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India Bharat Hindustan. The nation has several names. How did these names originate? What do they mean? How did India come to be called India? Find out the story behind India's many names.
What is India's National Language? Is it Hindi? Or something else? Does India have a National Language at all? Find out more about India's tryst with languages and its quest to have a common lingua franca!
Each of India's 29 states have a distinct language and culture of their own. So was carving out these states a simple matter based on language differences? Listen in to the eventful story of the tragic and dramatic moments in Indian History that led to the creation of the Indian states. Discover the story behind the Indian map.
So Many Ramayanas!

So Many Ramayanas!


The Ramayana is one of the world's greatest Epics. But did you know there were more than 300 of them? Get a glimpse into some of the many Ramayanas. Discover another fascinating slice of India!
Bhai Dooj and Raksha Bandhan are Indian festivals that celebrate the love between Brother and Sister. Listen to an interesting story from Indian mythology about the origin of this tradition and discover one more fascinating slice of India!
Onam, the Harvest Festival of Kerala, celebrates the return of King Mahabali, who it is believed traverses the realms and visits his beloved people all the way from the Underworld. Listen and Share the Story of Mahabali this Onam.
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