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All Roads Lead to Batman

All Roads Lead to Batman

Author: Alec Blake

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A podcast discussing all manner of nerdy topics, and ultimately taking them back to the one thing that ties the entire universe together: Batman.
3 Episodes
This week, we take a look at some of the scarier parts of the Batverse, as well as Gotham's resident master of fear. Happy Halloween, chums!
In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we talk about a beloved but often sidelined Batman Villain. Also, there is the not so small matter of Batman Damned's big reveal.
Happy Batman Day! Get to know us before the madness truly sets in (for the most part, anyway).
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Llyn Zephyr

Huh. Won't let me 'like' this with the heart button, so... "LIKE".

Nov 19th
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Llyn Zephyr

Another excellent, thoughtful and fun installment. So glad you're doing these!

Oct 15th

Llyn Zephyr

You did it! Woo hoo!

Sep 19th
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