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Histories, Mysteries, & Conspiracies

Author: Skye

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If you have ever had a strange fascination with dark histories, compelling mysteries, and conspiracy theories, then this podcast is for you. Every episode your host Skye and a guest will delve into a case file full of unknowns. They will ask questions, tell related stories, and give their own opinions, all while learning about the case.
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From Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde to Sybil to Split, dissociative identity disorder has made a lasting impact on mass media, but what is the truth behind this disorder? Is it all just for the fame and glory? Or is it an actual disorder? Is it something created by mental health professionals? Or is it a method of coping with trauma? In the 50th and one year anniversary episode, Caity joins Skye to talk about the stories and the science behind this medical mystery.Support the show (
In northern Michigan, there is a community known as the Village at Grand Traverse Commons. While now used for a multitude of purposes, including housing, shopping, and medical services, this collection of buildings originally had a different purpose. It was originally known as the Traverse City State Hospital, a facility which was originally used as an asylum for those suffering from mental illnesses, but would become a hospital and a refuge to those with tuberculosis, polio, the flu, and other contagious diseases. In this episode, Caity joins Skye to explore the history of this facility, how it has changed over the years, and the strange hippie tree which remains on the grounds. Support the show (
Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore


Mount Rushmore was the brain child of Doane Robinson, but was created by Gutzon Borglum. The two disagreed on who should be represented on the mountain and what the mountain should represent. In this episode, Skye is joined by Junior from The Canuckinomicon to discuss how Mount Rushmore started as a simple idea and how it became what it is today. The two also delve into the details around the strange Hall of Records hidden behind Lincoln's head.Support the show (
The Elephant Man

The Elephant Man


In the late 1800s, Joseph Merrick was born a normal baby. A few years later, he would begin to develop growths in his bones and skin. Rejected by his family and society, Merrick turned to freak shows to make a living. His astounding medical mystery caught the eye of notable doctors and affluent members of society. In this episode, Skye and Carrie discuss how the Elephant Man came to be and what we can learn from his disease today.Support the show (
Please note: This episode has a different feel compared to other episodes due to the guest and the host being long-time friends. If you want something more formal, listen to a different episode. In 1919, Boston, Massachusetts was hit by a wave of molasses when a molasses holding tank burst open due to environmental changes and a lack of structural integrity in the tank. This disaster lead to the deaths of dozens and a confused and hard working first response team. In this episode, Skye and Tia talk about this case, what caused it, and some interesting cultural influences that resulted.Support the show (
When the Denver International Airport was built, it seemed unnecessary, out of place, and over budget. Since completion, the airport has featured some controversial artwork. On top of all of this, DIA is known for having a complex underground tunnel system that no one seems to agree what it is used for. In this episode, Tia joins Skye to talk about their local conspiracy, what really is going on with the Denver International Airport?Support the show (



On April 26th, 1986, the nuclear power plant in Chernobyl in the U.S.S.R. experienced two explosions and a meltdown as a result. This event had the potential to be a global catastrophe and changed the world's perspective on nuclear energy forever. This event also inspired the recent HBO miniseries with the same name. In this episode, Skye and Dylan discuss what exactly happened to cause the explosion and what happened as a result.Support the show (
In 1845, a British voyage led by Captain Sir John Franklin departed England. The following year, the two ships, the HMS Erebus and HMS Terror, and the 129 people making up the expedition were lost. In the early 80s, several bodies of the expedition men were found. The bones had marks suggesting that the bodies had been canabalized. In 2014, the HMS Erebus was found and in 2016, the HMS Terror was found. While the ships have been found, the mystery of what happened to Captain Sir John Franklin still remains. In this episode, Skye is joined by Junior from The Canuckinomicon.Support the show (
Tunguska Event

Tunguska Event


In 1908, Siberia, Russia experienced an explosion so powerful that it was unlike anything any living person had experienced. The explosion flatted twenty miles of forest, charred trees and reindeer, and caused rocks to rain down on settlements close by. However, no crater was formed. What was the cause of the explosion? Why is it such a disputed topic? In this episode, Skye is joined by Zach (from The Podcast Junkie) to discuss the current theories and the science behind these theories. After discussing the event, the two talk about The Podcast Junkie community that has been created on Discord and Zach's contributions to the podcasting community. Support the show (
The Michigan Dogman comes to northern Michigan on years that end with a seven. He terrorizes the locals which results in them being "scared to death." To wrap up the first ever cryptids week, the crew discusses the Michigan Dogman and their own experiences.Support the show (
Cryptids: The Kraken

Cryptids: The Kraken


For centuries, sailors have been afraid of the Kraken, a giant cephalopod that is notorious for destroying ships. Old maritime maps have sea creatures such as this one lurking in unknown territory. To continue our cryptids week talk, Cuyler explains the lore behind the Kraken and possible explanations for what the creature is. Get your limited edition Cryptids Week merch here: the show (
We kick off our first ever cryptids week by covering the Jersey Devil. The Jersey Devil has been terrorizing New Jersey for nearly 200 years since it was birthed by a local woman. The creature has made such an impact on the culture that even the state's NHL hockey team is named after the legend. Tell us your cryptid stories and your experiences with the Jersey Devil. You can buy Cryptids Week merch here: the show (
King Ludwig II of Bavara is also known as the Swan King and is also known as the Fairy Tale King. When he succeeded to the throne at the age of 18, he wanted everything except to rule. He hated being around the parties and the politics and instead chose to spend his time immersed in various forms of art. He spent his wealth and time as king constructing elaborate castles (one of which is the inspiration for Sleeping Beauty's castle). He was accused of being insane and shortly after, died under mysterious circumstances. To this day, his cause of death of unknown. In this episode, Skye is joined by Jacob from the Podcast on Germany to talk about King Ludwig II's life and the strange details surrounding his death.Support the show (
Just months after the attack on Pearl Harbor, an unidentified object flew over Los Angeles causing chaos and an abundant amount of gunfire. After an hour of firing at the object, no wreckage or debris from the object were found and no object fell out of the sky. The U.S. Government claims this object was just a few weather balloons that Los Angeles was not informed about, while others claim that it was just paranoia and itchy trigger fingers taking control. In this episode, Blake (TAP Snaps) joins Skye to discuss these incidents as well as the major theories including weather balloons, trigger fingers, and aliens. Support the show (
Somerton Man (Tamam Shud)

Somerton Man (Tamam Shud)


A unknown man's body was found on a beach in South Australia in December of 1948. To this day, that man remains unidentified, despite some unique physical traits. In addition to his unknown identity, the man also had a note in his pocket with the words "Tamam Shud" printed on it. That note lead to the discovery of a book containing a mysterious code that has yet to be broken. Theories regarding who the mysterious man is and why he was there range from an unrequited love affair, involvement of spies, and murder. In this episode, Dylan from None Dare Call it Ordinary joins Skye to discuss all of the details of this case as well as his major theories. Support the show (
Nearly 2000 years ago, Egypt was taken over by the Roman Empire, resulting in the death of Cleopatra and Mark Antony. To this day, their final resting place is unknown. Was the couple buried together? Was Mark Antony cremated? In this episode, Skye is joined by Caity and Stephanie (Caity's Mom) to discuss the events leading up to Cleopatra's death, the records of her death, and the ongoing search for the final resting place.Support the show (
In this episode, Skye is joined by Kat and Sam from Pub Dread to talk about two cases. Kat and Sam discuss the strange and bizarre Gef the Talking Mongoose. Gef supposedly haunted a house, singing and bad mouthing the residents. And watched bus workers in his free time. Skye then discusses the mysterious green children who suddenly appeared in the town of Woolpit without any familiar clothing or language to speak. Support the show (
Sam Sheppard

Sam Sheppard


Sam Sheppard's wife was brutally murdered in the night. He claims that the attacker also knocked him unconscious twice.  Due to the erroneous way the case was handled by officials and the press, Sam was wrongfully convicted. His story became the inspiration for The Fugitive. In this episode, Courtney from The Cult of Domesticity joins Skye to discuss this case in detail. She goes over the incidents, the court hearings, and how life changed for both Sam and his family. Support the show (
The Lutz family claims that their lives were forever changed by what they experienced in their Amityville home. George and Kathy Lutz moved into the home just a year after the DeFeo murders took place. Their accounts were documented in the book The Amityville Horror by Jay Anson and that book served as the inspiration for many movies. In this episode, Skye is once again joined by Carrie from Sip and Shine Podcast to discuss the claims from the book and whether or not these claims are real. Skye and Carrie also tell a few personal experiences with ghosts and haunted houses.Support the show (
The story of the Amityville Horror is notorious for the traumatic hauntings that occurred in the 70s, but some don't know the dark history that precedes the ghostly encounters. In 1974, Butch Defeo murdered his parents and four siblings all while they were sleeping. What caused Butch to do it? How was he able to commit the murder by himself? In this episode, Skye is joined by Carrie from Sip and Shine Podcast to discuss this story and possibly provide their own explanations.Support the show (
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