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Shakita's Moments Of Truth

Author: SJS Comprehensive Services LL founded 2018

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Welcome to Shakita's Moments of Truth. We will talk about, well....EVERYTHING lol. Support this podcast:
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Enjoy this interview with my big cousin, Dr. Keisha Sullen, a local pharmacist in New Orleans, La., as we discuss her journey to her success. This interview was recorded live via Facebook Live during the pandemic, so please forgive me for the delay lol!! --- Support this podcast:
Trauma and Kids

Trauma and Kids


On Friday October 15, in which I discussed trauma and how it affects our children. I discuss daily exposure to trauma, long term exposure, and tips to help reduce trauma for our children. --- Support this podcast:
Homeschooling Our Son

Homeschooling Our Son


My husband and I will be sharing our homeschooling experience with all of our listeners! --- Support this podcast:
This episode is a recording of my husband interviewing me so sit back and enjoy as I share some details about myself with all of my listeners!!! --- Support this podcast:
Tune in to hear from two licensed clinicians as we share some tools to help you through holidays.  --- Support this podcast:
Here my thoughts on why more victims of trauma won’t come forward in our society. --- Support this podcast:
In this episode you will hear my story on the toxic relationship I have with my father, what I am doing to cope, and gain an understanding of what I am doing to move forward. --- Support this podcast:
Here the background, inspiration, and motivation behind her vision of her business Inspired Growth PLP --- Support this podcast:
Discussing social media and the insensitivity to various various cultures. --- Support this podcast:
This episode includes myself and Ms. Sapheria Emani speaking to a group of women on how to empower yourself during trying times related to physical and mental health issues. Please check out Ms. Emani on instragram @inspiredgrowth_plp or on facebook @sapheria emani. Also, be sure to visit for more details on women empowerment from the CEO and Founder of She'xcellence Mrs. Alysia Lance. --- Support this podcast:
What is Self Care

What is Self Care


During this episode I am sharing information from a self care starter kit put together by This episode briefly shares what is the definition of self care, types of self care, coping skills to use, and activities to promote self care. --- Support this podcast:
Just wanted to share my thoughts on the outrageous stuff I have witnessed within the black community following the docuseries Surviving R. Kelly. --- Support this podcast:
Hear the background and motivation behind Mrs. Shannon Brown and her business Behind the Counter Hair Collection. --- Support this podcast:
Birth to 1 Year Old

Birth to 1 Year Old


This episode shares some tips on adjusting to life as a new parent. --- Support this podcast:
Here about some unexpected things that can take place during your pregnancy. --- Support this podcast:
Communication is key

Communication is key


This episodes shares my thoughts about open communication with our sons. --- Support this podcast:
--- Support this podcast:
This episode will touch on the pros and challenges my husband and I have noticed that present themselves when building a business with your spouse or partner. --- Support this podcast:
Who am I

Who am I


Get to know who I am, my background, and what will be covered in my podcast. --- Support this podcast:
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