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Playing with Research in Health and Physical Education

Author: Playing with Research in Health and Physical Education

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We discuss research, theory and current issues in the fields of health and physical education in an easy to understand way. Our aim is to make research accessible to educators and university students from all over the globe.
135 Episodes
Our eight article club talks about teaching social justice in PHETE You can engage in discussion via #HPEresearch on twitter.  The voices you hear are: K. Andrew. R. Richards @KARRichards14 Erin Centeio @ecenteio Tori Shiver @vnshiver Michael Hemphill @mhemphill31 and me: Risto Marttinen @ristomarttinen  You can follow the podcast @theHPEpodcast Here is the full cite: Hennig, L. C., Schaefer, L., & Gleddie, D. (2020). In (di) visable: inquiring into being ‘othered’as a means to teach social justice in PHETE. Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy, 1-15.   Doug Gleddie is @doug_gleddie  and Lee Schaefer is @Schaef9
On Sept 22nd, 2020 40 experts, researchers and teachers got together for a conversation about Model(s) Based Practice.  This is the audio from the meeting. 
Dr. Louise McCuaig and Dr. Mikael Quennerstedt come on to discuss physical literacy (PL) and the debate of PL in policy and research. This is a great conversation about the promises made on behalf of PL and if it/we can keep them.  Full Cite: Quennerstedt, M., McCuaig, L., & Mårdh, A. (2020). The fantasmatic logics of physical literacy. Sport, Education and Society, 1-16.
This open access article discusses the experiences of pre-service teachers learning to teach LGBTQ students. Colin McCaughey, a current physical educator and Dr. Tim Fletcher from Brock University join to discuss the article.  You can find the open access article here: Dr. Fletcher runs an awesome HPE website and center. You can find it here Full Cite: McCaughey, C., & Fletcher, T. (2020). Pre-service teachers’ experiences of learning to teach LGBTQ students in health and physical education. Revue phénEPS/PHEnex Journal, 11(1).
The PETE collaborative is a gathering of PETE and HETE professors to discuss relevant issues in our field as well as to build community.  This meeting focused on the conversations around the following four topics: Development of relationships and sense of program belonging with preservice teachers Facilitating effective field experiences Delivering activity and methods courses Continuous professional learning for PETE faculty members You can find more information on the Collaborative and links to all our shared content on:
This podcast discusses communities of inquiry from a global perspective. Dr. Luiza Lana Goncalves is the recipient of the first ever Developing Country Scholar Award from AIESEP in 2019. The Doctoral Seminar series will continue to run through the fall semester and is facilitated by Dr. Ben Dyson at UNC-Greensboro Here is here ResearchGate: Twitter: @Luizalana3
117: Welsh Curriculum

117: Welsh Curriculum


Dr. David Aldous (@dcraldous) comes on to discuss the new Welsh curriculum set to launch in 2022 You can find information on Dr. Aldous here You can find out more about the 2008 curriculum here
This AIESEP connect discusses the recent position statement on Assessment in PE.  The discussion after the presentation starts around the 34 min mark The discussion is led by researchers from Fontys University of Applied Sciences, School of Sport Studies in Eindhoven, Netherlands.  Here is the position statement in English: Please share this document with key stakeholders in your area in physical education. Translations will be posted on the aiesep site. 
Dr. Tristan Wallhead comes back to explain the what teachers should consider when planning a sport education unit. Check out Episode 114 to hear Dr. Wallhead explain what a Sport Ed class would look like.
This is the first of 2 podcasts on the Sport Education model explained by Dr. Tristan Wallhead More information on Dr. Wallhead can be found here: 
Ben Dyson continues on about indigenous pedagogies from episode 111 specific to the Maori.
Given the new semester will be beginning soon for most of us, and the continued uncertainty and impending challenges associated with PETE in the COVID-19 era, we felt it important to focus this meeting of the collaborative on strategies and approaches for online and remote learning. The focus/title of the session is: Forward-thinking Solutions to Engaging Learners and Faculty within University PETE Fall 2020 and Beyond This PETE Collaborative was recorded on August 13, 2020
This podcast covers indigenous pedagogies. Dr. Laura Pipe from UNC Greensboro comes on to share a great session! Next week (ep 112) will be a follow up from this session where Ben Dyson continues on about indigenous pedagogies, specific to the Maori.
Dr. Pringle from Monash University joins to lead seminar 4.  His research and teaching is primarily within the broader sociology of sport and health/physical education fields and is underpinned by a critical interest to promote issues of social justice. Dr. Pringel is particularly interested in how people are shaped by the workings of power and how, in turn, power relations can be shaped by people. Through examining how power ‘works’, he's hopeful that we can make a positive difference in people’s lives, particularly in the contexts of sport, health and physical education, active leisure, ‘embodiment’ and exercise. More from his bio:
This is the 3rd doctoral seminar from UNC-Greensboro.  Dr. Phillip Ward  This is an interesting and thought provoking seminar about pedagogy in PE!
This is the recording of the 4th PETE Collaborative. They occur each month on the 2nd Thursday at 4pm EST (New York time).  A group of panelists take PETE faculty through discussions about race, racism and higher education.  The video from the beginning of the podcast can be found here: 
This episode discusses the global design challenge for sport and physical activity that was led by over 40 people and dozens of organizations. Dr. Fiona Chambers (@DrFiChambers) discusses the process of selection and explains the challenge.  You can find more information about the partners here Twitter @GlobalDesignCh1 Instagram @globaldesignchallengesport Facebook Global Design Challenge for Sport and Physical Activity And of course you can find Dr. Fiona Chambers, @DrFIChambers
We're asking in this episode for you to help us out in creating real-world case studies for HPE teacher candidates.  You can hear the brief description of the project in the podcast. Here is the survey to complete where you write in your case If you have any questions just email me at
This is the recording from the June 2020 AIESEP Connect call that was led by the Early Years special interest group.  AIESEP is an amazing organization. You can join for 30euros a year by logging on to  These calls occur the last Friday of each month.  Full disclosure: I am a member, and I love it.
The second doctoral seminar led by Dr. Ben Dyson (UNC-Greensboro) is with a Swiss scholar Dr. Roland Messmer. You can find his research info here  The first 25minutes is Dr. Messmer giving a short lecture, followed with 30+ minutes of question and answer by the students. 
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