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Go beyond mainstream cable news and party lines, with a Millennial and a Boomer, as they work to push past the noise and bring attention to all the issues that matter. Justin T. Weller and Lance Jackson examine the topics that are often overlooked by most major media outlets, but are critical for Americans to be educated about. There’s a world beyond the noise and it begins with Justin & Lance on The State of Us.
441 Episodes
Younger generations are more interested in net freedom than they are in net worth. Justin and Lance discuss how the workplace is changing post-covid, if employers should pay for time or product, and how the 40 hour work week started. tags: tsou, justin weller, lance jackson, work, employment, productivity, week, freedom, time, goals, job, money, economy
The recently enacted child credit tax payments have promised great benefits, but recent research from the University of Chicago suggests otherwise. Justin and Lance break down the findings of the research and propose a more effective way to help impoverished children. tags: tsou, justin weller, lance jackson, children, education, money, poverty, school, taxes, politics, government, biden, credit, program
The holidays are right around the corner but your holiday packages might not be. Justin and Lance discuss how the logistics industry is shifting to accommodate manufacturing deficits, and how the labor shortage is driving inflation. tags: tsou, justin weller, lance jackson, inflation, labor, economy, jobs, immigration, shipping, manufacturing, logistics, factory, transit, holidays
Apple plans to develop software that will detect images of child pornography stored on iPhones. Justin and Lance discuss if this software will infringe on your privacy and ask if a stable internet connection is a utility in American society. tags: tsou, justin weller, lance jackson, internet, privacy, data, apple, technology, safety, software, government, utility
The debt ceiling was designed to reduce the nation's debt, but it has not worked that way in the past. Justin and Lance discuss how the political parties have interacted with the debt ceiling and the history of the debt ceiling. tags: tsou, justin weller, lance jackson, politics, debt ceiling, national debt, republican, democrat, spending, inflation, revenue, money, economy, taxes, wealth, america
How can we solve America's division - is ranked-choice voting the answer? Justin and Lance discuss how ranked-choice voting works, and how it could change the American political system. tags: tsou, justin weller, lance jackson, voting, ranked-choice, politics, democrat, republican, bipartisan, representation, election, poll, president, governor, mayor, race
How are schools rethinking grade levels for students and the amount of time they spend in class? Justin and Lance discuss how education should shift towards application-level understanding and how unvaccinated college students are costing schools millions of dollars. tags: justin weller, lance jackson, education, school, learning, teaching, teacher, vaccine, money, loans, taxes, technology
For more than a month, Facebook researchers warned that comments on vaccine-related posts were filled with anti-vaccine rhetoric. On the third installment of the Facebook series, Justin and Lance discuss the role of social media in society and how it should be handled in the future. tags: tsou, justin weller, lance Jackson, facebook, instagram, social media, monopoly, utility
The court has been significantly transformed with a slight conservative majority. Justin and Lance track the major Supreme Court decisions from this term with new justice Amy Coney Barrett and analyze how the American people feel about the court's decisions. tags: tsou, justin weller, lance jackson, amy coney barrett, judge, justice, supreme court, law, politics, republican, democrat
The United States has more job openings now than at any other point in history. With employers struggling to fill empty positions, they are forced to be creative. Justin and Lance discuss why there is a labor shortage and what employers are trying to acquire new talent. tags: tsou, justin weller, lance jackson, work, labor, economics, wages, job, politics, employer, money, career, hire, demand, supply, united states
Company researchers at Facebook wrote, "misinformation, toxicity, and violent content are inordinately prevalent among reshares on the platform." Justin and Lance break down how Facebook has been used for organized crime and ethnic cleansing in the second part of the Facebook series. tags: tsou, justin weller, lance jackson, facebook, instagram, crime, cartel, reshare, toxic, social media, zuckerberg
Since 2012, schizophrenia diagnosis in nursing homes have soared 70% resulting in 1 of 9 nursing home residents being diagnosed with the condition. However, only about 1 of every 150 individuals are diagnosed with the disease in the general public. Justin and Lance break down why this soar in diagnosis is happening, and how the nursing home system is taking poor care of the elderly. tags: tsou, justin weller, lance jackson, elderly, healthcare, government, policy, politics, nursing home, geriatrics, doctor, money, drugs, medication, schizophrenia, dementia, Alzheimers, disease
Facebook gives special privileges to millions of users who make the company more money. Also, 40% of teens reported that they feel less attractive after using Facebook. Justin and Lance discuss how social media is harming youth and society with no consequences. Together, they expose the hypocrisy of Facebook. tags: tsou, justin weller, lance jackson, facebook, instagram, social media, youth, mental health, zuckerberg, capitialism, government, violation
For more than a century, automakers continuously honed in on their ability to make the best combustion engine. However, some of the world's biggest automakers are now ditching combustion engines in order to produce electric motors. Justin and Lance discuss the future of EVs, and some challenges we still have to conquer. tags: tsou, justin weller, lance jackson, electric vehicles, car, tesla, gm, ford, chevy, battery, charging, innovation, reliability, safety
The Texas Heartbeat Act is banning most abortions in the state after 6 weeks of pregnancy with no exceptions to rape or incest. Justin and Lance question if this law is constituational, and when human life really begins. tags: tsou, justin weller, lance jackson, abortion, texas, government, politics, voting, democrat, republican, womens rights, pro choice, pro life, contraception, pregnancy
Will getting more done in a day make you happier? Justin and Lance discuss breaking the productivity cycle and finding what really matters in life. tags: tsou, justin weller, lance jackson, productivity, efficiency, work, labor, lifestyle, money, job, school, education, tasks, reminders, list
For many years, experts have predicted that unless the steady over usage of the Colorado River was brought to a halt, it could no longer support the 40 million people that depend on it. That prediction is quickly coming to fruition. Justin and Lance break down all the factors that could be contributing to the depletion of the Colorado River. tags: tsou, justin weller, lance jackson, climate change, global warming, science, west, colorado river, water, arizona, emissions, housing, production, innovation, infastructure
The human species was able to double its own life expectancy in under 100 years - could we do it again? Justin and Lance discuss the history of preventative medicine and what a future with humans regularly living to be 100+ years might look like. tags: tsou, justin weller, lance jackson, age, old, medicine, antibiotics, elderly, healthcare, economics, disparities, history, aging, immortality, science, policy, activism
YouTube is still promoting false and sexualized videos - more than 70% of flagged videos in a study were recommended for the viewer to watch next. Also, deceptive campaign fundraising has tricked elderly people into making long time payments. Justin and Lance question how powerful algorithms should be, and how we can better protect our seniors online. tags: tsou, justin weller, lance jackson, internet, youtube, google, algorithms, money, politics, elderly, campaigns, elections, deception, misinformation
With employers fighting to fill positions in their organizations, potential employees have more power than they have had in a long time. Justin and Lance are joined by Robin Erickson, Principle Researcher at The Conference Board, to discuss employment trends and how employers are navigating the current labor market. tags: tsou, justin weller, lance jackson, Robin Erickson, economy, labor, jobs, employment, company, hire, hiring, salary, money, benefits, market, conference board, pandemic
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