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Author: Maya McNulty

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Fundraising Secrets brings together the best in the non profit sector. Fundraising Secrets will share ideas, teach best practices, learn and listen to the fundraising needs of the non profit markets.

Host: Maya McNulty, is an award winning business strategist, author and philanthropist.
70 Episodes
Chris Burke is the Executive Director and CEO of Northeastern Association of the Blind at Albany Incorporated. Their mission of the Northeastern Association of the blind at Albany is a private nonprofit organization it is to assist individuals who are blind or visually impaired achieve independence and growth.
Fundraising Secrets Best Sellers Ranking Amazon on its first week.
Erin Coufal is the marketing director of Interfaith Partnership for the Homeless. The need and the resources available to get people off the street and give them a roof and a warm meal.
Fundraising Secrets Mastery Live Event. Learn How to Fundraise Fast September 13th and 14th in Schenectady New York.
This episode was super fun. Have you ever done Improv? Or attended a performance.. Kat Koppett from Mopco shares her story and why Improv is great for organizations just like yours.
This episode is a recap of day 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. It's important to collect your thoughts so that you know your next move. Moving forward effectively and seamlessly without any distractions will set up for great success.
We all have this fear and anxiety inside of us. What if I fail. Well my friend what if you succeed.
What are your daily intentions set yourself up for success using positive daily intentions.
Executive Director Monika Boeckmann dives a little deeper into the great work her organization is serving seniors and the Meals on Wheels program.
We all struggle with some sort of imposter syndrome. Listen to this episode and eliminate imposter syndrome.
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