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Author: Jack Miller

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This is Jack Miller, telling it as it is!
No better way to hear it than to hear it without all the gift wrapping!

Transparent, Open and Public Business Practices

= "TOP" Business!

Yours Truly,

Jack Miller,

Steem Witness,

47 Episodes
Why always fall into the mainstream of things!Why does Friday the 13th have to be a negative date?Life is what we make of it and to prove it, we see bodies and reps in The EU and elsewhere talking about crypto!ref:!!!!!!So we are definitely onto something that is grabbing their attention.Time to start thinking out of the box!Cheers.
Believe it or not, your life matters and when there is little to no time left to waste in an emergency situation or in a potential emergency situation, every second counts.This is where being ready with just the basics is very important.i.e. A "Bug Out Bag" (aka "BOB" among the preppers).Go look it up, listen to videos on YouTube, many people get a bug out bag ready for different reasons, but all of those reasons are at the end of the day "an emergency situation". For the sake of the message here, it is totally irrelevant why anyone is preparing as far as 'their reasons' are concerned. What is important, is for you to know what to do, to be ready with the simplest of information and rational preparedness for an emergency situation.Recently there were dozens of bush fires in Australia, unfortunately many were caused by humans, deliberately. That is one example of pure evil. They cost us numerous lives that can never be replaced. Bugger the property, the "worldly riches", that is all worthless to a person who is dead. Yet, maybe, just maybe a few seconds or minutes could have saved a life. So yeah, please listen to this podcast. Think about what I am talking about and how it relates to you and your loved ones. How it should be a part of your instinct, human nature and one of the things that is definitely in line with your human rights. The right to survival, to life.  Please think about it. It won't kill you, but it could one day help save you.Cheers
Thinking out of the box means not thinking as we have been programmed to think over the past four or so decades that most of us know.What is it that they the "thinkers", those that we voted in to "think for us" (instead of us) have done?Where have "they" been leading us?Do we really want to be dependent for EVERYTHING?What is it that we as individuals need to secure for our survival, for our daily lives?How can we do it?NOW THAT IS THE QUESTION!
Usually I do a podcast then make a video, this time, with this series I'm trying it the other way around.One thing that I believe is important with any personal stories about quitting, especially the live day to day sharing of experiences is for others who are in a similar situation as far as addiction goes, to actually hear these vlogs and podcasts and read the blogs etc.Each and every one of us who has an addiction and is trying to "quit" or who wants to "quit" needs to do it for reasons that are personal and important to us. Not because someone else told us that 'we need to quit' (even if that could be a good enough reason for someone, not knocking it).So, yeah, hearing other peoples experiences could help someone out there to better understand themself as an individual on the topic. Please share this with anyone you know is considering or has considered quitting an addiction.Here is the link to my vlog, the almighty almost not so really Hollywood style of video!!!!
Too often we fall into the trap of doing as we are programmed to do, without even realizing it. Many claim that they are thinking out of the box, in fact, some get very angry when confronted with the truth that doesn't comply with "their opinions or views". So what I am touching on here is not all that popular a topic for those who are willing to face the reality of the rather intriguing webs within our societies. Life is very colourful in this world we live in, especially when we see how people are dealt with when they do not fall in line with the oligarchs and the ways in which they want us to think, behave and comply to all their plans/ideas/intentions.No, I am not talking about any "conspiracy theories", simply stating facts that you too will most likely agree upon after you listen to the podcast. Remember, my point isn't to change your mind, my goal is to have more people thinking with their own minds as individuals and not being 'zombies or sheep of societies'. Have a listen, then think about it all and if you still feel that everything you are being told is 100% true, sure, go ahead and call me up on it. Always open for discussion and debate, as long as you don't consider a difference in views as being = violence. Then we don't have much to talk about, as I am not a psychiatrist and as such am not qualified to communicate with such people.Cheers.
Basically wanted to pop in and say HI to everyone.Fill you in with what all I've been up to.As mentioned in the podcast here are links to where I am active on social networks:YOUTUBE (via for those of you who actually did listen all the way to the end, go check it out, you will be amazed at what all can be done!Cheers.
While many out there are in the never ending illusion of  "getting rich" with paper or plastic or any other form of man made  currencies, there are many out there who are looking for true freedom.What do I mean by true freedom?Well, it is the exact opposite of what these slaves to the currencies are.No matter what currency we are talking about, when a human enslaves  themselves to something material which has absolutely zero value except  for the imaginary value placed upon it by those who waste their lives  running and dancing around it and all in line with the notes of the the  music composed by others who use it to control lives and dictate events,  there can be no real "freedom".Although many of us do look at life on this earth and see that we  humans have created an evil, a monstrosity that shall without any doubt  be the tool with which evil persons shall destroy the vast majority of  our species. There is still hope for many.We can use some of the technology in place against such tyranny and totalitarianism.No, I am not exaggerating.Just have a look at the following: refer to the prophecies of the ancient scripts from thousands of years ago.Some to Nostradamus.Some to Stephen Hawking.idk. What difference does it make as to what prophetic scriptures or  predictions one refers to, when it is happening right in front of our  very eyes, in real time.Seriously, where is the logic in the "denial"?All I can say is the following:"I am not a number, I am a free man"& to add to that, any tools out there so as to ensure my family  live through the evils of man kind, the evils that people are willing to  do all in the name of an imaginary figure assigned to them, or dare I  say 'their number'.Blockchain technology and the dark web for now, do offer alternatives  to those evils, if we start thinking along the lines of humanity and  not the sins that have gotten us to this phase of events in which "money  makes the world go round".Think about it.Cheers.Yours truly,@jackmillerPS.Original post:'t forget to follow me on Youtube and Twitter:
Blockchain technology has a lot more to offer than "just crypto tokens". In fact it is probably one of, if not the most transparent means of ledgering information.So The idea of using blockchain for small business transactions, no matter if they be financial or something along the lines of 'stock management' is more than feasible, it is absolutely PERFECT!Think about it.Yours truly,@jackmiller
Let's start looking at things rationally and realistically.The world is already "regional", we call these regions "CONTINENTS".Let's throw out the politics and political agendas and start approaching things logically.Blockchain offers each and every nation an opportunity for the people of that nation to introduce more transparency, a fairer and much more reasonable approach to wealth management and opportunities for distribution. What is most important from what we have learned over the past decade of digital currencies out on the market is that blockchain tech should be utilized in a manner that compliments and assists in the promotion of independence of people. Hence it can be done. Yet we have also seen that this has not worked mainly because of the economical differences in the continents and nations out there. So our approach, our tactics, our visions need to now adapt to this data accumulated over a decade of experience and to be incorporated into the future of digital currencies as such.Yes, we are learning as we go along, that is evident.So lets start thinking globally and realistically and most importantly, LOGICALLY. Yours truly@jackmiller
Many out there are constantly looking for the signs of something that could be the next great thing, well, some of us see what all is actually happening around us and how the evolution of the crypto revolution is moving forwards at the speed of light.One piece of information that many out there are maybe not yet familiar with is that Smart Media Tokens (SMT) are in testing phase.Yes, after some two years of hearing about them, they are finally on their way and what does all this mean for the crypto and blockchain scenes?Think about it. Steem is the most utilized blockchain that encompasses social media and with the introduction of SMTs there is no limiting the expansion of usage and the overall tokenization of all goods and services.This is something that is absolutely fantastic news which can open the doors to so many things that were just yesterday unimaginable.Just wanted to share this news with everyone out there, get your thinking caps on and look towards the future, as it is right in front of us.Cheers.Yours truly@jackmiller 
It has become so clear that democracies need a higher level of transparency, that intergovernmental communications and access to relevant data is not at a level where it should be.We have the technology out there, it is blockchain technology.After the events of the past three years seen in one of the most well known democracies in this world, I dare say that we should insist upon blockchain technology to be implemented where ever applicable, because what we have seen has proven that democracies have become nothing more than oligarchies.It is time that people start thinking about solutions so as to ensure we do not see these oligarchies continue on with their totalitarian attitude towards governance and that we the people can choose from the people when voting and not from a selected few who will not allow anyone from outside their mobs to enter the arena.Cheers.PS. Vlog as promised:
Just wanted to share the news that I have decided to be on Youtube, will be sharing my podcasts there too, plan on doing some videos that are all about alternatives and other topics that may hopefully get people thinking out of the restraints of "the box".In future, when I start building a house for the family, will be sharing that every step of the way, to share the experiences and hopefully get some more knowledge along the way from those people who comment.Knowledge sharing, know how, life experiences are what help make things move forwards in this world, we all as unique individuals have something to share with each other and in doing so we can help build this world into a much better place. Help each other in our life path to achieve what we have set out to achieve.What more can I say, except, check it out, "Ring the bell" as is the saying on Youtube, every click on the bell on my channel helps and will also help motivate me too. Look forward to seeing you there.Here is the link. Link to this podcast on Youtube: everyone all the best.Cheers.Yours truly@jackmiller
I believe that what I have said here is not overly critical, but direct to one of the key points for all of us who wish to see long term change in how humanity goes about its business.That about sums it up as far as this podcast goes.CheersYours truly@jackmiller
While many out there believe in various theories, many others denounce them as conspiracy theories. Either way changes are occurring everywhere we look. From politics, economics to the various makes of society. Instead of complaining about things or looking at things from angles that are not offering solutions, here I wish to point out one option that could offer humanity decentralized (people powered) economy.The internet is a tool that should be utilized for the good of humanity, the technologies out there should be used for the good of humanity.Remembering that each and every human being is unique, so diversity is needed in everything out there, especially when it comes to options available to us.Blockchain technology has managed to give us cryptocurrencies, the best known of the lot being Bitcoin. However we are not limited to Bitcoin, we can all get involved in this technology and endeavour to offer alternatives.Please look into it, consider becoming a part of the blockchain technology out there, so that we may further decentralize it and expand it to a point where no individual government, even a "one world government" can't stop it.God bless.
Land of The Young & Free?

Land of The Young & Free?


I haven't done a podcast in quite a while, figured that what I had to say could have been done effectively in written formats with the people who it concerned. However.Today I seriously believe that ALL Australians should voice opinions based on research and information that is available to all of us, on a topic that concerns ALL of us. The topic is about "our representatives" making decisions that shall impose upon one and all a life with terms and conditions that the vast majority of us just can't fathom. Luckily the majority of Aussies have never experienced the evils of societies in which the government systematically imposes total control of everything, to the point where no individual has any privacy or freedoms that us Aussies have in Australia. Why we are willing to just accept the actions of those people we voted in, by which they are taking these freedoms and liberties from us, well, it worries me. Are we really becoming that ignorant that we just accept this, without questioning anything, without insisting upon the necessary information and our rights to expressing our thoughts and for "our voted in representatives" to honour and respect our justifiable wishes?How on earth have we gotten to this low level? idk.But we have and it is time that we all start thinking about it and start taking the necessary steps to ensuring we do not fall into a society in which we have no privacy as human beings.Won't bother you with any more text, thanks for takinng the time to hear me out and sincerely hope that you will take the time to go out look into the topics that I have touched upon. You need to be informed, so as to be able to ensure you make the right decisions on the topics at hand.Wish everyone all the best and nothing but goodness and love.Cheers.Yours sincerely Jack Miller
A lot of news on the crypto front. More importantly on the Steem blockchain there are things happening that are way out there!Dispersing the power, a "separation of powers" actually being put into action is what puts Steem way ahead of many if not most, or in fact ALL of its competitors. Not only the fact that it is being put into action, but the way it is being done, being done in a "grass roots" fashion, where the people make it happen.Lets not forget, Steem has what others only dream of, we have the greatest asset on this planet, HUMAN RESOURCES. Such a diverse range of human resources that it is possibly the greatest thing to happen in the world of crypto and blockchain technology, we already see numerous other endeavours trying to copy Steem in this and good on them, all the power to them, I sincerely hope it happens.We are finally making things happen that were only "talked about" less than a decade ago.So much positive energy out there, so much positivity that it makes me want to shout and tell the entire world about it all.Steem on!Yours truly@jackmiller



Haven't been around, had a lot of things going on. One of which was winning the lottery. No, not the "money type of lotto" but a lottery that is called life.Let me put it this way, I keep saying "life is too short to waste on negativity".Well, I was given a whopping big reminder of it.Glad to be here, sharing this great news with everyone, hopefully it puts a few smiles on peoples faces. One thought that did cross my mind as I walked away from the doctors office yesterday, "how many times the doctor can't smile when handing out the news".See, I WON THE REAL LOTTERY!Wish everyone a wonderful day.Would say "OUT" but in fact it is just a temporary "Over".;)Yours truly@jackmiller
Yeah, lately I've not been my chirpy self, was wondering WHY?Then I remembered that I actually wrote a post about it, on the Steem blockchain, via (Link below).Seriously, over a month of little to a lot of the time NO sleep.How am I not yet a zombie? Looking on the bright side of life, well, I could try out for one of the cast in some new zombie/horror movie!But seriously, with all the things in life that stress us out and add to that all the fud that is flying around in the crypto scene because of "fiat" prices, it gets to a person.SNAP OUT OF IT!Who cares about what the fiat values are, we are talking crypto and if we are stressed out over the value of our crypto in comparison to BTC, then damn it, lets work harder at making our crypto the new BTC. Looking at the Steem blockchain, the code, the potential we have, all I can say is:Damn it people, we can literally change the world as we know it!So why are we wasting so much of our energy on negativity.Lets get back into those saddles and charge on forwards towards a brave new world. Let's leave the next generation something to be proud of us.Something to build on and not do like the generations to date who have literally been enjoying and squandering everything that the post war generations made up to and around about the 1970's. Yep, we have been riding that old horse to death, just enjoying the wealth and potential that was made before most of us were even born!Think about that.Do we want to be like those who built a future, a foundation to build upon or do we want to be like those who came after them and just enjoyed the ride and looked for quick and easy ways around issues and dare I say it "free money".No free lunch out there, we either make it or we go hungry or we can "borrow" money and leave a legacy of debt and deceit behind us.It will be what we make it.STEEM ON!PS, here is the
Sharing some inner thoughts about the accumulation of wealth and at what price!When do we lose even if it may seem that we are "wealthier" and so on.Maybe I come across in a "non business" fashion here, yet then what is the purpose of doing business and accumulating wealth?I'm thinking about it all again, have paid the price many a time through the course of my life and it doesn't hurt to remind myself of some things from time to time, so that I don't get "distracted" or "detoured"!Wish everyone all the best in this season of warmheartedness.Yours truly@jackmiller
Wish everyone all the best, a lot of wealth and health, money and crypto,  fun and buns, you name it, I wish it all to you and all your loved ones!Sincerely@jackmiller
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