make paid ads simpler. Special Guest: Jennifer Denney.
In this episode, I sit down with Justin Schenck (, Founder of Growth Now Movement ( and Begin Podcasting Now ( We dive into why he started his podcast businesses. We go deeper into podcast marketing essentials a lot of companies miss. Justin gives his insight on where podcast is going. Special Guest: Justin Schenck.
In this episode, I sit down with Doug Mankiewicz (, VP of Business Development at Orange142 ( We dive into how his team sells digital advertising solutions to national and international clients. We go deeper into messaging and customer service are the foundation of their sales strategy. Doug also mentions what are the capabilities with digital advertising and gives insight of what Orange142 is doing for their clients. Special Guest: Doug Mankiewicz.
In this episode, I sit down with John McDonald (, CEO of ClearObject ( We dive into how his team markets internet of things (IoT). We go deeper into how to ClearObject has partnered with educational institutions to build clear evidence of how IoT helps companies and institutions. Special Guest: John McDonald.
In this episode, I sit down with Mohammed M. Mahdi and Anthony Duncan, co-founders of The Mad Optimist ( We dive into why they started the company. We go deeper into how to the company's messaging and pivot more to the customer service and employee focus of their company. Special Guests: Anthony Duncan and Mohammed M. Mahdi.
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