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Author: Melissa Blettner

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dream BIG academy is education for a Happy Life. We offer workshops, courses, resources and solutions for a happy, healthy home, family, mind, body, soul and wallet.
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In our FemCity class, How to Be an Authentic Influencer, Global Fem Melissa Blettner shared three guidelines for getting started plus three ways to move forward in becoming an authentic influencer. She also discussed how influence is an important ingredient in growing a business and converting sales. Additionally, she shared helpful statistics around the top social media platforms and why she recommends all Fems have a portion of their product or service available in an online platform.
FemCity Founder Violette de Ayala and Founder of the Dream Big Academy Melissa Blettner share tips and advice on how to get a positive mindset and how it helps you in business. Melissa shared actionable tips and activities to get your mindset on the positive to help you grow business. To connect with Melissa, please visit
During this podcast with Social Capital, Melissa gives tips on launching a business, skills that every female entrepreneur will need in her business and the importance that networking plays in business.
We had a great class today with Violette de Ayala and led by FemCity Global Member Melissa Blettner! The topic for class was "How to level-up in business". Melissa shared amazing tips and actionable steps to get started! Join the dream BIG academy community on Facebook at:



Cheyenne Palma Dominguez, FemCity President and Melissa Blettner, FemCity Global Member covered the topic "HOW TO SET YOUR PRICES". Melissa Blettner shared why pricing is so important in business and why it’s one of the most difficult things to do. She also walked listeners through step-by-step instructions for determining the right price point for your product/service, including the questions any FEM should ask herself when assessing the quality and perceived value of her offers. To learn more about Melissa, please visit



President of FemCity, Cheyenne Dominguez and FemCity Global Member Melissa Blettner led a live class on "Goal Getting Mastery.” Melissa begins by explaining the difference between goal-setting and goal-getting. During our time together Melissa shared tips on how to dream big (as if nothing is impossible), how to get specific with your goals, track your success and redirect your course when necessary. She also shares how meditation, gratitude, and a positive mental attitude all play a role in goal-getting.
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