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Author: Lee Pickles + Joe Frankland

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The Week In Hand is a podcast run by Lee Pickles and Joe Frankland, the weekly show generally consists of a general review of many different subjects ranging from combat sports (MMA, Kickboxing, BJJ, Boxing) to nutritional and dietary discussions to updates on local events and the occasional guest interview.
56 Episodes
In this episode of The Week in Hand Lee is joined by Tattoo legend Paul Booth.Paul is primarily a tattoo artist but has numerous other creative ventures including being a painter, sculptor, a filmmaker and even a musician! He is world renowned in the tattoo industry for bringing the dark arts to the forefront and pushing those boundaries further in the tattoo industry, he is well respected and for a very good reason! In this conversation all talk about is their early life, how we got started, tattooing the likes of Slayer, The Undertaker, Slipknot and many more, all the way through to his current thoughts about the tattoo world and also much much more!Audio podcast available at -iTunes and Spotify Video version available at -YouTube 
On this episode of the week in hand me and Joe are joined by Kieran Coxon, Kieran Is a BJJ Black belt under Leo Negao training out of Aire Valley Martial Arts in Keighley, England On this episode they discuss numerous things including how he started his journey in combat sports, his early life and picking up nicknames along the way amongst quite a few other things including nutrition and mobility for a long time jujitsu practitioner.
On this episode of The Week in Hand Joe is joined by John Brazier and they discuss British politics and the current quandary that Dominic Cummings has found himself. A conversation ranging from the manufactured divided of the British population, political fixers and elite decision making. A super short but fun conversation
On this episode of The Week in Hand Lee is joined by Markus Lenhard, Markus is a tattoo artist that tattoos out of his home studio in Berlin, GermanyMarkus is a world-renowned tattoo artist specialising in bio organic/mechanic tattoos, since exploding onto the scene well over 10 years ago Markus has made massive waves in the tattoo industry and bio organic community, In this conversation we touch upon numerous subjects in regards to influences, creative blocks, our appreciation for Guy Aitchison, how he deals with his customers sitting for multiple day sessions plus so much more!A really interesting in-depth conversation with one of the best in the worldInstagram - @luxaltera
On this episode of the week in hand Lee and Joe sit down for a conversation with Mike The Atlantic Grappler, Mike will be taking part in a solo ocean role in 2022 across the Atlantic Ocean, we discussed his preparation for this mentally physically and nutritionally and what led him to make his decision to do something so fraught with danger, they also discuss mikes journey to become a BJJ blackbelt and his stint in the Marines! A really interesting podcast and a really interesting guy! Instagram - @theatlanticgrappler
On this episode of The Week In Hand Lee is joined by William Jones, a tattoo artist who works at his studio Nebula Tattoo in Burry Port, South Wales, In this conversation we discuss how he is spending his new found spare time discovering new hobbies etc plus we delve into early influences and recent influences and his journey collecting tattoos plus much more!Instagram - @wtejones
In this episode article week in hand Lee and Joe sit down for a conversation with owners of Aire Valley Psychology Dr Samantha Masley and Dr Romy Sherlock, in an interesting informative conversation they touch up on the current psychology in regards to the coronavirus and its affect on mental health, they also delve into child psychology and the effects of trauma in early life and the spike in domestic violence since the lockdown was imposed.
In this episode of the week in hand Lee has a conversation with Tattoo artist and owner of the tattoo studio Sacred Gold Tattoo, London the legendary Mr Joao Bosco!They discuss the current situation of inactivity due to COVID-19, Joao’s early influences that evolved his style. Joao talks about his journey from working with his friends at Self sacrifice to the point were he ended up taking the step to open his own studio! Plus many more thoughts and musings on a few other topics! Instagram. @sacredgoldtattoo @joaoboscoart
In this episode of the week in hand Lee and Joe are joined by Mr Graham Brogden, Graham is a postdoctoral researcher and virologist working on the norovirus in Hanover Germany, We talk about how Graham became a virologist and how he came to be working in Germany, we also talk about how his work was shifted onto working with SARS 2 (covid-19) and his thoughts on the current situation and his answers to some of the questions that are on everyone’s lips!
In the episode of The Week In Hand, Lee Pickles talks to Simon Dewar from Black Stone tattoo in Burnley, Lancashire, They talk about being various topics including the current Covid-19 situation as a tattoo artist and the trials a tribulations of trying to be the best artist you can be and how he took the plunge to completely change his career.IG @dewar_tattoo
On this episode of the week in hand, Lee and Joe sit down with Zain Kazmi, Zain is a paramedic along as well with Joe, they discuss their experiences so far with the current pandemic and the certain scenarios they have had to deal with at this stage, we discuss our own theories and opinions on certain situations, and what it’s like to be front line key worker dealing with everything else they have to deal with whilst Clovid-19 has its grip on the human population.
On this episode of The Week In Hand Lee is joined by tattoo artist Hanumantra who tattoos out of UN1TY Tattoo in Shrewsbury, Shropshire UKHanumantra specialises in black work and has paved the way in the UK  and international scene with his bold and modern approach to one of the most primitive forms of tattooing, in this conversation he touches upon several different things including his thoughts on the importance of design, how he you originally fell into his career as a tattoo artist amongst many other things.A really interesting conversation with a very open-minded and bright human being.IG   @hanumantra 
On this episode of the week in hand please sit down with the incredibly talented tattoo artist Jason Butcher who tattoos out of studio immortal Ink Tattoo in Chelmsford, UKJason has forged a path of his own in the Tattoo industry and is a very prominent figure in the UK tattoo scene for his surreal style in a style he has dubbed death romantic, in this conversation Lee and  Jason discuss his early life as a tattoo artist and how he came to discover his career, plus a deep and ranging conversation about life in general as an artist and human.Audio available at -Spotify and iTunes Video available at - YouTubeInstagram -@jasonbutcher
In this episode of The Week in Hand Lee is joined by tattoo artist Josh Wilson who tattoos out of Colchester Body Arts in Essex, UKThis is an interesting conversation ranging from Josh’s early days in his tattoo career straight through to his current philosophies and musings on the tattoo industry and life as a commissioned artist, Plus much much more!Audio available at -SpotifyiTunesVideo available at -Youtube
In this episode of the Week in Hand, Lee and Joe are joined by BJJ black belt Chris Paines. A conversation that covers the life of BJJ gyms after lockdown, finding out how wrong you can be from an Estonian and the importance of longevity in the sport. Chris is all about sharing knowledge an essential listen for Brazilian Jujitsu fans.This and all episodes are available on Spotify, iTunes and Youtube.
On this episode of The Week In Hand, Lee is joined by tattoo artist Currar Whitham-Field AKA The White Dragon AKA Filthytattooart, Currar tattoos out of Ink Rush in Auckland, New Zealand.In this conversation they delve into Currar's early days in the tattoo industry, his early influences, how he deals with artistic blocks etc, even down to how he deals with getting tattooed plus much more!!This episode is available on iTunes, Spotify and Youtube@filthytattooart  - INSTAGRAM
On this episode of the week in hand Lee and Joe sit down with the kickboxing coach for Aire Valley Martial Arts in Keighley.In this conversation they cover a variety of topics including Josh’s weekly physical workload and nutrition and the theories behind his choices, his early life and kickboxing and Muay Thai influences.This episode is available on iTunes and Spotify and you can find the video version of the interview on our YouTube channel @ The Week in Hand 
On this episode of The Week in Hand, Lee and Joe sit down to talk about various things they have experienced over the past few months, including intermittent fasting, making the correct decision’s nutritionally and how sometimes it’s easy to fall off the wagon, I and Joe brings up the crazy world of wireless charging.The Week In Hand is available on iTunes, Spotify and YouTube 
On this episode of The Week In Hand Joe is joined by a former member of parliament John Grogan. At a time of heightened tensions in the geopolitical arena, the proliferation of division seems unstoppable—this discussion centres around commonality rather than divergence. A wide-ranging conversation that covers education, social care and current events in British politics, including the response to the COVID pandemic. A super short and informative discussion with an absolute gentleman.
On this episode of The Week in Hand Lee sits down with a tattoo artist Matt Driscoll who works out of 9th realm gallery in Salem , MassachusettsMatt is a proficient artist in a ton of different mediums and shows this in his bold and knowledgeable approach to his projects, In this conversation Lee and Matt discuss an array of different topics touching on  his approach to how he came to freehand his designs on the skin, how he believes exploring other mediums can help your tattoos amongst a ton of other things!
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