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Author: C. Thorin

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Welcome to Playing It Wrong, the They Might Be Gazebos podcast. about D&D, RPG's and the people who play. Remember: Roll dice. Kill Monsters. Take their stuff. And HAVE FUN!
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This episode I rekindle my love for Swords & Wizardry.  I've talked that much about it recently but then there was an epiphany.  It makes the perfect game as a gateway and bridge between the old-school games and the current editions.  You can check out more about Swords & Wizardry at Frog God Games.  For some fun listening check out the Swords & Misery Podcast for some actual play. And check out Matt Finch's Patreon too.This episode also debuts a new segment, D&D Boot Camp. Advice and wisdom to new players and game masters. And as usual there's the reading from the original old books.And you can support the podcast too. You can subscribe or join the Patreon.Intro Music: "Take the Lead" Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License Support this podcast:
The landscape has changed. D&D is mainstream. Social media networks go away (looking at you G+). And some mystic cabal appoints the influencers. What's the common gamer to do?  Play it your way.   I know I have a "plan".  It's time to go Punk.And here's the link to the old blog post mentioned in this episode.Also, it's that time of year that I start setting the goals for next year so I took as a prefect time to put a new coat of paint on the podcast.  We have music and even a few bumpers.  So if you're a new listener start here. We've worked out a lot of kinks Intro Music: "Take the Lead" Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License Support this podcast:
Change What The Players See

Change What The Players See


I travel back in time and talk about world building again.  This time it's all about the player characters.  Go ahead and mess around with Races & Classes and all that player facing stuff.  And we've got a call-in from The Yawning Owlbear himself. Thanks, Mark.--- Support this podcast:
Find Your Voice

Find Your Voice


In this episode, I rant about being yourself and and finding your own voice whether it be in blogging, gaming, or podcasting.   Plus updates and what's been going on, mysterious hints about what's on the way, and more readings from the Little Brown Books of D&D. This week it's the example of play.--- Support this podcast:
Players Do Your Homework

Players Do Your Homework


This week is a little rant on players doing prep.  It's not just the DM folks.  You should do some prep too.  Some fun from last week's session of Labyrinth Lord. If you find a Ring of Wishes. Just walk away.  And an intro for Volume 3 of the Little Brown Books.  And a follow up on last week's quest for some actual play podcasts.  Check out Not Another D&D Podcast and Swords & Misery--- Support this podcast:
I've got shout to Happy Whisk and emails from the Yawning Owlbear.  And I go off on  a little rant on actual play podcasts and streams.  And I finish up on Volume 2: Monsters & Treasures of the Little Brown Books.--- Support this podcast:
More rants about gaming.  Previously, I talked about how adventures are guidelines. Guess what?  They are setting too.  And all the usual features.  What been happening around my game table and more readings from the Little Brown Books.--- Support this podcast:
Mark Wallring of The Yawning Owlbear Anchorcast sent in an email on lethality in 5E so I rant more on that.  It's about system mastery.  I got lots of goodies this weekend.  Kickstarters are starting to come in and I got some cool stuff. And as usual even more readings from the Little Brown Books. Yep, still on Monsters & Treasure.--- Support this podcast:
This week we're back to normal with a brief summary of the Labyrinth Lord game where in I ran a nice little adventure by Tim Shorts (The Demon Baboon of Porters Crown). Also, I go into a little rant on Thieves' Skills on old school games. And we've finally made it to the treasure part of Monters & Treasure in the Little Brown Books.--- Support this podcast:
I go in a lot of different directions in this episode.  A little rant about communities (again).  The main rant which is all about adventures are guidelines too.  So change that stuff game masters.  Make it your own.  Sadly, there was no gaming this week due to puppy illness. (She's better now.)  And of course another reading from the Little Brown Books. This week I finish up the monster section in Volume 2: Monsters and Treasure. And a call in from Tim "Gothridge Manor" Shorts. Support his Patreon. He's a cool dude.--- Support this podcast:
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