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Author: Jason Kanigan

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The Cold Star Project digs into the challenges of scaling fast that tech and manufacturing founders encounter. Money does not solve all problems--so what now? Listen in to discover what scaling problems you'll be running into soon, and get a serious advantage in starting to solve them before they run you over!
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CPA Luis Lomanov and author of Financial Foundations works with high growth tech firms to give them scalable financial infrastructures. In early stage, fast growth periods, Luis excels at helping these companies avoid taking on big costs too soon. These include processes and systems the owners are typically not thinking about, which enable them to avoid:  getting sucked into unprofitable "busy work" that takes them away from sales hiring a $150K/yr CFO too early -their people and systems breaking when the level of activity quadruples KPIs that don't help the owners in making decisions running out of cash unexpectedly in the middle of a growth spurt.  This discussion about scalable financial systems between Cold Star Project host Jason Kanigan and Upward Insights Managing Partner Luis Lomanov will show you the key perspective to have about money processes as you grow.  Connect with Luis Lomanov on LinkedIn.Talk to Cold Star:
Todd Hockenberry returns to the Cold Star Project to share his experience with and views on how to make inbound marketing effective for service organizations.  While many service companies believe they understand their ideal customer avatar and buyer's journey, the fact is they're often irritating their best customers. What those customers want is not what the company believes they do--or what the organization wants to "push."  Todd Hockenberry is the author of "Inbound Organization: How to Build and Strengthen Your Company's Future Using Inbound Principles."  Learn more about Top Line Results and Todd through this Welcome Link: to Cold Star:
Brian Reynolds helps family-run firms, often in the manufacturing space, in the $50 - 100 million revenue range "replace stale and ineffective business models with modern, integrated sales & marketing processes."In this episode of the Cold Star Project hosted by Jason Kanigan, Brian Reynolds talks about the challenges of navigating the family through a process of your plans can survive the holiday dinner you are not invited to.Is the business' vision separated from its tasks? Is there succession planning? And how important is branding to the owners? These are key questions Brian raises in our discussion.Brian notes that it's a terrible idea to run your business as if nothing bad will ever happen. Yet that is how most are operated. Listen in and find out what you can be doing differently as a business owner to ensure yours doesn't get stuck.Talk to Cold Star:
Space Initiatives Inc. president Charles Radley is on a mission to make collision detection between objects in orbit much more effective.The current technology is not as good as you might think, and there is an opportunity to improve space collision detection at an affordable investment.A major danger of orbital collisions is not just the crashing of one object into another, but a cascading series of impacts called the Kessler Syndrome. The worst outcome for a Kessler Syndrome incident is an orbital debris field blocking launches for generations. And it is not a fantasy.Talk to Cold Star:
Thick Face, Black Heart by Chin-Ning Chu is an operations manual for realists. It's a field guide for people who want to develop a thicker skin. It's all about the art of stopping being a people-pleaser and becoming just a little more ruthless in the pursuance of your goals.  Marc Mawhinney is the founder of Natural Born Coaches and the connected group The Coaching Jungle on Facebook, a 16,000-strong container for coaches of all kinds. After having a real estate business implode under him (discussed in a previous appearance on this show), Marc dusted himself off and moved in a different direction. Using Thick Face, Black Heart as his guide, Marc has created new success while "keeping his belly covered" as sales trainer David Sandler would say.  If you're a fan of The Secret, you owe it to yourself to see the contrast available in Thick Face, Black Heart. Join Marc Mawhinney and Jason Kanigan for this fun discussion of entrepreneurship "behind the scenes."  You can find the Coaching jungle via Talk to Cold Star: 
Todd Hockenberry is on the Cold Star Project to share his experiences with growing industrial manufacturing firms through effective inbound marketing. He has many valuable stories to share about improving your results.  Being overly focused on the product results in a way of thinking about your business that stops sales from happening. There is far more going on in your buyer's mind than wondering about a list of features.  Todd's way of thinking about industrial manufacturing marketing begins with answering the question, "How does the buyer of this product actually buy?" And that leads to the strategy, then the tactics through the right inbound marketing content. The details of the situation around the buying decision are the key to this content, not features.  Todd Hockenberry is the author of "Inbound Organization: How to Build and Strengthen Your Company's Future Using Inbound Principles." Learn more about Top Line Results and Todd through this Welcome Link: Talk to Cold Star: 
Your organization's speed of response is critical, whether it's taking advantage of opportunities in the marketplace, delivering on a critical mission, or responding to an angry customer.Yet most companies' documentation processes are terrible. And without good, timely documentation, you won't learn anything.Tune in for examples of how poor or non-existent documentation processes have resulted in failure of organizations...and most disturbingly, lessons these organizations thought they learned becoming invalidated as the story of what happened changed over time. That changing story is a direct result of poor documentation.Talk to Cold Star:
Verne Harnish has a great diagram in his book Scaling Up. I use it all over the place. The diagram shows 28 million firms in the USA, divided into categories by revenue. You might be surprised at just how few companies reach $50 million.And between each category, you must go through what Harnish terms the "Valley of Death"! To scale up to the next revenue plateau, you must adapt or die.How well you adapt is directly impacted by the way you're thinking about your business.Over the past year or so, I've been searching for different ways of thinking about businesses. Yet the newbie crowd, who are only interested in what I call "newbie talk"--focus on traffic and conversion, tactics, hacks and magic bullets--hear what I bring back from my searches as "philosophical" or just plain nonsense.But the fact is, having talked about "newbie talk" topics from 2011 through around 2016, I'm simply no longer interested in those topics. They seem like kids' stuff to me. You can still get all my old content out there for free.In this episode, I'm giving a clear example of different thinking. Three different organizations have three different ways of thinking about...and solving...the same problem.Until now, you've likely been unconsciously following just one way of thinking in your business.You probably never thought there was another way of thinking about it.Yet your competitors are surely thinking in those different ways.Which of you will succeed?The one that adapts the best--which is the one that THINKS the best.Listen in and discover something new. This is just as real to me as rocks and trees. It's not philosophy. and founder Trent Dyrsmid is on the Cold Star Project with Jason Kanigan to share the incredible value of SOPs in building your Amazon Wholesaling business.  Trent immediately documented his processes as he created his own Amazon wholesaling operation, and makes these SOPs available to other sellers.  Not knowing your numbers is the #1 issue he sees with business owners. And to do that, he has specific programs he recommends you get training on and use.  We also talk about different Amazon business models and why wholesaling is likely the best choice for newbies today.  Talk to Cold Star: 
"What's the best SaaS dashboard product?" is a common question I'm asked.And my answer is: the one you build yourself.No one knows your KPIs as well as you do...and the limitations in the thinking of the dashboard developers will blind you if you use their product.Talk to Cold Star about your situation:
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