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These are the sermons from Christ Fellowship Miami. We are a church that exists to help you and your family follow Jesus.

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Have you ever felt unqualified for a place or profession that God was calling you to? Maybe you thought, “I don’t belong there,” or “I’m not good enough.” When we give in to our insecurities and doubts, we often use them as excuses for why we’re disobeying God. We invite you to listen in as we learn how Moses overcame this very problem thousands of years ago and why we can learn from it today.
When you look back at your life, what are the moments that you remember most? As believers, the moment that may come to our minds first is the day we turned away from our sin and looked toward Jesus. But as we’re still in our flesh, we’re faced with a daily battle of fighting sin and all its pleasures. How can we overcome through Christ? We invite you to listen in as we explore the story of Moses and discover how we have been set free from this lifelong struggle.
As believers, we often hear that we have “freedom” in Christ. But what exactly are we free from? Listen in as we discover how the invisible shackles of fear can enslave our minds, and how we can break free from them in Jesus.
In His final I AM statement, Jesus says, "I am the resurrection and the life". What does Jesus mean by this? What does it reveal about His deity and His identity? Listen in as we explore the most important truth about Jesus that we can apply to our lives.
In just the book of John, the word "abide" is used 40 times. What's so special about this word? And what did Jesus mean when He said, "I am the vine; you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing,"? Listen and discover how we can abide in Christ by staying connect to the one, true vine.
Is there only one way to heaven? If so, what is it? How can we know for sure? In his fifth I AM statement, Jesus doesn't just claim that He knows the way, but that He himself is the way. Even further, Jesus goes on to personify Himself as truth and life. Listen in as we dive deeper into these words and discover why this description of Jesus matters so much for our lives.
For 23 years, Pastor Rick Blackwood faithfully led our church, preaching the gospel and inspiring thousands to become followers of Jesus. Listen in as we celebrate his life and legacy.
In His fourth "I AM" statement, Jesus says, "I am the good shepherd". What does He mean by this? Was He really tending to physical sheep, or is this a metaphor for something greater? Listen in as we discover the significance behind this famous name.
When you think of Jesus and His most famous names, is the following one on your list? "I am the door of the sheep." What in the world does that mean? Where does this door lead? Why does it involve sheep? Discover the meaning of this curious phrase as we explore the third "I AM" statement of Jesus.
"Light" and "dark", "good" and "evil". Whether it's in news stories, in famous movie monologues or even at church, we hear these words all the time. But is everything in this world really so dark? Why does Jesus say that when we follow Him, we’ll have “the light of life”? We invite you to listen in as we explore the second "I AM" statement of Jesus and discover what this light really is.
In the Gospel of John, Jesus says "I am the bread of life". What does He mean by that? How can it be true that this "bread of life" promises the end of hunger and thirst? We invite you to listen in as we explore these famous words from Jesus and how they impact our lives today.
"If God is so good, why am I suffering?" When we encounter adversity, our human nature always wonders why. What is the reason for hardship in the life of a believer? Do we always deserve the pain we experience? Why does God allow it? Listen in as we explore these questions in the life of a man who suffered greatly at the hands of his own family.
“I can forgive but I can’t forget” Have you heard or felt that way before? Listen in to learn why and how we can truly forgive and the positive impact in can have in our lives.
What does it mean to "wait on the Lord"? Is it just another form of encouragement, or does it have deeper significance? We invite you to listen in as we learn how we can put "waiting on God" into real action in our lives by learning from Joseph's years of waiting.
Dads, God knows you’re not perfect, but He sees your labor of love. The long hours you work, the bills you’ve paid. The diapers you’ve changed, and all the love you give to your family, that’s why at CF we have prepared something special for you.
"It's not that bad for me..." How many times have you said those words to yourself? When we're faced with the temptations of life, it's easy to fall for their empty promises of satisfaction and joy. Listen in as we explore the life of Joseph and learn how we can be resilient against temptation.
When someone wrongs you, how do you respond? As we navigate this fallen world, we're bound to experience the pain and discouragement that comes when others sin against us. Listen and learn how we can stand firm in our faith, even when we've been betrayed by the ones we love.
When you think of the word “idol”, what comes to mind? It might be a golden statue, a mythological god or even a pop star. But did you know that idolatry encompasses so much more than that? Discover the truth about idols in the finale of Wrestling with God.
Have you ever felt like you’ve disappointed God? Whether it’s the sins from your past or a bad habit you still can’t shake, we all have regrets about our sin. Join us for a brand new series as we learn about God’s unexpected response to an imperfect man.
We want to honor and celebrate all moms and mother-figures on their day! Join us this Mother’s Day for a special moment of worship, photo booth areas, refreshments and a message that will remind us how we can find our true identity.
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