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Cru Talks is a collection of talks given at Penn State Cru's weekly meetings and retreats. To listen to them live, join us on Thursday nights in Freeman Auditorium (HUB Movie Theater) at 7pm. This podcast is also available on Apple, Google, and Spotify podcasts.
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As yet another semester comes to a close, we're finishing up our apologetics series. Listen as Josh Himes makes an argument for the Christian faith through Biblical prophesy.
This week, intern Morgan Kolonauski leads us through the historical evidence for Jesus and the resurrection.
This week, senior student Amy leads us in a talk on the Armour of God as we continue our Questioning Christianity series. This talk takes a unique look at how Christians can defend their faith by looking into the spiritual realm.
One of the strongest arguments for the Christian faith is the personal stories of those who believe it. That's why we had several students share their testimonies this week. Tune in to hear their stories and why they follow Jesus.
Continuing our apologetics series, we're taking a look at how science interacts with our Christian faith. This week, student Kyle Evernham explains how science and faith are not mutually exclusive by providing examples of famous Christian scientists and how science supports the Christian faith.
We're excited to be kicking off a brand new series on apologetics. Over the next 6 weeks, tune in to hear different defenses for the Christian faith. This week, Tom Sperlich walks us through some philosophical arguments that lead to the existence of God.
Living in God's Truth

Living in God's Truth


This week at Cru, senior student Ceci Richardsen shares some wisdom God has taught her over the last four years. Listen as she shares what it means to live in God's truth and how trusting Him has impacted her life.
A study on biblical prayer wouldn't be complete without learning how Paul uses prayer in his letters to the early church. Tune in as Tom Sperlich breaks this down with us.
We're excited to be back despite the cold weather to continue our series on prayer. Listen as Josh breaks down the Lord's prayer and speaks on the context surrounding this passage.
This week at Cru, Kathryn taught us what true confidence in prayer looks like and how closely it's tied to our trust in God. As we continue our series on prayer, take some time to build your confidence in God and see how much it can affect your prayer life.
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