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The Adventure begins as Kate and her partner Jim investigate the mysterious appearance of a monument from Kate's hometown on the roof of a small store in Baltimore's "Little Italy". How did it get there and why?
Kate gets trapped inside the monument and discovers a terrifying secret
Kate learns that the STIP was stolen, her lost father is alive and an alien is loose in the city
The hunt for the STIP thief begins. Kate meets the mysterious Pearman.
An arson points to Kate's suspect. How alternate earth stopped the Nazis from developing the atomic bomb.
Kate finds a link between the arson and a mysterious German, both linked to the STIP theft.
Pearman and Kate set a trap for the German and shocking evidence may expose the Alternate Earth "Others".
The IDF's plan to intercept and arrest the German is thwarted when Jim makes an arrest.
VonLanger reveals the master plan. Homeland Security muddies the waters of the investigation.
Jim Barnes develops a new theory, while Kate interrogates VonLanger
Captain McCall presses for answers while store assistant Jeremy Parks reveals a shocking past
Who is the man known in WWII as the Gunner? New evidence is found in Parks' apartment.
Strategic plans to destroy STIPs are found in Jeremy's apartment. A terrorist plot is revealed.
Jim develops suspicions about the case and Kate's actions. Kate learns about the Dane Connection and the Tuborg Tower is more than a beer advertisement.
Kate takes her first STIP ride to IDF Central Headquarters on Alternate Earth as she prepares for her first IDF Mission in Denmark.
Kate in-processes at IDF HQ and becomes a rookie IDF Agent. The rookie cop Nelson from her Baltimore S.I.S. department becomes a paradox.
Kate meets Danish IDF Agent Soren and investigates the WWII Danish underground as the two search for Parks.
Kate is kidnapped by Parks as Soren desperately searches for her.
Kate is chained in a deserted farm house while we learn more about Parks and why he is on the run.
Kate wraps up the Denmark mission only to learn that her partner, Jim, has been shot and is in grave condition.
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