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Author: Sarah Golding

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Ever wanted to voice act for audio drama? Awesome! Best job in the world!

Well here's a guide as to things to do, think about and how to go about letting folks know you're a safe bet, vocal chameleon or a dependable quirky little firecracker that they will NEED on their show.

Find your voice.

Find your brand.

Get up and get out there and show them what you've got with MADIVA podcast!

Want to improve and hone your understanding of the craft? Want people to see your name and go 'cool, they're in it, I'm definitely giving it a listen?' Then give this show a go.

The Seasons work through the basic how-to's of what to be proactive about, as well as focusing in on audition techniques, warm ups, demo reel creation, remote recording, character voices, Encouraging and supporting diversity , studio recording and more. Much...much more....and probably explored in different accents....maybe...just for funnnn.

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Sarah is a voice actor in over 70 indie audio drama podcasts - here's a few worth a listen! Edict Zero FIS, (Marian Ep405) Amelia Project (Lily S1 Ep 11) Ancestry (Alia) Wynabego Warrior (Lizzie. Most eps!) We Fix Space Junk (Lingen S2 EP7) A Scottish Podcast (Drunk Helen) Hostile Worlds (Sarah) Subject Found Season 1 (Nancy) Season 2 (Pam) You are Here (Cora) Orphans (Minister Orsham) 1994 POD (Starla) Tunnels Podcast (Karen) Attention Hellmart Shoppers (Melinda Ashe) Redwing (Detective) Minefire (Marian), LIMBO (Nonna)...

Sarah has been a teacher, community theatre director and writes as much as possible. She was pod host for The Audio Drama Production Podcast for 18 months of joyyyyy

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Join Lucas and Maisie in wonderful adventures with their Teddies. Journey through portals and magnificent twisting turning and loop the loop slides to far flung places with chocolate houses and dragons and clumsy unicorns and forgetful marshmallow cloud men and Mermaids who are afraid of the water....such fun! Stories narrated by Sarah Golding and with the occasional guest times ahead! “Wait for meeee Tedddyyyy!”<Your kids will learn some fun facts and things of educational value alongside this fun filled gentle podcast...and it also might help them get to sleep!Enjoy!MADCAP is a series a long time in the coming - a mini anthology season of 7 dystopian stories by 6 different authors of fine and wonderous talent, chosen from the first Quirky Voices script submission request!The MOONOLOGUE SESSIONS is an awards winning mini season of monologues written to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landings....v excited to have collaborated with SO MANY brilliant peoples 💙🎉

96 Episodes
Hello All!WELCOME TO THE MADIVA EP WHERE LAYLA TALKS ALL THINGS LIVE RECORDING IN FRONT OF AN AUDIENCE  AND STUDIO RECORDING ADVENTURES!What a crazy journey this audio has had - it was recorded last year when things different...and I felt like it was a therapeutic thing to release right now, to reminisce about the live shows nostalgia with Layla Katib, and also to incite you to revisit or make your inaugural listen to one of THE BEST INDIE FICTION SHOWS to come out of the UK in the last few years - VICTORIOCITY (links below). Layla Katib is one of the loveliest, and talented of folks (hire her, employ her, give her ALLA DA JOBS PEOPLES!) and spoke to me about her Victoriocity journey from audition to live shows and studio recording. There's some great tips here for when we can all revel in the fun and atmosphere of live shows  (WE WILL AGAIN, I KNOW IT) and I hope it compels you to start to plan your own! I for one enjoyed muchly watching, and being in some live shows - the Dashingly Quirky event of 2019 (as yet unreleased) with Layla herself being OUTSTANDING! (Alongside Karim Kronfli, James Oliva, Fiona Thraille, Maxamillion John and mmmoooore! So yes, this interview was glorious fun, and has not been released until now because the audio quality took a while to get to have a small victory in that you can hear it, but hey, the quality may occasionally go wibbly woooo.Thank you so much for listening and to my amazing Patreon supporters, who spur me on ALLLLLL THE TIME to keep making this groovy thang. If you would like to help me decide what else to do for 2021, please add your pennorth to this Quirky Voices 20 second survey! Cheers.At the end of this episode you also hear a trailer for the brilliant Angelique Lazarus' new show - THE POLYGLOTTAL STOP. Here's a link to the show and feel free to contact Angelique via her twitter here - she has an amazing voice and was in my Moonologue Sessions last year in a piece written by the lovely Karin Heimdahl.Next week - Jack Bowman on DIRECTING!HAPPY LISTENING / HAPPY CREATINGThanks again SO VERY MUCH for listening - please feel free to share this ep! Fanks!N PLEASE DO JUMP ON THE WIFI SCI FI event happening online on 6th December with 5 shows performed live including OZ 9 (Sarah plays Mrs Sheffield) and Girl in Space, Relativity, Moon Base Theta, Witchever path and mmoooore!Cheers allSarah Golding xLINKS TO LAYLA'S WORKSLayla's TwitterAmelia ProjectHit the BricksQuirky Voices The MaskVictoriocityLinks to Sarah's bits n bobsSarahs TwitterSarahs Acting WebsiteSarah's Quirky WebsiteSarah on PodchaserSarah's KO-FI account of funding alllll her projects for TRYING to pay her actors n crewSupport the show (
HellooooExcited to be back withhhhh>>>A BRAND NEW EXCITING LOOK AT WHAT IT TAKES TO IMPLEMENT AND PLAY WITH    FUN AND SUCCESSFUL  IMPROVISATION IN A CHARACTER INFESTED  AUDIO FICTION PODCAST!So so soooo excited to share this groovy chat to some of THEEEE LOVELIEST and most talented of folks in podcasting - Kristi Boulton and Sean Howard, They wax lyrical on the processes they found most (or least) effective when creating the much lauded and admired, many awarded, brilliant improvised podcast - CIVILIZED POD! Links to the show and the folks' social media and more are below if you needed to jump in now!These two are VERY good at what they do, and we explore the importance of being a team, of creating a safe space, of making signs and signals and how they gently plan or plan NOT to plan an episode.If you - like me - want to get into making your own improvised audio fiction shows, #havealistendooo to this audio bliss!Great tips. If you liked the show, please feel free to support it so I can make mooooore! I am forever grateful to my Patreons who are simply the loveliest of folks, and I would not be so proactive without their continuing and amazing support so THANK YOU PATREONNNNSSS - Might even get m'uke out for ya again soon.'d leave if I did?!Thanks SO MUCH to Kristi and Sean for jumping on the show and being truly wonderous....Here's some social media links to further your funnnn....LINKS TO SEAN AND KRISTICIVILIZED POD WEBSITE CIVILIZED TWITTERCIVILIZED INSTAGRAMCIVILIZED PATREON FABLE AND FOLLY NETWORKSEAN HOWARD TWITTER - PASS IT ALONG!KRISTI'S TWITTERKRISTI'S INSTAGRAM PROGRAMME LINKSElley-Ray Hennessey's social (voice coach mentioned by Kristi) BAD DOG IMPROSECOND CITY IMPRO - Chicago, Toronto, Hollywood!HOOPLA IMPRO - LONDONGEMMA ARROWSMITH SKETCH WRITING / IMPRO COURSELINKS TO SARAH'S AUDIO GROOVYSarahs TwitterSarahs Acting WebsiteSarah's Quirky WebsiteSarah on PodchaserSarah's KO-FI account of funding alllll her projects for TRYING to pay her actors n crewTHANKS FOR LISTENING FOLKS! NEXT WEEK - LAYLA KATIIIIIIIIIBBBBBBB HUZZAHSHave a groovy oneSarahxSupport the show (
HellooooHOW AM YA?I am HUGELY excited as I gained another Patreon this week - which TRULY helps as I have lots of voice actors to gently pay for the upcoming Kids horror Mini season of BOGEY'S AND GHOULIES - so EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS - THANK YOU'S ANDDDD Welcome Annie and huzzahs for alll of my patreons - Austin, Paul, Dany, Hazal, Michael, William, Artist Soapbox, Kirsty, Bob, Alma, Karin, Lesley, Chrystene and - KARIMMMMM KRONFLIIIIIII - I honestly am not sure MADIVA would have still been released if it wasn't for your support ...and oh you do put up with my random script sharing SO well :)Advertising and Patreon love aside - Karim Kronfliis my wonderful guest today - though we did record this last year in....different a pub....cos...we are real life chums and..that seemed like a groovy thing to do! Bruce and Helen in a pub huh? Fun times. (Less bloody / raucous tho....probably)So, here we are before and after our Winter Salads....and Karim talks all things Voice Acting - from origins to his directing, and his top tips for you budding VA's.And I do love his voice - don't you?!Please share this episode - it is so hard as an independent producer getting audio gold like this to the right ears - fanks if you can help do that and....Thank you for listening!NEXT WEEK- CIVILIZED POD FOLKS Sean and Kristi talk all things working on an improvised podcast - and yes, IT IS A BLAST Links to Karim's works of audio joyyyKarim's TwitterKarim's WebsiteKarim on PodchaserKarims YOUTUBE LINK OF ACTORS DOING SOME GROOVY HAMLET MASTERCLASSSarah's Social Media linksSarahs TwitterSarahs Acting WebsiteSarah's Quirky WebsiteSarah on PodchaserSarah's KO-FI account of funding alllll her projects for TRYING to pay her actors n crewEmail Sarah - quirkyvoices@gmail.comFANKS FOR LISTENIN YA LEGENDSPlease take a listen dooo to some of the projects we mentioned that Sarah has been lucky enough to voice a part!The Fall by Dayn Leonardson - MAKE MORE DAYN! MAKE....MMMOORE!Scottish PodcastAmelia ProjectWhats the FrequencySupport the show (
HELLOOOO You beauteous MADIVA listeners !How goes it?AHHH Blown up laptop situations have temporarily thwarted my flow...but! MADIVA IS BACK...TODAY - HUZZHAS!Hope you are all well you wondrous VA'S in this crazy world....I have kept m'head above water and am in the thick of finalising the SEASON 4 MADIVA GUESTS - SOOOO EXCITINGGG!So, huzzahs for HEM CLEVELAND talking all things voice acting for and organising and casting folks for the Lucky Die - a live action role play pod of wondrous grooviness that is led by the fantastical brain of Hem, with a squad of very amazing imaginative and funny fun people working on it - actors - musicians, editors and moooore.I would LOVE to do some more improvisation, and this kind of show seems a lure for sure - and HEM SEEMS TO BE THE GODDESS TO DO IT WITH. I am excited to say, there will be an update on how I have popped my Lucky Die Adventurous Cherry with the brilliant Karin Heimdahl and Karim Kronfli this November. (SQUEALLLLY EXCITEMENT) WAAHOOI was upset in editing that I had missed an opportunity to do the 'the flames...the flames' nod to THE AMAZING Madeline Kahn...find it, do it for me huh?Any bongs in here just gently bong out any swearage if you are wondering what that is about - to protect your ears....Cos I care....but sometimes swearage seems necessary...thats just my opinion obvs.SoTHANK YOU FOR LISTENING! Honestly, wherever you are - Hello to folks in the UK, USA, AUSTRALIA AND YOU DANES AND SWEDES AND NORWEGIANS, HALLOOOOOO, AND YOU FOLKS FROM BAHRAIN, RUSSIA, THE PHILLIPINES, SPAIN - Jeg Elske die - or some such - fans and please do feel free to share these groovy fun eps.HAVE A BRIlLlYAnT DAYSarahxxPS Do contact Hemmm>  hem.cleveland@hotmail.comHem's Social Media ffunnnn links of audio joyHem TwitterLucky Die TwitterLucky Die WebsiteLucky Die Podcast feedRoll 20 WebsiteDark Dice PodcastSarah's Social Media links JFFSarahs TwitterSarahs Acting WebsiteSarah's Quirky WebsiteSarah's KO-FI account of funding alllll her projects for TRYING to pay her actors n crewPlease doooo Email Sarah about any aspect of this podcast on quirkyvoices@weebly.comFanks!Support the show (
Well Hallo folks of Acting loving audio joyyyyy!Welcome to MADIVA 306! tHE Modern Audio Drama Indie Voice Acting Podcast.How am ya?Today's guest is the UBER AMAZING TALENTED WONDEROUS Eddie Louise Clark! <Cheering> <Shouting> < Experiments> <Science!>DID YOU KNOW EDDIE HAS WRITTEN AN OPERA?IS A GHOST WRITER?MOVED TO EDINBURGH (NOT FOR THE GHOSTS) WITH CHIP & HAD A GRAND TIME?RECORDS TABLEREADS?RECORDS PETRONELLA WITH HER HANDS UNDER HER BUTTOCKS?Find out whyyyyyyy in this groovy filled fabulous chattarama to Eddie Louise Clark from Sage and Savant and mmmoooore!RECORD SCERATCHNowGotta be honest...I'm finding this week tough. Today's episode has been beset by audio gremlins and that seems to be the general mood of the week - I am fine and well and all that, but obvs, ya know, We all get a little tired. This am that tired.That aside, EDDIE IS AMAZZZINGGG - There is so MUCH to glean from this episode that I truly hope the poorer quality audio doesn't make you scream and bypass it. Imagine....uhm...imagine that im on the phone talking to Eddie and you can listen in - that might blunt the blight of it.....HHHaaaannnyyywayyyyysss - I will endeavour to have Eddie back in future seasons to tell of any other groovy projects - hopefully with pristine audio. I'm sorry, with my schedule how it is, I just had no time to re record. Like. Every day is nuts! And yet, I didn't want to not ping out this episode = or some such better grammatical sentence of intent. SoThank you for listening - especially so if you get through this glorious ep. Thank youp.I actually love you. Here are links to the lovely Eddie's works / social media coolness:Sage and SavantEddie on PodchaserEddie's WebsiteEddie on TwitterSarah's links to social nonsenseSarah on TwitterSarah's Quirky WebsiteSarah's VA websiteSarah's KO-FIAnd, it has to be said, The cast and crew of ANYONE F'COFFEE worked truly hard to bring you some groovy content and I am graciously bowing, putting them forward for audio verse awards, BUT they need more than one, so....if you listened to that and loved it, please do nomanom - and fankkksss!! Have a wonderous weekkkkkSupport the show (
HURRAYYY....more MADIVA guests of audio awesome to share....The wonderful Karin Heimdahl of Y2K Podcast joins me to spread some positivity and talk organising voice actors and negotiating time zones (arghhss), tightrope walking that work life balance, working on a perpetually releasing podcast, casting from auditions and what she as a producer looked for, and juggling allll things as mum, producer, VA and writer and teacher and general awesome being - ANNND she shares some best practices as a VA on other projects. SO MUCH AUDIO GOODNESS.(and we also discuss wanting to be in full dress for the Audio 'Gone with the wind' - so, ya know, we're both up for being cast there so we can practice our Southern Belle Accents!)Please do share this podcast in places other VA's hang out!Please do review this iff ya wanna! This helps us to spread some positive marketing - fanksPlease do contact me if you think youuuu would make a great intervieweeeeee and ping me what your hook is to help folks further command of the voice acting craft...for Season fouuurr.Det Nya Svarta is Karin's Swedish pod if like me, you're intrigued and / or want to practice some Swedish accent lilts!Here is the link to Karin's casting template - v handy - and you can adapt the content to your own project - huzzahs for helpful resources... I am very excited to have started my voice acting course this week and huzzahs for all participants - so exciting to work with folks. I am available for one-to-one sessions to practice audition techniques and or launching your VA career so ping me on for more info...KARIN'S LINKSKarin on TwitterY2K WEBSITEY2K InstagramDet Nya Svarta PodcastThank you so so much for listening folks - I TRULY LOVE this WONDERFUL medium full of SO MANY BRILLIANT peoples - and if you have only just found this pod, check through the back catalogue of amazing folks I have had the pleasure of speaking to and learning from and laughing with. VOICE ACTING - BEST JOB IN THE WORRRLLLDGoing to promote pods I am in this month so #havealistendooo to:Hare Spell by ALT STORIESOZ 9 PodcastParallel WorldsDarksendTunnelsFeel free to let me know what you think of the podcast on my twitter - @sarahofgolding @quirky voices or email me quirkyvoices@gmail.comHAPPYYY CREATING THOSE CHARACTERS AND BEING ORGANISED PEOPLESSARAHXSupport the show (
HELLOOOOOWell how are you wonderful voice acting folks? You winning those auditions? You having THE BEST FFUNNN?? I am SO EXCITED to present today's episode OF MADIVA on Directing Voice Actors with Danyelle Ellett. Of course there is not just one way of directing folks, so this season shares a few different folks ways in, organisational modus operandi and some fabulous top tips.Today, As well as stellar voice acting top tips, we answer:       How can you know if you can marry and love someone forever?Can you pirouette in a vocal booth?What OTHER thing can you do under a duvet AS FUN AS VOICE ACTING?!Who is the good and what is the pointe?WHAT IS NOT TO LOVE!?!?Dany is a force of good, positivity and audio awesome on the AF landscape - currently inspired, we find out she is writing her own groovy audio fiction podcast, appearing in a good few groovy podcasts (links below) and, here, we chart her journey into directing voice actors on her first full fiction collaboration - The Subjective Truth - made with Jeremy Ellett (her husband). Go listen It is awesome. And I would say that even if I wasn't in it! I  mean....Addison Peacock AND Dany AND Mr Olivieri, Karin Heimdahl, Kristen Demercurio and mmmooore - WOW! Groovy cast!I do hope folks start to take onboard some of the fabulous tips in this podcast ep, on working with your actors, but still giving them ownership, and finding those beats, having time for Impro and play and so much more!Thanks so much to Dany for jumping on this MADIVA ep, and I do hope you go and listen to allllll of the shows she's linked the links!At time of writing, there is ONE place left on my voice acting course - the Sunday 830pm BST session. Do join some other folks making their debuts / developing their good practice of the craft with meeee! Jump in here to claim that last place before kickoff this Sunday! Click here to find out more!Please do help this podcast get to more ears of folks who might learn from it by sharing each ep a few times if possible - I would also HUGELY appreciate any reviews. Cos they also have GREAT TRACTION and I can also utilise those to gain awareness of the show.Fanks folksLINKS TO DANY'S WORKSDany on twitterGood Pointe podcasts on TwitterGood Pointe Website - The Subjective Truth / One StarMargarita's and Donuts websiteSeen and not heard websiteSARAH'S LINKSSarah on TwitterSarah's KO-FIThank you all, SO so MUCH for listening. Any help in sharing today's fun or any ep (check the back eps - gems every one!)  is massively appreciated.Also appreciated CONTINUALLY - are my absolutely amazing PATREON SUPPORTERS. They currently help pay for this to be hosted and a little extra to plough into more projects, and help entice any actors or music or sound effects. I send them MADIVA early (they are a few eps ahead) and also get my crazy scripts first, as well as MASSIVE discounts on the courses, or first news of my future projects. And sometimes I sing them a song on my uke but dont let that put you off. Join them if you like. They. Are. AMAZINGGGG HAVE THE BEST OF WEEKSSXXXSupport the show (
Hellooo - hearty happy welcome's to this episode of MADIVA on encouraging gender inclusive casting calls, with the blooming lovely, warm and brilliant....EVAN TESS!We kinda look at soo many things INCLUDING: Whatis Hope punk?What does Non Binary mean??  How can you make casting calls more inclusive to non binary folks and more>?OH, and we even hear the birdsong of Caesar the Cockatiel - what's not to like peoples!?THESE QUESTIONS, birdsong,  AND MORRRRE are explored gently, peacefully and with care in conversation with the brilliant and groovy Evan Tess.During this interview, I'd love you to have an open minded thought-filled listen, and think about perhaps changing some of your (possibly life experience entrenched) gendered language to be more inclusive of non binary folks in general life and casting calls....and as a VA not to apply for roles if the descriptor does not apply to you, and as a writer, producer and creative think a little more deeply about who can play your wonderous characters because,  being honest, it is not hard to do, and will mean such a lot to those gentle beings who identify as such.Evan talks eruditely on top tips for positive and inclusive terminology to use in your acting calls to make it truly accessible to all. They suggested:'We practice gender inclusive casting; please read for any roles that are appropriate for you regardless of the outcry of your voice.' AS A SUPERB STARTING POINT for inclusivity. Copy it, paste and or edit in your own words. Ah gwan!Thanks so much to Evan for taking the time to join me, and I hope what was said is hugely useful and informative to those not already in the know! Evan Tess Murray's LinksEvan's TwitterThis Planet needs a name twitterLight Hearts twitterEvan's podcast linksThis planet needs a nameLight HeartsI still feel as an indie medium we just need to nurture more connectivity, which means practicing constant inclusion practices....and I need to too!Hope you're all well out there - please keep making your audio awesome, but also consider who you can include to make it EVEN BETTTERRRRRSarahxSarah's TwitterSarah's Voice Acting Course - 5 week course to kickstart your own voice acting adventuresSarah's Quirky KO-FI - ALL contributions so gratefully received and will plough back into allll quirky projects!Sarah's  VA websiteSupport the show (
WoahEPISODE 302 - Directing voice actors in groups / individually, in situe, online,                            and in theatres live for PODUK 2019....EP 302 ALREADY? How has a week gone by already?IF you need the lowdown on directing remote recording voice actors or to be honest in any emergency situation of a harsh deadline THEN DO NOT MISS THIS EPISODE!Firstly, Zach is one of the loveliest and warmest talented velvety voiced Canadian English folks (I think that's right) I know working in Audio Fiction. I mean I don't think there's anyone with a Canada connection that isn't a friendly warm gem of a talented person tbh.Find out on MADIVA Podcast how Zach works with his actors, those who are very very new to audio, and those seasoned pro's.  There's some fantastic top tips here for voice actors AND producer directors, so...please feel free to pass it on....We talk about the difference between having one-to-one director actor sessions, and big group recordings in the same space....we talk the importance of adding reaction sounds to the record, showing presence in the scenes, and how actors being prepared is hugely important - your opinions and thoughts about the character are key to a fantastic productive recording session. Zachary also talk of directors 'bringing it' - feeding the lines with energy your actors...'otherwise they might as well just self direct', and why he likes to SEE his actors in a remote record session over available means, how different actors need different directing modes, doing live audio drama ON A STAGE AND SO MUCH MORE!(...and to be honest, there's a lot of Beth Eyre love in here too...)The Orphans mini season of comp winning authors works has very recently aired so do not delay and jump on and enjoy some original new writing encouraged by Zach and the team...Thanks so much to Zachary for all of this wondrous and helpful advice and, GO BINGE THE ORPHANS - All of it! Do it now. Don't make me go all Orsham on ya! Links to his works below:>>>AND IF YOU want to voice act but aren't sure how to start, I am running a Course. Yes! In Sept. Online. A few places left for the SUNDAY EVE AND TUES 11AM sesh. Jump in here on my Quirky Voices Website do!LINKS TO ZACHARY'S WORKSThe Orphans PodcastQuid Pro EuroZachary twitterThe Orphans TwitterQuid Pro Euro TwitterThank you so much for listening!Next up...the fabulous Evan Tess *(and guest star parrot!) talk all things inclusive language and casting calls for Non Binary folks and mooooore...Join us next week for some mellow funPlease feel free to ping me any thoughts about this show, or reviews would be AMAZINGGG. It's down to my guests how quality the show is and I hope you'll agree, I am lucky to speak to some of the very best in the biz right now.Feel free to become a patreon of my works below orrrrr I humbly appreciate any donations to my ko-fi which helps to fuel me to make more groovy content like this - fanks all. Quirky Voices Ko-fi link here.Stay safe, have fun  and happpyyyy creating folks SarahxxSarah on twitterQuirky VoicesEmail me on quirkyvoices@gmail.comSupport the show (
Hello all!WELCOME! TO SEASON 3 OF THIS INDIE VOICE ACTING HOW-TO PODCAST with me Sarah Golding!VERY excited to be back into MADIVA mode and OH WOW have I got a groovy season of how-to interviews on VOICE ACTING for youuuu! We start with one of my biggest influences in creating in the indie audio fiction world -THE BRILLYANT Mariele Runacre-Temple...of Wireless Theatre Company and Audible Uk. Mariele is the founder of Wireless annnnddd is now doing amazing things as the Casting Director for Audible UK. (And yes she did just cast SANDMAN OMG)We talk all things Mariele's ways in-to what she does now from her indie acting roots, and our main focus was on how to make THE GROOVIEST REELS? We look at three sample reels from folks Mariele has cast (Thanks to them and their agents!) and showcase what MARIELE feels are shining examples and bastions of audio awesome content types/ranges to showcase on your do listen, and...learn! We also look at the Audible casting process - how it currently works and how YOU can get cast by being proactive, innovative and simply showcase the audio awesome of!If you have already listened, the EMAIL to send things to re your interest in being cast - DO email them - IF you want to....and remember, some folks will be invited in for casting calls as a result of that reading, and THAT COULD BE YOUUUU....Other top tips are things like:GET ON SPOTLIGHT! (It costs)Separate out your reels..Scottish, Lancashire, Cockney etcUSE YOUR PHONE If you haven't got anything else          GET YOU OUT THERE NO MATTER WHAT!JOIN COMMUNITIES LIKE -Audio Drama Hub/Join FB Forums/Join CommunitiesBe proactive -email people -find production companies and send them your reelsCONTACTS -Browse that and hustle!Don’t send your MP3/WAV file but do send a link to it in your email....THE REELS WE SHOWCASE ARE FROM:Jessica Dennis - Voice reel 1 > Husky, Emotional range Will Howard    - Voice Reel 2 > Hugely Versatile, Young, Pippa Bennet- Warner Voice Reel 3 > Accent - Audio Drama reel specific US / UKRP accent - Classic, FlawlessHave to say, we do praise Fred Greenhalgh and yes he is HUGELY AMAZING and running audio fiction creating courses worth your time -LINK HERE if you are starting out in making audio and want to not just act, but direct, produce and everything...LINKS TO MARIELE:Mariele TwitterWireless Theatre TwitterWireless theatre websiteAudible WebsiteSOEnjoy! And IF YOU are just starting out, I am running a foundation in voice acting course in September - Earlybird price £100 if place taken before 31/08/2020 - we will practice and do auditions, write blogs, look at voice reels and create character voices, and fathom how to organise yourself as a voice actor, and practice excellent vocal care and MORE! You can join in this groovy fun - 5 week course, 1 hour a week by checking out the Quirky Website....DO COME!Thanks for listening!Happy Voice Acting People!SarahxSupport the show (
HellooooooHere is the third of the fun scripts of kid friendly audio horror joy! And this one's by me. I wonder if you want to start a tally of misused britishisms in lieu of their American counterparts? I think there's at least 10 US / UK translation mistakes here - and this kids, is why you need to hire a reader to check your work.... Send in your guesses of what went literally wrong to - or send us pictures of Dina and her Mom and Dad reunited, write what happened next - what adventures could they have?Thank you to the wonderfully talented Layla Katib who is a wonderful actor and you can find her on VICTORIOCITY and THE AMELIA PROJECT and so much more if you have a hunt! Doesn't she make a wonderful mummy wolf?I do hope you enjoy this episode - you can hear a few more our today too - S.C.A.R.E and THE SUMMONING out today, and later this week....for the bigger boys and girls....BRAIN!Feel free to share this with all of your palsTHANK YOU FOR LISTENING!Heres some links to Layla's worksCheck with your parents before listening peoples! Some of this work is for the bigger kids!Thank you to my patrons for their continual supportive awesome. If you want to help get more Quirky words made, feel free to support QUIRKY VOICES on Patreon of ko-fi. Thank you so so much! HAPPY HALLOWEENNNNNSaraAAAAAHHHHXLayla Katib LinksLayla TwitterLayla in VictoriocityTranscripts, and cast bios and sound effects used are all housed here on the Quirky Voices WebsiteHave a look around - lots of Quirky fun happening this year and next!HAVE A SAFE AND WONDERFUL HALLOWWEEEEENNNNNNHOOOOWWLWLLLLLLLLLLSupport the show (
HUZZAHS!AN ORIGINAL WORK MADE BY KIDS FOR KIDSI went on a day trip to a local park near to where I live, and my kids and the pals they are lucky enough to know wanted to make a horror movie. So. They did. I thought it was so good and mooted to them I would love to make it a BOGEYS AND GHOULIES episode, and here we are!THANK YOU TO THE MUMS N DADS FOR AGREEING TO AIR IT TOO!So, here are the stars of this demon summoning adventure in the woodsKeira TigheFalon TigheSwai TigheLewis Leinweber Thomas GoldingHolly GoldingENJOY!PS Burnham Beeches is - as far as I know - unscorched by demon summonings and a very nice place to go for a walk and a picnic! Huzzahs for the outdoors!We would love to know what you think happened to them - send us your drawings or script ideas to - thank you! We look forward to your theories!All transcripts, cast bios and sound effects can be found on the Quirky Voices Website here.If you would like to hear more Quirky tales, feel free to support the hard work that goes in to making them by becoming a Patreon or...contributing to Sarah's Quirky Ko-fi. THANK YOU!Have a happy halloooweeennnnn from me and all The Summoning gang!Support the show (
Hello and Hearty Welcomes to the Second short season of Bogeys and GhouliesHere is a wonderfullyl fun monster mash of characters to kick us off - a werewolf, a witch, a ghost and a....Gareth.They are all in therapy - introduced by our wonderful episode narrator of audio joy! What would you name him???!ENJOY And do listen out for the other episodes tooooooo!STARRINGJack Bowman as The Decrepit NarratorKarim Kronfli as Max the WerewolfFiona Thraille as Daphne the Ghost Graz Richards as ....GarethandSarah Golding as Dorothy the WitchSUCH FUNIf you would like to write a horror story and maybe get it made the Quirky way, ping us your script to QUIRKYVOICES@GMAIL.COMThank youpI am quite proud of the way these scripts have come together - all edited and recorded in 2 weeks of mad audio awesome. Of course - there will be...a directors cut....when life has more time..and I am still learning about editing and have a long way to gooooooMWAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAAAAAA etcThank you for listening! Please do share these fun stories - Carla Quelch has written some great fun for us at Quirky Manor, and I hope she produces more....don't you?!Cast Bio's, Transcripts and Sound effects used links are on the Quirky Voices Website hereThe cast are all amazing in the world of audio fiction and if you want to hire them, or find out what else they have been in, then please do follow the links below!\\\CAST LINKS///JACK'S WEBSITEJACK'S TWITTERKARIM'S WEBSITEKARIM'S TWITTERFIONA'S WEBSITEFIONA'S TWITTERGRAZ'S AUDIBLE VISIONS  FACEBOOKGRAZ'S TWITTERSARAH'S VA WEBSITESARAH;S TWITTERQUIRKY TWITTERThank you SO MUCH to my amazing band of Patreons who support my Quirky Work! Feel free to join them, or, if you'd like to help get more Quirky fun made, ping in to the QUIRKY KO-FI with grateful thanks!HAPPYYYY HALLOWEEENNNNN!!Support the show (
Hello fine peoplesHow goes it? Of course these are strange times for us all. Very much so. And I hope you and yours are following advice for your country and being sensible and safe xFrom my house I thought I'd share some exercise you can do to enjoy your time in your own spaces.Here is a Dropbox link to my Week Timetable in WordHere's some of those monologue sites I mentionMonologue ArchiveStage MilkBackstage.comCopies of pretend adverts to practice from Voices.comWebsites - rem there's Square Space, Wix, Weebly and more.Check out your favourite voice actor's websites...ah gwan.Here's my website (that needs work!) but it is a start! Words to help you describe your voice can be found hereLook out for auditions on MANDY.COM, STARNOW.COM, SPOTLIGHT, BACKSTAGE, BEHIND THE VOICE ACTORS, CASTING CALL CLUB...VOICE ACTING CLUB....FB GROUPS > AUDIO DRAMA HUB, AUDIO DRAMA AUDITIONS, ON TWITTER @AUDIOAUDITIONS.You'll need something to make notes on this one - as there's quite a few questions I ASK YOU TO HELP YOU firm up your understanding of your brand, strengths and capabilities....Hopefully there's lots to get you to think about - especially if you're new to voice acting! PLAY WITH THOSE EMPHASIS POINTS!I'm so excited to present the next few eps. I am busy recording season 3. Next up is Marc Graue and then Layla Katib and then Karim Kronfli for Season 2.Fun times.DOOOO ping me on twitter here or email me with any queries, ideas for guests or useful MADIVA topics on QuirkyVoices@gmail.comAh gwanDon't be afraid to just have a good play with your voice - ages, character types, attitudes and emotions and moooore! Doit! Play!Thanks SO MUCH for listening! Please pass this on and feel free to rate and review on your platform of listening choice or the Podchaser grooviness.HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEK IN SO FAR AS THAT'S POSSIBLETHE TRAILER ON THE END OF THIS WEEK'S EPISODE IS WORD WONK POD BY THE AMAAZINGGGG CHEYENNE BRAMWELL....HAVE A LISTEN DOOOO HERE SarahxPS LET ME KNOW IF YOU WANT TO RESERVE A PLACE ON THE CHARACTER BUILDING WORKSHOPS....AH GWAN....PING MY EMAIL QUIRKYVOICES@GMAIL.COMFeel free to support my work by becoming a glorious patreon orrrr ping my KO-FI - any contributions are very very welcomed!! Thanks muchly to my patreon who I love muchly and ping new scripts episodes and and times...Support the show (
HELLOOOO VOICE ACTORS AND AUDIO FICTION LOVERS!It is ALWAYS a joy talking about the amazing everything of other women in the podcasting space cos -well, to be honest - WE NEED MORE! More Producers, Directors, Writers, Sound Designers, Artists, Composers, Critics and Marketing folks of audio joy - so, ya know, have a listen and get inspired.AndThere's an offer of a free drink in the merry month of marchandElla speaks beautifully about SOOO MANY INSPIRING PEOPLESSSS, and I was hugely humbled that she revealed her newest and most exciting self penned audio adventures announcement on THIS SHOW! Cammlann - follow it, and...enjoyyyy here.Follow Ella on twitter here Follow CAMLANN on twitter hereSoJump in, and enjoyAND THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR LISTENING! Happy #InternationalWomensDay - please do share this podcast wherever you think it is useful, and feel free to rate and review - I would LOVE some more reviews....and - ya know...ANY help with that....visibility thing - just to be useful on the Audio Fiction Landscape...If you were missed from here, ping @quirky voices your show and name and we'll happily retweet your groovy shows....or work...or event - and send it all to FICTION PODCAST WEEKLY NEWSLETTER HERE! AH GWAN.These are the twitter accounts for as many of the women mentioned I could find (AND AS MANY AS THIS SHOWNOTES PAGE ALLOWS)!FOLLOW THEM! BIG THEM UP! LISTEN TO AND SUPPORT THEIR WORK! AH GWANSarah Golding - @madivap @audioauditions @quirkyvoicesLauren ShippenJordan CobbBeth EyreEmily C SnyderDany ElletAnn C SloanShenee HowardFiona ThrailleKarin HeimdahlKirsty WoolvenBeth CraneLucy ValentineEddie LouiseShannon PerryLiz CampbellLory MartinezJulia C ThorneLizzie Liz LizbetGemma ArrowsmithEllie DickensSaucy MincksNerys HowellMeg FistzmartinAudio Harlem@Annar1288Faith McQuinnScrapnikEle MatelanVolly LondaSasquatch ComicsLindsay Harris-FrielMariele Runacare-TempleCarla QuelchTanja MilojevicJulia MorizawaCharlotte RyderShliessmansNic RedmanKirsty GillmoreKirstin DeMercurioJulie HoversonErika SandersonErin B LillisCheyenne BramwellMadison UptonSara Mae TusonMaya PeaceLayla KatibJen SugdenMelissa Sheldon@powerwordroll@pbtplayersDeath CarpetsJess AnsonTanja Milojevic@tina_dLauren ThomsonGemma AmorEmma Shiarr-ZiarkoMichelle AgrestiMarguerite KennerDania RamosDt Cam JansonJessica RainvilleAmanda McColgonMichaela SchwerAlice OsmanskiAli HyltonPJ MarvellMegan BurnsideAlex YungKristin M MartinDaniele ReeceCap BlackardMaxximillianJessica RainvilleCiara BaxendaleRachel RauchCalibri FuntimesMaSupport the show (
HulloSoHere's another groovy interview I very much enjoyed doing with the amazing inspiration that is John Osborne-Hughes. Last Year I went on one of his spiritual acting weekends and truly enjoyed the buzz, the ideals, the exercises and the places I went to in such a short time to improve my craft. The thoughtful and mind stretching nature of this course can - I think - be hugely beneficial to folks so, if you fancied a look, havealookdooo!Here's links to Johns courses in London and beyond!And email him for info on this address info@spiritualpsychologyofacting.comAnd here he is on TWITTERI have to confess my laptop went berserk around the time of recording this so lost the 'cleaner' recording I had of this interview. So apologies, the ep is allll in skype type quality - I did my very bestest to sort it as much as I knew's the quality of info that counts right?So hurray for the wonderful John, who I think gives us as actors and as people much great advice, things to ponder, improve on, and best of all, there's some elements of meditation to this ep which I hope you'll find useful.Thank you wonderous peoples!If ya have a few moments, I would VERY MUCH appreciate you helping me - and others who won Pulse Award grants (From the British Podcast Awards/Wellcome Trust) - to make a groovy podcast - by taking a few minutes to fill in this survey about podcast listening they can gauge a before and after to see if our new Wellcome Trusr and British Podcast Awards funded podcasts make a difference! Here's the link and THANK YOU. Truly appreciate it v much. Follow @BPAfund for more info tooooHave a wonderful week folksHappy Creating!SarahPS Please do support me on Patreon If you love the bits n bobs I d with Quirky Voices, @audioauditions and the other fund things I try and nurture to help build AF community and motivate creativity!Support the show (
HALLO!WTBE - What does it stand for?WantToBe EverywhereThis. is my life. AND I NEED TO SORT THAT OUT! (And calm down)I was excited to - as last year - jump on a mic with my good pal and #DASHINGLYQUIRKY co-producer Fiona Thraille to share our thoughts on the MARVELLOUS event in the podcasting calendar - PODUK 2020.We had a wonderful time, not just performing Dashingly Quirky Live, but also meeting and chatting and enjoying other folks' expertise. I'm now a bigger fan of other podcasts that were there and you should check them out too!Some include:Amelia ProjectPrickwillowSerenY2KBeyond ShakespeareRusty QuillWe Fix Space junkFlintlocks and FireballiA Scottish PodcastNo SleepGamma AudioFlying in the Face of FateKing Falls AMAhh there's loads !Hope you enjoyed this general chat andApologies for the song at the end - I couldn't help myself with some spontaneous uke actionHappy listening folksSarahxSupport the show (
HALLOOOSo how goes it?We have had PODUK in the last week and I muchly enjoyed meeting folks at that - Hallo again if you found yourself here after that! This interview with the amazinggg legend that is Sarah Rhea Werner was recorded before PODTAILS was on's some time travel audio for you to enjoy about all things looking after you... you lovely actors you!Sarah Rhea Werner continues to be an absolute beacon of positivity and audio awesome, and I can't thank her enough for coming to talk of all things self care on this MADIVA ep. Please do feel free to feedback how this is useful or what you think folks should also be doing to treat themselves Kindly in this crazy world....I would LOVE some more recent reviews or even ratings on any of your podcast apps. Thank you.SELF CARE FOR ACTORS IS SOOOO IMPORTANT....And everyone else too...I guess!Here is the link to Sarah's websiteHere is the link to Sarah's Podcast CourseWe mentioned PODTAILS - info hereWe mentioned PODUK - info hereHere's a link to STAGE MILK which has many many fun and useful articles of acting related joy....Where is your happy place?! Do share with #MyHappyPlace and ping in @quirkyvoices or @madivap....I so want to be on that beach right now!Have another look at the divine practice of impermanence hereHere is that poem - Look up - By Gary Turk - definitely worth reading and considering the message! GET OFF SOCIAL MEDIA AND CONNECTTTTTSoWhatever your interest in voice acting....please do take care of you - take time to connect with your now...or your Write Now (see what I did there?!) and live your best life!I know I am trying toAnd at the moment - am having the best fun - hope you are too!PLEASE CAN YOU HELP ME OUT and fill in this PODCAST SURVEY from the British Podcast Awards and Wellcome Trust about podcast listening habits? I need to able to help quantify how my ne podcast coming soon - Anyone F'Coffee - might be able to make difference! Thank you. Here is the survey.... and THANK YOU!Happy Voice Acting ChumsSarahxIf you have enjoyed this ep and feel the urge to support Sarah Golding's Quirky Ko-fi  - feel free to do so here! Every donation makes a massive difference to all things so MAHOOSIVE thanks from meeeee to youuuu if you have will or doooo xSupport the show (
Helloooooo!If you don't know the name of the indie audio comedy legend that is TOM CROWLEY - WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!This MADIVA was so fun to do...a chat with one of my fave VA's working today, still developing and working on many new fun things in indie audio and beyond....Tom talks all things Live Voice Acting, as well as origins of Wooden Overcoats and why projects are often best done with close mates....Link to hear WOODEN OVERCOATS hereLink to hear VICTORIOCITY hereLink to CROWLEY TIME hereSupport CROWLEY TIME Patreon hereThere is so much positivity and brilliant advice in this podchat - Tom talks of the importance of making good choices about character voice -and how maintaining a sensibly voiced vocal character is character physicality good writing is key to great writing for characters you know well can be liberating - especially with a script genius like DAVID K BARNES, what it was like to swap roles with the brilliant FELIX TRENCH, and Thank you SO MUCH FOR LISTENING!Next time we hear from Sarah Rhea Werner on SELF CARE AND BEING NICE TO YOURSELF YOU LOVELY PEOPLE!...FunTimesSarahxFeel free to support me on my Quirky  Ko-fi or Quirky Patreon if you like what QUIRKY VOICES is producing. Thanks so much. I am blessed with some patreons - all are welcome to Team Quirky...! Benefits include early release of podcasts, new scripts, and never before seen material shared...Support Quirky KO-FISupport the show (
Hello all!How goes it?Here is the second part of SEASON 2 of MADIVA PODCASTSo excited to have some wonderful guests for this second part of the season, starting with the hugely inspirational JULIA MORIZAWA.You can find her vocal media links here:Julia's website can be found here: and twitter and Instagram are both @juliamorizawaWe explore questions and issues likeWhy to get prep for auditions earlyWhy you should not let the audition be the first time you’re hearing the words out loudHow to deal with Mic etiquetteWhy it is useful to create an autobiography for the character you’re creating - Sarah starts with the Who What When Where Why as an easy start…What it was like to record the Bright Sessions and getting a deeper understanding of the character if Dr Bright....MMOOOOREHope you enjoy!Thanks so much for listening - feel free to become a patreon to get these eps first!Thanks SO MUCH to all of my current patreons who have been hugely supportive and wonderous these last 18 months....Congrats to TOM JENSEN and PJ MARVELL as winners of the DASHINGLY QUIRKY SCRIPT WRITING COMP - you can come and see their work at PODUK with this link here! Do come! Thanks allSarah GoldingIf you have liked this episode and want to help me to pay any future creatives on my fun projects of audio joy, and patreon is just...too much - feel free to buy me a Ko-fi - I won't mind! the show (
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