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Author: Jonathan Negretti

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This is Legal Beagle. A weekly podcast that offers a legal twist on what's happening in the news, questions posed by listeners, customer service, legal musings, and charitable doings.
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In this episode, Jonathan chats with Blaine Clooten.  Blaine is an attorney in Eastern Oregon and one of the few people speaking out publicly against the Oregon State Bar's recommendation that the State of Oregon should adopt two (2) alternative pathways to becoming an attorney.  Neither of these recommendations requires taking the bar exam and both of these alternatives seem to miss the mark of the intended goal of increasing accessibility and equity in the legal profession in Oregon.   Click on this link to read more and comment publicly:  Blaine Clooten owns Clooten Law in Oregon.  Check out his website at:
In this episode, Jonathan interview 7-time Ironman Champion Ben Hoffman.  Ben has competed professionally for the last 15 years and has learned a thing or two along the way.  Ben, along with his wife (who works as his business manager), has negotiated his own sponsorship contracts.  There is a trend towards professional athletes negotiating their own deals without hiring an agency or law firm to assist them.  
In this episode, Jonathan interviews former ASU Sun Devil Gary Chambers.  Gary played at ASU for 4 years and then went onto the NFL.  Jonathan and Gary discuss the new NIL (Name, Image and Likeness) laws that have recently gone into effect.  These new laws allow student-athletes profit off of their name, image and likeness.  On paper it sounds like a great thing for student-athletes, however, their are a lot of challenges ahead and the exploitation that has occurred in college sports may have just shifted to big business.  Listen to hear more.
In this episode, Jonathan talks to Jayme Simpson.  Jayme is a trial attorney in San Diego, California.  Jayme had a jury trial that started right before the courts locked everything down.  Jayme had to pivot to a bench trial (where the judge decides the case) and wait almost 8 months to resume her trial.  In spite of these obstacles, Jayme was able to obtain a $7.32 million dollar verdict for the plaintiff.  Listen now to hear the whole story.
This week, Jonathan interviews Brian LaBovick, the author of 'Not a Good Neighbor.'  In Not a Good Neighbor, injury lawyer Brian LaBovick shows you how to navigate the paperwork and pitfalls of an automobile accident case. Brian shares stories from nearly three decades in practice to help you maximize benefits in this often complicated process.  You also may pick up a tip or two of how to spearfish in the coastal waters of south Florida.
This week Jonathan talks about the 4-day trial they just wrapped up at Negretti & Associates.  Jonathan explains why trials are hard, why trials are unpredictable and why trials are where you find justice.
In this week's episode, Jonathan talks about pre-litigation vs. litigation.  Basically, before you file a lawsuit and after you file a lawsuit.
This week Jonathan talks about slip and falls on ice and snow in Colorado.  Jonathan discusses Colorado law and the snow ordinances that you should be aware of.
In this week's episode, Jonathan interviews his daughter, Maili, to chat about what it's like to be a teen in today's world.
This week Jonathan discusses the most common types of personal injury claims, as well as a few uncommon types of personal injury claims.
This week, Jonathan talks about Tiger Woods and what a personal injury might consider when faced with a single-vehicle crash.  
This week Jonathan interviews premise liability expert Todd Springer.  Todd discusses what you should think about before pursuing a slip and fall case.
In this week's episode, Jonathan talks about what you may not know about the infamous McDonald's coffee cup case.  Product liability cases are difficult to pursue.  Compound that with the millions of dollars a company will spend to convince people they didn't do anything wrong, and you (the plaintiff) will find yourself paddling upstream without an oar.
In the third edition of this limited series on getting to know Negretti & Associates, Jonathan talks about the cases that Negretti & Associates handles as well as the states that Negretti & Associates is licensed to practice in.
This is the second episode of the limited series on getting to know Negretti & Associates.  In this episode, Jonathan talks about the team that makes up Negretti & Associates. Dylan McGurk Kaivan Mangouri Carissa Dixon Aaray McKeen Stephanie Kilner CJ Johnson Rosalva Loza Wendi Bravman
Jonathan talks about the three (3) tenets of Negretti & Associates.     1.  No-pressure   2.  Honest evaluations   3.  Giving back   Listen now to get the true meaning behind these words.
Jonathan kicks off 2021 with Rob Tremp as his first guest of the year.  Rob Tremp is a certified life care planning expert.  Often hired by both the plaintiff and defense in personal injury cases, life care planning experts can be instrumental in substantiating future care needs.  Listen to Rob distinguish between a life care planning expert, a vocational rehabilitation expert and an economist.
This week Jonathan interviews recent law school graduates, and more importantly, recent bar passer Twyla Haggerty.  Here's what makes Twyla's story so unique:  she took the bar exam COMPLETELY ONLINE!  Not only was it unprecedented, but it posed its own interesting set of challenges.  Listen to hear more about Twyla's experience.
This week Jonathan talks about the Negretti & Associates pledge to the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law at Arizona State University.  Jonathan made a promise to ASU back when he was admitted as a transfer student to give back once he was in a position to do so.  Working together with ASU, Negretti & Associates have created the "Negretti Law Leadership Scholarship" for law students.  This scholarship was hand crafted and creates opportunities for people just like Jonathan.  Jonathan shares the long journey from his undergrad to the recent endowment.
Erling Andersen, founder and CEO of Advokatguiden (The Lawyer Guide) built and sold a social network for $12M at the age of 25.  He was then assessed a tax penalty by the Norwegian government for the sale of his company.  What did Erling do?  He went to law school for 2.5 years so that he could represent himself against the Norwegian government.  After winning his case, Erling launched The Lawyer Guide and plans to roll it out globally.  Erling visits with Jonathan about his newest venture, what he sees changing the legal profession and what cab drivers and lawyers have in common. To reach Erling, you can email him at: or at
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