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Multiculturalism Happens Here

Author: Isaac M Ruelas

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Multiculturalism Happens Here is a podcast centered around understanding how multiculturalism happens and why it is still an important idea today. We will have conversations with different people and explore what it means to embrace differences.
19 Episodes
In this episode we talk with Jane from Fios Consulting about her experience with a new E-Learning tool from VISIONS called, Inclusion In Action. First we start by saying Black Lives Matter, we have always been an anti-racist organization and will continue to fight for racial justice. Contact us with any questions on how we can support you on your journey of anti-racism work. 
In this episode, I talk with VISIONS consultant Joe Steel as we discuss the impact of COVID-19 on his work along with how he is responding and reflecting as he is having to stay at home. 
In this episode, we get personal with Ariana Gil one of our VISIONS consultants based in Oakland. She shares about her experience as a bi-racial Mexican-American. We end with a challenge to make a relationship across difference. Find us on Instagram @VISIONSinc_org, on Twitter @VISIONSinc_org, Facebook and LinkedIn @VISIONSinc 
In this episode, I am speaking with Vincent Johnson, Director of Diversity and Inclusive Excellence at Pittsburg School of Law. We talk about some of the VISIONS tools, and how he has incorporated those tools to create change across students, faculty, and staff. He shares the importance of D.E.I. work with First-Year students and the ways he has seen the positive impacts of the work. 
website: www.visions-inc.orgDetails: In this episode we talk about the ways that feelings play a role in creating a multicultural space and why they can be helpful in navigating micro-agressions. We also hear from Doug W. a consultant with VISIONS around what liberation means to him. 
Talking about social media at the four levels, personal, interpersonal, institutional, and cultural. How the lines between interpersonal and cultural get blurred, and what the role of the institutional is? While getting real at the personal level.
In this episode, I look at being an English as a Second Language speaker through the levels of Personal, Interpersonal, Institutional, and Cultural. How a culture of white supremacy does not make room for differences and uses language to dismiss people with ESL. And how to stay in your power when experiencing racism bc of how you communicate.
Why multiculturalism matters and how it applies to today and the differences that we are constantly trying to navigate.
In this episode, we talk with VISIONS Consultant Kyara Andrade about Intersectionality. We get into the weeds of who invented the term aka Kimberly Crenshaw and why she created it. We also share what it means to us at a personal level and how that has changed as more people begin to take on the term "intersectionality". 
Happy New Year! Welcome back to MCHH in 2020, we are excited to continue to bring the content that stimulates all dimensions of self. In this conversation, we are talking with Jennifer Heifferon a learning specialist based in Oakland. She shares about her experience working with VISIONS as a client over the years and her most recent experience at our PACE workshop. To find out more information about our PACE workshop you can visit, 
In this episode, Jabari Brown and I have a conversation about Toxic Masculinity. TRIGGER WARNING, We do not get into any of the heavy and violent topics of toxic masculinity and this is more of an entry point conversation. We are both men and this was recorded as a live conversation and not a prepared statement or study against toxic masculinity. I (Isaac Ruelas) as your host do make a statement against toxic masculinity and the oppression of women and femme bodied people. To learn more about VISIONS INC. visit us @
Multiculturalism Happens Here, 2019 www.visions-inc.orgIn this episode, I talk with Jamila Batts-Capitman about self-care. Why does it matter and what are the different ways we self-care. 
In this episode, we get into the ways that being out in Nature and the wilderness can support change when it comes to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Learn more at
In this episode, we continue our conversation with Terry Berman around the ways VISIONS has supported schools that are thinking about change and equity. We get into setting ourselves up for success and pitfalls to avoid. 
Episode #8 Multiculturalism Happens HereTalking spirituality with Jamila Batts-Capitman. So excited to introduce Jamila to the MCHH. We get into herstory with VISIONS, and the ways she has influenced change over the years. We also connect around spirituality and healing, and get creative about ways it can influence the work we do. 
In this episode we talk with Senior Consultant Terry Berman as she describes her work with Schools over her time with VISIONS. We discuss what schools have been doing right and some easy steps for setting up your school for success when it comes to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion. Host: Isaac Ruelas Guest: Jabari Brown In this episode, we engage the ways in which perfectionism impacts us at the 4 levels (personal, interpersonal, institutional, cultural) and how liberation we think of liberation in relationship to each other. 
We are stronger than hate. We stand with our Jewish community that grieves this heinous attack, and against this hateful rhetoric and violence. We also introduce a new segment were we talk about what liberation means to you at the four levels. 
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