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Gameday Cube Sports Experience with Isaac E

Author: Gameday Cube & Isaac E

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Welcome to Gameday Cube Sports Experience, as part of LIOJI Podcast Network. Receive thoughtful insight on professional and college sports. We are one of the few podcasts you will find that will talk in-depth about the world of soccer. You can get your gambling fix with bold predictions on weekly football spreads and futures.
58 Episodes
The English Premier League begins a new season (2:30). I go over soccer future for Champions Leagues and the European Big Five and make predictions (27:20). The podcast closes with conversation on the NFL in particular the Cowboys dilemma and Antonio Brown (39:00).
The show begins with paying respects to Maxim Dadashev (3:55). Shane Lowry wins the Open Championship (9:23), and the NBA finds themselves in a pickle (21:15). The show continues with the importance and impact of Zlatan Ibrahimovic on the MLS (27:53), and ends with another edition of Odds Corner (54:20). 
NCAA settles with former football and basketball players who competed between March 2010 and March 2017 for $208 million (1:35). Marisnick beaned by Astros and trade deadline approaches (13:55). Oklahoma City no hurry to trade Chris Paul (26:15). Seattle hires Ron Francis as first GM (29:30), and Kieran Trippier moves to Atletico Madrid (31:05). The Open Championship odds for this weekend's final major (33:20). Finally the NFL and NFLPA talks continue on a new CBA (38:40).
A look at the offseasons for the Boston Bruins (3:25), Buffalo Sabres (6:13), Florida Panthers (10:45), Detroit Red Wings (13:52), Montreal Canadiens (15:25), Ottawa Senators (17:30), Tampa Bay Lightning (19:05), and Toronto Maple Leafs (21:35). 
A men's Wimbledon final for the ages (2:16), and the challenge Serena faces in reaching Margaret Court (10:50). The stunning trade of Russell Westbrook for Chris Paul and the wide ranging implications of NBA free agency (22:25). We end the show with Odds Corner looking at futures for the NFL, college football, and soccer (46:15). 
Kawhi Leonard chooses the other L.A. team over the Lakers and pushes the Clippers to trade for George (2:30). The aftermath of Leonard's decision on the Lakers, Thunder, and the rest of the NBA (7:30). James Dolan and how his image has hurt the Knicks fairly or unfairly, and the future for the Knicks as a team on the court and Madison Square Garden as a brand (32:34). NHL free agency major move recap and a final thought on the MLB midpoint (48:50). 
NHL award winners, free agent talk, and early futures (2:33). NBA award winners, free agent conjecture, and early futures (20:15). We take a look at other odds and talk about additional sports including soccer and baseball (37:10). My respect for Bob Ley his impact on me and sports news after his retirement announcement (51:15).
Discussion on the triumph of the St. Louis Blues and Ryan O'Reilly winning the playoff MVP (8:40). Kawhi Leonard winning Finals MVP and the historic and unexpected run of the Toronto Raptors to the title (12:33). Additional segment added on the Lakers big move to acquire Anthony Davis (30:00). Finally a closing thought on whether the Golden State Warriors run has ended (41:05). 
A look at the week ahead on the U.S. Open, and the hockey and basketball finals (4:45). Thoughts on the Stanley Cup Final Game 7 (7:50), the state of the NBA Finals and the impact of the Durant injury on a larger scale (12:10). The reason the U.S. women's soccer team has nothing to feel sorry about regarding their demolition of Thailand 13-0 in their first game of the World Cup (34:45). A final recap on the end of the European soccer season (43:40).
A look at the hypothetical winners and losers of the past week (4:06). A recap of Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final between the Boston Bruins and St. Louis Blues (18:24). Final over under totals for the NHL and analysis of my predictions before the season (25:05). A look at the careers of Bart Starr, Bill Buckner, and Niki Lauda (33:10). The week ahead and a closing thought on the Toronto Raptors triumph and what awaits them in the Finals (42:30). 
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