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In this episode Jay talks about life, a year into a global pandemic and what self-care looks like now.
“Don’t compromise the value of who you are [...] the best thing that you could ever do, is already inside of you”
In episode 17 Michael Kelly discusses his identity and how that has impacted his work and teaching. For spotify & anchor listeners: music from The Rural Alberta Advantage
Charla is the first guest starting off this important series about identities and examining "why social work"
Part of our job is to fill the gaps in services, communities, and knowledge. Part of our job is to be reflexive. This episode discusses how my feelings & reflection in response to a Twitter chat started this series.
In this episode we briefly discuss the issue of micro, mezzo and macro practice in social work and how a well-rounded skillset comes from exposure to all of these frameworks.
In this episode I talk about the importance of actual self-care and how it relates to the first two topics, income and ethical practice. I also give a shout out to my favorite home brew coffee company and say shit a few times.
In this episode that will be a 3 part series, I talk about issues, concerns, and danger with 2 phrases in social work "we're in it for the outcome, not the income" and "the client always comes first." 
Warning: NSFW language Music on spotify: Saul Williams & Childish Gambino Topic: Roving Social Worker, Anti-Racist, Decolonizing Social Work, Oppression, Defining "The Roving Social Worker"
The importance of self-care.
So you want to be a traveler?
Things not to say... explicit language
Ep 7: Eulogy & Love

Ep 7: Eulogy & Love


Music from Florence & the Machine, Deathcab for Cutie
Ep 6: Are We Human?

Ep 6: Are We Human?


Are social workers human?
J, the Roving Social Worker
Traveling with chronic illness.
Language warning, I say my favorite f-word and it's not the food one. Music: LCD Soundsystem Topic: Podcasts & Licensing
Ep 2: Travel Well

Ep 2: Travel Well


Story time with J. Also a little music from googol bordello
The very first episode.
Twitter colleague, anti-racist, social work edu
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