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Author: Jules Miles

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Mystery Through Manners is a storytelling podcast which explores the living expressions of the Catholic faith from the perspective of everyday Catholic Americans Support this podcast:
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32: The Met Gala

32: The Met Gala


In 2018, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York hosted its annual MET Gala, the kick-off to an exhibit under the same theme. Oh...and the theme for the night? "Heavenly Bodies, and the Catholic Imagination." I mean, was there any chance I WOULDN'T do an episode on it? :)Featured Guests for the episode:Dr. Anne Carpenter, associate professor of theology at St. Mary's CollegeDr. Jennifer Frey, professor of philosophy at University of South CarolinaElizabeth Lev, art historian in RomeMusic for today's episode:Let All Mortal Flesh Keep SilentWords by Gerard Moultrie. © 2015 Sarah Kroger. As recorded on Origin (a beauty initiative within FOCUS). All rights reserved. Used by permission. Support this podcast:
Many months ago, as I began to create storylines and episode ideas for an entire season on Beauty, I came across an interesting dilemma: how to talk about beauty when our world has so many ideas about it? It seemed to be that the only way to have an honest and real discussion about the importance of Beauty in our lives, we have to address the ways the culture has weaponized beauty to cause harm and anxiety.In today's episode, we dive into the heart of our culture's problem with beauty, and how we can better serve as a model for the gift of True Beauty.Guests for Today's episode:Amanda Martinez Beck, writer, podcaster, and author of "Lovely: How I Learned to Embrace the Body God Gave MeMary Rose Somarriba, managing editor at Verily Magazine. Please visit their website and check out their new subscription service, Verily Yours.Colleen Carroll Campbell, award-winning journalist, speaker, and author of The Heart of Perfection: How the Saints Taught me to Trade my Dream of Perfection for God's.Music for Today's Episode:Beautiful LoveWords and music by Dana Catherine. © 2018 Dana Catherine EP. As recorded on Nothing in the World. All rights reserved. Used by permission.'s Sponsor: Annunciation Designs.Looking for gifts for those you love, especially as we approach the Fall and Holiday gift-buying season? Please visit and use PROMO code MANNERS for 10% off your next purchase (keep in mind the store will be closed in the month of September). --- Support this podcast:
30: A Prayer and a Pen

30: A Prayer and a Pen


Throughout this season, we've explored the Catholic arts and the gift of beauty through visuals, and the power of creating alongside our Creator. In today's episode, we'll jump into what happens when our BODIES are engaged in the careful beauty of pen to paper.Featured in today's episode:⁠Sybil MacBeth, bestselling author of "Praying in Color". https://prayingincolor.comAli Hoffman, curator of the Instagram page The Oodles of Doodles.⁠Katerina Deem, curator of The Little Way Design Company.⁠Christie Peters, founder of Every Sacred Sunday. https://everysacredsunday.comMusic for Today's Episode:Invitation Words and music by Rita West.© 2019 Novum Records. As recorded on Invitation. All rights reserved. Used by permission. https://www.novumrecords.comWe're halfway through the season and will be taking our mid-season break! Our next episode will be released On the Feast of the Assumption (August 15).Exceeding Words and music by Shaun Garrison. © 2015 Shaun Garrison. As recorded on Exceeding. All rights reserved. Used by permission. ⁠Blessings, Jules⁠--- Support this podcast:
In this week's episode, we dive into the world of the graphic arts through one of the most popular mediums: T-shirt design. Through the stories of the three most popular designs of our artists, we get at the heart of why the graphic arts are so important, and what these simple and beautiful designs can teach us about the role of the arts in our spiritual life.Music for today's episode: Skyscrapers Words and music by Connor Flanagan. © 2019 Connor. As recorded on SkyscrapersAll rights reserved. Used by permission. http://www.connorflanaganmusic.comCurious about the designs of our episode? Check out the websites below for more information.Jurrell Sison, The Living Person: https://thelivingperson.comLauren Winter, Brick House in the City: www.brickhouseinthecity.comJoe Kim, PAL Campaign: Support this podcast:
In the second part of our two-part series on creating, Jules tries to answer a question central to her own journey: what now? Now that we understand the spiritual significance of creating with our Creator, what are we to do with the creation itself? How can the creative works of artists also aid us in our spiritual journeys?In today's episode, we journey with Laurence Pierson, an artist we featured last episode, to understand the spiritual significance of icons, why praying with images is so central to certain Christian traditions, and how we each can integrate the arts into our prayer lives.Music for today's episode:"Humble Host,"Music and Lyrics by Corrie Marie Music. SINGLE RELEASE. Used with Permission.Check out the incredible work of Behold! Visio Divina at their website --- Support this podcast:
Why are we drawn to create? Why do we spend so much time, money, and dedication to a craft which may (or may not!) end up the way we envision? In today's episode, we dive into the idea that we were made to participate in the creative act alongside our Good Creator. In fact, when we do this, we may be even more of who we were called to be.Music for today's episode:SurrenderWords and Music by Francis Cabildo © 2018 Francis Cabildo. Released as Single. All rights reserved. Used by permission. https://www.franciscabildomusic.comGuests featured for today's episode:Laurence Pierson: Check out Laurence's Facebook page for information about her works and just to be in awe of the incredible gift she is to the Church.Fr. Gerard Alba: Follow Father Alba on Instagram for a glimpse at some of his extraordinary workInterested in the Created Book? Check out Cory's website for more information. They make wonderful coffee table books and spiritual reading! :) And visit Cory's organization's website for more information about his work and how you can be involved. David Clayton has a brilliant new book, The Way of Beauty, which discusses everything from art to education. Make sure you check it out! Elizabeth Levis brilliant and has amazing insights on the importance of art in the faith. Please visit her website for more information about her writings, and if you're ever in Rome, for tour information! --- Support this podcast:
26: The Case for Beauty

26: The Case for Beauty


SEASON 2 STARTS TODAY!In the first episode of our new season,  we start with a simple question: "WHY DOES BEAUTY MATTER?"  Under the guidance of three experts, David Clayton, Elizabeth Lev, and Cory Heimann, we seek to answer that question and why beauty is important in our spiritual journeys. We also tell the story of an amazing couple, Ennie and Cana Hickman, about how they integrate beauty into their everyday lives. Music for Today's episode:"For the Beauty of the Earth"Words and music by Conrad Kocher and Folliot S. Pierpoint (PUBLIC DOMAIN)Instrumentals Shawn Williams, Leah Sedelack© 2015  As recorded on Origin (a beauty initiative within FOCUS). All rights reserved. Used by permission. Support this podcast:
In our final episode of our mini series "On My Bookshelf," Jules interviews one of the most influential figures in the American arts scene: Dana Gioia. Mr. Gioia has spent his professional life attempting to bring the arts back into the lives of everyday Americans, including as an award-winning poet, serving as the head of the National Endowment for the Arts, and ending his career as the current Poet Laurette of the state of California. He is a man of deep faith and love for the Church, and I was thrilled to speak with him about the necessity of Beauty as a means of drawing others into the love of God. Music for Today's Episode:Pity the BeautifulWords by Dana Gioia, music by Helen Sung. © 2018 Co-producded by Helen Sung and Daryl Harper. As recorded on Sung with Words. All rights reserved. Used by permission. out Dana Gioia's new book! Support this podcast:
In today's episode, we talk with the creator of a new Catholic comic book series (and publishing house!), Phil Koslowski, about his new comic book "Finnian and the Seven Mountains." In our story, we dive into the history of comic books, why learning through visuals has always been an essential tool in the Church, and the importance of finding Jesus in hero stories. Untethered Words and music by Joe Zambon © 2017 Joe Zambon. As recorded on Love is. All rights reserved. Used by permission. Support this podcast:
Adding to our series "On My Bookshelf" is a brand new literary journal for Catholics, Ever Eden Literary Journal. Curated, created, and written entirely by women, the Ever Eden Literary Journal is an absolutely delightful addition to the rich tradition of storytelling in the written word in the Catholic tradition. In our episode today, we speak with Amy O'Connell, Ever Eden's co-founder and creator. We talk about the necessity of women writers in the Catholic tradition, how important it is to be reading in our daily lives, and how Ever Eden can be a stepping stone for the new Flannerys in our Catholic subculture. Music for Today's Episode:"Grey Sky"Words and music by Janaya and Jo Trudel.  © 2017 As recorded on Grounded Light. All rights reserved. Used by permission.--- Support this podcast:
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