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As a business accelerator and investor in ancillary cannabis companies, we’ve helped launch 90+ companies and have made 110+ investments. And along the way, we’ve seen a lot! Now we’re sharing everything you need to know about starting up and investing in the legal cannabis industry. We post every other week! Learn more about what we do by visiting us at
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This is an oldie but, oh.. so good! We're giving you a re-run of one of the panels in our last Jumpstart Conference, where industry operators talk about what its like to work in the space and give entrepreneurs ideas on where to focus. In this episode you'll hear from Nancy Whiteman of Wana Brands, Ryan Brown of Native Roots and Graham Carlson of CW Hemp - all moderated by CanopyBoulder's own Patrick Rea. They'll talk about things like listening to their customers, regulatory hurdles, challenges and how entrepreneurs can best get in front of folks like them. And if you LIKE this content, be sure to join us next week, July 25, in Denver, CO for our Summer 2019 Jumpstart Conference. Go get those tickets... like, now!
Ever wondered what the perfect cannabis product was for you? You know.. the one that'll make you feel like you did when you first started smoking and couldn't stop the giggles...? Yeah, us too.This week, we're chatting with Bob Chien, CEO & founder of Marigen, a service that uses your specific DNA to made product recommendations. We're chatting with him about all the science behind cannabis and how our bodies interact with it, what it takes to get a business off the ground and his best advice to startups. To learn more about Marigen, visit them at
What do you know about logistics?... wait, don't fall asleep! Delivery and logistics are one of those areas we so often overlook. And yet, in a highly regulated industry like cannabis, are hugely important. This week, we're talking with Tim Ruybal, CEO & founder of Dyspense Technologies on what delivery, tracking and distribution looks like in the industry. He also digs into the importance of listening to your customer, how to manage multiple segments and the evolution of an industry. Learn more about Tim and Dyspense at 
How important is loyalty in the cannabis industry? This week, we're talking with Rami Sahhar, CEO of CliqueMJ and current CanopyBoulder cohort member, about whats going on in the industry in terms of advertising and maintaining customers. He goes into the importance of loyalty, how retail businesses can leverage it and what its like starting a tech company in this nascent industry.Learn more about CliqueMJ at
When people say “cannabis industry”, often the first thought is into retailers, edible brands and large cultivation operations. But what about the picks and shovels that support those businesses? (After all, I bet you don’t know a single gold miner's name but you’ve definitely heard of Levi’s Jeans…).This week, we’re chatting with CFO of Urban-Gro, Bob Pullar. Urban-Gro offers cultivators holistic environmental solutions but, more importantly, they are a fast-growing picks and shovels business. In this episode, we chat with Bob about what it takes to grow a fast growing ancillary cannabis business, what the trends look like in AgTech and his predictions for the future. Check it out.Learn more about Urban-Gro at 
The world of consumer packaged goods (CPG) presents a whole new set of obstacles, challenges and opportunities for entrepreneurs. And since the Farm Bill passed back in December, plenty are getting in on the CBD and hemp CPG game. This week, we're talking with one of those new brands - Backyard Sodas, an all-natural, CBD infused soda. CEO & founder, Jonathan Schultz, talks to us a little about soda, natural products, emerging hemp/CBD opportunities, what its like running a CPG company and more. Learn more about Backyard Soda at
We're back at it.. trying desperately to make sense of the legal (???) hemp and CBD markets. We know, it's confusing. What with the FDA and DEA and Farm Bill... it's hard to know what's real and where the actual opportunties live. This week on the podcast, we're talking with attorney and CBD expert, Cameron Field, about all the ins and outs on hemp and CBD regulation. He takes us through what's real and what's not, when we can expect final regulations, what those might look like and all the other little quiet hurdles we may have missed along the way. Check it out. 
This is a BONUS episode where we slip inside the minds of the founders in CanopyBoulder's current business accelerator cohort. This week, we talk with Grow with Jane, an app for home growers straight from Buenos Aires, Argentina. They talk to us about why their team is so strong, how to listen and adapt to a market and why measuring your progress is key. Check it out.To learn more about Grow with Jane, visit their website at
This week on the podcast, we're diving into federal policy around cannabis because, well, it's confusing. Major shifts in policy don't happen overnight and rarely happen without some support in the form of lobbying. Cannabis is no different. This week, we're chatting with Andrew Kline, former prosecutor, and current Director of Policy for the National Cannabis Industry Association on what the landscape looks like. Get his thoughts on what it'll take to legalize, when that could happen, who should be shaping these policies and how you can participate. 
Ever wondered how being a licensed cannabis business differs from an un-licensed one? This week, we're chatting with Cyrus Farudi, CEO of Altus Brands, a company that does just about everything. Get caught up on what it takes to run multiple cannabis businesses, in multiple verticals across multiple markets.. Learn more about Altus Brands at
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