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ASPN, a service of Coastal News Today, is the platform for top minds in coastal business, policy, science, and advocacy. With ASPN, you'll be better prepared, better informed, and better equipped to thrive, no matter what you do on the coast. See the complete coastal landscape with ASPN and CNT and gain insight into the critical issues affecting the American shoreline.

No other platform brings together so many cross-sectional coastal experts. We believe understanding the spectrum of coastal issues and interests is the key to truly thriving on the American shoreline.
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On this episode, Peter and Tyler sit down with Texas Tribune reporter Kiah Collier on the heals of the release of her deep dive on influence of Dutch coastal management techniques and philosophy on the Texas Coastal Protects plan. Her reporting for Can the “masters of the flood” help Texas protect its coast from hurricanes? took Kiah, along with a delegation of students and U.S. coastal leaders, to the Netherlands to see with their own eyes the Dutch approach. What lessons can be applied to the management of the American shoreline? We discuss in this special episode.
The Sea Change Podcast is back! During this episode, Jenna Valente, sits down with Joe Leahy, engineer, visual storyteller, and former Coastguardsman to discuss innovation, an unwavering sense of adventure, and harnessing creativity to spark positive and sustainable change. This show is sure to inspire. 
On this episode of The Capitol Beach, Derek Brockbank interviews Representative Garret Graves. Rep. Graves has a long history working for coastal restoration and resilience, most notably in leading Louisiana's Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority and currently as Congressman. On the podcast, he talks about new laws that allow FEMA money to be spent on Army Corps projects, why investing in resilience should be done before a storm, and how the Army Corps of Engineers is improving and where he'd like to see the Corps go. He also shares why he wanted Cajuns listed as an endangered species and how the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State is like the Coastal Louisiana wetlands.
Peter and Tyler run through the hot coastal social media stories that are dominating our news feeds this summer, from shark attacks to flesh eating bacterial on the beaches. Then they discuss new developments in the Port of Miami channel deepening drama. 
On this special edition of the American Shoreline Podcast, Peter shares some of his field notes in podcast from from the week of the July 4th holiday, Peter was enjoying the coastline of British Columbia aboard his brother-in-law's SV Malikai. 
Host Dan Martin speaks with Keith Winsten, the Executive Director of the Brevard Zoo. He is leading an effort to create a new, state-of-the-art aquarium in Port Canaveral and explains the many considerations that go into such an enterprise. 
Peter and Tyler welcome Radley Horton to the show. Radley was the co-chair of the At What Point Managed Retreat? Resilience Building in the Coastal Zone Conference at Columbia University that took place in June and discusses how the conference was received and what some of the take-aways are. Radley Horton is a Lamont Associate Research Professor at Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory. His research focuses on climate extremes, tail risks, climate impacts, and adaptation. Radley was a Convening Lead Author for the Third National Climate Assessment. He currently Co-Chairs Columbia’s Adaptation Initiative, and is Principal Investigator for the Columbia University-WWF ADVANCE partnership, and the NOAA-Regional Integrated Sciences and Assessments-funded Consortium for Climate Risk in the Urban Northeast. He is also the Columbia University lead for the Department of Interior-funded Northeast Climate Science Center, and is a PI on an NSF-funded Climate Change Education Partnership Project. Radley has been a Co-leader in the development of a global research agenda in support of the United Nations Environmental Program’s Programme on Vulnerability, Impacts, and Adaptation (PROVIA) initiative. He serves on numerous national and international task forces and committees, including the Climate Scenarios Task Force in support of the 2018 National Climate Assessment, and frequently appears on national and international television, radio, and in print. Radley teaches in Columbia University’s Sustainable Development department.
On this special day after July 4th episode of Friday Happy Hour, Tyler and Derek and chat about everything from the managed retreat conference at Columbia University last month to the spirit of the American Shoreline and favorite July 4th memories. Cheers!
Peter talks with Trisha Howarth, the President of the July 4th Commission for the community of Southport, North Carolina. The patriotic spirit of America is alive and well in the City of Southport. For over 200 years this small maritime community has celebrated our nation's independence in a big way. The celebration has grown from colonial times when ships lay anchor in her harbor and shot their cannons to today's festival where 40,000 to 50,000 people come each year to bathe in the richness of spirit commemorating Old Glory. Incorporated as the N.C. 4th of July Festival in the year 1972 the festival committee strives to keep the focus of the festival on honoring our nation's birthday with a little fun thrown in.
In today’s episode, hosts Jacques Hebert and Simone Maloz dive deep into the Mississippi River with Tristan Baurick to discuss his 5 part investigative series about the Upper Mississippi River. From the Headwaters in Minnesota to Davenport, Iowa, Tristan focused on stories of different ways we’ve tried to control the Mississippi River. At the end of the show, Melissa Mylchreest, associate director at the Institute for Journalism & Natural Resources to talk about the importance of environmental journalism and how IJNR provides immersion training programs for environment and natural resource journalists.
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