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Find Your Voice

Find Your Voice


In this episode, I rant about being yourself and and finding your own voice whether it be in blogging, gaming, or podcasting.   Plus updates and what's been going on, mysterious hints about what's on the way, and more readings from the Little Brown Books of D&D. This week it's the example of play. --- Support this podcast:
You don't need any special certificate, accreditation, or license to make RPG stuff. Just do it. A lot of us older folks in the OSR get the label and I think we subconsciously follow that label that we are "The Establishment.  We aren't we're the underground comics. We're punk rock.  So let's go out there and make cool stuff and share it. Let others know about the cool stuff others are making. Personally, I have to get off my butt and get more done. More blog posts. More episodes of the pod cast. And just get a lot of that stuff that's been in my head out. And share it. --- Support this podcast:
Cepheus Engine

Cepheus Engine


In this episode, I go on a little rant about the Cepheus Engine( old-school Traveler) and more specifically about Sword of Cepheus. It's a pretty darned good Sword & Sorcery RPG.  A more detailed review is forth coming  on the blog. Plus there's a good chance you'll more about some of the games running off these rules. I've already done a review of Zaibatsu. Thanks for listening. Roll Dice. Kill Monsters. Take Their Stuff. And Have Fun. Oh.  And I've just joined up on Buy Me a Coffee if you want to help support the blog and podcast. Thanks for listening --- Support this podcast:
Roll Initiative!

Roll Initiative!


This episode I talk about initiative and high some interesting methods I've seen over the years in such games as TWERPS, The Hero System, Shadowrun, and Savage Worlds.  Find out where I stole my house rule from.  And finally back to reading from the Tomes of Ancient Forbidden Knowledge.  This time Druid Spells from Eldritch Wizardry, Supplement III.  --- Support this podcast:
Yes, we're back after a week's break.  Life is hectic but we're working around it.  This week, it's a rant about Magic Guilds, or Wizards' Guilds or whatever you want to call them.  What place do they hold in  your world? Or do the they even have a place? And I try to read some more from  Supplement III: Eldritch Wizardry. If you thought the psionics were crazy then check out the option rules for combat. Thanks for listen.  And check us out on Patreon. --- Support this podcast:
I really tried to delve into the Psionics in Supplement III: Eldritch Sorcery.  It just made my brain hurt.  But isn't that what Psionics is about?  Also, a call in and another tale from the Bag of Too Many Things.   And we're one "Like" away on Facebook.  That means bonus episodes! Thanks for listening.  Roll dice. Kill monsters. Take their stuff. And have fun! --- Support this podcast:
I missed last week but here I am back with another episode.  This time I'm talking about making monsters interesting. It doesn't take much and you don't have to make every one of them weird.  Because if everything is weird then nothing is weird. The top three things are tactics, personality and location. I also delve into the Druid in Eldritch Sorcery. Thanks for listening.  Remember. Roll Dice. Kill Monsters. Take Their Stuff. Have Fun. And Stay Safe! --- Support this podcast:
Yes, everything is crazy.  So here's a little update.  Busy with day job and doing my best to keep things going with the Podcast and Blog.  I just may do some at the desk ramble casts as Bonus Episodes.  We shall see. Stay safe out there. --- Support this podcast:
Beware the Boxed Text

Beware the Boxed Text


This week I delve into the Boxed Text.  The bane of many adventures. Be inspired by it but don't get tied to it. You can even ignore it. And a very special call in. Plus, I also start on reading from Supplement III: Eldritch Wizardry.  There's some pretty good thoughts in the beginning of the book.  --- Support this podcast:
A crazy idea. Let's redefine Grognard.  Not the old grumpy gamer but gamer who's about the game.  After the end of G+, people are more and more forming new communities and having a good time. There's enough division and negativity going around.  Plus where I get my organic gummy bears.  And I finish up on Supplement II: Blackmoor. --- Support this podcast:
It's OK to use the same setting with different genres.  Just do the extra work to tweak it what you want to do.  Plus hey there was some powered armor in old D&D.  It ain't all Tolkien. Also, GM's Day is coming on March 4.  And the Swords & Wizardry Boxed Set Kickstarter is still going on but only for a few more days. And I got some new D&D socks.  Thanks for listening. --- Support this podcast:
Hey, all those old-school games out there are mostly compatible. So go ahead and mix and match and make the game you want to play. There's nothing stopping you.   Also, Swords & Wizardry Appreciation Day is coming soon! Congrats to every one who did the Zine Quest.  And roll those dice.  Thanks for listening. --- Support this podcast:
I actually get to play Dungeon Crawl Classics and had two characters survive the funnel.  Lord Bob and Mysterio. This week the Blight game is coming but I'm already thinking about the next campaign.  It may sound silly but Cthulhu Vs either Pirates or Cowboys.  I know strange.  Oddly enough, I'm thinking about hacking  Mini 6 for this or maybe Savage Worlds.  Or heck maybe even stick with good old D% system with some hacks. What do you think? Leave a message here or on the blog. --- Support this podcast:
Let me tell about how much luck that Steve the Paladin had in our last session os Swords & Wizardry, and yet another thing that's different between old and new games. Plus some call-ins from Gothridge Manor and Chgowiz. Listen to their anchor casts.  Good Stuff. And a big shout out to Steve C's Dice Roll Zine No 3 Kickstarter. And I've updated the goals and tiers for the They Might Be Gazebos Patreon.  --- Support this podcast:
I got a couple of pet peeves. So if you're publisher on Drivethru.  Please categorize your products accordingly. It's annoying. And here's another gaming confession. I dislike crafting when the PC's just sit around and make stuff, and domain play where they spend more time being bureaucrats then adventurers. Also, a long rant about the dumbest thing in Supplement 2: Black Moor. Plus I'm still really excited about a few Kickstarters. So check those out. Swords & Wizardry Boxed Set Hunters in Death The Phylactery And don't forget to check out the Patreon.  Something interesting is happening soon! Thanks for listening. Roll dice, kill monsters, take their stuff, and have fun! --- Support this podcast:
Coming Soon!  The Kickstarter for the new Swords & Wizardry Boxed Set from Frog God Games. I'm excited.  And do a little rant on the Blight campaign, you won't believe what the Druid befriended. And I'm thinking more about old West RPG's. Thanks to Mark Hunt's Tall Tales and the Podcast Ain't Slayed Nobody. And I start reading from Supplement 2: Blackmoor. Hello, Monks and Assassins. Like this episode? Then check out the Patreon! --- Support this podcast:
I'm all over the map on this one.  New 5e book is set in Critical Role's world. Meh. And long rant on minimalist games, missing games, and finding something to do. And a little shout out to Steve Cook's Dice Roll Zine.  And this week, I finish up reading Greyhawk: Supplement 1. Like this episode or others?  Then check out the They Might Be Gazebos Patreon. --- Support this podcast:
Welcome to The Blight

Welcome to The Blight


Just started my Swords & Wizardry game in The Blight. Say hi to the new characters.  The story is just starting.  Big shout outs to for the Heroes Journey Kickstarter and starting this week Ain't Slayed Nobody, a Wild West Call of Cthulhu Actual Play Podcast.  Believe it or not, I actually got something done and released on Drivethru, the Gazebo Gazette Issue No 2. And of course the usual rants. And don't forget to check out the Patreon.  --- Support this podcast:
Of Dice and Characters

Of Dice and Characters


Lot's is going on this week. The biggest news is that Issue 2 of Gazebo Gazette is out to Patrons and should be coming out on Drivethru soon. What else? I start my Swords & Wizardry campaign in The Blight this week.  And I've been having some real bad dice mojo in 5E. It's time to roll up another character. And possibly the most boring reading of Tomes of Ancient Knowledge. And don't forgot to check out the Patreon. Thanks for listening. --- Support this podcast:
Happy New Year, dear listeners!  Hopefully, you're not hungover.  It's a new year and time for more attitude.  Thanks to everyone. Now roll initiative against the New Year.  Let's get this party started. "Take the Lead" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License --- Support this podcast:
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