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Author: Chad Lingafelt

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New Episodes Weekly - Tuesday 9AM EST
We have weekly conversations around our morning coffee break with a mission to share business ideas, practices and strategies.
Listen to informative conversations with owners, leaders, managers and entrepreneurs that share practical ideas to help you impact your world.
143 Episodes
Chad Lingafelt chats with Thane Marcus, author, speaker, and former professional golfer on today’s episode. We discuss the process of living with intentionality and the art of discipline. Thane is the host of The Up & Comers Show podcast and shares stories from other inspiring up and comers along the way. To find more on Thane and his work, visit: Follow Thane: Instagram: @thanemarcus Twitter: @thanemarcus Facebook: @thanemarcus LinkedIn:
Chad Lingafelt chats with Zach Williams CEO & Founder of Venveo a Digital Marketing Expert Group on today’s episode. We talk about how to get results on LinkedIn and actionable steps to take to improve your profile. We also touch on what not to post and why having a direct message makes money! Follow Zach: Website: Instagram: @venveo Twitter: @venveo Facebook: @venveo LinkedIn:
Chad Lingafelt chats with Frank Schwartz President of F3 Charlotte and Head of Training & Development at G3L Leadership. Frank is a clever and quick witted personality with a passion for developing leaders. On this episode, we dive into creating opportunities for leadership within your organization, touch on millennials leading in the workplace, and discuss how you can be a more effective leader. Follow Frank: Twitter: @leadwithvirtue & @darkhelmetf3 LinkedIn:
Chad Lingafelt chats with Mary Wilken, Chief Operating Officer at Insite Properties. Mary is a real estate and business professional with 35 years of experience in commercial real estate operations. On this episode, we dive into the Commercial Real Estate Market and the impact of covid-19, being a Service provider during a pandemic, and the current market trends. We also touch on multi family housing market and the cycles that can affect them. We also walk away with some great advice about how to adapt in difficult situations.
Chad Lingafelt chats with Thomas Heavey, Training Director at LocDoc Security, about how we've refined our business with 5S practices. On this episode, we dive into what 5s is, how we implemented 5s in our organization, and how you can replicate this in your organization.
Chad Lingafelt chats with John Freeman, Founder and Chief Designer of Johnny Fly Co., a sustainable eyewear brand. John, a former race car driver who is passionate about fashion started this line in 2012 creating glasses out of wood and compressed cotton. On this episode, we talk about John’s focus on the customer experience and the evolution process this has gone through. We dive into the process of bringing a product to life, to market and designing for the future. Follow John & Johnny Fly Co. Visit: Twitter: Instagram:
Chad Lingafelt chats with Aaron Beaver, Content Creator at Loc-Doc Security and Podcast Alec Baldwin, about how our podcast is made. In this episode, we talk about the origin and the transformation of the podcast from studio space, to gear, to the platforms we use for scheduling. We also share some innovative concepts we’ve used to see results.
Chad Lingafelt chats with Nathan Hammer, Service Manager at Loc-Doc Security, about Coaching a team with Competitive Scoreboards. Nathan joined our team 8 years ago to develop our Service Team. In this episode, we talk about some innovative concepts we’ve used in our own organization to see results. Nathan shares his thoughts on score boards and how Collegiate sports has influenced his Coaching style.
Chad Lingafelt chats with Austin Helms, Founder of Ease Plumbing & Ease HVAC. Austin is a local entrepreneur, who got his start at age 7 selling candy out of a shoe box at his sisters basketball games. In high school he owned a vending machine business, t-shirt business, lawn care business, and home cleaning business. By the time he advanced into college, he started a waterless carwash company. Although youthful, Austin is full of passion and has strategically partnered with Mike Griffin of Griffin Brothers to revolutionize home services for the Charlotte Market. In this episode, we talk about some innovative concepts in the trade and service world. Walk away with some great concepts that you can implement in your business. Connect with Austin: Visit: LinkedIn: Instagram:
Chad Lingafelt chats with Brian Parsley, a motivational Speaker and recent viral TikTok star. Brian teaches external business strategies to business professionals and shares some wisdom in this episode. We talk about his viral videos on TikTok, unlocking potential, and paying attention to the small cues in your life. Watch the Viral Videos: Follow Brian: TikTok: @brianparsleyspeaker
Chad Lingafelt chats with Jeff Nischwitz, Founder and Chief Story Debunker of The Nischwitz Group, a speaking, consulting and coaching company. Jeff helps businesses accelerate revenue, develop effective leaders, nurture high performing teams, and execute on their objectives. On this episode, we talk about Jeff’s books, Just One Step, Arrows of Truth, & Unmask. We dive into changing the dialog of holding people accountable and how to get people to commit to outcomes. Buy Jeff’s Books Follow Jeff & The Nischwitz Group and Cardivera Visit: and LinkedIn: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:
Chad Lingafelt chats with Lisa Landrum from runCLTrun. Lisa is an experienced runner having raced 100 miles, a Boston finisher and multi time qualifier. She’s taken this experience and shared it by training youth and adult runners on the physical and mental aspects of running. On this episode, we talk about pushing yourself, creating a social environment, and how to find the bright spots in life. Follow Lisa : LinkedIn: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: h
Chad Lingafelt chats with Jamil Massey, a motivational Speaker, author, and Facility Manager of Equitable Financial Life Insurance Company. On this episode, we talk about Jamil’s book, High School No Fool: Breaking the Stereotype That Learning Only Happens In The Classroom. Jamil also talks about growing up in a low income home in a rural area, the obstacles he faced, and how he transformed his life through grit and determination. We cover how Jamil uses his story to reach youth in his community to encourage them to become the best version of themselves. Buy Jamil Massey’s Book: High School No Fool: Follow Jamil Massey: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram:
Chad Lingafelt chats with Michael Begg, an Amazon Marketing guru based in Mexico. We talk about advertising and the best way to bring products to market with intentional strategies. We also touch on product based marketing and service based marketing and the best practices for either situation. Follow Michael Instagram: @m1ke_begg LinkedIn: Facebook: Website:
Chad Lingafelt chats with Marcey Rader, Author, Speaker, Productivity Coach, and Wellness Expert on today’s episode. We talk about Marcey’s new book on behavior change for productivity, clutter and health! Marcey shares how you can create boundaries, find your purpose, and how you can achieve success. We also touch on how you can create healthy habits and routines. Follow Marcey: LinkedIn: Buy Marcey’s Book Work Well. Play More!
Chad Lingafelt chats with Josh Elmore, Founder of Vision Achievers and a Fractional Integrator on today’s episode. We talk about what a Fractional Integrator does, the differences between a visionary and an integrator, and The Traction Philosophy. We also touch on Leadership Management & accountability in your organization. You don’t want to miss this episode! Follow Josh: Instagram: @thejoshelmore Twitter: @thejoshelmore Facebook: LinkedIn: Buy Traction: Listen to Eileen’s Episodes on Culture Index: Part1: Part 2: Listen to Neil’s Episode on EOS: Listen to Kurt’s Episode on CareFrontation:
Chad Lingafelt chats with Celestina Brunetti & Josh Bien of the Unstuck Institute. Cel joins us from Germany and Josh from New Mexico to talk about how you can achieve your goals by getting unstuck! We dive into how a positive mindset and finding a community with the same mindset can help you achieve your goals and having manageable steps to stay on track! Follow Unstuck Institute: Instagram - Facebook -
Chad Lingafelt chats with Kendra Cooke, a licensed realtor and a Senior Real Estate Coach with The CORE Training. We talk about something most business owners and entrepreneurs struggle with; Time Management! Kendra shares her personal story of owning your time, setting boundaries, and how to structure your day to effectively manage and balance your life.
Chad Lingafelt chats with Jacinda Jacobs an upbeat Media Personality, Author, Motivational Speaker and Business Coach. We touch on how and why she stays so positive, pivoting before the pandemic, and how helping her husband’s business inspired her latest venture; a free 5 day Mastermind Class for people looking to become a full time entrepreneur. Register for Jacinda’s Mastermind Class: Learn How To: Identify Best Business Concepts For Sustainable Growth Create a Money Mindset to Business Profitability Convert Your Connections to Currency Build Your Brand Network and Make Sales with Ease Follow Jacinda: Instagram - @iamuniquelyqualified @justjacinda Facebook - Iamuniquelyqyalified
Chad Lingafelt chats with Matt Clark a business coach and former NASCAR Championship Coach. We talk about Matt’s podcast Pit Stop 4 Success and obstacles that can hinder you. We also touch on Core Values and 3 things to help you Accelerate your business. Automate Delegate Eliminate We dive into why you should Embrace your story and your “Why”.
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