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Author: Brent Mukai

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My name is Brent Mukai. This is my podcast.

I'm a full time voice actor, improv trainer and entertainer, these are my rants, and musings. I've got a big mouth, but even bigger dreams, and if you'd like to follow my journey, I'd be honored to have you!

Thanks for listening, drop me a message or a line and let me know what you think!
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#102 I'm TikTok Famous lol

#102 I'm TikTok Famous lol


Had a great session at The Voice Actor's Studio with the lovely Dave Fennoy, and then over the weekend had some TikTok posts go viral... stardom here I come!
The big game I've been talking about, that I booked back last spring. It's out tomorrow. And it's called Dread Nautical. This is a huge milestone in my life, and I'm so grateful for this game, and for you listening to me celebrate the game's announcement. Love ya, thanks for listening,Brent
This is episode is my best to date. Following along on my journey, friend and Mukulele Nikki sends in a wonderful video looking back at the last 99 episodes. I play a song, and then go into a box of old things I took from my childhood house. As always it's fun, sentimental and a little silly. Love ya so much for keeping up with me so long, and thank you for your support and friendship.See you on the next one,Brent
chilling with the new mic... booked some work, let's talk about the week shall we?
My brain is all over, as I have tons to talk about this episode! it's been a fun week, and an action packed day... As well as exploring the prequel to phantom of the opera. lolBrent
#97 back from LA

#97 back from LA


Fun trip with my girl out in LA, talk about it, realize there's not much to talk about, and get experimental on the stream. Thanks for listening, I hope this is still entertaining for those of you listening! Drop me a line!Brent
In this episode, my stream goes down without me knowing, but it's totally fine on the recording. I also take the love language test... lots of fun on this one!Brent
I go over my main gripe with children shows, and talk about the hard work I've been putting in lately. It's been a kick ass week to start being 30.
#94 1 year anniversary!

#94 1 year anniversary!


Happy 30th birthday to me, happy 1st birthday to my podcast! Let's talk about the year in review, and listen to episode one... drinking in the nostalgia!
#93 About to be 30...

#93 About to be 30...


Let's talk feelings about being 30 years old.
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So real. So honest. So inspiring! That smooth sexy voice combined with adorable giggles!

Nov 10th
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