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Ramona Zabriskie, multi award-winning author, celebrated marriage mentor and global educator, founder of Wife for Life University and the WifeSavers Education Membership, answers real wife questions alongside her husband of 42 years, Dale Zabriskie. Their entertaining conversations about the challenges and intricacies of the marriage relationship are full of actual experience and powerful, proven advice. Thousands of wives in over 70 countries are learning how to better resolve their worries and more lovingly relate to their husbands with thrilling results. Email the show at
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With a teen boy in the house, family life can feel like a roller coaster ride. Unaware of the real causes and optimal responses, it’s easy for mom and dad to lose their cool and their perspective. The husband-wife relationship can be negatively affected at that point, which won’t help anyone--especially your teen. In this episode, the second of two on the subject, multi-award-winning marriage author and educator, Ramona Zabriskie, discusses with her husband, Dale, what parents and other adults can do to help adolescent boys successfully navigate the rocky (or rocking) bridge into adulthood without compromising other primary relationships, especially your marriage. THROW ME A WIFESAVER: “A few weeks ago my son and husband had it out. I mean they were yelling in each other's faces and pushing each other and I was so scared. It really upset me and my husband told me, at a later time in confidence, that it was the worst day in his life.” Listen and learn how parenting or working with a young man can be much less puzzling or frustrating and far more rewarding when you understand how best to live with and love him through adolescence. Key Topics: How your characterization of your teen and your relationship with him is key Why shaming or shutting him down is a big mistake How to get beyond his mask to the real, core issues The importance and the impact of his relationship with Dad The kind of experiences and challenges you want to help facilitate for him What he needs to be shown by you and how How to balance your relationship with your teen with the other primary relationship in your life “Thank you Ramona and Dale for another packed-with-golden tips podcast! One of the delights of my day for sure!” ✮✭✭✭✭” Apple Podcasts listener Related episodes: Tech and Relationships Part 2: Husband and Sons Helping Your Husband Bond With the Kids When He’s Overwhelmed By Family Life ✅ You’ll want to combine this episode with Ramona’s FREE live Masterclass: “Understanding Your Husbands and Sons":
Are you in the middle of a “boy crisis”? You are, actually, whether you know it or not. The “boy crisis” may be up-close and personal to the parent of a teen or young adult male, but the rest of us are being affected as well. We all have a vested interest in the challenges our boys are experiencing today, and in helping them launch confidently and responsibly into a complex world. In this episode, the first of two on the subject, multi-award-winning marriage author and educator, Ramona Zabriskie, discusses with her husband, Dale, what adolescent boys are up against during a stage of development that is ripe with change and tension and who, exactly, holds the key to their success. THROW ME A WIFESAVER: “I am worried about my son and my husband's dynamic at times. My son is very intelligent and is so much an independent person, even at 14, that there seems to be much conflict between the two most important males in my life. This bothers me. What is happening and what can I do?” Listen and learn what is going on inside that head, heart, and body of his, and what you can do to help the males in your life successfully navigate the turbulence kicked up during the teen and young adult years. NOTE: You’ll want to combine listening to this episode with attending Ramona Zabriskie’s LIVE masterclass, Understanding Your Husband and Sons: Key Topics: Major changes in teen brain structure and circuitry Common behavioral concerns explained by those changes Why young men experience intense feelings and how they process emotion The impact of his behaviors on important relationships How pecking order and belonging influence his world Why our society produces plenty of boys but very few men The one question that haunts every boy, and the one person who can answer it “I rely heavily on everything they share and am grateful for their deep wisdom and experience!” ✮✭✭✭✭” Apple Podcasts listener Related episodes: Episode 24: Tech and Relationships Part 2: Husband and Sons Episode 1: Helping Your Husband Bond With the Kids Episode 28: When He’s Overwhelmed By Family Life
Working excessively for a brief or limited period of time may occasionally be necessary, but if it’s one spouse’s defacto year after year, divorce, infidelity, or a health crisis is practically inevitable. In this episode of the WifeSavers Podcast, What To Do When He Works Too Much, multi-award-winning marriage author and educator, Ramona Zabriskie, and her husband of 43+ years, Dale, discuss what to do when one spouse is spending so much time on work, the other feels undesirable, neglected, or resentful. THROW ME A WIFESAVER: “Basically, my husband works too hard. We’ve talked about it many times, but whenever he agrees to try and make things better, it doesn’t last more than a week or two and then he’s right back to work. I can’t help feeling sad and a little insecure, honestly. Help!” Key points in the podcast: The balance between accommodating his career and her needs A 16-point self-evaluation: “You may be a workaholic if…” The reasons a person feels compelled to overwork The three dangers in being married to a workaholic The things a neglected spouse should absolutely not do 5 things the neglected spouse should do Communicating concerns effectively to the workaholic 6 actions and 6 boundaries you can both agree to How to know if your solutions will actually work and stick “They are so so fun to listen to! I feel like I’m in their living room just listening to them talk. I love the male perspective from Dale. Thank you for a life-giving podcast! ✮✭✭✭✭” Apple Podcast listener Related episodes: Episode 32: Not Enough Time for Quality Couple Time Episode 26: When He’s Traveling for Business Episode 24: Tech and Relationships: Husband and Kids Episode 2: Getting Your Husband To Prioritize Your Needs Too
We all talk on occasion about how unfair or unkind our spouse is to us, but how often do we consider our own slip-ups that way? It’s worth a few minutes of honest introspection (say the length of this podcast) because the reality is...IF your spouse not seeing things your way, or acquiescing to your point of view, or not changing their behavior out of love and concern for you and you’re getting emotional about it, you can bet that the way you are communicating with them is having the opposite effect. Certain approaches, disrespectful approaches, only dampen or damage your spouse’s desire to love you or to be loved BY you. In this episode of the WifeSavers Podcast, How to Avoid Disrespect When You’re Displeased  (and Why You Want To Try), multi-award-winning marriage author and educator, Ramona Zabriskie and her husband of 40+ years, Dale, show a demoralized wife how easily and how often she may be slipping into disrespect and how she can use alternative wording and attitudes to more effectively communicate with her husband. THROW ME A WIFESAVER: “My husband says I’m too critical but I don’t see it. What is he seeing that I’m not?” Listen and learn how the things we say and how we say them, though they may seem logical and fair to us, may actually qualify as toxic, blame-oriented, or manipulative to some degree, and how it's possible to inspire openness, connection, and genuine change, instead of shame, defensiveness, and anger. Key Topics: What respect vs disrespect breeds in a relationship The markers of disrespectful vs. respectful communication The two most important attitudes to incorporate into all your communication Four common approaches to conversation that never work out well Your actual motivation vs. what you’re telling yourself How to reset your heart so your approach is more genuine and congruent How to specifically reframe your message so that you actually make things better “This is my favorite podcast. So much truth and wisdom shared in every episode! I feel like I’m sitting with them in their living room and we’re old friends! ✮✭✭✭✭” Apple Podcasts listener Related episodes: Ep 25: He Doesn’t Really Listen: How To Communicate So He’ll Care (soliciting his engagement in an effective way) Ep 11: Turning Negative Communication to the Positive (pleasant persuasion vs forcefulness in everyday exchanges) Ep 16: Seeing Eye to Eye: What To Do When You Don’t (getting to a solution on a matter you disagree on) Ep 12: His Criticism Hurts: What To Do When Your Husband is Unfair or Unkind (differentiating b/t the different types of criticism and optimal responses to each type) ✅ You’ll want to combine this episode with Ramona’s FREE live Masterclass: “Understanding Your Husbands and Sons”:
Who hasn’t had a sleepless night or two lately? The world is getting more and more frantic, more and more frenetic, and yet and somehow, in the midst of so much we cannot control, wives and mothers are supposed to take care of business as usual. If you’re feeling rudderless or disconnected these days, hounded by a constant sense of anxiety and distress, you’re not alone. Women everywhere are dealing with record-high levels of stress as they worry over their family’s health, finances, and future. And you know that a nervous undercurrent like that hurts not only your own heart but disrupts (and even damages) the relationships you count on most, including your marriage. In this episode of the WifeSavers Podcast, How to Keep Calm and Carry On, multi-award-winning marriage author and educator, Ramona Zabriskie, and her husband, Dale, help a wife who is feeling especially anxious and fearful over current events in the world. Listen and learn how to replace stress with a steady calm that restores creativity and productivity in your life. Feel empowered and prepared for whatever comes next! THROW ME A WIFESAVER: “I feel like I’m wasting my life right now. My anxiety over what’s going to happen the rest of this year is overwhelming and I’m spinning my wheels. Going crazy. Help.” Key Topics: How “triangulation” can steady emotions and ready us for action Two powerful means of putting current events into context What we should be preparing for during uncertain times What “rehearsing” means and how it mitigates fear Five immediately actionable tactics for de-escalating anxiety The four powerful benefits of prayer or meditation “A gift to all marriages. So grateful for these people and wisdom!!!” ✮✭✭✭✭” Apple Podcasts listener Related episodes: Don’t Let a Crisis Sink Your Marriage Feeling Burnt Out After Too Much Stress How To Help Your Husband With His Emotions During the Crisis
Struggling to convince your loved one that your political perspective is the right one? Or is he expecting you to come around to his way of seeing things? Do your discussions turn into debates that leave you feeling frustrated, even alienated from one another? Maybe you’ve decided to stuff your opinion just to avoid the conflict. In a world where countries and communities are being torn apart by the political divide, how do you keep your own relationship tight and intact? Will your marriage withstand the pressure? Is it possible to live and work together from opposite sides of the fence? In this episode of the WifeSavers Podcast, Talking Politics in Marriage, multi-award-winning marriage author and educator, Ramona Zabriskie, and her husband, Dale, help a wife who is worried that political divisiveness is affecting her marriage. Listen and learn how to keep political issues from turning into marriage issues. THROW ME A WIFESAVER: My husband and I have different political views. How should I handle this? Key Topics: Why you shouldn’t feel alone in this predicament How today’s politics of personal destruction is invading relationships How to relieve the pressure with a “politics-free zone” 6 guidelines that will help replace heated debate with helpful dialogue How  “relationship maintenance” can save a politically-mixed marriage or relationship Practical advice from real political rivals who are happily married “How I love this podcast!! The principles, examples, and how-to information that Ramona and Dale share help me every day as a wife and in all my relationships!” ✮✭✭✭✭” Apple Podcasts listener Related episodes: When Faith is an Issue in Your Marriage His Criticism Hurts: What to Do When He’s Unkind or Unfair Seeing Eye to Eye: What to Do When You Don’t
How has technology impacted your most important relationships? With all our compulsive “connecting”, many of us are actually “disconnecting” from the loved ones that are present, the ones who are depending on us in so many ways to “be there” for them. How do we embrace technology without losing ourselves or our closest relationships in the matrix? Multi-award winning marriage author and educator, Ramona Zabriskie and her husband, Dale, answer a wife who is feeling increasingly estranged and neglected by a husband absorbed in his mobile devices and gaming. THROW ME A WIFESAVER: How do the kids and I become more interesting than his cell phone? And what to do about hubby's video gaming in the evening downstairs when I want to spend time with him (especially a war game)? Listen and learn how a wife and mother can help manage and prioritize the health and well-being of herself, her marriage, and her family in a hyperconnected, tech-mediated world. Part one of a two-part series. . Key Points in this podcast: - The “threats” posed to families by the overuse or misuse of technology - Eight technology-induced addictions - Six questions to help determine if there is an addiction at play - Four uses of technology to evaluate your own dependence by - Recognizing and avoiding technological narcissism - The science behind our digital impulsiveness - A simple way to determine whether to engage with tech or the people present in any given moment Related episodes:  Episode 18: To Transform Your Marriage in 2019: Focus on This Episode 16: Seeing Eye to Eye: What To Do When You Don’t "Full of experiences and wonderful advice that inspires me to become a better wife, which in return makes him a better husband. ✭✭✭✭✭” Apple Podcasts listener
Most men, once married, know they need to fill their pockets with more than love; they need to do something; to be somebody. He may be so focused and driven that he leaves the family in the dust. On the other hand, his career path may be more of a meandering stroll than a focused climb. Maybe he's too discouraged or too comfortable with the status quo? Or does it seem that one-too-many opportunities have passed him by? Multi-award winning marriage author and educator, Ramona Zabriskie and her husband, Dale, explain how most men view their “work” or their quest for “a work” in a way that answers a wife who is baffled and even frightened by her husband’s direction in life.  Throw Me a WifeSaver: “I don’t know what my husband’s quest is because I don’t think he knows, either. That’s a HUGE frustration in our marriage and it’s becoming a big problem. Any advice?” Listen and learn how a worthy “quest” is defined for a man: a fulfilling dream, a rewarding pursuit that will help him mature into his best, most courageous, most loving self for the sake of the whole family. Key Points: - How a man’s work is related to his identity and self-respect - Myths about achievement and career development - The weighty considerations in a man’s mind regarding his work choice - How to be a help in the process without creating stress - The definition of a “quest” - The single most important consideration in settling on a direction - The four attributes of a worthy and effective “quest” Related episodes: Episode 8: Do You Believe in Him? How to Show Him and Why You Want To Episode 9: How to Help Your Man When He’s Unsatisfied at Work "These podcasts are life-changing! Absolutely love them. So inspiring! ✭✭✭✭✭” 
Feeling desired, even “wooed”, is the romantic high that that poetry, film, literature, and music have prepped women for all their lives. But how realistic is it to expect the passion, mystery, and excitement to continue throughout a lifelong marriage? Is it possible to create on-demand at any age or any stage?  Multi-award winning marriage author and educator, Ramona Zabriskie and her husband, Dale, answer a wife who is longing for days past when she felt that her husband was more drawn and devoted to her.  Throw Me a WifeSaver: “My husband was INCREDIBLE with me for so long...he was doting on me, loving on me, encouraging me. Now I don't feel that way, and I don't know how to fix it. What can I do? How do I bring romance back into my marriage?” Listen and learn how to re-ignite and sustain the amorous fun and fascination you used to feel in your relationship! The answers are more doable than cynics might think and more down-to-earth than romantics might expect! Key Points: - Why “romance” is important to women - Our two great needs at odds in the quest for romance - How today’s expectations of marriage differ from the past - The definition of love vs. desire and why we want both - 3 dynamics that make us desire, or feel drawn toward, our spouse - 6 challenges that will bust complacency and cultivate excitement
 "I love listening to the dynamic between Ramona and Dale and hope that my husband and I will be like them in 30 years!" ✭✭✭✭✭ iTunes/Apple listener
Life often feels unfair, especially at home, where every member of the family absolutely depends on every other member doing their part. When a husband or wife, in particular, is lacking or slacking, the other spouse can feel undue pressure. The result is frustration, overwhelm, and resentment. Multi-award winning marriage author and educator, Ramona Zabriskie and her husband, Dale, answer a wife who is exasperated with her husband for not carrying his fair share of family life.  Throw Me a WifeSaver: “I'm having a hard time changing my thinking to be super appreciative of my husband's (lack of) help around the house and kids...He is a good man but boy did he get lucky with me. I do SO MUCH that it's downright not fair. Do you have a mantra for me as I work through this?” Listen and learn how to relieve the pressure on yourself and your marriage by incorporating a whole new approach to “fairness” in family life. Key Points: - Why “fairness” feels so important to us - How a “matcher mentality” affects personal relationships - 3 different ways to look at “fairness” in family life - How to evaluate the effectiveness of your personal approach and philosophy - 3 key skills or attitudes needed to achieve optimal “fairness” - Examples of how to work together more effectively as a couple and family
 Who does the bulk of the housework in your house? Maintaining a home and managing a family is a big job optimally shared by all family members, including husband and wife. But what if your kids or husband don’t see it that way? How do you motivate them to help out, and to do it willingly and well?  In this episode, multi-award-winning author and global marriage educator, Ramona Zabriskie and her husband, Dale, answer a wife who is feeling exasperated in her attempts to get her husband and sons more involved in the everyday care and operations of the house. Throw Me a WifeSaver: “No matter my approach, I wake up most days wondering how and when I opened a bed and breakfast. While I truly and deeply love them and sincerely seek out ways to serve and honor my husband and family, I also need them to be contributing members. Any attempts I have tried to discuss this with my husband has failed miserably. How do I encourage my husband to contribute? How do I serve my husband and boys joyfully without creating the illusion that they are not expected to do their part in the family?”  Listen and learn how you can most effectively persuade your children to do their chores and your spouse to take on more responsibility in the home. Key Topics:  - How you may be micromanaging and how it affects the family - How spouses might perceive “home” differently - The attitude that will change the environment in your home - A specific approach to helping your kids “own” their chores and want to improve at them - What your husband wants and needs from you regarding his help  - “The Language of Respect”: a highly effective strategy for recruiting your husband’s help in a way that he will appreciate and be motivated by 
Feeling frustrated and disappointed in your husband? Are his mistakes and shortcomings piling up? Or are you feeling bad about your own choices and behaviors? Everyone knows that saying or hearing “I’m sorry” can help, but actually extending or requesting real and lasting forgiveness is often the greatest challenge in marriage. In this episode, multi-award-winning author and global marriage educator, Ramona Zabriskie and her husband, Dale, talk about how to get through or past ordinary or common offenses that have caused pain in your marriage. Throw Me a WifeSaver: “Can you talk more about forgiveness?” Listen and glean new insights into how forgiveness actually works and why it is worth the effort. Key Topics: - The signs and the downfalls of victimization - The “advantages” to feeling “put upon” - How focusing on vindication affects other relationships - The psychological, physiological impact of victimization - The 5 steps to replacing “put upon” with “powerful” - What “everyday forgiveness” encompasses - The  4 things forgiveness is not - How the “how” of forgiveness is in the “why” - The 3 popular “why’s” that don’t work and the only “why” that does - A powerful statement to use that expresses forgiveness precisely - The 3 steps or stages in restoring the relationship - The only truly effective way to request forgiveness - How forgiveness is possible and worth it
Is there an issue in your family or marriage that the two of just can’t see to agree on? One that you both feel strongly about? How will you ever get on the same page? In this episode, multi-award-winning author and global marriage educator, Ramona Zabriskie and her husband, Dale, answer a wife who would like to resolve a real concern with her husband but is reticent to bring it up because she knows he’ll disagree with her. Throw Me a WifeSaver: “What is the best way to have a conversation with my husband to try to work on and come to a compromise on a big issue on which we do not see eye to eye?” Listen and learn how the two of you can productively navigate your way through the difficult conversations that focus on red-button issues. Key Topics: - How the “big” issues differ from natural, everyday conflict - The specific approach proven by researchers to be the most effective - Your top three objectives during a critical conversation
- How to avoid taking responsibility for your partner’s emotion - Ways to down-regulate defensiveness - The 6 conversational stages that will guide you to a constructive conclusion
- A natural, simplified approach to accomplishing those stages - The hosts’ model of a conversation on a critical issue in their own marriage - The real purpose of the exercise or how to measure success
What kind of relationship do you have with your mother-in-law? Is she a source of support for you and your family? Or of aggravation? How do the two of you go from feeling polite, distant, or competitive to warmth and friendship? In this episode, multi-award-winning author and global marriage mentor and educator, Ramona Zabriskie and her husband, Dale, tackle this uniquely sensitive relationship in answering a wife who is unsure how to approach her husband’s mother, a woman she has a hard time being around, let alone connecting with. Throw Me a WifeSaver! “The holidays are upon us and I would love to hear any wisdom you have with regard to dealing with mothers-in-law. We’ve been married for almost six years and this topic has come up many times in the past and has often created quite a big wedge between us in our marriage. I recognize that she doesn’t intend to hurt my feelings, but I need to develop some conflict strategies to learn how to deal with her. I’m more than open to any advice here.” Listen and learn how to create (or improve upon!) a pleasant, productive relationship with your mother-in-law. Key Topics: - Why this important relationship is worth the investment - The specific fear that interferes in this relationship between women - How the relationship may be impacted by stereotypes - Understanding better her probable intentions and real desires - Which of you bears the responsibility for improving things - The three stages mothers and daughters-in-law must progress through and how - Real examples of relationships that grew past misunderstanding and tension - The three mantras that can change everything
Do you ever struggle in your relationships with his family, or his with yours? Extended family dynamics can be tricky, especially during the intense togetherness and expectations that are often part of the holidays.  In this episode, multi award-winning author and global marriage mentor and educator, Ramona Zabriskie and her husband, Dale, speak from their 40+ years of experience in answering a wife who is worried about navigating upcoming decisions about, and encounters with, extended family.  This Week’s Question: “What if my husband and I have different ideas about what makes the perfect Christmas? My husband wants to stay home with just us and the children, and I want to be with all my extended family, and we go through this every year.”  Listen and learn how to plot a course and steer your husband and children through any extended family gathering so they feel content and secure throughout, and happy with the experience at the end.  Key Topics:  - Compromise vs. Accommodating any time of year  - 
Understanding his POV about your family and holiday wishes
  - What you should do first before discussing plans with your husband 
 - The three things to prioritize when spending time with extended family during the holidays  - 
Seven strategies for managing and making the best of time with extended family as a couple
Do you feel UN (or under!) appreciated? Does your husband seem impassive, unaware, or inconsistent in his notice of all you are and all you do?  Disappointment, disconnect, or disrespect is often the direct result of feeling taken for granted. In this episode, Ramona and Dale answer a wife who knows her relationship and her family could be improved by more frequent expressions of thankfulness, but who doesn’t know how to motivate or inspire her husband to comprehend the obvious: she and the family need and deserve his appreciation. Listen and learn how to create a culture of gratitude in your marriage. Today’s WifeSavers Question: “My husband and I are having difficult times because our relationship is missing this important phrase: thank you. How I can I help my husband practice this more? Thank you!” Key Topics: - Why hearing “thank you” is so important to a woman
 - The common ways spouses fail to appreciate one another 
 - How “appreciation” is different than saying “thank you”
 - Detecting his nonverbal demonstrations of appreciation
 - How to ask for more verbal expressions
 - The impact of her appreciation on him
 - He wants her appreciation for this one thing most of all
 - Creating a culture beyond “thank you” and “appreciation”
Ever feel that your husband is too quick to express his disapproval, to point out your “mistakes”? Is his occasional or even chronic negativity towards you hurting the relationship? Ramona and Dale answer a wife who suffers from a sense of bewilderment and betrayal every time her husband focuses on (what he perceives to be) her shortcomings. Listen and learn how a woman can negate or arrest his negativity by effectively discerning between—and optimally responding to—different types of criticism. Today’s WifeSavers Question: “I often feel I am unappreciated and unfairly criticized by my spouse. When I have tried my best, and things are running smoothly in the household, I am still not measuring up in my husband's eyes. I know this because of what he says. Help.” Key Topics: - The three fears his criticism excites in her - How his criticism violates three of her most essential needs or desires - How to discern between the three types of criticism - Ways she can respond effectively to each type of criticism, including exact phrases - Understanding and managing toxic or chronic criticism - The six behaviors to avoid when addressing or responding to his criticism - Defining different forms of abuse - Ten WifeSavers principles to keep in mind as she speaks her mind
Discouraged and frustrated by communications with your husband that leave both of you feeling miserable? It may be that your what you are saying is being heard very differently than you intend. Ramona and her husband, Dale, answer a wife who doesn’t mean to come across as negative and unloving but is afraid that’s exactly how she’s being received. Listen and learn how with a few tweaks in approach and wording a wife can completely alter the outcome of almost any conversation with her husband to the positive. Today’s WifeSavers Question: “Sometimes when I respond negatively to things with my husband, I know right away that I've gone about it all wrong. I definitely don't want to handle things in an unloving way it just seems to come out in a burst of emotions sometimes before I even know how to package it in a more positive way. Any suggestions?” Key Topics: - Why his perceptions may be formed or based on the words and phrases you are using - Identifying seven characteristics of negative language that you may be unaware of - What actual messages you may be sending inadvertently - Mindset or paradigm shifts that will undergird permanent changes in your communication style - Three simple but powerful linguistic approaches that will lessen confusion and leave you both feeling better
Do you feel like the hub of a wheel and all the spokes are squeaking? Everyone and everything seems to need you right now, which means someone or something is being neglected: YOU especially. What would it take to feel more "balanced"? Ramona and her husband Dale answer a wife who is wearing out; spread so thin between competing responsibilities and relationships, she's afraid no one is getting "enough". Today’s WifeSavers Question: “I find that often I just run out of time and energy to focus on anything. What can I do to help this problem lessen? How do I find balance?" Listen and learn why a woman gets so easily "out of balance" and how she can realign herself and her relationships so that everyone feels more steady and satisfied. Key Topics: - The inherent gifts of womanhood that make her susceptible to overdoing
 - False perceptions or definitions of "balance" that fuel frustration
 - The exhausting struggle between a woman's two great needs or desires
 - How an inner "hierarchy" can guide her choices 
 - What "responding" and "romancing" have to do with restoring balance
 - Why a husband is uniquely positioned to help her balance
Has your man felt stalemated, unmotivated, or rudderless in his career? Have you seen him act depressed or anxious about his current job? Ramona and Dale, who have been there, answer a wife who is very worried for her husband because he’s so unhappy at work and because the strain is affecting their marriage. Today’s WifeSavers Question: “My husband has been at a point for a while where he is unsatisfied with his job, but he doesn't have any clue what to do. Lately, it seems like he's become another person. He goes to work, comes home, and his time is mostly spent on his computer or his phone. I’m drowning in worry, fears, and insecurities. I feel like he's slipping further and further away. I’m afraid I'm not doing good enough as his wife and it's hard for me to keep control of my emotions. Help!” Listen and learn what’s really going on inside for both of them and what a wife can do to help her husband out of the doldrums and moving towards his dreams again. Key Topics: - Where his anxiety and depression may be coming from - Why he is withdrawing from her - How the male brain deals with stress and emotion - Why his behavior triggers worry and fear in her - The potential impact of her understanding and involvement - Four ways to get him energized and moving towards his dreams
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