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Welcome to Dr. Joy's podcast where she brings laughter, research-based topics, informative guests, and thought provoking conversations to the table! It's all about bringing joy to life. Let Dr. Joy's voice be heard and your soul have joy!
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Season 3 Rewinds

Season 3 Rewinds


It's all about the rewinds! Enjoy and share with others.Let me pop in your inbox. Join the BGTY
I can say that vacationing is fun! You have to make a decision as to what type of vacation you will take. No matter what the choice is (family, couple, solo) you should save, plan, and go on a vacation every year! It brings joy to your life and you are being good to yourself (BGTY). Join the conversation with Dr. Joy.Social MediaWebsiteInstagramEmail- Music: Soundstrip.comKeep Calm and Hurry UpFunchal Fun TimesGood VibesHappy HampsterSmile
It’s vacation time! Have you planned that perfect place and the perfect excursions. Me, Oh My.... you need a vacation! You need to experience the world one vacation at a time.  There's research on the topic, so join the conversation with Dr. Joy. Join my positive blurb email list--Click now!Social MediaInstagramResearch4 Scientific Reasons Vacations are Beneficial11 Hidden Benefits of Taking More VacationsImportance of Taking VacationsWhy Vacations matter for your health The Pop SongAll for you InstrumentalFresh for the summer
Humility soothes the soul. Humility is free from pride or arrogance. Humility is being humble. Humility is your saving grace. Join the conversation with Dr. Joy. Social MediaInstagram: @drjoyspodcastFacebook: Bringing Joy To LifeWebsite: bringingjoytolife.comEmail: bjoytlife@gmail.comJoin the BGTY Email List - Let Dr. Joy pop in your inbox and bring you positive blurbs and good news. Sign up @ bringingjoytolife.comResearchPsycological Benefits of Being Humility17 Reasons Humility will help you get aheadHow To Show More Humility
Have you heard someone say… There’s no consistency here, there, or everywhere. Or maybe you have heard someone say, I am consistent in how I handle things, how bout you? Being consistent is a trait  or an action that will bring joy to your life so why is it so hard sometimes. Dive into the conversation with Dr. Joy and figure out if you are a consistent person. She gives you action steps to start your journey to consistency. **Want to read rather than listen. Pop over to Dr. Joy's Blog located on her website at *** Join Dr. Joy's email list to experience positivity once a week. Go to to join the BGTY Nation Email list. Social MediaInstagram--@drjoyspodcastToday's episode research Consistency is KeyPower of ConsistencyConsistency in ActionToday's Reblz, Keep Calm & Hurry Up, That Pop Song, Fresh
 Many people can roll the statement “I’m Living My Best Life” off their tongue like it’s just that easy. There is even a popular rap song about living your best life that is trending.Social media is the place to be where you see people making videos that portray them dancing, singing, and jumping high in the air proclaiming they are living their best life. I’m not saying that what people put on social media is not believable. What I am saying to you is living your best life involves more than a snapshot on social media. Living your best life is more than a smile here, there, and everywhere. Living your best life is a process! Join the conversation with Dr. Joy!Your stars matter on Apple Podcast: Don't forget to rate this podcast. Follow me on:Instagram: @drjoyspodcastWebsite: www.bringingjoytolife.comEmail:
Mirror, Mirror on the wall, what’s the greatest contentment of all?…JoyWhat is joy? Joy is that internal feeling of peace in the midst of a storm, joy is accepting things you cannot change and changing the things you can, and joy is a focused mindset that tries very hard to block out negativity, embrace positivity, and live life to the fullest by doing the things you love with the people who also brings you joy! Dive into the conversation with Dr. JoyResearch:The 6 Simplifications of Positive PsychologyMeasuring Your Happiness12 Tips for Maintaining JoyMusic by Soundstripe.comCalifornia CruisinSky_OBOYWhere To Follow Me:WebsiteInstagramEmail:
Today’s episode is about your awesomeness with a little bit of “JOY”  chaser. A Joy chaser is a little bit of my advice to you on how to be awesome combined with a little bit of research of what it takes to be awesome. Combine the two together sitting at a table, I say get out that cup and pour that awesomeness in there. Throw it back and accept your awesomeness then take the joy advice and chase that awesomeness down and what do you get?... All Awesomeness and a little bit of Joy chaser, lol! Join the conversation with Dr. Joy. ResearchHow To Be Awesome in Life12 Life Hacks You need to Be AwesomeMusic from Soundstrip.comFollow Me On Social MediaInstagramWebsiteEmail-
A fixed mindset is defined as people believing that their basic qualities, like their intelligence or talent, are simply fixed traits. They spend their time documenting their intelligence or talent instead of developing these attributes. Fix your mindset and free yourself. Dive into the conversation with Dr. Joy and free yourself of a fixed mindset. The ResearchGrowth Mindset DefinitionFixed Mindset vs Growth MindsetWhat Does It Mean To Have A Growth Mindset7 Questions about Growth MindsetThe MusicIntro--The Wild and The FreeOutro--ReblzFollow Me on Social MediaInstagramFacebook- Bringing Joy To LifeEmail--bjoytlife@gmail.comWebsite
The United States is the most overworked developed nation in the world. Did you hear me? We are overworked. Our work-life balance is in shambles. We just don’t know how to take care of ourselves. Bringing joy to your life is about balancing work and home life. Bringing joy to life is about knowing when to stop and say enough is enough. Music comes form Follow me on all Social Media Outlets~Instagram: @drjoyspodcastFacebook: bringing joy to lifeWebsite: Email:
Dear mama, dear mother, dear ma, dear mom, dear mommy...Can we count the ways that a mother will hear her name called by her children throughout her lifetime? Mother is defined as a female parent of a child or a female who performs the role of a mother that may not be their biological offspring. Join the conversation with Dr. Joy!  MusicMusic by Soundstripe Music Research How Your Brain Changes When Becoming A Mom 8 Things No One Tells You About Being A Mom
I want you to think about your life, your career, your environment and ask yourself a few questions. Have you been in a toxic environment or an environment that is not so joyful? How did you cope? Did you excuse yourself from that place to never return? Did you just complain and never do anything? Did you stand up for yourself and others? Dive into another great conversation with Dr. Joy while bringing joy to your life!Follow Dr. JoyInstagramFacebookEmailResearch Articles* Signs You're in a Toxic Environment* A Hostile Work EnvironmentMusicAll music from soundstripe  
Season 2 has been awesome for my podcast. I have shared a lot with you!  I hope these episodes have brought and will continue to bring joy to your life. April is Rewind month. Search and listen again to Season 2 episodes. I will see you in May!Show NotesFollow Me:InstagramFacebookWebsiteEmail: Soundcloud MusicIntro/Outro Music-HappyGoldenReal LoveSomewhere Over the Rainbow
Where's Your Pot o Gold? As I was thinking about the topic this week, the St. Patrick’s Day leprechaun myth came to mind. So my question again to you is where’s your pot o’ gold? Is it somewhere over the rainbow or right in front of your face?Show notes:The MythYour RealityBackground Music-SoundcloudFollow me:Instagram FacebookWebsiteEmail- 
True Friendship Pt. 2

True Friendship Pt. 2


True Friendship is a meaningful, conscientious relationship between people who pay attention to the friendship through good times and bad times. ”Friendships are a dialogue of narratives and a narrative of dialogues,” which basically means that you should be able to tell a friend your business and they should be able to be empathetic to your needs as you would be to theirs. This is true friendship part 2 with Dr. Joy. Show NotesClick the linksFollow Me:InstagramDr. Joy's WebsiteEmail: bjoytlife@gmail.comResearchFriendshipThe Importance of FriendshipHow to make friendsOhio Research on FriendshipMusicIntro/Outro Song
True Friendship Pt.1

True Friendship Pt.1


True friendship is a meaningful, conscientious relationship between people who pay attention to the friendship through good times and bad times. Join the  part 1 conversation with Dr. Joy as she dives into the research about true friendship, in addition to, Dr. Joy making some discoveries of her own. Show Notes:Research7 Traits of True FriendshipBetween Friends Ohio ResearchMusicIntro/OutroSocial MediaInstagramWebsiteBringing Joy To 
Feel The Joy

Feel The Joy


This is the last week in February and it’s time to sum up this thing call love. During this month, we have had conversations about relationship love, self love, married love, and being single while bringing joy to your life. All episodes were great. This episode will help you feel the joy as we sum up all episodes.Follow Me:InstagramFacebookWebsiteNewsletter Email: bjoytlife@gmail.comIntro MusicOutro MusicBackground Music
According to the 2017 US Census, there are 110,600,000 people living in the US as single people. This is 45.2% of the American Adult population. Wow! My question for you is if you are single are you living your best life. Dive into the conversation with Dr. Joy.Show NotesFollow me:InstagramFacebookWebsiteNewsletterResearchSingles in America8 Misconceptions About Being SingleAre You Single?Intro/Outro Music
Real Love—Have you found it yet or are you still in that fantasy world thinking you are Cinderella living happily ever after? Today’s episode will be an interview conversation with my friends, Rico & Nicole who have experienced that real love and continue to experience it until death do them part. Show Notes:Follow meInstagramFacebookWebsiteMusicIntroBackgroundOutro
Self-love is giving yourself unconditional respect. You do not allow others to take advantage of you or treat you badly. You can’t love someone else if you haven’t accepted loving yourself. Self-Love is a journey and no one can take the journey but you.Show NotesFollow Me:InstagramFacebookJoin The BGTY Nation CommunityDr. Joy's Website Research8 Powerful Steps to Self-Love10 Wonderful Ways to Practice Self-Love Let's Talk About Loving YourselfWhy You Need To Cultivate Self-Love Podcast Music R & B IntroHello Remix
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