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BIG GIRL PANTS is a podcast featuring raw discussions between two friends around the real-life challenges of raising kids, building careers, and staying healthy all while attempting to stay sane. It’s about cutting yourself some slack because we can’t be all things to everyone. April Melton and Kimberly Shapiro met while working together in the recruiting industry and instantly became friends. After many deep office discussions around the challenges of raising a family while working hard to build a career and trying to find the time to stay healthy, they realized that most women are struggling with the same things. They also realized, most feel isolated and completely alone as though every other woman on the planet has it together but them. This podcast is about empowerment! It’s about encouragement! It’s about uniting as women and lifting each other up. You are not alone. We are all in this together. April and Kimberly will talk about tips on staying healthy, balancing work and kids, managing your finances, and putting on your Big Girl Pants. This job of being a woman, isn’t for the faint of heart.We hope you join us!
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Join us as we talk with Suzette Patterson, Principle of STAR Performance Group, a Sandler SalesTraining firm.  We discuss how sales is really all about psychology and how we are always selling in our lives - with kids, spouses, bosses, employees, etc.     Discussion on Transaction Analysis, DISC, and so many other awesome personality identifiers.    Hope you listen!ABOUT SUZZETTE:Suzette Patterson spent over 20 years in software sales and implementation before starting her Sandler business.  She sold directly to physician practices and also built and managed teams for the largest GE Healthcare Value Added Reseller in the country.  What she learned from all of those years of selling is that most companies do a great job of product and service training, but they underestimate the value of having a sales process.   Today she blends her own experience with the internationally proven training and evaluation tools from Sandler Training to teach a unique brand of sales training and personal development.   Suzette has been instrumental in helping successful companies develop management, sales and prospecting strategies.   When she isn’t working with clients, she enjoys spending time with her friends and family, riding the motorcycle with her husband and enjoying great music poolside.     
Having a baby is stressful, whether you are a first-time parent or not.  Sarah Bednar, Postpartum Doula and founder of The Modern Day Tribe gets it.  Her mission is to bring awareness around the needs of new parents and to bring them into her tribe.   She is a true advocate, voice, and second set of hands that new parents crave in what should be the most joyous time in life.  About Sarah: Her passion as a postpartum doula is to structure support based on the family's goals. Her focus is on nurturing mom and baby, their bond, health, and overall wellbeing.​Her mission is to guide parents to be their best selves in order to lead happy and healthy families.Sarah advocates for what is best for mom and baby.  She's had personal experience with working outside the home when her first two babies were in childcare, also being a stay at home mom with her third child.  She fully appreciates and respects the hard work it takes for both aspects of parenting!  ​The Modern Day Tribe community is made of many DIFFERENT people.  Some in our tribe will agree with what we say or believe, and some will disagree.  THAT'S OK!  The different backgrounds, different experiences, and different ideas are what make our community great!  ​Your postpartum doula will coach you and your family through a stressful time due to lack of sleep, difficult decisions, and lack of optimal nutrition.  This once in a lifetime occasion just after your baby is home ought to be a time of joy and recovery! ​As your postpartum doula, she would be honored to be a part of your tribe mentoring and guiding you to feel your best and to lead a happy healthy family! 
Greg McCoy is a highly successful Entrepreneur and Personal trainer who has been a proud gym owner for over a decade. Greg opened his first gym, Metroflex Plano in 2009, at the age of 22, his second gym Destination Dallas in 2013  and is now the current owner of Hidden Gym. His career is wide-ranging and in addition to serving over 1000 clients, he is also an Industry Speaker and active Philanthropist. 
April Melton - Professional Fitness Coach (and our awesome co-host), Amy Clark - Life Coach, and Sable Gonyea- Licensed Therapist, have joined forces and created one heck of a group that all women need to check out.   We've all been there!  Read that newest and greatest self-help book.   Learned all the wonderful tips and tricks to change our lives, bought the work-out clothes, joined the gym, set the goals and then...crickets.  Nothing!  We gave up, give in.    These ladies have created a Self-Care workshop that commits to one book at a time, bringing women together who want to change their lives and create an accountability circle to help each other stay on track.   It's a revolutionary concept and will change the lives and hearts of so many women.     If you struggle to stay committed and need that extra boost of accountability - listen to this episode and join these ladies in their next workshop, BadAss Babes – Sip and Self Care - Saturday, Oct. 12th at 10AM.
If you are dealing with chronic illness, unexplained pain, fatigue, etc.   You must listen to this episode!About Kerri Simpson:Having found her recovery from chronic lyme disease through naturopathic practices and lifestyle changes, Kerri Simpson became passionate about sharing what she had learned with others. She is a Master Herbalist, Board Certified Holistic Health Coach and Certified Drugless Practioner.   She is trained in Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA), and uses this energy testing to assist her clients in finding their personal nutritional needs.Kerri's education has equipped her with extensive knowledge in holistic nutrition with the ability to offer naturopathic lifestyle training and treatment. She works with clients and their bio-individuality to help them produce real and lasting results for better health.
Sherry Hasty is the Founder of Per Bella Sempre Med Spa and is a registered nurse with over 20 years in the cosmetic industry.  She spent 5 years in Dermatology and 10 years in plastic surgeons’ offices working as a laser specialist and injecting fillers and Botox.     In 2012, Sherry joined Medicis and Valient, a pharmaceutical firm as a medical trainer specializing in Restylane.  She traveled throughout the US teaching physicians and nurses on proper injectable techniques.  Along with her expertise in anti-aging, she competed in fitness competitions internationally.    Her passion is helping women age gracefully and live a healthy and fit life. She is the mother of 26-year-old Kara and new grandson Kase.
April and Kim, with guest Kellie Kauten of Artistic Organics - CBD Wellness discuss the truth about CBD Oil.   They talk about the laws, the health benefits, the different strains, and what to look out for.   I know you're curious!  Hope you give us a listen.Kellie Kauten is the founder and CEO of Artistic Organics - CBD Wellness located in Frisco, TX.   Her journey began the way many do; she studied hard in college, received a degree, and went into a successful corporate career.   With that success in corporate America came the sacrifice of heath, personal life and hobbies.   It was after having children that she was able to take a step back and look at what she really wanted to do.   Through a volunteer opportunity, she helped develop a personalized EMF/biofield product with a medical office.  From there, other offices found out about her products and before long she was selling to functional medicine offices for several years. Shortly thereafter, as a result of her interests and the relationships she built with the doctors, she began to research CBD.  Her focus was to find a way to help medical professionals better treat their patients and also her own issues.   It began with the willingness to conduct research in a new industry unfamiliar with most traditional and non-traditional doctors.  She has a very high standard for quality and researched the best products and growing methods for the medical offices. That quickly snowballed into recommending and developing customized products as well as teaching and training on what she had learned.  Her business grew to the point where she realized she needed a retail location.   Artistic Organics – CBD Wellness was the first CBD store in Frisco.  She now conducts monthly (free) classes to explain the industry and how people can understand this confusing new industry and help them find the right products. Due to their high standards, free consultations, and classes, they have been interviewed by CBS 11 news, Frisco Style magazine and multiple podcasts.    
This episode is an inspiring story of single mom who left her home, her family, and everything she knew to start over in a new country.   Today, Ada Lu is an entrepreneur, CEO & Founder of SPA2U, a corporate massage firm.     In this episode she shares her story, and the health benefits of getting massages.   It's not just a luxury, it's a necessity!    
Join April and Kim as they talk with CISO (Chief Information Security Officer), Patrick Benoit to discuss the importance of password protection, data protection, and so much more.   A true "for dummies" episode as Patrick makes the topic (and importance) of Cyber Security relatable to everyone.   
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