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Dive into our latest episode where Chad Lingafelt engages with the visionary, Josh Elmore, founder of Vision Achievers! Unearth the role of a Fractional Integrator, dissect the unique contrasts between a visionary and an integrator, and delve into the Traction Philosophy. Plus, we shine a light on the critical elements of Leadership Management & accountability. A treasure trove of insights you won't want to miss!
July 18, 2023 -------- Fasten your seatbelts as Chad Lingafelt joins Adam Bratton, the ingenious founder of MJ Bratton, a Strategic Business & Marketing Agency, and Human Powered Movement, a club igniting a passion for outdoor experiences, in a riveting dialogue.  In part 2 of this Coffee Break Podcast episode, Adam unveils the secrets to transmuting ideas into practical steps for your business. Delve into insightful discussions about crafting your unique pathway, breaking free from the constraints of your comfort zone, and the significant role of cultural fit when hiring. With a vibrant history as the Marketing Director for the Charlotte Whitewater Center, where he dedicated nine years to amplifying their brand, Adam brings invaluable experience to the table. A fervent runner and lover of the great outdoors, Adam's enthusiasm has fuelled Human Powered Movement, and he's recently achieved a remarkable milestone - completing a half marathon in every US state, a seven-year dream finally realized. Join us for this energetic episode, and let Adam inspire you to put your business ideas into motion and venture beyond the familiar!
Prepare for an adrenaline-fueled conversation as Chad Lingafelt sits down with the remarkable Adam Bratton, founder of MJ Bratton, a pioneering Strategic Business & Marketing Agency, and Human Powered Movement, a vibrant social club that brings the thrill of outdoor adventures to everyone. In this episode of the Coffee Break Podcast, Adam takes us behind the scenes of his dual ventures, sharing insights about how these organizations function, and offering priceless wisdom for business owners itching to take their dreams to the next level. We delve into crucial topics like the power of commitment, the importance of laying a solid foundation, and the exhilarating moment of taking that decisive leap. Adam's former role as the Marketing Director for the Charlotte Whitewater Center, where he spent almost a decade amplifying their brand, lends unique credibility to his advice. A passionate runner and outdoor enthusiast, Adam recently achieved a phenomenal feat—completing a half marathon in all 50 US states, a dream he nurtured for seven long years. Join us for an invigorating chat, and get ready to channel your business aspirations into tangible results under Adam's expert guidance!
Gear up for an intriguing dialogue as our host, Chad Lingafelt, engages in a captivating conversation with Lynn Beaver, the Senior Regional Director at Advanced Home Health, an expert known for her prowess in management and leadership. In this enlightening episode, Lynn unveils the softer, human side of leadership. She leverages her vast experience to spotlight the critical role of identifying and nurturing leaders within our ranks. This episode is a treasure trove of insights, especially for leaders seeking to foster deeper connections and influence their teams more effectively. Lynn enlightens us on why visionary leadership is pivotal for teams to thrive, what attributes define an exceptional leader, and strategies for securing your team's commitment to shared goals. Lynn encapsulates her leadership philosophy in these words, “I can hire anyone off the street to manage data, to manage metrics. I have to look for the qualities of a good leader. If you can get a good leader, they can manage a team to success.” Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your leadership skills with Lynn's expert guidance!
Prepare for an enlightening session as our host, Chad Lingafelt, welcomes an influential figure in the world of marketing, Blair Primis, Senior Vice President of Marketing & Talent Management for OrthoCarolina. Dive into the heart of what it means to remain relevant in today's dynamic market. Blair opens up about the hidden power of the adage "a rising tide lifts all boats," and how friendly competition can propel your business towards unprecedented heights. In this engaging episode, we break away from conventional norms. We challenge traditional marketing strategies, urging you to think outside the box and carve out your unique path to success. Packed with insightful gems, this episode promises to empower your business journey with actionable wisdom from one of the industry's leading lights. Tune in and fuel your entrepreneurial spirit! Connect With Blair:  Instagram: Twitter:
Get ready to be inspired as our host, Chad Lingafelt, fires up a conversation with a man of speed and style, John Freeman, the visionary mind behind Johnny Fly Co. This brand, hailed as a game-changer in sustainable fashion, crafts cutting-edge eyewear with a unique blend of wood and compressed cotton. John, who swapped the adrenaline-fueled racetracks for the vibrant fashion runways, gave life to this innovative line back in 2012. Now, he's eager to share his story with us. In this gripping episode, we unmask the secret behind Johnny Fly Co.'s success. We explore how John has continuously kept his finger on the pulse of customer experience, relentlessly refining and evolving it to keep up with today's fast-paced world. Join us as we journey through the thrilling process of transforming a mere idea into a tangible product. We delve into the meticulous steps of launching it into the bustling market and discuss the art of forward-thinking design for tomorrow's needs. So buckle up, and get ready for an eye-opening exploration of fashion, sustainability, and entrepreneurial spirit. Follow John & Johnny Fly Co. Visit: Twitter: Instagram:
Join Chad Lingafelt in this captivating episode as he sits down with Lucas Boselli, the Executive Vice President of ASSA ABLOY and Head of Americas division.  In this interview, Lucas shares valuable insights on decision making, taking ownership of your shortcomings, and the consequences of delaying decisions. Discover ways to improve communication with your team, including maintaining consistency, staying open to feedback, and fostering a two-way dialogue to keep engagement levels high.  Lucas also explains how employee surveys have driven action within his organization and how timely decision making can impact individuals in a positive way. Don't miss out on this engaging conversation and the practical applications you can implement as a business leader, regardless of your organization's size. Tune in now and learn from one of the best in the business!
In this episode, join Chad Lingafelt as he sits down with Lee Calderon and Sophia Calderon, the father-daughter design duo who are making a mark in the creative world at Arthur Elliott Marketing Group.  Lee is a well-known visual storyteller, architect, and illustrator of children's books on the West Coast, now serving as Creative Director at Arthur Elliott. Sophia is a rising star in the agency, bringing her imaginative touch as a Graphic Designer to the team. Together, they discuss the unique challenges and opportunities that come with working alongside family members in business, offering valuable insights on avoiding the pitfalls of nepotism and cultivating successful working relationships. With fantastic takeaways for anyone who works with a family member or knows someone who does, this episode is not to be missed! Discover three key tips for maintaining a working relationship with a family member, including seeing them as an individual person, focusing on the work, and using their name instead of familial titles. Tune in now to learn from this talented duo and take your business relationships to the next level! Connect with Arthur Elliott Website: Instagram: @thearthurelliott Facebook: @thearthurelliott Twitter: LinkedIn:
Join us for an electrifying conversation with the multifaceted Keith Larson, who has worn many hats, including WBT-AM Radio Personality for 14 years, Marketing Maestro, Columnist, Author, and now, the proud Owner & CEO of Zen Massage Franchising. In this riveting episode, Keith unravels the secrets to successful marketing that resonates with your target audience. Discover how to forge genuine connections with your customers by cultivating a strong brand identity and attentively responding to their needs. Delve into the reasons why businesses often stumble in establishing meaningful relationships with their clientele, and learn actionable tips to streamline your marketing efforts for maximum impact! Connect with Keith Larson & Zen Massage Website: Twitter:   @ZenMassageCorp @thelarsonpage Facebook: @ZenMassageUSA @TheLarsonPage LinkedIn:
Join Chad Lingafelt as he chats with the dynamic Austin Helms, founder of Ease Plumbing & Ease HVAC.  Austin is a local entrepreneur who's been hustling since the age of 7, selling candy out of a shoebox at his sister's basketball games. In high school, he owned a vending machine business, t-shirt business, lawn care business, and home cleaning business, and by the time he advanced into college, he had already started a waterless car wash company. But Austin's not just youthful – he's also full of passion and has teamed up with Mike Griffin of Griffin Brothers to revolutionize home services for the Charlotte market. In this exciting episode, we delve into some innovative concepts in the trade and service world, and you'll walk away with practical ideas that you can implement in your own business. Don't miss out on this incredible conversation with one of Charlotte's rising stars – it's bound to be full of energy, insights, and inspiration! Connect with Austin: Visit: LinkedIn: Instagram:
Get ready to laugh and learn as Chad Lingafelt sits down with the multi-talented Larry Hubatka – avid bird watcher, Thanksgiving Day Parade commentator, GM of Tiny Horse, and author of the book, "You Little Jerk."  In this episode, Larry shares his expert advice on creating culture, whether at home, work, or anywhere in your life, and gives you practical applications for building a great culture that sticks. But that's not all – you'll also get to hear an incredible bonus story about sharks and the worst haircut for a movie role! Make sure to grab a copy of Larry's book, "You Little Jerk," available on Amazon, and follow him on Instagram (@larryhubatka) for his entertaining animations and insightful tips on building culture. And don't forget to check out Tiny Horse, the marketing company where Larry serves as GM. Get ready to be entertained and inspired – this episode is not to be missed! Buy Larry's Book: Follow Larry on Instagram: @larryhubatka - he has great animations and some pretty insightful advice on building culture! Visit Marketing Company:
Join Chad Lingafelt as he sits down with Darrell Palasciano, a seasoned broker at The Providence Group of the Carolinas, a commercial real estate firm.  In this exciting conversation, Darrell draws from his 18 years of experience in retail development and leasing to offer valuable insights and insider tips to small businesses or new businesses looking to lease a new space. Discover how to get yourself fully prepared for the leasing process by following three key steps: developing a solid business plan, having your financials in order, and creating a compelling website that tells your unique story. But that's not all – Darrell also reveals the critical questions you should be asking as a tenant to Property Management and how to spot the latest fads and trends in retail space. And for those new to leasing, don't fret! Darrell encourages you to ask as many questions as possible, and he'll be there to guide you every step of the way. Don't miss out on this fantastic conversation – it's perfect for anyone looking to secure a lease for a retail space and gain valuable insights before taking that exciting next step! Connect with Darrell Palasciano & The Providence Group Email: Website: LinkedIn:
🎙️ Get ready for an insightful conversation with Natasha Hemmingway, Sales Coach, Speaker, and creator of Heart Not Hustle® Sales System, Convert Your Leads, and Hello Client, Hello Cash™!  Join Chad Lingafelt as they dive into the secrets behind effective sales processes and business growth. 🚀 In this episode, Natasha shares her wisdom on how to bring authenticity to your market and align your goals and culture with your target audience. Plus, discover why a consultant might be just what you need to uncover hidden opportunities in your sales process. 🧐 Perfect for business leaders looking to revamp their sales strategy and make a real impact in the upcoming year. Don't miss out on this valuable conversation! 🌟 #SalesCoach #Entrepreneur #BusinessGrowth #SalesProcess #Authenticity #NatashaHemmingway #HeartNotHustle Connect with Natasha Hemmingway Coaching, LLC Website: Instagram: Facebook: LinkedIn:
In this episode of the Coffee Break Podcast, Chad Lingafelt has a conversation with Adam Bratton, who is the Founder of MJ Bratton - a Strategic Business & Marketing Agency, and Human Powered Movement - a social club that promotes outdoor experiences. During the podcast, Adam talks about both his organizations and also provides valuable insights for business owners on how to take their business to the next level. The conversation touches upon topics such as making commitments, building a strong foundation, and taking risks to achieve success. Adam has previously served as the Marketing Director of the Charlotte Whitewater Center, where he spent 9 years expanding their brand and presence. He is a passionate runner and has combined his love for the outdoors with his work through the Human Powered Movement. He recently accomplished a 7-year goal of completing a half marathon in all 50 states. Connect with Adam:  Website: Instagram: LinkedIn: Personal LinkedIn: Human Powered Movement info is: Website: Instagram: Strava:
To celebrate Callie Langhorne's third year as a Public Relations Consultant, Chad Lingafelt is revisiting their previous podcast episode. Callie, who was honored as one of Charlotte Agenda's 30 Under 30 and is recognized for her work in promoting the openings of some of Charlotte's hottest restaurants and stores, joins Chad to discuss her journey from Charleston to Charlotte, how she became an independent Public Relations Consultant, and the distinction between a publicist and traditional marketing. Callie also provides valuable insights on the optimal time to hire a publicist, the qualities of an ideal client, and the elements that make a compelling story. Connect with Callie! Follow Callie on Instagram: @callielanghorne  Follow Callie on Facebook: Follow Callie on LinkedIn:
We revisit one of more popular episodes on YouTube about HOA’s on today’s episode.  Chad Lingafelt and Jonathan Jenkins, Community Manager at Kuester Management Group, talk about what HOA Management is, why it's important, and how it can benefit a community.  If you're part of an HOA, or you're thinking about joining one, this episode might help you decide what to look for in a management company. Jonathan gives us some great tips on what to consider when choosing a management company for your HOA, such as how quickly they respond to you, what kind of technology they use, and how they manage vendors.  He also shares some advice for Community Managers, who are responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the community. Community Managers should focus on being proactive, building relationships, and being familiar with the community they manage. So, if you're looking for some helpful information about HOA's and management companies, be sure to check out this episode!
In this episode, Chad Lingafelt interviews Kurt Graves, a Vistage chair with 10 years of experience and over 8,000 hours of private CEO consulting and small group facilitating. Vistage is a group that helps CEOs and key executives improve their leadership skills, decision-making abilities, and business results. Kurt shares five valuable lessons he has learned from working with businesses across various industries, including: Efficiently managing resources such as time and money. Starting the process of change immediately, without delay. Pausing to think before making decisions. Practicing circumspection regularly. Recognizing that unique problems have been solved before, and seeking the help of others to solve them. Check out Kurt's previous conversation on CareFrontation in Ep 21
Are you overwhelmed as a business owner with a multitude of tasks that an assistant could probably do? Are you stressed by managing your calendar? Is your email inbox overflowing? Tired of coordinating travel plans and tracking your expenses? Have you been considering hiring an executive assistant but are concerned about the overhead costs that accompany a new hire? What if you could offload the tasks you hate to a virtual assistant? On this episode, Chad Lingafelt chats with Kiri Mohan, a Contract Executive Assistant. Kiri shares how you can save time on daily tasks that are bogging down your schedule by using a virtual executive assistant so you can focus on running your business. We learn about the hiring process, what the relationship entails, and the range that you should be looking for a qualified representation of you and your business. Kiri also shares her passion of helping other women through her podcast that helps women grow a business and take it over the million dollar mark. This is an informative conversation for executives that are looking to grow their business without being bogged down with daily tasks. Connect with Kiri Mohan Website: LinkedIn: Instagram: Twitter:
Are you stressed over the amount of capital you have available to operate your business? Are you scared that you are going to run out of cash? Do you know how to project what your cash can do for your business through projects or even in a downturn? Are you cash-strapped and stretched to capacity? On this episode, Chad Lingafelt chats with Brent Allen, Founder of AmpliFi, a group of Finance Professionals that help you achieve your dreams. Brent shares some KPI’s that you need to be aware of to ensure success with your operating capital. We talk about leading indicators that can help your business tool kit so you can manage your future. We learn about testing KPI’s and how you can understand what actions you should take while monitoring them. We also dive into Action and Result and how to prepare for future growth. This is an informative conversation for executives that are looking to ensure they have KPI’s that can protect their cash flow. Connect with Brent Allen & AmpliFi Website: LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube:
Where are you losing time in your day? Do you struggle with Productivity? Are you trying to be organized but just overwhelmed? Is the desktop of your computer covered in clutter? Do you aspire to be an organized and clear communicator to your team but are falling short? On this episode, Chad Lingafelt chats with Juli Shulem, Productivity Coach and Organizing Expert. Juli shares how you can start managing stress, anxiety, and frustrations by managing your time and getting organized! We learn about having balance in your life and the power of decluttering, so you’re not overwhelmed. We learn about the habits and processes that can help you to prioritize and improve your decision making and workflow. We learn how to build on habits and how to identify where your blind spots might be. We also talk about finding the root of the problem and addressing that instead of just treating symptoms. Juli shares insights on how executives can help coach their team to be productive and provide tools to help them succeed. This is an informative conversation for anyone looking to balance their day and becoming a productive leader. Connect with Juli Shulem Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: LinkedIn:
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