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Author: C. Thorin

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Welcome to Playing It Wrong, the They Might Be Gazebos podcast. about D&D, RPG's and the people who play. Remember: Roll dice. Kill Monsters. Take their stuff. And HAVE FUN!
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I go in a lot of different directions in this episode.  A little rant about communities (again).  The main rant which is all about adventures are guidelines too.  So change that stuff game masters.  Make it your own.  Sadly, there was no gaming this week due to puppy illness. (She's better now.)  And of course another reading from the Little Brown Books. This week I finish up the monster section in Volume 2: Monsters and Treasure. And a call in from Tim "Gothridge Manor" Shorts. Support his Patreon. He's a cool dude.
You don't eat pizza everyday so why play the same game all the time.  Not only that changes are coming to this Podcast and the good old blog.  Thanks for listen and stay tuned!
This time I rant about lethality in 5E and some humorous stories of TPK's.  Some introspection on when to podcast, when to blog and when to publish and continued readings from the 0E D&D Little Brown Books.
Don't cross the streams.  Yes, cross the streams and by streams I mean genres. Hack away to heart's content.  Random settings. Random rants. And more reading from the Little Brown Books.
Congratulations to Gavin Norman on a successful Kickstarter of Old School Essentials.  Also throwing out hopes for great kickstarters for Faraway Land Old School Version and The Crypt in Cadaver Canyon.  Plus I do a little review of Crypt of the Science Wizard by Skeeter Green Productions.  And do a total mind raving rant on choosing the next game and Dragons from the little brown books.
It's a short episode this week. A little bit of self critique here. I've been lazy in DMing of late.  Simple monsters without flair.  But also being reactive to those crazy things that the players do or the dice cause.  
May is going to be a busy month.  Teasers about what's going to happen.  Plus a little rant about the retroclone de jour and how we may change rules but still play the same game.  And VAMPIRES!  
Episode 14: Cities!

Episode 14: Cities!


I talk about running a campaign based in one city.  Remember the Dungeon Crawl Classics  Lankhmar  is coming soon.  And I find out that Gnolls are actually a cross between Gnomes and Trolls.
This episode I rant about Dark Streets & Darker Secrets,  the newest game from Old Skull Publishing, a rules light RPG of Street & Sorcery.  If you want to do horror, or monster hunters or even urban fantasy.  You could do it with this RPG.  So give the rant a listen and check the link where you cn get the game.Roll dice, have fun, kill monsters, and take their stuff.
Make your own monsters or make your flavor of existing monsters.  As a DM you don't always have to follow exactly what the book says.  Remember rules are just guidelines and so are monster books.  Plus some interesting bits on Orcs from the original Little Brown Books. Roll Dice. Kill Monsters. Take Their Stuff. And Have Fun!
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