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Welcome to Get Out, a podcast that covers and shares inspirational stories in travel, culture, and society from around us! Listen to new episodes every Monday!
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Bipin Bhosale and Pooja Rani Bhatia are co-founders of Khoj-aao! They love to spend time off the grid, enjoy diverse foods, and travel to offbeat destinations. They're both certified in different levels of Wilderness First Aid, so rest assured you're safe in their hands. Bipin's an avid birder, a SCUBA diver, and a slow travel enthusiast. Pooja's a divemaster, and a trained experiential facilitator. Listen to their journey from growing up in the Western Ghats and the USA respectively, and meeting in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands, to now showcasing the outdoors in Goa. Khoj-aao! is a nature-based eco-tourism operator that offers customised outdoor experiences, currently in Goa and the Andaman & Nicobar Islands. Browse their website Follow them on Instagram Like their Facebook page Get in touch with them for explorations across backyard nature trails, stargazing sessions, overnight camping trips, river boat cruises, and bird watching excursions in Goa. You can choose from half-day, full-day, and multi-day adventures. Khoj-aao! intends to expose the younger generations to the outdoors with their interdisciplinary programs designed to take the classroom outside amid natural surroundings.  The Khoj-aao! Young Explorer Kits are suitable for all ages, and are ideal to bring along for your own independent adventures in the wild. They also organise workshops on topics including, snake awareness, backyard biodiversity, wilderness survival, and local flora/fauna among others. Also mentioned in this episode Amit Shetty - Andaman & Nicobar Islands - Bear Grylls - Bhagwan Mahaveer Wildlife Sanctuary - Birding - Bushcraft - Butterfly - Camping - Camping in the USA - Camping in India - Camp Monk - Damselfly - David Attenborough - Dragonfly - Dry bite (mock bite) - Dudhsagar waterfalls - First response - Flying Fish - Fungi in Goa - Geminids - Grand Canyon - Hiking - Hornbill - International Dark-Sky Association - International Space Station - Jio - Light pollution - Machu Picchu - Machu Picchu Trek - Mergui Archipelago - Mollem - Monsoon - National Historic Site - New species of ant discovered in 2020 - Nupur D'souza - Ohio - Parag Rangnekar - Paul Oxton - Paul Stamets - Pelagic birds - Pleiades - Poisonous vs Venomous - Ranthambore - Romulus Whitaker - Shashikiran - Space debris - Spiti - Stargazing - Starlink - Touch me not - Trail grading - Trail running - Trekking - Western Ghats - White-bellied sea eagle - Wilderness Survival Certification - Yondr Timestamps for reference04:31 Is it fun offering outdoor experiences? 08:55 Returning to similar trails and understanding the flora and fauna 14:41 Bipin and Pooja's introduction to camping 20:57 From camping to Khoj-aao 22:45 Trails in Goa 25:38 Encouraging guests to document their outdoor experiences 27:31 Different experiences offered by Khoj-aao 32:48 Goa is a year-round destination for nature-based experiences 36:25 Stargazing with Khoj-aao and personal experiences with celestial events 49:40 Interacting with like-minded guests, and their experiences in the outdoors 56:43 Uniqueness of the Goan outdoors 01:00:04 Inspiring guests to explore the outdoors on their own 01:04:23 Infrastructure for independent outdoor experiences 01:08:57 The cultural shift to keeping our public spaces clean, and respecting the native ecosystems 01:22:30 Development within local communities 01:33:30 Light Pollution, stargazing, and other experiences with guests 01:41:30 Young Explorers Adventure Kit 01:51:01 Snakes and stuff 01:53:55 Experiences in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands 01:56:06 The beauty of marine life 01:59:30 Wilderness survival 02:13:38 Gears and gadgets in adventure sports and recreation 02:17:57 How Bipin and Pooja met, and the beginning of Khoj-aao 02:23:06 Bipin and Pooja's personal travels, and takeaways from running an eco-conscious travel business ******* Show cover jingle courtesy of Icons8 Music by Nordgroove from Fugue Episode background tunes courtesy of YouTube Audio LibraryAsleep with the Sun by Unicorn Heads First Class by DJ Williams All photographs by Bipin Bhosale, Khoj-aao!, and Pooja Rani Bhatia, unless otherwise stated.
Sonia Filinto is a filmmaker and writer.  In addition to working on several feature films, she has independently directed Shifting Sands and Bread & Belonging. Follow her on Instagram Chat with her on Twitter Listen to her journey from growing up in the beachside neighborhood of Calangute in Goa, and moving to different cities for work. Having recently returned to Goa, she now shares stories of people closer to home. As a writer, she has contributed to various publications over the years. You can also read up more features and browse stories on her website. Her latest film Bread & Belonging (2020) showcases the different facets of Goa's relationship with pao. Between natives who have been baking this bread as a family business, to migrants who have taken on this trade by filling in the void, the film explores the complexities involved in making this staple food every day. Know more about Bread & Belonging You can get a sense of the insider/outsider dynamics in Goa, through the lens of the ubiquitous local breads. Keep an eye out for screenings of Bread & Belonging at film festivals and other intimate events near you. Shifting Sands (2013) is a documentary that showcases lives of a native fishing community of Goa in the popular beachside village of Calangute, where Sonia was born. It captures the tides of change that has overwhelmed this coastal stretch, thanks to tourism, while the state keeps up with the growing demand of seafood. Watch the documentary here, hosted by PARI Also mentioned in this episode:Alami mushrooms - Anika Proença - Armenia - Bangalore Iyengar Bakery - Bate Papo - Bollywood - Cabo de Rama Fort - Champagne Wine Trails - Floyd Cardoz - Fundação Oriente - Ganjam - Great Ocean Road - Jila Bakery - Kankon Pao - Katro Pao - Ladi Pav - Mamta Murthy - Mancurad mangoes - Moira banana - Nahoum and Sons - Neil Dsouza - O G Variar Bakery - Paowalla - Paris Pao - Pao - Poderachem Fest - Poi - Responsible Tourism Collective - Roads & Kingdoms - Saumyanda Sahi - Save Mollem - Sid - Smith Field Bakery - Stellenbosch - Sunaparanta - The Bombay Canteen - The One School Goa - The Paradise School Goa - Undo - Urak - Vada Pav - Wendell Rodricks - Wenger's Timestamps for reference 02:05 Happy New Year 2021 03:56 Using the lockdown for developing future projects? 08:05 Poe, the equalizer 12:54 Sonia's relationship with Goan bread 18:02 Goa's local associations for bread 20:42 Certain professions, migration, and food 25:59 Vada Pav in Bombay 27:44 Pao vs artisnal breads 40:22 Getting to know the different Goan breads 48:04 Neo-bakers and traditional baking methods of pao 51:45 Sonia's biggest takeaway from the film 54:35 Migrants vs Expats 01:05:05 Reactions to Bread and Belonging 01:05:58 Shifting Sands 01:13:04 Travels and meeting people 01:17:30 Kind of stories that Sonia writes about 01:19:01 Travel influences, and stories closer to home 01:26:50 Travel experiences around local products 01:30:31 Sonia's introduction to filmmaking 01:33:35 Sonia's upcoming projects 01:37:17 Future of filmmaking 01:40:31 Finding a niche in filmmaking 01:43:17 Goa 2.0? 01:58:45 Sonia's favourite part of Goa ******* Show cover jingle courtesy of Icons8 Music by Nordgroove from Fugue Episode background tunes courtesy of YouTube Audio LibraryA New Orleans Crawfish Bowl by Unicorn Heads Zodiac Structures by NomBe All photographs by Sonia FIlinto, Bread & Belonging, Shifting Sands, and Nikhil Shankar, unless otherwise stated.
Waylon James Dsouza is an artist and designer, who creates avantgarde pieces of educational art based on substantial research via various vantages. He views our world through the lens of biomimicry, and integrates learning from nature into his work. Follow him on Instagram Check out his illustrations Connect with him on Facebook Listen to stories of his diverse practices from industrial design and installations to aquaponics and permaculture. His home terrace is an experimental space called The Botanical Lab, where he realizes his interest as an urban gardener. Waylon's multi-disciplinary explorations result in elaborate exhibits that highlight symbolic materials. They offer sustainable solutions while carrying elements of philosophy, culture, and education. Whether it's a rural community project, an urban planning exercise, a garden to table culinary experience, or an upcycled lighting fixture, Waylon has his pulse on the contemporary society. You may find him planning nocturnal garden layouts, painting his next mandala, or performing with fire at an exotic location. --- Ama - Amche Mollem - Anup J Kat - Aquaponics - Arrival (movie) - Azerbaijan - Beach cleanups - Biomimicry - Canopy walk Castle Rock - Changwon Sculpture Biennale 2020 - Domus - Eternal Flame, Baku - Geoffrey Bawa - Humpback whales - Indica: A Deep Natural History of the Indian Subcontinent - Jago: A Life Underwater - Jiu Jitsu - Judo - Landscape design - Mangrove Boardwalk, Panjim - Marie Kondo - MeRoom - Miyawaki Method of land regeneration - Mycelium network - Paper wasp - Paul Stamets - Permaculture - Plogging - Potter wasp - Slime mold - Social engineering - Sperm whale - Star Trek: Discovery - Tabula Rasa - Taraporewala Aquarium - Tropical architecture - Visual architecture - Zorastrianism --- Timestamps for reference02:36 Waylon's journey 18:10 More projects that Waylon has been working on 22:12 The Great Forgetting 23:21 More projects, especially one for Changwon 28:07 Making mandalas 29:23 Waylon's art expressions and mediums 30:51 Using art to educate, and why history is fascinating 34:53 My Mollem 36:42 Addressing conservation in Waylon's arts practice 37:35 Visual pollution & Sensory pollution 48:33 Understanding the term 'pollution' by definition 52:57 Is technology harvesting humans? 54:44 Mycelium network 57:30 Biomimicry as a lens 01:01:04 Bombay to Goa, breeding and domestication of certain animals 01:18:08 Nikhil's journey in brief 01:24:35 Learning about trees and different species 01:28:08 Coastal ecosystems 01:31:15 Sports and recreation through a responsible lens 01:35:05 Littering, before and after, the bucket analogy 01:38:44 Upcycling our products, Limca example 01:43:15 Conservation is a first world issue, and being vegan 01:50:37 Fire as an element 01:55:40 Industrial design, fluidity of nature, and public spaces 02:00:56 Rewilding urban spaces 02:03:42 Miyawaki method of land generation 02:04:33 What Waylon saw over the years 02:07:57 Waylon's upcoming projects ******* Show cover jingle courtesy of Icons8 Music by Nordgroove from Fugue Episode background tunes courtesy of YouTube Audio LibraryBaila Mi Cumbia (Sting) by Jimmy Fontanez Media Right Productions Sangria by Saidbysed Tango in Mumbai by Quincas Moreira Verve by Benjamin Martins All photographs by Waylon James Dsouza, & WJD Illustration, unless otherwise stated.
Buland Shukla is an architect, artist, and acoustic consultant. He wears many hats because he's curious about learning processes of how things work. He's keen about research in the field of acoustics ad architecture. Expect to find him experimenting with different flours to bake breads, or making fermented sauces using myriad ingredients. As night falls, he might be entertaining a crowd with gypsy jazz tunes, or playing host to a listening session at his vinyl club. --- Audiophile Goa Audiophile Goa is Goa's first vinyl record store and listening room, nestled in the heritage neighborhood of Fontainhas in Goa, India. Music enthusiasts and hardcore audiophiles will be able to experience sounds from analog paraphernalia at this intimate retail space. See their website Follow them on Instagram Like their Facebook page --- Copper Glow Audio Buland Shukla handcrafts Hi-Fi analog audio systems made using wood and copper chassis, on request. You can place an order for custom-built turntables, vacumn-tube amplifiers, and speakers, from his boutique brand called Copper Glow Audio. --- Ferment Station Goa is Buland's home setup, where he makes products such as ginger ales, kombuchas, sauces, and sourdough breads using controlled natural methods of fermentation. For The Record - Vinyl BarInspired by the vinyl bars of Tokyo, Buland has created an intimate space for enthusiasts to enjoy high fidelity music on analogue systems, and handcrafted feni-based cocktails prepared using Indian craft spirits. See their website Follow them on Instagram Like their Facebook page --- Under the umbrella of Heritage Acoustics, Buland offers his services as an architect, and consults on restoration of heritage spaces. The Banjara Quartet is a music band that showcases Gypsy Jazz tunes. Follow their socials to catch them a live music venue in Goa, or on their tour. Like their Facebook page Listen to them on Soundcloud --- TIMESTAMPS FOR REFERENCE 04:07 Heritage architecture of Fontainhas 06:13 What attracts Buland to the architecture of Goa? 12:24 Timelessness in contemporary architecture 18:09 Do architectural ideas get executed at individual levels? 19:53 Public projects 21:43 Public access to showstopper structures 25:21 Modern architects who have created timeless structures 29:09 Buland's interest in Indian vernacular architecture and sound 35:54 Design and acoustic hotspots in ancient and spiritual spaces 39:41 Acoustical restoration of a church 46:45 Significance of acoustics in contemporary structures 49:07 What is Heritage Acoustics? 50:42 Some examples of awesome structures that Buland has interacted with 56:04 Urban planning and design 01:13:03 Influences from travels 01:15:03 Buland's introduction to architecture 01:18:21 Buland's musical journey 01:21:06 Form tabla to guitar 01:22:50 What is gypsy jazz? 01:25:44 How did The Banjara Quartet come together? 01:29:05 Buland's take on the contemporary music scene 01:39:24 Vinyl records and high fidelity music 01:43:23 The beginning of Audiophile Goa 01:48:15 Creating a listening and drinking space at For The Record Vinyl Bar 02:02:00 Fermentstation and understanding fermentation 02:13:51 Inclination towards vintage and old things 02:18:33 Influence of Vaastu Shaastra and Feng Shui in architecture 02:21:42 Sustainability and eco-conscious living scenario in Goa 02:33:54 Our impact on our immediate surroundings 02:39:35 Cultural dynamics in Goa Also mentioned in this episode Afonso Guest House - Antilla - Antoni Gaudi - Anumitra Ghosh - Anuradha Naik - Azulejos - Bauhaus - Big Butt Audio - Bombil - Braganza House - Buddha Bar - Burj Khalifa - Cafe del Mar - Cave paintings of Australia - CEPT University - Chamber music - Chichén Itzá - Colonial architecture - DAC (Digital-to-analog converter) - Designing Design - Django Reinhardt - Dr Manohara KK - Dubai - Duke Ellington - Edible Archives - Eiffel Tower - Elevator music - El Castillo (Temple of Kukulcan) - Empire State Building - Fan-shaped cobble pavements - Fontainhas - Frank Gehry - Frank Lloyd Wright - Gothic churches - Gregorian chants - Guggenheim Museum - Gypsy Jazz - Houses of Goa - ICAR Central Coastal Agricultural Research Institute - Iegor Reznikoff - Iggy the Bastard - Indian Music Experience - Izakaya - Japanophilia - Jazz kissa - Joseph Bar - Kenya Hara - Khola chilli - Koothambalam - Laterite stone - Lounge music - Machu Picchu - Mala, Panjim - Manasi Prasad - Mandavgarh - Manga comics - Marina Bay Sands - Micky's Place Agonda - Namghar - Naoshima Island - National Institute of Design Ahmedabad - Nilankur Das - Old Goa - POGO (Peope of Goan Origin) - Quetzal - Raj Bhavan, Goa - Robert - Sagrada Familia - Santiago Calatrava - Sourdough - Stéphane Grappelli - Tadao Ando - Tahir Noronha - Taj Mahal - Tallest skyscrapers in the world - The Church of the Light - The Statue of Unity - Throat singing - Thus - Uzbekistan - Vinyl bars of Japan - Weaboo - Yazd, Iran ******* Show cover jingle courtesy of Icons8 Music by Nordgroove from Fugue Episode background tunes courtesy of YouTube Audio LibraryCantus Firmus Monks by Doug Maxwell Gypsy Dance by Topher Mohr and Alex ElenaGypsy Stroll by Aaron Lieberman All photographs by Audiophile Goa, Buland Shukla, Copper Glow Audio, Fermentstation, For The Record Vinyl Bar, & Heritage Acoustics, , unless otherwise stated.
Akash Sharma is an experimental artist, archaeoacoustic conservationist, and the founder of Sound.Codes. Listen to his journey from growing up in Mumbai and studying computers and music, to now helping preserve sound heritage and acoustic signatures via multiple open-source projects! Sound.Codes is a research lab that encompasses Akash's diverse interests. This entity showcases the world of sound through avant-garde multimedia projects. See their website Follow them on InstagramListen to them on Soundcloud Like their Facebook page Watch their YouTube channel Chat with them on Twitter Akash develops custom hardware and platform agnostic software to assist audio enthusiasts. Akash also builds his own field recording binaural microphone named as Kaan. This is available on a made-to-order basis. Keep an ear out for his immersive audio experiences and interactive installations that pop up across the world. Akash is an integral part of Algorave India, part of a global algorithmic dance culture movement. He creates live music using computer codes under the aliases Substance_D and/or Old Squirrel. See their website Follow them on Instagram Like their Facebook page Akash established a studio called KarmaQuad at the village of Kalga in the Indian Himalayas.  It features an quadraphonic room, an electronic lab, a woodworking lab, and an oven. Also mentioned in this episode 423hz vs 440 hz - Abhinay Khoparzi - Acoustics - Acoustic levitation - Aguada underground watertank - Ajanta caves - Alex McLean - Anna - Arvalem caves - Ambisonic room - Archaeoacoustics - Archaeological Survey of India - Archaeology - Archive.Org - Arctic Code Vault - Area 51 - Arunachal Pradesh - Assam - Aum - Bärenzwinger, Berlin - Bhakti - Basilica of Bom Jesus - Buddhism - Campal - Carnatic music - Chalukya dynasty - Chalukya caves - Concert pitch - David Attenborough - Dhanya Pilo - EMF microphones - Equal Temperament Scale - Fibonacci - Fontainhas - Ganjam - Gharana - GitHub - Goethe-Institut Max Muller Bhavan Mumbai - Gong baths - Hampi - Hinduism - Hoysala - Jainism - Joshua “Tig3rbabu” Thomas - Kalga, Himachal Pradesh - Kinesthetic experience - Lodhi - Memory effect on water - Mimosa leaves - Napoleon Bonaparte - Neumann - Ninja - Northeastern Hill University - Orchestra setting - Penha de França church, Goa - Raia - Right to repair - Rivona caves - Samurai - Siang district - Sleep concerts - Sonic restoration - Sound healing - Sound heritage - SoundTrek - Sufi in India - Tambdi Surla temple - Tantra - The Musafir Stories (Meghalaya episode) - The Story Of - Usgalimal rock carvings - Vedic chants - Vittala temple Timestamps for reference05:00 Music and performing, as Algorave 07:17 What does Akash do in the realm of sound? 08:42 What is archaeoacoustics? 10:26 Use of archaeoacoustics in the modern day 11:53 How does gathering data for archaeoacoustics work? 16:20 Collecting audio data from a space 19:12 What is acoustic signature? 20:01 What is Sound Heritage? 23:55 Akash's work involves capturing sonic snapshots of spaces 26:19 Akash's first experience of resonating caves 29:18 Projects in the Northeast of India 30:53 Transitioning interest in sound into projects 33:00 Covering Goan archaeological sites for sound heritage 41:17 How can a layman experience sound heritage? 45:12 Some of Akash's favorite projects - Plantoid 49:10 Project with ITC to gamify nightclub experiences 54:23 Another highlight project 01:01:13 Kaan in a cage in Berlin 01:08:36 What is Sound.Codes? 01:11:14 Human-machine relationships 01:13:52 Humans, machines, and sustainability 01:18:49 Kaan - a binaural microphone 01:23:14 The beauty of binaural sounds 01:26:18 Spirituality, psychedelics, and civilizations 01:31:13 Sacred spaces and sounds 01:33:02 Acoustic levitation 01:38:19 Musical pillars in temples across India 01:42:00 The story behind 423 Hz cosmic frequency 01:45:20 Chants, 108, and cosmic frequency 01:48:42 Indigenous people and their relation to sounds in sacred spaces 01:51:55 Is there acoustic communication between plants and trees? 01:56:06 Sites, sounds, and emotions 01:58:44 Use of sound in healing and medicine 02:04:58 Archiving contemporary civilization digitally 02:11:30 Gharana music project 02:17:10 Algorave India 02:21:13 KarmaQuad 02:22:58 Upcoming projects ******* Show cover jingle courtesy of Icons8 Music by Nordgroove from Fugue Episode background tunes courtesy of YouTube Audio LibraryOrient by SefChol Sonic by Lish Grooves Sunset Riddim by Konrad OldMoney All photographs by Akash Sharma, Algorave India, & Sound.Codes, unless otherwise stated.
Mrugaya Xpeditions is a nature-based experiential tour company based out of Goa, India. Sign up for day trips, personalised excursions, and study tours to discover the myriad flora and fauna of the Western Ghats.  See their website Follow them on Instagram Like their Facebook page Watch their YouTube channel Curated by knowledgeable and experienced naturalists, you can expect to encounter the rich biodiversity of the region. These low impact tours are managed with responsible tourism practices, involving local communities, and conservation efforts in mind. They also offer guided, small-group tours to birding hotspots across the country.  Omkar Dharwadkar is a naturalist and wildlife photographer. He's the also the President and Founder Member of the Goa Bird Conservation Network (GBCN). Listen to his journey from growing up in Goa, and spending time alone in the forest, to now sharing his knowledge as a 'Bird Magnet' with discerning guests. Along with local filmmaker Kabir Naik, Omkar has been creating a video series on the wildlife of Goa. They have covered the monsoon, amphibians, odonates, butterflies, and camouflage in the state. Watch their videos to learn more about the native flora and fauna. Parag Rangnekar is a naturalist and wildlife photographer. He's also the Founder Member of the Goa Bird Conservation Network (GBCN). Parag has specific interest in dragonflies and butterflies. Listen to his journey from growing up in Goa, and spending his holidays exploring the forests of Amboli in Maharashtra, to now rejuvenating his ancestral house into a nature retreat, and offering a platform that showcases the region's natural wonders. Goa Bird Conservation Network (GBCN) is a non-profit society of birding enthusiasts in Goa. Join in for their monthly bird walks in the forests of Goa.  See their website Like their Facebook page Aangan Village Stay is a homestay in Verlem,, set within the hinterland of Goa, India. Managed by the Verlem Eco Tourism Cooperative Society, you can immerse yourselves in the culture, cuisine, and community here.  See their website Like their Facebook page Jungle Trails Homestay is a quaint accommodation located in Talde village, on the fringes of Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary in Goa, India. You can explore the surrounding forests and 14th century heritage sites on nature trails with expert local guides. See their website Like their Facebook page Mrugaya Nature Retreat is a bed & breakfast nestled amid the lush wilderness of Amboli, India. This eco-conscious accommodation features rustic interiors and offers three guestrooms with private sit-outs.  You can head out on nature trails to spot birds, reptiles, and amphibians in the forests around. See their website Like their Facebook page Goa Bird Conservation Network (GBCN) is a non-profit society that promotes birding, and serves as an excellent resource documenting the various species of birds in Goa. See their website Like their Facebook page Join in for their bird walks that happen on the first Sunday of every month. GBCN conducts regular surveys and also organises events that help in bird conservation. ******* Also mentioned in this episode All Goa Water Bird Census - Amboli - Asian Water Bird Census - Beach Fashion Week - Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary - Birding - Bird Atlas - Dr Salim Ali - Dr Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary - Dragonfly - Dragonflies South Asia - eBird - Fauna of Goa - First Nations - Foundation for Environment Research and Conservation - Goa Gap - Heinz Lainer - India Bird Conservation Network - Inle Lake - International Dark-Sky Association - Invertebrate Conservation and Information Network of Southeast Asia - Jim Corbett - Kenneth Anderson - Kerala Tourism - Limits of Acceptability - Mahabaleshwar -Matheran - Matoli - Meat Eater - Mineral Foundation of Goa - Moken - Naitik Jain - Nilesh Cabral - Nirmal Kulkarni - Quiet Parks International - Rahul Alvares - Responsible Tourism Collective - Savio Fonseca - Serendipity Arts Festival - Shivdas Dessai - Shraddha Rangnekar - Spirit Bear - Tambdi Surla - Uttrakhand birds - Velips - West Bengal birds - Western Ghats - WWF - Zoological Survey of India Timestamps for reference 03:25 Uniqueness of the Western Ghats 05:40 The Goa Gap 06:35 Documenting the natural history of Goa's Western Ghats 09:09 Heinz Leiner & Birds of Goa 13:07 Amphibians in Goa 14:48 Surveys about birds 19:28 Operations of GBCN 20:20 Monthly bird walks 21:39 Birding hotspots in Goa 22:21 Interest of birding in Goa from a tourism perspective 24:30 Possibility of spotting 150 species of birds in Goa over a three day trip 28:58 Infrastructure in natural spaces 32:56 Pricing and carrying capacity of natural destination 36:15 Community-based tourism as a double-edged sword, and Aangan project in Verle 44:03 Spirit Bear & First Nations 46:15 Jungle Trails Homestay 49:03 What's the intent behind Mrugaya Xpeditions 51:36 Story of Mrugaya 55:05 Hunting, foraging, and harvesting from forests 01:03:24 Different organizations that Omkar and Parag are part of 01:06:06 Making the best of the beach in Goa 01:07:29 Can Goa accommodate more small-group experiences responsibly? 01:12:55 Brand of destination Goa, and new approaches 01:17:49 Personal journeys and influences of Omkar and Parag 01:22:12 The Mollem issue 01:41:26 Government websites are so outdated in India, an IT hub 01:43:34 Goa Bird Festival ******* Show cover jingle courtesy of Icons8 Music by Nordgroove from Fugue Episode background tunes courtesy of YouTube Audio LibraryFirst Class by DJ Williams Song of Sadhana by Jesse Gallagher Sonic by Lish Grooves All photographs by Omkar Dharwadkar, Parag Rangnekar, and Mrugaya Xpeditions, unless otherwise stated.
Bettymaya Foott is an astrophotographer and a dark sky enthusiast. As the Director of Engagement at the International Dark-Sky Association, she is instrumental in spreading the message of saving the stars! See her website Follow her on Instagram Like her Facebook page Know her on LinkedIn Bettymaya also founded an Instagram page called Women in Astrophotography to encourage and empower women who are passionate about astrophotography, to be comfortable under the night skies. Listen to her journey from stargazing on a trampoline as a kid and studying about environment and sustainability, to now capturing the beauty of our night skies and helping preserve dark skies. Bettymaya is fluent in Spanish and loves camping and river rafting trips. You can reach her for private online workshops on astrophotography, and tours across Moab. The International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) is a non-profit organization that protects our dark skies from light pollution. Based out of Tuscon, Arizona in the USA, it's a recognised global authority on night skies and light pollution. See their website Follow their Instagram Like their Facebook page Chat with them on Twitter IDA recognises dark sky places across the world under several categories such as International Dark Sky Reserves, International Dark Sky Sanctuaries, International Dark Sky Parks, International Dark Sky Communities, and Urban Night Sky Places. You can refer to extensive resources on light pollution, dark skies, and related subjects here>> Please refer to this interactive map that showcases the certified International Dark Sky Places You can be a part of preserving the night skies in your own way by becoming a member, an advocate, a delegate, or joining an IDA chapter near you.  Understand how you can get involved>> Also, as an individual, you can adopt smart dark sky friendly lighting solutions in your daily usage, and also encourage your local communities to take action. Read all about it here>> Our night sky is a shared heritage for all life on earth. This needs to be conserved to enjoy and explore the wonders of the universe. Know more about light pollution and how it affects our health, wildlife, and the world's diverse ecosystems. Also mentioned on this episode Adam Dalton - Airglow - Amanda Gormley - Annamarie Schaecher - Annette Lee - Antarctica - Arches National Park - Astronomical observatories in Antarctica - Astrophotography - Astrostays - Atacama Desert - Audubon, NY  - Aurora Borealis - Bangalore - Canyonlands National Park - Colorado Plateau Dark Sky Cooperative - Dark & Quiet Skies for Science & Society Conference - David Blaine - Deep Anand - Delhi - Delicate Arch - Dinosaur - DJI Osmo Pocket - East Canyon State Park - Effects of light pollution on wildlife - Elon Musk - Four Corners - Gates of Lodore - Glare - Goa - Guatemala - Halley's Comet - Hanle - Illuminating Engineering Society - International Dark-Sky Week - Intervalometer - Jeff Bezos - John Barentine - Johnny Harris - Ladakh - Lauren Scorzafava - Leonardo DiCaprio - Light trespassing - Mauna Kea Observatories - Megan Eaves - Milky Way - Moab - Moment Factory - NASA - NEOWISE Comet - New Zealand - Nightscape photography - Oprah Winfrey - Orion - Pentagon UFO story - Pete Strasser - Red Fleet State Park - Richard Branson - Rufus - Ruskin Hartley - Salt Lake City - Save Our Stars - Skyglow - Southern hemisphere astrophotography - South Pole Telescope - SpaceX - Starlink - Star Galaxy Discovery - Sun photography - Susan Ciarniello - The City Dark - Tribute in Light - United Nations - United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs - University of Utah - Utah - Utah State Parks - Venus - Vox Borders Timestamps for reference 04:15 David Blaine Ascension 05:00 What is light pollution? 06:43 Engaging people to protect our night skies 07:43 International Dark-Sky Places program 08:47 Four different categories 09:58 Requirements to consider for a dark sky destination 10:19 Goal of the International Dark Sky Association 11:33 How can we as global citizens be part of protecting our dark skies? 16:01 How did I stumble upon dark sky reserves 21:39 Appreciating the night skies, and the human connection 28:08 Conservation is a first world problem 31:35 Astrotourism in Ladakh 33:11 Chapters and opportunities for engagement with the IDA 39:13 What is the International Dark-Sky Association? 40:18 The current team at IDA 43:34 How did Bettymaya gravitate toward the IDA? 46:22 Awareness about light pollution through popular media and education systems 48:34 Space explorations and experiencing the night skies from earth 50:17 Events and initiatives by IDA 52:21 Association of Friends of Astronomy Goa 53:24 Learning from indigenous communities about our night skies 59:41 Humans are nature 01:01:12 Light installations vs light pollution 01:04:05 How did Bettymaya start with astrophotography? 01:06:45 Learning curve for astrophotography 01:13:31 Being outdoors to capture a decent photograph of the night skies 01:17:30 Bettymaya's most dramatic destination for astrophotography, and her celestial subjects 01:22:00 Women in Astro 01:23:16 Can astrophotography include capturing the skies during the day? 01:24:11 Opinions about astrology as an astrophotographer 01:26:01 Influence of growing up in a dramatic destination such as Moab 01:28:12 Bettymaya's other interests in the outdoors 01:35:20 Contacts to reach IDA and Bettymaya ******* Show cover jingle courtesy of Icons8 Music by Nordgroove from Fugue Episode background tunes courtesy of YouTube Audio LibraryA Quiet Thought by Wayne Jones Nebular Focus by Dan Henig On Foot by Underbelly & Ty Mayer Orbit by Corbyn Kites Touch Tone by The Mini Vandals All photographs by Bettymaya Foott, & the International Dark-Sky Association, unless otherwise stated.
Sephi Bergerson is an international reportage and documentary photographer. He has also authored coffee table books that cover street foods, wedding traditions, polio eradication and trucking, all across India. Currently based in Goa, India, h See his website Follow him on Instagram Like his Facebook page Watch his YouTube channel Listen to his journey from growing up and studying photography in Israel, and travelling the world, to now working on a bunch of personal photography projects that allow for spiritual explorations. Sephi stumbled onto wedding photography when on of his friends invited him to document her sister's wedding. Later, he went on to become one of most sought after artists to shoot wedding ceremonies among India's upper middle class. Sephi first ventured into the bustling and chaotic cities across the country. He captured a delicious assortment of 50 street foods that are enjoyed in India. You can buy his book Street Food of India. Portraits in Lockdown Sephi used Facetime to create portraits of individuals, couples, and families during the historic lockdown period through 2020. Horn Please: Trucking in India showcases the lives and realities of truckers in India. SILK by Sephi Bergerson is a specialty luxury wedding photography service offered by Sephi Bergerson and a curated team of freelance photographers. Discerning couples can commission him to capture memories of your big day in a candid and photojournalistic style. See their website Follow them on Instagram Also mentioned in this episode 23 Hours to Kill - A Canticle for Leibowitz - Adam - Aghora: At the left hand of God - Aghoris - Alfred Hitchcock - Ambassador car - Amber Bergerson - Analog photography - Andres Serrano - Ansel Adams - Arizona - ASMR - Bengali wedding rituals - Better Photography - Blade Runner - Carlos Castaneda - Chakras & Yoga - Chess - Conde Nast - Curlie's - David Bowie - Delhi Photo Festival - Devika Daulet-Singh - Elon Musk - Eva Bergerson - Exodus from Egypt - Facetime - Falafel (different types) - Glenn Richmann - Gordon Hempton - Greenwich Village - Jama Masjid - Jerry Seinfeld - Hyderabadi Muslim wedding - India - Israeli military - Israeli army knife - Israeli falafel - Jaffa - Jimmy Days - Josh - Kashmiri Pandit wedding - Ladhaki Buddhist wedding - Leah Bergerson - Life - Manhattan - Marijuana - Mick Jagger - Moses - National Geographic - New Mexico - New York - Old Delhi - Old Testament - Pharaoh - Pita bread - Piss Christ - Poi - Polaroid - Triumph Over Polio (polio eradication drive in India) - Prickly Pear - Quiet Parks International - Raëlian - River Nile - Roger Ballen - Sandro Botticelli - Scarface - Sex on the Beach - Shefi Carmi-Bergerson - Siddharth Dhanvant Sanghvi - Sikh wedding rituals - Street food in India - Sunaparanta Goa Center of Arts - Syrian Christian wedding - Tam Brahm wedding rituals - The Big Lebowski - The Birth of Venus - The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly - The Leela Kovalam - The Teachings of Don Juan - Traditional Indian attire - Udaipur - Vada Pav - Vogue - Woodburns - World Health Organization - Yellow badge - UNICEF - Zone-system Timestamps for reference 03:37 Woodburns Whisky 04:25 Sephi's bartending and other adventures in New York 18:06 The seed of Sephi's interest in photography 20:06 From analog to digital photography 24:49 Is it the art or the artist? Importance of working on personal projects 30:48 Shooting weddings in India 34:29 Documenting stories and photographs for the books 40:32 Street foods in India & in Israel - the book and more 49:55 Portraits of Lockdown, and remote photography 01:00:03 Is the party over for photography as a career? 01:04:54 Shooting for NGO projects 01:10:07 Learning about relationship while shooting weddings 01:13:45 Talking about religious rituals 01:19:15 Sephi's project on religion 01:27:23 Other controversial works on religion 01:30:26 Having a diverse portfolio 01:36:09 Religion reprise 01:38:40 Random ASMR of drinking water 01:39:22 A bit about quiet spaces and nature 01:43:32 Is religion natural? Is it an organism? 01:51:43 Questioning stories in religious scriptures 01:55:24 Are humans being harvested? 01:58:03 Psychedelics, religion, and art 02:00:56 The Overview Effect 02:01:50 Understanding patriotism, geographical and social sentiments 02:03:43 Humans and animals respecting each other in this ecosystem 02:04:34 Education, and our sources of knowledge 02:08:41 Sephi is still on a spiritual quest to find himself through photography 02:12:52 Sephi's idea of spirituality 02:19:05 A little backstory about Nikhil Shankar 02:22:01 More conscious stuff, the five layers of yogic experiences 02:27:28 Talking about Roger Ballen 02:35:31 A case for more art to be in public spaces 02:43:00 SILK by Sephi Bergerson 02:46:29 Learning photography in institutions 02:48:40 Influences of being a photographer on family life and parenting ******* Show cover jingle courtesy of Icons8 Music by Nordgroove from Fugue Episode background tunes courtesy of YouTube Audio LibraryA Quiet Thought by Wayne Jones Angel Guides by Jesse Gallagher Fresno Alley by Josh & The Overtimers Song of Sadhana by Jesse Gallagher All photographs by Sephi Bergerson, unless otherwise stated. Sephi's black and white portrait by Joe McNally
The Musafir Stories is an independent travel podcast that explores the lesser known destinations across India. See their websiteFollow them on Instagram Like their Facebook page Chat with them on Twitter Each episode, hang out with the hosts Faiza and Saif, as they chat with insiders and locals who will share their amazing stories and experiences. Faiza Khan and Saif Omar are co-hosts of The Musafir Stories, and also the founding members of the O2Pod Collective. Listen to their journey from growing up in Bangalore and dabbling in handmade product businesses, to now showcasing India through the medium of an audio podcast. The O2Pod Collective is a community of independent podcasters and listeners that provides a platform to explore this growing medium in India. Follow them on Instagram Like their Facebook page Whether you're starting out with a new podcast, need to discuss the latest technologies and developments in this industry, or just want to hang out and learn, the O2Pod Collective welcomes you with open arms.  Also mentioned on this episode Aaron Millar - Aawaz - Airplane Mode - Alberta - All India Bakchod - Amateur Traveler podcast - Amit Doshi - Amit Varma - Anuvab Pal - Aravind Chandramohan - Armchair Explorer - Audible - Audiomatic - Audioboom - Away - B R Ambedkar - Baji Rao Mastani - Banff - Bangalore - Bangalore Bits - Bangalore Palace - Biker Radio Rodcast - Bijay Gautam - Canada - Chatrapathi Shivaji - Chhavi Sachdev - Chitrakoot - Church Street - Condenast Traveler podcast - Cyrus Broacha - Cyrus Says - Dakhni - Danish Sait - Death Valley - Dzükou Valley - Extra Pack of Peanuts - Frazer Town - Ganjam - Goodwave Adventures - Guzzler's Inn - Hampi - Hoboken, NJ - How I Built This with Guy Raz - Hyder Ali - INTACH - Inscription Stones of Bangalore - International Dark-Sky Association - Invisible India Podcast - ISRO - IVM Podcasts - Jason Moore - Jayanagar - Jessica - Joe Rogan Experience - José Covaco - Kaan Masti - Kadhai Podcast - Kalinjar Fort - Keibul Lamjao National Park - Khajuraho - Kunaal Roy Kapur - Lalbagh - Las Vegas - Lenduk - Macha - Maharaja Chhatrasal - Malabar River Festival - Mangalore - Manik Taneja - Matteo Cafe - Meera Iyer - Naga Subramanya B B - Narayan Prasad - Nebraska - NEOWISE - New Jersey - New Space India - Northeast India - NPR - Our Last Week - Outliers - Patagonia - Pavan Srinath - Peshwa Baji Rao - Pornhub podcast - Quiet Parks International - RadioLab - Ramayana - ReDiscovery Project - Road Trips USA - Roads & Kingdoms - Route 66 - Shandy Shirshendu Banerjee - Shankar - Shiv Sivaguru - Slang podcast - Software People Stories - Soul Sante - Spotify - Subash Chandra Bose - Sujatha Balakrishnan - Sully - Suresh Menon - Thale Harate - The Adventure Sports Podcast - The Dirtbag Diaries - The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson - The Passion People Podcast - The Seen And The Unseen - The Sporkful - The Stans (Central Asia) - The Trip - The Wild - Tipu Sultan - Travis & Heather - Urdunama - Vishnu Padmanabhan - Weird NJ - Women Who Travel - World Nomads podcast - Western Ghats - Writer & Geek - WTF with Marc Maron - Yosemite National Park - Zero To Travel TIMESTAMPS FOR REFERENCE 10:30 Work and sitting behind a screen 15:58 Toronto is home 18:57 Introverts and podcasting 21:45 Talking about sounds 30:37 Learning English in schools from the 90s 39:38 Podcasts and sleeping 45:13 How we stumbled upon podcasts 57:14 Beginning of The Musafir Stories 01:11:09 Brands and companies getting into podcasting 01:16:03 The beauty of the raw vibes of podcasting 01:25:47 Money and podcasting, in India 01:30:37 Randomness in podcasting 01:36:56 O2PodCollective 01:43:23 Vernacular podcasts in India 01:54:42 Saif & Faiza's personal travels and influences02:12:49 Women in travel 02:19:23 Taking our local destinations for granted 02:28:23 Possibilities of travel to cover The Musafir Stories 02:30:55 Learnings from doing the podcast 02:47:03 The Musafir Stories in Hindi? 02:52:47 O2PodCollective in the Indian podcasting scene 02:57:01 The Musafir Stories going forward 02:58:58 Guests and making friends ******* Show cover jingle courtesy of Icons8 Music by Nordgroove from Fugue Episode background tunes courtesy of YouTube Audio Library Cumulus Nimbus by Quincas Moreira The Emperor's New Nikes by DJ Williams
Greenlane.TV is a media company that curates content around green living, and promotes a sustainable lifestyle. A bevy of eco warriors have come together for this venture to cater to discerning consumers across the world. Check out their various channels that include an in-house production called Greenlane Originals. You can enjoy dedicated series such as Preserve Our Islands, Patrons of the Earth, and Sustainable Homes, among others. Tune in to learn about initiatives, products, services, and experiences for the conscious at heart. Browse their online store where you can shop for sustainable local brands.   See their website Watch their YouTube channel Follow them on Instagram Like their Facebook page Varun George is a sustainability champion and the founder of Greenlane.TV. This watersports buff is a seasoned divemaster, avid surfer, and kite surfer. Varun has been dabbling in the digital space, connecting creators and green brands, via a company called Soul Skill, now rejuvenated as Treety. As a believer in the power of video, he's involved in showcasing and producing regional stories of sustainability. Expect to find him admiring marine life, riding surf breaks, chilling on permaculture farms, or hiking across beautiful landscapes, somewhere in the world. Listen to his journey from growing up in a family that embraced an eco-conscious lifestyle, and immersing himself in the oceans, to now starting a media company with a vision to nudge others towards greener lifestyles by making sustainability sexy! Varun has been inspired by his family business called CGH Earth, his partner Lakshmi Poti and her sister Meenakshi Poti, while navigating the world of sustainability. Also mentioned in this episode: Adani Group - AirInk - Alphabet - Amazon - Andaman Nicobar Environment Team - Anup J Kat - Apple - Ayurveda - Bali - Bio stores, Germany - Burma Bike Partnership - Blue Origin - Brenninkmeijer family - CBD (cannabidiol) - CGH Earth - Dutch Good Growth Fund - Dzüko Valley - Earth Roamer - Ecosia - Electric Bikes - Elon Musk - Extinction Rebellion - Extreme E series - Freediving - Gold Coast, Queensland - Google - Green Fund - Green Stories - Gucci - Heritage City, Gurgaon - HORECA - Hotstar - Jeff Bezo's contribution to sustainability - Jimmy Lee Wolf - Journeys With Meaning - Julia Hulme - Kerala - Kim Kardashian's prison reform efforts - Kitesurfing - Kochi - Lakshmi Poti - Land Rover - Mahabalipuram - Meenakshi Poti - Mergui Archipelago - Microplastics in fish - Mind Valley - Moken people - Mu Koh Surin National Park - Neil Island - No Nasties - Northeast India - OTT - Patagonia - Patrons of the Earth - Peter Fernandes - Plant-based meat - Plant medicines - Pornhub planting trees - Prathima Muniyappa - Raw food - Reliance Retail - Something Slow - Surfing - Surfing in India - Surfing in Sri Lanka - Tanaz Noble - Tesla - Tesla Roadster Starman in space - The Better India - The Ninth Isle - Treety - Unilever - Vinod Sreedhar - Wall E Timestamps for reference 03:00 Lockdown and remote working 07:32 Moving towards local and regional 11:13 Global collective consciousness and going local 17:35 Technology and current scenario with sustainability 23:00 Understanding sustainability? 26:20 Evil corporations funding emerging resources 29:19 Corporations embracing sustainability 31:31 Big corporations with green operations vs green startups 40:36 Sustainable living is a conscious choice 41:22 A game to explore sustainability 49:57 What is Greenlane.TV? 57:57 Short videos vs long-form content 01:01:00 Big businesses and green initiatives 01:04:00 Understanding sustainable businesses 01:10:36 Investing in green businesses, and believing in emerging ideas 01:13:23 Crowdfunding for green businesses 01:14:25 Shopping for sustainable products on Greenlane.TV 01:15:29 The spectrum of products and services that can be available in local flea markets 01:22:24 Taking about Amazon Go 01:28:00 Is sustainable living a luxury? 01:29:44 Consumption and updating products in daily life 01:31:44 Carbon footprint counter 01:33:35 Examples of a few sustainable brands 01:38:18 Plant-based meat and eating meat 01:42:28 Varun’s family, and CGH Earth 01:50:08 Amazon Go reprise 01:53:44 How do you know if a business is truly green? 01:56:16 Just planting trees as a business is not going green 01:58:35 Ecosia and Google 02:03:41 Varun’s many influences 02:11:11 Why travel and getting out is the best way to understand sustainability 02:13:28 Youth and positions of power 02:19:15 Varun’s love for the oceans 02:39:57 Travel and sustainability, along with examples of destinations 02:58:06 Talking about Mollem National Park 03:01:00 Space and the stars 03:03:14 Nature and interacting with plants 03:09:55 Are we nature? We are nature! ******* Show cover jingle courtesy of Icons8 Music by Nordgroove from Fugue Episode background tunes courtesy of Icons8 and YouTube Audio Library Hang - Music by Max Sergeev from FugueBook a Rental With It by RAGE Dark Lotus (Sting) by MK2 Sunday Stroll by Huma Huma
Matthew Mikkelsen is an audio engineer, documentary filmmaker, and a sound recordist. He's the co-founder of Spruce Tone Films, and is the Executive Director of Wilderness Quiet Parks at Quiet Parks International. Listen to his journey from growing up in New Jersey and studying the world of sounds, to now sharing impactful stories, and saving quiet. One Square Inch of Silence is an independent research project by Gordon Hempton. Located off the Hoh River Trail in the Hoh Rain Forest of Olympic National Park, it's marked by a small red stone. See the website Like their Facebook page N 48.12885°, W 123.68234° 303 feet ASL This pristine and diverse environment is possibly the most naturally quiet place in the United States. Quiet Parks International is a private organization that aims to conserve quiet and natural spaces across the world. See their website Follow them on Instagram Like their Facebook page Chat with them on Twitter Watch their YouTube channel Spruce Tone Films is a full suite production company founded by Matt Mikkelsen and Palmer Morse. They share compelling stories of socially and environmentally conscious initiatives, and the outdoors. See the website Follow them on Instagram Like their Facebook page Watch their Vimeo channel Also, mentioned on this podcast Alan Levinovitz - Amazon Rainforest - Anechoic chamber - Anthrophony - Arctic Circle - Arctic Circle air traffic - Atlas Obscura - Atlas Obscura: Soundscapes of Cities Transformed - Austria - Being Hear - Bernie Krause - Biophony - Boudhanath - Cities and Memory - Cofan Tribe, Amazon - Denmark - Elon Musk - Geophony - Gordon Hempton - Gordon Hempton TED talk - Grand Canyon helicopter tours - Grand Teton National Park - Great Big Story - Hoh Rain Forest - Hunting in North America - Ithaca College, NY - Jackson, WY - Joe Rogan podcast with Alan Levinovitz - Lesotho - Mary - Mid-west farming and agriculture - Monument Valley Tribal Park - Navajo Nation - Noise-free interval - NPR The Wild - Olympic National Park - Orfield Laboratories, Minneapolis - Palmer Morse - Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Microsoft headquarters, Washington - Pebble Mine, Alaska - Prathima Muniyappa - Seattle - Share Your Quiet - Sounds Of - Spain - Transformational Travel Council - Twenty Thousand Hertz - United Kingdom - Valley of the Gods - Venture Out - Water Flows Together - Wolf reintroduction in Yellowstone - Wyoming - Yangmingsham Quiet Park - Yellowstone National Park - Zabalo River Timestamps for reference 02:21 Why Wyoming? 07:57 What does silence mean to Matt? 09:02 Human-made noise and human interaction with nature 10:11 Treating our natural spaces better 12:21 Priority of conserving quiet by understanding natural sounds 15:02 Are tribal and folk songs natural sounds? 20:43 Psychedelics and sounds 21:43 Talking about quiet in an anechoic chamber 25:02 What is nature, and what is natural? 33:48 A bit about Bernie Krause 34:53 How did Matt meet Gordon? 43:43 The kinds of sounds that Matt and Gordon record 48:17 Leading to QPI from the first meeting with Gordon 50:40 Who is Gordon Hempton, and what is an acoustic ecologist? 54:40 What is Gordon upto these days? 55:45 What is One Square Inch of Silence? 57:29 Origin of Quiet Parks International 59:42 What does One Square Inch of Silence represent? 01:02:15 Why protecting soundscapes is important from a conservation perspective? 01:03:43 Why protecting naturally quiet spaces spills over to other forms of conservation too? 01:05:30 Awarding the world's first Wilderness Quiet Park and Urban Quiet Park 01:07:58 Managing a Quiet Parks International award/certification 01:13:11 Was it easier to award a Wilderness Quiet Park or an Urban Quiet Park? 01:13:49 Standards of awarding quiet parks 01:18:33 Other quiet experiences courtesy of Quiet Parks International 01:19:58 Identifying Marine Quiet Parks 01:22:50 Challenges in awarding quiet destinations 01:25:32 Hunting and Quiet Parks in the US 01:28:59 Farming and agriculture vs quiet spaces 01:30:52 How population density affects quiet spaces 01:32:20 Initiations for awarding quiet areas 01:33:21 Upcoming quiet destinations across the world through 2020-2021 01:34:30 Introducing Vikram Chauhan, President of QPI 01:36:30 How can a layman contribute to conserving quiet spaces? 01:38:29 Matt as a filmmaker, and co-founding Spruce Tone Films 01:42:23 Adventure sports and the outdoors in conserving quiet spaces 01:44:23 Recording other soundscapes apart from nature sounds 01:46:58 Upcoming projects personally, and with QPI 01:48:58 What's the team of QPI like? ******* Show cover jingle courtesy of Icons8 Music by Nordgroove from Fugue Episode background tunes courtesy of YouTube Audio Library Alone by Emmit Fenn First Class by DJ Williams One Square Inch by Gordon Hempton Orbit by Corbyn Kites Whispering Stream by E's Jammy Jams Untitled 079 by Nikhil Shankar All photographs by Matt Mikkelsen, Quiet Parks International, & Spruce Tone Films, unless otherwise stated
Aaron Millar is a travel writer, journalist, and photographer. Over the years, he has been an artist manager, owner of an independent record label, and a presenter for National Geographic TV. Now, he collects 'wonders' through diverse life experiences, which translates beautifully in his works. Follow him on Instagram Chat with him on Twitter| Aaron hosts a fantastic travel podcast called Armchair Explorer where The World's Greatest Adventurers Tell Their Best Story From the Road. This documentary-style production takes you right into the action, accompanied by cinematic sounds, brilliant narration, and heartfelt experiences. See the website Like their Facebook page Listen to his story from growing up in Brighton, England, and travelling the world for diverse stories, to making a home in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, USA, and hosting a travel podcast to share great adventures. An award-winning travel writer, Aaron regularly contributes to several international publications. He has written two books titled 50 Greatest Wonders of the World, and 50 Greatest National Parks of the World. When not creating content, you can find him indulging in the outdoors, maybe climbing rocks, and exploring percussion instruments. Also mentioned in this episode Afghanistan -  American West - Anwals in the Himalayas - Badami - Bagan - Bhut Jolokia - Bouldering - Brighton, England - Bugs Bunny - Buster Jesik - Cliff camping - Colorado - Denali - Drew Bansky - Edible insects in South East Asia - Effects of wilderness on your mind - Estes Park - First Settlers - Ganesha 8+ - Goa - Gordon Hempton - Grand Canyon - Horseradish - India Pale Ale (IPA) - International Dark Sky Reserves - International Space Station (ISS) - Iran - Japan - Kii Mountains - Kombucha - Kumano Kodo - Kung Fu movies - Matt Mikkelsen - Mount Teide National Park - Mustang horses - Nachi no Ôtaki - Native Americans - NEOWISE comet - Neil Armstrong - Northern Lights in Denali - Oysters - Pakistan - Patagonia - Prefrontal Cortex - Quiet Parks International - RadioLab - Restaurant wars - Rings of Saturn - Rock climbing - Rock climbing in Hampi - Rocky Mountain National Park - Ryoei Takagi - Sheldon Chalet - Shugen-dō - Siem Reap - Sun - TED Radio Hour - Tenerife - The Dawn Wall - The Overview Effect - The Times - Tommy Moe - Tungabhadra River - Utah - Virginia Oyster Trail - Wasabi - Wyoming - Yosemite National Park --- Timestamps for reference 02:21 Living in Colorado 08:39 Spirit of the American West 10:19 Mention of Quiet Parks International 11:36 Why we podcast 14:56 We need to adventure 20:03 Collecting wonders during our lifetimes 25:55 Sharing wonders with other humans 32:35 Effects of nature and natural surroundings 40:00 The Overview Effect 45:12 International borders and challenges in visitng certain countries 50:05 Religion and travel 51:55 Why does Aaron hate gin? 53:45 Spicy foods 56:02 Exploring local flavors 01:02:47 Looking up to the skies 01:10:27 We are nature 01:13:26 What is Blue Dot Perspective, & the Armchair Explorer podcast? 01:17:24 A bit about Travel Writing 01:22:01 How being a traveller and adventurer influence parenting? ******* Show cover jingle courtesy of Icons8 Music by Nordgroove from Fugue Episode background tunes courtesy of YouTube Audio Library Bodele Depression (Mega-Chad Mix) by Jesse Gallagher Gamela by E's Jammy Jams Touch Tone by The Mini Vandals All photographs by Aaron Millar, and Armchair Explorer, unless otherwise stated
Tom Fabbri is a modern day adventurer and life wrangler.  He's an author and motivational speaker who shares his personal journey encouraging people to live a better life. See his website Follow him on Instagram Like his Facebook page Connect with him on LinkedIn Listen to his story from growing up with negative influences and hitting rock bottom, to changing his life through aviation, climbing adventures, and inventing a fitness product. Tom is on a quest to become the 15th American to complete the Explorers Grand Slam. This crazy adventure involves summiting the highest peak in each of the seven continents, and skiing to the North and South poles. He holds a commercial pilot's license, and has flown celebrated individuals across the world on private jets. Tom is also the founder of a wellness brand called Total Motion 360. He has invented a fitness equipment that you can incorporate into your routines. See the website Follow them on Instagram Like their Facebook page This Power Bar is a patented product, designed for conditioning your body through functional fitness. Known as the TM360 Method, you can stay active using fluid exercises that involve yoga, pilates, and Tai Chi movements. Evangelising a healthy lifestyle, Tom has authored two books - Ageless You: The Boomers Guide to Beginning Again, and Ageless You Adventure: Live an ExtraOrdinary Life. BUY HIS BOOKS HERE>> Enter the code GETOUT for a discount on your purchase of Ageless You Adventure: Live an ExtraOrdinary Life. You will receive an autographed copy by Tom. Also mentioned in this episode: 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air - Andes - Antarctica - Alaska - Alpine climbing - Altitude sickness - Baseball - Black Sea - Caspian Sea - Christopher Guest - Climbing volcanoes in Mexico - Coastal skiing - Colorado ice climbing - Craig Ferguson - Denali National Park - DesmondJi - DHL - Drake Passage - Elk meat - Ernest - Explorers Grand Slam - Game meats - Gaya - Graham Hancock - Hereras - Himalayan Guides Nepal - Hunting in North America - Ice climbing - Ilyushin II-76 - Iswari Paudel - Jacques Cousteau - Kenya - Kyanjin Ri - Langtang National Park - Last degree skiing - Mahua - Massachusetts - Midnight Sun - Mineralnye Vody - Monsoon season - Morgan Freeman - Mount Aconcagua - Mount Elbrus - Mount Everest - Mount Kilimanjaro - Mount McKinley - Mount Rainier - Mount Vinson Massif - National Geographic - National Hockey League - Nepal - Neil deGrasse Tyson - New Hampshire - North Pole - Pilates - Punta Arenas - Psychedelics - Rachael Doukas - Rainier Mountaineering Inc - Seven Summits - Sikorsky helicopter - South Pole - StarTalk - Swahili tribe - Tai Chi - Tanzania - The Ganges - The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson - Varanasi - Wim Hof - Wim Hof method - Yoga - Yorsh Timestamps for reference 05:43 Tom's childhood and growing up 07:59 How did Tom get into aviation? 14:55 Learning how to fly and education 16:28 Religion talks 23:55 Travel as education 31:06 Travel for an open mind and beginning of climbing adventures 34:05 The bounty of nature 35:35 Staying healthy and fit 38:07 Culinary school 41:36 Adrenaline rush and respecting nature 48:20 Aconcagua Reprise 48:47 Training and interest in climbing 58:56 Why Mount Denali is the best to train for the Himalayas? 01:01:32 Preparations to climb Mount Everest 01:02:50 Wim Hof Method 01:08:53 Tom's books - Ageless You, & Ageless You Adventure 01:15:05 What is Fear? 01:23:05 Why Tom shares his story? 01:24:29 Interest in Space travel and Space flights 01:27:14 How does Tom unwind? 01:29:21 Tom's experience with parenting 01:35:09 A bit about classic cars01:38:00 Tom's upcoming plans ******* Show cover jingle courtesy of Icons8 Music by Nordgroove from Fugue Episode background tunes courtesy of YouTube Audio LibraryBrother Jack by JR Tundra Divine Life Society by Jesse Gallagher Krishna's Calliope by Jesse Gallagher Not For Nothing by Otis McDonald All photographs by Tom Fabbri, and TotalMotion 360, unless otherwise stated
Vishwaraj Jadeja is an elite athlete, and a Long track Speed skater, who has put India on the map for ice skating, while competing at the international level. See his website Follow him on Instagram Like his Facebook page Chat with him on Twitter Watch his YouTube Channel Check out this trailer of On Thin Ice Listen to his story of growing up in a family of athletes and competing at national levels in roller skating and roller hockey as a kid, to now setting dozens of world records and representing India in speed skating internationally. In January 2019, he set an unofficial world record for the highest altitude ice skating, 5 kilometers on the frozen Tso Moriri in Ladakh. Check out the trailer of On Thin Ice, a series that documents this feat. Competitions aside, Vishwaraj regularly heads out on several adventures on ice. He's on a quest to gain more records on several frozen lakes across the Indian Himalayas. Showcasing his skills on ice, he hopes to inspire people to explore the world of ice skating in India. Vishwaraj has 65 world records to his name, and has competed in over 220 races at top level winter sporting events across Europe and Asia. Cheer him on and support him in your own way, as he prepares to represent India and take top honours at the Winter Olympics in 2022! You might also find him zipping past on ice rinks and frozen lakes somewhere in the world! Also mentioned in this episode 4Play - Aanchal Thakur - Alternative Elfstedentocht - Cricket in India - Elfstedentocht - Fear Factor - French Alps - Gujarat Government - Himalayas - I Tonya - Ice Hockey in Canada - Ice Hockey in Ladakh - Ice skating - Ice skating under the Northern Lights - IMF Mountain Film Festival - Indian Ice Skating Association - Inline speedskating - Ishani Singh Jamwal - Joe Rogan - Khairaar - Ladakh - Ladakh Tourism - LazerXTech - Leander Peas - Long-track ice skating in The Netherlands - Luge - Marnix Koolhaas - Masters World Games - Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports - Neil D'souza - Olympics - Omkar - Pahaadcast - Pangong Tso - Plieger Sport - Ravi Mistry - Red Bull - Roller Hockey - Rupali Prakash (Classic Cars) - Schbang - Shiva Keshavan - Soccer in Brazil - Sports Authority of Gujarat - Spotify - The Netherlands - Triple Axel - Tour de France - Wim Hof - Wim Hof method - Wim Nieuwenhuizen - Winter Olympics - Winter World Masters Games Timestamps for reference 12:30 Vishwaraj's cycling 14:35 Vishwaraj's routine 17:09 Vishwaraj's diet 22:28 How did Vishwaraj find his coach Wim Nieuwenhuizen 31:08 What is long-track ice skating? 37:20 Current scenario (2020) of winter sports in India 44:04 Training and giving back to India 49:21 Setting ice skating records on frozen lakes 52:40 Vishwaraj's skating team in The Netherlands 53:43 How does Vishwaraj unwind? 54:45 Future plans of Vishwaraj 58:22 What does it take to prepare for the Olympics? 59:33 Sponsorships in sports 01:05:26 Why should you be interested in ice skating or other winter sports in India? ******* Show cover jingle courtesy of Icons8 Music by Nordgroove from Fugue Episode background tunes courtesy of YouTube Audio Library 100 Degrees Under by RAGE Calcutta Sunset by E's Jammy Jams All photographs by Vishwaraj Jadeja unless otherwise stated
Sanne Meijboom is the founder of I Like Local and Impact Nomads. As an entrepreneur in the travel industry, she's an inspiration for organisations to invest in socially conscious business models. Listen to her story from growing up in The Netherlands and travelling to over 60 countries, to now creating income opportunities and facilitating positive impact for communities in developing regions. I Like Local is a travel marketplace that offers authentic experiences with locals in developing countries. See their website Follow them on Instagram Like their Facebook page Chat with them on Twitter Browse their Pinterest From farm stays, cooking classes, workshops and staying with monks, find hundreds of activities and tours that will benefit the local communities. Impact Nomads is a remote working program that connects digital nomads with local businesses and initiatives. See their website Follow them on Instagram Like their Facebook page Aimed at exchange of ideas and creative vibes, you can sign up for programs to make a positive impact in the particular destination. Currently available in Kenya and Bali. Also mentioned in this episode Action Aid - Airbnb - Bali - Bhutan - Boracay - Chiang Mai - Co-working spaces - Google - Kenya - Lisbon - Loikaw - Maya Bay - Mexico - Oldenzaal - Oxfam - Padaung - Paro Taktsang - Remote working - Skute - Stellenbosch - The Netherlands - Uma Paro - United Nations - World Bank Timestamps06:20 How did Impact Nomads start?12:40 What is I Like Local?19:59 Four pillars of Impact Nomads24:36 What to expect on an I Like Local experience?29:02 How much are you willing to pay for a curated experience?33:20 Challenges in curated experiences40:25 Expansion plans of I Like Local45:48 Beginning of I Like Local47:15 Sanne's childhood & growing up52:03 Tips on travelling with family/kids57:47 Future Projects of I Like Local ******* Show cover jingle courtesy of Icons8 Music by Nordgroove from Fugue Episode background tunes courtesy of YouTube Audio LibraryAfter the Soft Rains by South London HiFi Cast of Pods by Doug Maxwell Downtime In My Soul by RAGE All photographs by I Like Local, Impact Nomads, and Sanne Meijboom, unless otherwise stated
Shammi Raj Bhalla is a co-creator of Sensistan, and Cyrcus Collective. In addition to being a Tech+Art explorer he's an artist in the making. Shammi also teaches at the Royal University of Law and Economics. Expect to find him learning the latest in technology, and mingling with new age artists. Listen to his story from engineering studies and chasing Wall Street, to empowering communities through art therapy, and now spearheading India's first tech art museum! Sensistan is India's first tech art museum, nestled amid the lush surrounds of Badem in North Goa, India. Spread across three floors, a terrace, and a tropical garden, experience See the website Follow them on Instagram Like their Facebook pageWatch their YouTube channel Step into this interactive wonderland replete with permanent and rotating exhibits that hope to take you on a multi-dimensional journey. Sign up for immersive workshops, art sessions, and dining experiences that happen regularly. Cyrcus Collective is a not-for-profit organisation that uses Tech+Art and art therapy to stimulate creative expressions in communities that have had traumatic events. Timestamps- What is Sensistan? 13:15- Story of Sista, the young girl 24:30- Awe in art 27:15- Psychedelics in art 41:00- Softwares for Tech Art 50:55- Engaging with interactive art 57:15- Artist operations at Sensistan 01:08:10- Shammi meets Steph 01:18:00- Early days during the ideation of Sensistan 01:20:00- Artshram, Phnom Penh 01:23:43- Light festivals around the world 01:36:45- Personal story of Shammi 01:46:10- Future projects of Sensistan 01:51:00 Also mentioned in this episode3D Printing - Ai Weiwei - Amy Adams - Andy Trootootoo - Anindya Gupta - Ansh - Arrival - Artechouse - Artificial Intelligence - Art shares - Art therapy - Assagao - Bangladesh - BITS Pilani - Broadway - Burning Man - Cambodia - CODEC - Coded Field - Deep fake - Deep Playa - Disneyland - Elon Musk - Factory Obscura - Family Guy - Fête des Lumières - Foresta Lumina series - Friends - Game of Thrones - George R R Martin - Georgia - Grasshopper - Himalayan Academy of Music Technology - House of Electronic Arts Basel - Jens Uwe Parkitny - Hologram - Kinetic art - Kingdom of Dreams - Kochi Biennale - Light Art Biennale - Light Festival Italy - Lisbon - Live Happy Goa - Long distance sex toys - Louis Vuitton - Machine learning - Magical realism - MoDem Festival - Moment Factory - Meow Wolf - MOMA - Museum of Goa - N, N-Dimethyltryptamine - Naoshima Island - Narcos - Neuralink - New York Stock Exchange - Nimesha Ranasinghe - No Pants Subway Ride - Orlando - Panjim boardwalk - Rahul - Rann of Kutch - Raspberry Pi - Red Cross - Richard McKenzie - Rohingya - Serendipity Arts Festival - Silent Disco - Stephanie Maria Ludwig - Style Transfer Imaging - Subodh Kerkar - Sujauddein - Taste hacking - teamLab* - The Metropolitan Museum of Art - The Wolf of Wall Street - Times Square - Touchdesigner - UNICEF - United Nations - University of Maine - US Open - Vincent Van Gogh - Virtual Reality - VR Porn - Wall Street - Western Ghats - Yayoi Kusama - Zainul Abadeen ******* Show cover jingle courtesy of Icons8 Music by Nordgroove from Fugue Episode background tunes courtesy of YouTube Audio LibraryHang by Max Sergeev Kamogawa Dreaming by South London HiFi Mix It Up by RalpReal All photographs by Sensistan, and Shammi Raj Bhalla, unless otherwise stated
Jens Uwe Parkitny is a portrait photographer, a travel trade journalist, and a travel industry professional. He's the author of two coffee table books - Bloodfaces, and Marked For Life, which celebrate facial tattoos of Chin people, documented over a decade. Follow him for more such passion projects that will showcase tattooing traditions in the diverse cultural landscape of Myanmar. Jens has also co-created Loikaw Lodge, a lakefront boutique accommodation in Myanmar's Kayah state. Listen to his journey from growing up in Germany, and being a journalist for travel trade magazines, to capturing superb portraits, and building a lodge on a lake! His labor of love features stunning images of various tribes of Chin women who take pride in their facial tattoos. Taking a closer look, you can appreciate the art and the craftsmanship. Having spent years travelling to remote regions of Myanmar, and connecting with these ethnic groups, Jens has a wealth of knowledge about the dying tradition of Chin facial tattooing. Through his work, Jens hopes to preserve such tribal cultural traditions, challenge perceptions of beauty, and also create sustainable livelihoods for ethnic communities. Although authentic meanings of these facial tattoos are not established yet, the intricate patterns seem to relate to right of passage, identity, and spiritual connections. Also, mentioned in this podcast Accor Asia Pacific Agra Alice Cooper Amazon Andre Schnegass Apatani Arakan Hills Bali Bojyoke Aung San Market Borneo Chin Community Based Tourism Delhi DiwaliExpedia Facial tattoo Falam Faridabad Goethe Institut, Yangon Gurugram Hakha Hasselblad Hla Day Ian Hayes Indawgyi Lake Inle Lake Inuit Jaipur Kachin Kayah Kerber Verlag Laytu Chin Lemro river Loikaw Maoris Matu Chin Mergui Archipelago Microsoft Mizoram Mo Naga Moken Moreh Mount Victoria Mrauk-U Mün Museum Fünf Kontinente Myanm/art Naga people Nathalie Johnston National Geographic New Zealand Ngapali Ngwe Saung Pekon lake PolaroidPrabuddha Dasgupta Rhododendron Rih Dil Rio Negro Rolleiflex Seven Sisters Siem Reap Surbung airportSuresh Natarajan Swe Yi Myat Tatmadaw Taunggyi Taunggyi Fire Balloon Festival Three Treasures Tourism Ubtu ChinUncharted Horizons University of Foreign Languages, Yangon Venezuela Virgin Atlantic Web In Travel Y Pole Yanomami Indians Yeoh Siew Hoon Yoyamay Ziro ******* Show cover jingle courtesy of Icons8 Music by Nordgroove from Fugue Episode background tunes courtesy of YouTube Audio LibraryGo on the Goa by Chris Haugen Royale by Josh Lippi & The Overtimers The Old RV by Craig MacArthurAll photographs by Jens Uwe Parkitny, unless otherwise stated
Swaati Langeh is an adventure sports enthusiast, potter, and the founder of Big Rush, and Pani Top Up.  She also dabbles in a few other projects including 1080p, which is a video content platform for adventure sports. Listen to her journey of how she's using her wealth of experiences in various industries that include public relations, wine, tourism, music, and events, to catalyse adventure sports in the Indian subcontinent. Apart from stumbling upon athletes in extreme adventure sports, expect to find her sculpting unique pieces at her studio in the Himalayas! Big Rush is a boutique company that specializes in recreational and extreme adventure sports in the Indian subcontinent. See their website Follow them on Instagram Like their Facebook page Apart from collaborating with athletes, they create content, consult relevant brands, and move outdoor equipment across the country. Get insights into the world of downhill mountain biking, kayaking, kite surfing, paragliding, sailing, skiing, snowboarding, and surfing, among others. Also mentioned in this episode Aanchal Thakur All India Overland Andretta Anup J Kat Apoorva Prasad Atherton Bikes Auli Between Years Billabong Open Bir Billing Canon Clinton Vaz Covelong Point Dahi Handi Dan Rea-Dickins Decathlon Demi Moore pottery scene Derek Dsouza Felix Baumgartner Firefox Flow Water Freakonomics GoPro Gulmarg Hampi Harry Mister Beep Hercules MTB Hero Higgins School, Kolkata Himalayas Indian Army Inspire Crew Joe Rea-Dickins Kanan Thakur Ladakh Lady Gaga Lakshadweep Land diving Malabar River Festival Mechuka, Arunachal Pradesh Meghalaya Rivers Naina Adhikari Nikon Odisha Olympics Paragliding Psynyde Bikes Red Bull SCUBA Solang Surfing in India Sylvia Kerkar The Alps The Outdoor Journal The Ladakh Confluence Tuhin Satarkar Wildcraft Woodlands World Surf League Zorba Laloo ******* Show cover jingle courtesy of Icons8 Music by Nordgroove from Fugue Episode background tunes courtesy of YouTube Audio LibraryMix It Up by RalpReal Much Higher by Causmic Two Face by CausmicAll photographs by Big Rush, and Swaati Langeh, unless otherwise stated
Harpreet Singh aka Harry aka Mister BEEP is a skydiver, and the founder of BEEP - Beautiful Experiences Extraordinary Places. Apart from planning his next exciting adventures, he collects honey, and is a connoisseur of single malts! Listen to his journey from conceptualising TV shows and music festivals at MTV and VH1, to now creating and curating unique experiences of travel and adventure across the world. You're likely to find him jumping out of planes and places, or exploring the wonders underwater. BEEP - Beautiful Experiences Extraordinary Places is a fun company that offers life-changing and bucket-list worthy tours to exotic destinations. See the website Follow them on Instagram Like their Facebook page From SCUBA diving with Manta Rays and Blue Whales, and skydiving over the Himalayas and the Pyramids, to chasing the Northern Lights and driving expeditions, you can join on any of the experiences that happen throughout the year. ******* Also, mentioned in this episode Annapurna Base Camp Annapurna Massif Anup J Kat Ashutosh Pandey  Australian Base Camp B3 helicopter BASE jumping Bergen Bodhidharma Bruce Lee Bull Shark Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Deepesh Sharma Elon Musk Everest Skydive French Alps Go Native Goa School of Light Gurung tribe Hang Son Doong Hammerhead shark Hanifaru Bay Hibiki I Am Alchemy Japan whisky culture Jean-Philippe Audhuy Jio Jiu-Jitsu Kaigal Keylong Kickboxing Kosher Ko Tao Kung Fu Panda Ladakh Macchapucchare Manali Manta Rays Matt Emmer Mergui Archipelago Miguel Rodriguez Menendez Mount Everest MTV NASA National Geographic Nilgiris Norwegian Fjords Omar Alhegelan Oxalis PADI Paradise School Goa Psychedelic honey, Nepal Pyramids (Egypt) Raja & The WhalesRed Bull Saajid Chougle Saahil SCUBA diving Skydiving Sri Lanka The Last Resort Todas honey collectors Tom Noonan USPA VH1 VICE Wendy Smith Whale watching, Sri Lanka Wingsuit flying WOW Air Yamazaki ******* Show cover jingle courtesy of Icons8 Music by Nordgroove from Fugue Episode background tunes courtesy of YouTube Audio LibraryDown Time In My Soul by RAGE Flight To Tunisia by Causmic Luxery by CausmicAll photographs by BEEP, and Harpreet Singh, unless otherwise stated
Rupali Prakash is the founder of Classic Chase and Delali. As an independent illustrator, she creates lifestyle accessories, and also designs custom artworks for car clubs and enthusiasts. She's also the Youth Advisor for the Federation of Historic Vehicles of India (FHVI). See her website Follow her on Instagram Listen to her story from growing up in a farm surrounded by vintage and classic cars, and a stint in creating board games, to now offering unique experiences in vintage and classic cars, and encouraging the youth to appreciate historic vehicles. Classic Chase offers niche experiences with a stunning collection of vintage and classic cars in India. See the website Follow them on Instagram Like their Facebook page Watch their YouTube channel Get up close with these restored and well-preserved beauties as you make them part of your celebrations and special occasions. Delali is a boutique brand under which Rupali creates vintage and classic car themed silk scarves and pocket squares. See their website Follow them on Instagram You can also commission bespoke orders for your cars and car clubs. The Federation of Historic Vehicles of India (FHVI) was created to protect, preserve, and promote the rich heritage of historic vehicles of India.  See their website Follow them on Instagram Like their Facebook page Watch their YouTube channel As a member of the Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens (FIVA), it brings together member clubs through events and infrastructure that motivates the culture of historic vehicles movement in India. Also, mentioned in this episode 1900 De Dion-Bouton 1907 Locomobile Model E 1930 Delage 1955 Triumph TR3 1960 Austin Healey Sprite Aditya Subramanian Alfa Romeo Spider Ambassador Arvind Krishnan Bali Bangalore Palace Car Girls India Cartier Concours d'elegance Charminar Challenge Classic cars Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee Dasara Ford Ford vs Ferrari Ford Mustang Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens (FIVA) Frank, the snake Gabriel Iglesias Gabriel Iglesias - VW bus collection Goodwood Graham Jaguar E-Type Jaguar XK 140 Jay Leno Jay Leno's Garage Jerry Seinfeld K-1000 Kobe, the cobra Lamborghini Lanchaster Straight-Eight Land Rover Lingaa movie Lord Mountbatten Luby Maharaja of Rajkot Maybach Vision Mercedes Nurburg MG GT Motilal Nehru Mysore Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Pebble Beach Rajasthan Rann of Kutch SS Rajmouli Sunbeam Talbot Rajinikanth Ravi Prakash Rolls Royce RRR Russell 1, 2, 3, the russell viper Soul Sante Studebaker Tesla Cyber Truck The Fuller Life The Grand Tour The Irishman Top Gear Tour of Paris Triumph TR3 UB City Ugadi UNESCO University of Warwick Valley School Vidya Ganapathy Vivek Ganapathy Vivek Goenka Volkswagen Beetle Wasabi Productions ******* Show cover jingle courtesy of Icons8 Music by Nordgroove from Fugue Episode background tunes courtesy of YouTube Audio LibraryLove Or Lust by Quincas Moreira Mix It Up by RalpRealAll photographs by Classic Chase, Delali, and Rupali Prakash, unless otherwise stated
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