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DMN covers all aspects of digital and data-driven marketing. A resource for marketing and senior sales professionals, decision-makers and key influencers within their organizations. Readers depend on our brand for unbiased, clear, incisive reporting on the topics that matter most to their profession, including innovative use of data, strategy, and technology across all marketing channels.
265 Episodes
Cornelius Willis, CMO of Clari, talks about the importance of RevOps and how AI-driven forecasting plays a role in revenue efficiency and growth
Everything in B2B is becoming more measurable, including content that marketers leverage using real-time data, to see which assets are performing well and, increasingly, tying this measurement to specific segments of accounts. Welcome to the future of ABM. In this episode, Madison Logic CEO Tom O'Regan sits down with DMN's Chris Wood to discuss this rise in B2B content.
What will customer experience look like ten years from now? Extensive research by Futurum, in partnership with SAS, might tell us. Daniel Newman discusses the results with DMN's Kim Davis.
Apester is a plug-and-play solution for interactive content, allowing creators to build and distribute engaging content over mobile formats. Its founder and CEO, Moti Cohen, sat down with DMN's Chris Wood to talk about Cohen's early successes and challenges as a young entrepreneur, and his lifelong interest in game theory, consumer behavior and interactive content.
What's next after omnichannel? As CMO at Braze, Sara Spivey knows well the way marketers cover all the bases to reach customers anywhere and everywhere. Just don't lose sight of the customer, and most of all context. Data can give marketers insights about what a customer needs or is looking for. Unfortunately, the insight could be on-topic but acted upon at the wrong time. A channel agnostic approach, outlined here in a discussion with DMN's Chris Wood, helps marketers avoid what Spivey calls "message fails."
How to cope with a RevOps journey in the midst of a major merger
Hilary Headlee of Zoom shares her perspective on the importance of alignment
From the beginning, Okta opted for an aligned revenue engine, even if they didn't call it RevOps back then
In a fast-growing, dynamic market, a finely tuned revenue engine was a must
Franco Anzini on the Malwarebytes RevOps journey
A.J. Gandhi of RingCentral describes an organic RevOps journey
How OpsStars came to be, and how LeanData puts itself at the core of the RevOps stack
Kerry Cunningham of SiriusDecisions explains what it takes to do RevOps right
The founder of Topo says RevOps is a B2B must-have
Fixing Hunger: Mick Ebeling, Not Impossible. Ross Lucivero, Verndale by DMN One-on-One
Allison Simpkins of Valtech by DMN One-on-One
Kevin Cunnigham of MRP

Kevin Cunnigham of MRP


Kevin Cunnigham of MRP by DMN One-on-One
One on One: Kayla Breja (product unveiling) by DMN One-on-One
DMN Podcast with CEO Derek Forbes of Stardust by DMN One-on-One
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