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Welcome to All Your Things Are Gone, a podcast about the Boston Indie Music scene, hosted by J.
28 Episodes
Hey Y'all. This week we talk to Fin Moore. From the Cape to NYC and maybe back to the Cape. He might be one of the most prolific musicians from this era. Thanks for listening! j.Victory At Sea https://victoryatsea.bandcamp.comRobotshttps://robotsboston.bandcamp.comHot Season
Hey y'all. awesome conversation with a great musician! We get into Randy's music and his path to therapy. And of course I want to thank him for the intro song to this show. Wouldn't be the same without it. j.Intro: Charlene UntitledOutro: Charlene Oh Hey
Hey y'all. Amazing to talk to another person from this great scene.  John guides us through his life from the cape to NYC. Emerson and the Middle east and Newbury.  He gives us a fantastic view of the Boston from a working musician. Thanks for listening! j.Check out his most recent work:
Hey Y'all. What amazing honor to talk to this guy. We cover a lot of spore and his later bands. He had so many great inside stories from the era. Thanks for listening! j.
Hey Y'all. Matt and Peyton we're nice enough to come back to the podcast after I inadvertently lost their episode. We talk mostly about their current projects and the effect NRSK had on those. It was a great conversation. Thanks for listening.  j.
In this episode of All Your Things Are Gone, J talks with Chris Pupecki of the band Wormwood, as well as Doomriders and Cast Iron Hike.  They chat about getting started in his dad's garage to touring around the world and about being a dad.  Check out Wormwood and Doomriders online:Facebook:DoomridersWormwoodBandcamp:DoomridersWormwoodIntro music: Untitled by CharleneOutro music: We Live in the Shadows by Doomriders
Episode 22: Thommy Saraceno

Episode 22: Thommy Saraceno


In this episode of All Your Things Are Gone, J talks with Thommy about his past in Florida, his early days in Boston, and a stop in Canada.  They also chat about his life as a dad and musician.You can find Thommy online at the links below.OwlfoodASAMAThommy saraceno / performance / visual design Intro: Untitled by CharleneOutro "Drift Towards Us" by Owlfood  
In this episode of All Your Things Are Gone, J talks with Emily Arkin of the band Shepherdess. Emily shares her musical story as well as her dedication to charity and her continued education on that subject. She also talks about how she found a way to combine the two. Check Emily out at the links below:www.shepherdessband.comwww.girlsrockboston.orgwww.the-operators.comIntro: Untitled by CharleneOutro: Big Shot by Shepherdess
In this episode of All Your Things Are Gone, J chats with Alex Garcia-Rivera. Alex has been and remains an important cog in the hardcore scene here in Massachusetts and beyond. He has played drums for so many influential bands from American Nightmare to Get High to his personal project Chrome Over Brass. Alex continued his work in music becoming an engineer and opening his own studio, Mystic Valley. Truly an inspiration of hard work and dedication. You can check out Alex online at the links below: Music: Untitled by CharleneOutro Music: Soulstice by Chrome Over Brass
Episode 19: Jenn Turpin

Episode 19: Jenn Turpin


In this episode of All Your Things Are Gone, J chats with Jenn Turpin. They talk about her education and her work as teacher. How teaching and music became intertwined. As well as the changing demographic of Boston and its effect on the people and art of the city.  Check out Jenn online at the links below!
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