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Reenee Khanna is the Founder of Love Your Moon Cycle, a clinical herbalist and purveyor of ancient wisdom and medicine.Over the last five years, Reenee has been helping women around the world battle PMS and painful periods, using ancient medicinal wisdom and Ayurveda.  Not only have these women been able to find relief from painful periods, but they have also transformed their lives to feel energized and vibrant throughout their cycle. What you'll hear in this episode:Ayuverda for healingHonoring your cyclical natureAcceptance of yourselfIllness and toxic energyConnect with Reenee: Five natural ways to stop mood swings: Free Download Instagram @LoveYourMoonCycleYouTube @ReeneeKhanna  ------------------------------------------------------------------------
Nellie Harden is a wife, mom to 4 teen/tween daughters, dreamer, adventurer, servant, multipreneur, forever student and a devoted teacher, but her ride-or-die passion is her work as a Family Life & Leadership Coach.  Her work and passions exist in the realms of family and leadership because she believes that a family filled with creativity, fun, laughter, challenge, adventure, problem-solving, hugs, good food and learning can not only change a person’s life but is the best chance at positively changing the world. With a lifelong passion and curiosity in thought, choice, behavior and growth she has found incredible joy in helping families shift perspective, find answers and a path forward.What you'll hear in this episode:Building the foundation for your childrenFamily leadershipKeeping open communication with your kidsCore elements of self led leadershipConsequence and growth disciplineConnect with Nellie: 
Shamika Woodruff is a personal and executive coach who serves corporate career women and women entrepreneurs who want to build a legacy they are proud of without the overwhelm and self-doubt. Alongside her clients, she curates space to explore possibility with curiosity, without judgement and a genuine interest in client success.  Shamika decided to become a coach to be the person she needed when coming up through the ranks of her career. Shamika holds professional coach training from Duke Integrative Medicine, the Coaching and Positive Psychology Institute and is currently serving in the US Air Force with seventeen years of service.What you'll hear in this episode:Authenticity in work and lifeWhere are the gaps in your life?Infertility and miscarriagesMoving through different seasons of lifeBoundaries as a working momConnect with Shamika: Facebook: shamikawoodruff.comFree Gift - Download of e-book, “Be. Say. Do. How to Craft Your Dreams Into Your Reality”:
Michelle Keefe is the CEO of MomUp.  As a stay at home mom, Michelle discovered, like many of her friends, she wanted to continue her career path with businesses who value work/life balance. Michelle found herself surrounded by highly educated, skilled, energetic multi-tasking mega stars that were unemployed and looking for new and exciting challenges. She realized that by forging partnerships with progressive companies and connecting them with skilled talent MomUp could make a huge impact. In this episode we discuss:Work/life balance and a lack of boundariesThe missing link in the hiring process for working parentsAdvocacy for a broken system that doesn't supporting working parentsKey questions to ask during the interview processConnect with Michelle: kickstarter guide/toolkit:
Dr. Amy Beacom is the founder and CEO of the Center for Parental Leave Leadership, the first consultancy in the US to focus exclusively on parental leave. Drawing on over 25 years in executive leadership development and coaching, Amy consults with Fortune 100 companies, international organizations, working parents, and more to transform the way our companies and our country engage with the parental leave transition. Sue Campbell is a writer, author, and coach who has worked with the Center for Parental Leave Leadership since its early days, helping to communicate the transformative impact of their core mission. Her writing, often focused on issues important to parents, has been published in many outlets, including Prevention, Good Housekeeping, Scary Mommy, and Mamalode. In this episode we discuss:The future of parental leave in the US and how you can be a part of that change.How the pandemic has affected working moms. Moving forward after the mass exodus of working moms over the last 18 months.Making changes for yourself and your organization regarding parental leave. Learn more about the Center for Parental Leave Leadership at Connect with Dr. Amy and Sue at Contact congress today to voice your desire for parental leave in the US at 
Dr. Susan Landers is a neonatologist for over thirty-five years and a mother to three of her own children, Dr. Landers describes the incredibly demanding environment of the NICU and how she managed to deal with burnout near the end of her career. While caring for sick newborns and critically ill premature babies, Dr. Landers often worked more than sixty hours per week. At age sixty-two and seemingly without warning, her physical and emotional exhaustion ballooned.She is author of the new memoir So Many Babies: My Life Balancing a Busy Medical Career & MotherhoodToday we’re going to talk about  the signs of burnout, the reasons why it can have long-term impacts on our individual health, as well as the health and productivity of our society, and most importantly, what we should do if we're feeling burned out by work. Connect with Dr. Susan Landers:
Toni-Ann Mayembe is a full-time dentist, a reservist in the Navy, and the blogger and podcaster at Real Happy Mom. She is a wife and a boy mom that understands the struggle of juggling work and home. When she is not working, she enjoys watching WWE and watching stand-up comedy.What you'll hear in this episode: How Toni-Ann went from feeling alone as a new mom to creating a resource for moms everywhere! Losing her identity and then gaining it back againKeeping things simple is her key to successTips for what to do when you are feeling irritated and annoyedPrepping for the week sets you up for success as a working mom**Free Gifts**Ultimate Working Mom Hacks - Prep Checklist -**Connect with Toni-Ann**Facebook - - - -
Kerri Hummingbird, Soul Guide and host of Soul Nectar Show, is the #1 international best-selling author of "The Second Wave: Transcending the Human Drama" and the award-winning best-selling book "Awakening To Me: One Woman’s Journey To Self Love" which describes the early years of her spiritual awakening. Kerri inspires people to lead their lives wide awake with an authenticity, passion and purpose that positively impacts others. She catalyzes mind-shifts that transform life challenges into gifts of wisdom. Her newest book, already a #1 int'l bestseller, is called "Love Is Fierce: Healing the Mother Wound" and describes the most direct path to spiritual enlightenment.What you'll hear in this episode:Being an independent woman vs. surrounding to othersHealing the mother woundFinding meaning in your lifeHealing from divorceBreaking free from conditioned patternsStanding in your truth and  (receive 17 days of interviews for the Return of Mother Wisdom Series)www.kerrihummingbird.comPodcast: www.soulnectar.showFacebook: GIFT from Kerri:Love Mastery Game, and oracle card game that explains the Love Lesson you're learning by a particular challenge. 
Stop Overthinking

Stop Overthinking


So often we spend time trying to think our way out of our problems or towards solutions. We ask over and over for what we want because we don't have it yet. In this episode I share with you why this isn't an ideal way to manifest what you desire or reach your goals! Listen to hear more about why it's not about what you say, but about the meaning behind what you say, how you believe about what you desire and how you're feeling!!! Join Nikki on InsightTimer here to listen to her meditations, join her circle and attend her live classes!Looking for 1:1 coaching? Email and say "Interested in coaching!"You can also check out other ways to work with Nikki at
Family Vacation

Family Vacation


We just took a great family vacation!!! I'm sharing what I'm celebrating and how important this trip was for our family!! Thanks for coming along on my journey! Looking for 1:1 coaching? Email and say "Interested in coaching!"You can also check out other ways to work with Nikki at
Anne DeSantis is a wife, mother, author, podcast host and non-profit director.  She is also a 55+ Model and on-air host within the Greater Philadelphia area.  Anne has written the book "Love and Care for the Marginalized: 40 Meditations, Spiritual Outreach Reflections for Catholics".  Learn about her life, faith, and mission on the podcast.  What you'll hear in this episode: Anne's journey as a stay at home and homeschool momFollowing the mission and calling on your heartSpiritual outreach to those in needConnect with Anne, purchase her book and listen to her podcast:
Manifestation Q&A

Manifestation Q&A


Answering questions about manifestation! Nikki recently hosted a live class on InsightTimer. Today she is answering some of those questions for you because if one person had this question than many more people did too! Join Nikki on InsightTimer here to listen to her meditations, join her circle and attend her live classes! Looking for 1:1 coaching? Email and say "Interested in coaching!"You can also check out other ways to work with Nikki at
Working moms struggled before the pandemic, then during the pandemic, and now with the return to in-person work! It seems as though nothing has changed when it comes to expectations and support for working moms!! Mangement needs to open up their eyes, and realize they are about to lose valuable employees...or working moms are going to be miserable until they retire because they think they have to be struggling. MAMA STOP STRUGGLING!!!!! In this episode I share an amazing post from the MotherHonestly account on Instagram.  You can have the work/life flexibility you desire! If your company is not treating you fairly, there is a way out! You are not alone!! Looking for 1:1 coaching? Email me at and say "Interested in coaching!"You can also check out other ways to work with me at
Jen Sapel is the CEO/Founder, Utor Wealth. She is a Podcast Host, Keynote Speaker, Mom of Two, Financial Ninja who's looking out for the planet and its people.Jen's on a mission - to help non-traditional financial clients build confidence with their money. She's empowering those who aren't your typical financial consumer to become more comfortable and confident in their own money journey.What you learn in this episode: Top 5 money skillsHow to grow your networthTeaching money skills to childrenBook a consultation with Jen here Listen to Jen's podcast Money Un-Tabooed 
Have you had something on your vision board for a while, but it's just not coming to your reality? Do you think it's now not something meant to be? Are you starting to question whether it's actually going to happen? In this episode I share with you that if a desire is on your heart it is meant to be there. You'll hear practical steps about what to do and why your vision has yet come into your reality. Looking for 1:1 coaching? Email me at and say "Interested in coaching!"You can also check out other ways to work with me at
I'm back!!! After a brief hiatus I'm excited to be back. I took some time off to discover how I wanted to continue with the podcast. I wasn't living in my joy and wasn't being authentically me. I'm excited to be back and to be doing so from a place of joy and readiness. In this episode I talk to you about what it means to live in my authenticity. How I feel we can be told how to live our lives and the right path to take, but in reality there is no one path to success. There are billions of paths, because there are billions of people in this world and each has their own unique path. Are you following your own path or trying to follow someone else's path? Looking for 1:1 coaching? Email me at and say "Interested in coaching!" You can also check out other ways to work with me at
This is a recording of a free training Nikki did from April 1-3, 2021. Day 3 is about consistency. Nikki talks about showing up day after day to do the work that will get your to your goal. It's not about the big actions, it's about the little actions done every single day. Day 1 - Authenticity - released April 12, 2021 - Episode 132Day 2 - Resiliency - released April 19, 2021 - Episode 133
This is a recording of a free training Nikki did from April 1-3, 2021. Day 2 is about resiliency. Nikki talks about standing up when you get knocked down and learning to embrace failure and take risks! Day 1 - Authenticity - released April 12, 2021 - Episode 132Day 3 - Consistency - released April 26, 2021 - Episode 134
This is a recording of a free training Nikki did from April 1-3, 2021. Day 1 is about authenticity. Nikki talks about being yourself, but first understanding who you are! Day 2 - Resiliency - released April 19, 2021 - Episode 133Day 3 - Consistency - released April 26, 2021 - Episode 134
Sierra Wertz is a Lunar Abundance Coach here to help you call in and create your cosmically aligned life. Mama of 2 littles. Speaker of the souls language & empowered woman raising the collective through goddess embodiment and energetic alchemy.Connect on Instagram @mightymomboss or at our crystal and spiritual shop @mightymoonstones Get your own Lunar Energy & Abundance reading where we deep dive into your core essence and how to work in alignment with the lunar cycle.
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