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ASPN, a service of Coastal News Today, is the platform for top minds in coastal business, policy, science, and advocacy. With ASPN, you'll be better prepared, better informed, and better equipped to thrive, no matter what you do on the coast. See the complete coastal landscape with ASPN and CNT and gain insight into the critical issues affecting the American shoreline.

No other platform brings together so many cross-sectional coastal experts. We believe understanding the spectrum of coastal issues and interests is the key to truly thriving on the American shoreline.
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Tony McNeal has served the Florida Department of Environmental Protection for 34 years and will be retiring in 2020 as the Administrator of the Coastal Construction Control Line Program that regulates construction along Florida's 825 miles of coastline.  It is a huge job, high stakes, and occasionally -- maybe more than occasionally -- contentious.  Tony was the CCL Program lead for 20 years during his tenure at FDEP, a remarkable accomplishment.  Mike Barnett, former Chief of the FDEP Bureau of Beaches and Coastal Systems, nominated Tony for this prestigious award, and joins Tony on the American Shoreline Podcast.  It's a long back from two of Florida's best known and respected state agency professionals.  We talk about Tony's career in public service, the tough decisions coastal regulators face, and what it takes to handle this challenging job so successfully and for so long.   Congratulations Tony from Coastal News Today and the American Shoreline Podcast Network and thank you for all the years of leadership, hard work, and judgement to protect the beaches and dunes of Florida.  
On the American shoreline, there are an army or professional consultants that design, evaluate, assess, permit. and build coastal projects -- everything from hotels, to houses, to parks and beaches.  Peter Ravella, co-host of the American Shoreline Podcast (his co-host, Tyler Buckingham, is at a Ukrainian wedding and will be back next week) sits down with two women to discuss what it takes to make it in the highly competitive world of coastal consulting.  Lois Edwards and Kim Colstad, two pros who dedicate their time to coastal resource protection and project permitting, left the comfy confines of a big firm to strike out on their own, forming Ardea Environmental Consulting in Ft. Pierce, Florida.  Now co-owners of their own company, find out how these two fierce and dedicated women have found the balance, the work, and happiness as coastal consulting professionals. It's a great story.  And, as a bonus, they talk about how to make the business work, how to keep clients happy, and the value of relationships and trust in serving their clients while protecting the environment.  One of the best conversations from the FSBPA conference.  Enjoy it.  Only on the American Shoreline Podcast Network!
FSBPA President, Pepper Uchino, joins Peter Ravella on the American Shoreline Podcast. Pepper is two-weeks on the job and promises to bring new and dynamic leadership to this venerable organization of coastal professionals and stakeholders.  We talk about what brought Pepper to FSBPA, what draws us all to the coastline, and the challenges ahead in Florida, including rising seas, more powerful storms, and tight state budgets.  Florida has been considered a leader in coastal management and FSBPA has been a integral part of that story since its founding in 1957.  Look down the road with Pepper Uchino and the American Shoreline Podcast.  Only on ASPN -  Insight & Intelligence for Thriving Shorelines.
From the FSBPA Conference:  Managing eroding beaches is an expensive proposition.  Lots of money, technical challenges, and then there are the permits and the community support to secure.  Doug Smith has been at it almost 20 years as a veteran Martin County Commissioner.  Doug joins Peter Ravella on the American Shoreline Podcast to talk about how to maintain beaches, protect property, and not go broke doing it.  For coastal towns all along the American shoreline, the challenge can seem daunting, especially for communities new to the process.  And, with sea level rise,  many more local governments will be pressured to institute beach nourishment programs to maintain their recreational beaches and protect public and private infrastructure.  Doug Smith has learned the ropes and shares some of his "secrets to success."   It's an uplifting discussion of what can be done with solid management and strong partners.  Good show.  Don't miss it.  
R. Harvey Sasso has been a practicing coastal engineer for more than three decades and now leads one of the many superb firms that serve along the American Shoreline.  As they say, he's been there and done that.  In this episode from the Florida Shore and Beach Preservation Association meeting, Harvey joins Peter Ravella on the American Shoreline Podcast to talk about what's changed over that time and what hasn't.  While the tools of the trade are better --  sophisticated modeling and lots more data -- the profession remains in its essence an art and a discipline infused with the unpredictability to our ever-changing shorelines.  Most importantly, the profession faces the true challenge of rising seas and greater risks to their public- and private-sector clients.  Is the profession ready? Does resiliency hold the key to the future?  Can we afford to do what is likely to be required to protect  our coastal communities?   Dip your toe -- or a foot -- into the world of the coastal engineers with a great guide, Harvey Sasso, one of the premier coastal engineers in Florida. It's an interesting and surprisingly provacative discussion.
Bill Worsham, head of the Coastal Division at LJA Engineering, and long-time lead coastal engineer for Jefferson County, Texas joins Peter Ravella on the Local Control Podcast.  The topic:  mastering the state and federal partnerships necessary to successfully complete big coastal projects.  It is often said, "No person succeeds alone," and that is certainly true when it comes to complex coastal projects like beach and shoreline restoration.  In fact, in almost every state along the American shoreline, local communities play an instrumental role and must have strong partnerships at the community, state and federal levels to effectively tackle tough coastal problems.  On this episode, Peter sits down with one of the veterans of the trade to talk about the secrets of partnerships from the local government perspective.  We might not like it, but the public process matters in the complicated world of coastal engineering.  Get the inside scoop on ASPN!
It's National Estuary Week on the America shoreline so Peter and Tyler take you to the Florida panhandle's beautiful Emerald Coast with its stunning beaches and incredible estuaries. ASP welcomes Jim Trifilio, Director of the Pensacola & Perdido Bays Estuary Program; Melinda Gates, Estuary Coalition Manager and Coastal Resource Liaison for Walton County; and, Jim Muller, Bay County RESTORE Act Coordinator. These three adjoining counties are blessed with some of the most unique beaches and bays in America -- crystal clear spring-fed rivers, brilliant white, quartz-sand beaches, and stunning pines and dune swale ponds.  But, significant development pressures loom and finding the balance between economic growth and protecting this unique coastal area is the work of these three estuary management officials.  Kick off National Estuary week with ASPN and hear from three pros in the trenches.  Great way to start the week!
Thane co-hosts the Changing Waters Podcast on ASPN with Brad Warren, both from the Pacific Northwest.  Like many parts of the American shoreline, there is a lot to talk about there and the Changing Water hosts are tracking it down.  Thane joins Peter and Tyler to talk about an upcoming show with the leader of the Chinook Tribe on the reemergence of indigenous "canoe culture" and efforts to preserve the heritage of PNW coastal tribes.  PNW tribes were a seafaring people and sustained a network of ocean trading from California to Alaska.  Several PNW tribes are working to resurrect traditional ocean-going and canoe-making skills and the heritage that goes with it.  And there's much more from the PNW.  Grab a cold one and listen in on the great programs coming up on ASPN.  SERIOUSLY, GREAT STUFF COMING UP!
On The Capitol Beach, Derek Brockbank interviews the three co-executive directors of the US Coastal Research Program (USCRP): Julie Rosati with US Army Corps of Engineers, Hilary Stockdon with US Geological Survey, and Nicole Elko with American Shore & Beach Preservation Association. The USCRP is a multi-agency, academic and stakeholder partnership created to leverage and expand collaboration across coastal research sectors and ensure future research plans address stakeholder needs. On the podcast, you’ll hear why 11 federal agencies (from NOAA to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission) are participating, how collaboration on a multi-faceted coastal experiment is utilizing Hurricane Dorian to improve coastal storm modeling and much more, and how academics have received $6.3 million in federal grants through the USCRP and what might be funded next...  This podcast may not dive into the weeds on policy, but it explains how the federal government is driving coastal science that will lead to better coastal policy and management.
On this week's episode of Delta Dispatches, we're talking fish! Today’s first guest is Chris Macaluso, Director of the Center for Marine Fisheries for the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership. He reflects on the state of Louisiana's fisheries after a historic year of Mississippi River flooding. Simone and Jacques also talk with another prolific fisherman, Todd Masson, host of the Marsh Man Masson YouTube channel. In the last segment, Greg Lambousy, Director of the New Orleans Jazz Museum, joins the show to discuss this weekend's Downriver Festival in New Orleans.
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