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Author: Chad Lingafelt

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We have weekly conversations around our morning coffee break. Topics are directed to personal development and small business operations.
62 Episodes
Chris Elmore joins us for a coffee break and we discuss his outlook on what the world perceives as failures, setting and adjusting goals, how the right coach can be transformational, and how much he thinks a polar bear weighs. 
On today's Coffee Break, Nick Jordan, an Agile Coach and Scrum Master shares insights and tips to improve your business work flow by implementing scrum methods. 
Joining us for a Coffee Break is Lucas Boselli the Executive Vice President of ASSA ABLOY and Head of Americas division. Chad Lingafelt and Lucas Boselli discuss the qualities you need as a leader, setting priorities, and command & control vs influence. 
Joining us for coffee is Alex Smereczniak with @2ulaundry. We discuss Alex's journey through multiple business ventures and the discovery process of each. 
Listen as Chad Lingafelt and Brian Parsley discuss career paths and unlocking potential . Brian shares his story and successes as a business intelligence strategist and how he was a expert chicken cutter at Boston Market. 
Listen as Chad Lingafelt discusses this vital part you may be missing in your Marketing Strategy and leave with some important takeaways with Master Story Teller Aaron Beaver! Message us and let us know if you need help telling your story! 
On this episode we talk with Sam Gray, Purchasing Manager, about Inventory, Processes, and what he has learned about organizing and streamlining our warehouse.
On this episode we talk with Jerry Kaizen about Customer Service, Processes, and what he has learned over the last 15 years in the customer service industry.
Today we chatted with Bill Bath about his specialty, Mergers & Acquisitions. If you’ve ever wanted to sell your business or acquire one, we have several tips from Bill that can help you in the process. Bill is a Managing Partner of Legacy Mergers and also Charlotte Chairman of 12 Mavens; an invitation only community of CEOs and entrepreneurs that meet together to grow and challenge each other in a confidential community setting. 12 Mavens has chapters all across the country and helps  CEO’s operate at their highest level.2 Simple Tips Before you bring your Business to Market: Tip 1: Make sure your Books are Clean! You want to make sure no-one is running personal expenses (like a home, yacht, or vacation) through the company. Tip 2: Figure out what are you going to do next? Do you want to retire and live that beach life? Are you selling to fund your next venture? 3 Tips to Aquire Someone Else's Business: Tip 1: There will be risk. Know what risk you are willing to take and where you draw the line. Tip 2: Look for clean books - or cleanish. Tip 3: Know your strategy. You have to know what will be beneficial to your business 3 Risks to Look For:  1. Quality/ Stability of Financials - How much debt do they carry? What type of cash flow do they have? 2. Culture - Does theirs mesh with yours? 3. Synergy - Will absorbing them produce a greater effect? Have you ever acquired a business? We want to hear from you! Tell us any tips or takeaways you learned in the process.  You can connect with Bill on Linkedin Legacy website check out the 12 Mavens site here
Today's guest is Brain Smith from Regent Commercial real estate.   We discus our recent office expansion as well as negotiating a lease with a landlord and many other useful tips as you look at expanding your office space.
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