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Off the Record with Nick and Trey

Author: Nick Wichman & Trey Tatum

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Nick Wichman and Trey Tatum rap about music production, creativity, and the digital age.

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Nick is tasked with creating a video on the topic of recycling, but the idea of sustainability reaches much deeper than trash. Creativity is a tool to tap into the unrealized potential in everything, and boldness is the key to inspiring change.Reach out to us on Twitter!@nickwichman@trey_tatum 
Nick shares his account of the Aspen Food and Wine Classic, where good vibes struck a chord that resonated with a bigger question: Why are the masters of their craft so fearless? 
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To kick off season 2 of Off the Record, Nick tries free range VR for the first time on the Oculus Quest, Trey recounts his visit to Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge, and the two offer their usual pontifications about the powerful bond between creation and experience.Please check out our friend’s work onSTAR WARS™ Secrets of the Empireby ILMxLAB and The Void 
In our final episode of the year we reflect on our progress and share some thoughts about open mindedness. A collaborative spirit knows no bounds, and we all have a role to play toward a brighter future. We also reveal the name of our new project and the inspiration behind it. Here's to new beginnings.Neil Degrasse Tyson's ‘We Stopped Dreaming (Episode 2) - A New Perspective: (1:30 to 4:34)And sign up for updates from us at
Approaching the end of a season, we take some time to appreciate some talented live streamers and gab about gear. Trey has a bone to pick with Apple, about his dongle dilemma. With the constant move toward better tech, are musicians of modest means doomed to port purgatory? Check out the video we mentioned:Boiler Room, Crowdsourced with Jarreau Vandal
Welcome back! We invited our great friend and super talented producer, musician, and vocalist, Bryan Brunt, to come and hang out. He shares his musical background, his perspective on world building through songs, and we share one of his recent tracks with his band Suckerforlights' last album Hearts Fade.Check out Suckerforlights:Spotify:
Welcome back! This week we continued some of our conversation about abundance (spurred originally by Thanksgiving), and we talk about that fine line we, as creators, walk when trying to make music. We all know that slippery slope when you want more gear, or new sample packs, or shiny new plugins that might help you make your music. At some point you transition from having the tools you need to basically managing an insane collection of tools, of which you'll never be able to fully utilize. How much is TOO much? At what point does the gear actually HURT your creative process? More options doesn't always mean better creation.
As the holiday season is cruising toward us, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and all of the mayhem of shopping season is here. Nick talks about the mayhem of brand marketing and advertising during that season, and we connect that to the wave of efforts that creatives and musicians put into their own attempts at successful releases. Don't get enamored by the small waves of pop culture hits. Focus on the bigger picture and stick to your focus and passionate expression. Persistence and consistency will always win over the 'flash-in-the-pan' wins.
In episode 13 we talk about the realness of Derren Brown's latest Netflix special - Sacrifice, and its impact on us conceptually and emotionally (link below to the trailer). And we touch on a similar heaviness of the Anime show Attack on Titan. We also chat about Nick's trip to La Paz, Baja California Sur, whale sharks, and last week's podcast, recorded by Trey all by his lonesome. If you haven't heard it, go check it out because it's pretty great.Sacrifice Trailer:'s Whale Shark Guide in La Paz (Yosef): Snowball Microphone: Snowflake Microphone: mic we use for our podcast:
Nick is living it up in Mexico and Trey is tasked with recording Episode 12 alone. A rambling exploration of chaos, meaning, and influence from the mess that is Trey's brain.
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