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The Grit City Podcast is a weekly podcast, hosted from Tacoma, WA. - Affectionately called "Grit City" by people who know and love it.
Every Monday we release an episode highlighting business owners, entrepreneurs, authors, artists, and unique characters we know or happen to run into. Most often these are people that we feel personify the blue collar, hard work ethic people associate with “Grit”. Sometimes it's a drug-fueled weirdo that we just met, drunk at a comedy club the night before. No matter what or who we are recording we want you to feel like you're hanging out with friends and taking part in a community of unique and interesting people.
The Grit City Podcast was launched during the summer of 2014 and had over 120 episodes between 2014 and 2017. The founders and original hosts are technology workers who met on the job and bonded over a common interest in the Seattle/Tacoma area. After a short hiatus at the end of 2017, The Grit City Podcast rebooted in 2018 with more friends and family involved. GCP's goal is to become the "Must Listen To" podcast around the Pacific Northwest, with a fan base of people around the world. People who identify with "Grit" and understand that The Reputation is Real.
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Best Of - Tacoma Sirens

Best Of - Tacoma Sirens


This week is a Best Of replay of their conversation with the Tacoma Sirens. The Tacoma Sirens Rugby Club recently announced their separation from The Tacoma Rugby Club. Those interested can find more information here ( On the episode, Melody, Kelsey, and Monica join is the guys to talk about the women’s rugby group Tacoma Sirens. The group, founded in 2010, is a thriving team of bold, fun, and athletic women. They are part of the Pacific Northwest Rugby Football Union (PNRFU), a competitive league including over 10 Women’s teams, and are also members of USA Rugby. Women of all shapes and sizes are welcome, their team is always looking for new players and no experience is necessary, they will teach you. They encourage people in the community to come out and join in the fun! Those looking for more information can find them online at: 4:03 – The team made it official that ‘T-Rex’ is the code word to use when ready to record, they talk on Scotts nickname in high school, and Justin tells listeners how they can help support the podcast. Each of the guests introduce themselves and position they play, where people can find more information about them, and they give a shout out to Amber who runs the Sirens social media. They discuss how each of them got into Rugby, how fast Rugby has grown over the past couple of years, and why so many women are drawn to Rugby. 19:07 – Justin asks them to breakdown how Rugby is played, Melody talks about the importance to put the ball down after crossing the goal line, and Melody breaks down the scrum that happens off a penalty. Kelsey talks about what is going on in the league, their coach’s career prior to coaching the team, and what a Capped Eagle is. She talks about who founded the club in 2010, Melody comments on the supportive people in the league, and Justin brings up where people can find them online. 34:21 – Kelsey explains how they are always open to sponsors, Justin brings up the haunting of the Union Club where they record, and Jeff explains how his app the iOvilus works. Scott shares the ghost hunt him and Brogan did with Andres at Brandys Attic, Justin jumps into Coaster Questions, and Monica answers the question on what’s something non-sports related that she’s really good at. They give props to the Camp Bar, what their favorite Tacoma bars are, and Justin mentions Drinking for Conservation. 49:56 – Monica leads them through a prayer from the ghosts request, Melody shares that her favorite fantasy animal is a mermaid, and Kelsi shares that her favorite is the centaur. They talk on what animals they have a phobia of including Melodies fear of lizards, Justin shares how people can support the team, and asks how they get into their opponents head. Kelsey closes out with talking on where fans can purchase gear to support the team. Many thanks to Melody, Kelsey, and Monica for a great conversation on Women’s Rugby! Special Guest: Tacoma Sirens.
The guys get together for the second time in person since Phase 2 has been in place. They talk about places they’ve been to since the opening of Phase 2, their newest faves on TV and YouTube, and the haps around the PNW. 01:32 – Brogan shares how much he’s enjoying the light traffic, what he had at his last trip to Alfred’s, and Scott gets the guys opinion on taking a shot of alcohol first thing in the morning. Brogan talks about Tacoma’s issue with the Navy, shares his newest favorite travel show “Somebody Feed Phil”, and Scott gives his review of the show Winning the Wilderness: Alaska. 13:28 – Justin gives his review of his trip to Anchorage last year, they discuss the size of Anchorage compared to Tacoma, and they talk about their visit to The Brass Lantern when they got together last week. Brogan welcomes his newest nephew into the world, his thoughts on Elon Musk’s child’s name, and the rumors of Bill Gates leaving limited inheritance to his children. Justin reads off a coaster question asking what is keeping Scott occupied during Covid-19, Scott reports what’s been going on in his world, and gives his review of the movie Prospect. 31:15 – Justin talks about Crossing Swards on Hulu, Brogan talks about what he’s been watching, and shares HBO’s newest streaming service. Justin and Brogan talk about what they’ve been watching on HBO, Justin gives an update on the show Clownvis, and Scott talks about weird YouTube fetish channels. They review a few of the videos, Justin shares that Steamers Seafood Café in Tacoma is closing, and Brogan shares where listeners can find the best snow crab in the area. 47:44 – Justin talks about his second time floating, the benefits he’s seen from it, and Brogan talks about his want to be shot into space after he passes. Justin shares information on an article he read about the probability of 36 different life civilizations in the universe, Brogan brings up the new show that talks about how aliens are communicating to Big Foot, and they close out discussing their plans to go camping next week.
The guys are finally able to get together in person!! They discuss White Claw, DoorDash, and what’s been happing in the PNW since they last talked. 01:27 – Brogan talks about smuggling himself into Pierce County, Scott gives props to the White Claw drink, and Justin talks about his and Scotts last get together at Dusty’s in Tacoma (Episode 112). Brogan and Scott talk about eating at Alfred’s in Tacoma, what they ordered, and Brogan talks about working for DoorDash prior to the Covid-19 break out. Justin shares how Red Robbin gives delivery drivers their own cup of fries when picking up orders, and Brogan talks about his awkward adventures in delivering. 11:00 – Scott shares his love for straws, his hate for floaties in his drinks, and Brogan talks about tap covers to keep fruit flies from flying up the spout. He describes how his puppy hates flies, gives props to Lisa Pet Pawlor, and Justin talks about his recent float at Urban Float. He talks about his hurdles with technology at work, Scott talks about the benefits of floating, and they both explain how they feel after they float. 20:25 – Brogan declares “there ain’t now law with a Claw”, Scott talks about the great tweets from the City of Kent, and Justin encourages listeners to take advantage of the float deals. Justin gives a shout out to Fab Lab and their new masks they have for sale, Brogan talks about his favorite snack foods, and Scott requests listeners to let them know of dispensaries that they think would be good to have on the podcast. 35:55 – Justin shares what he’s been watching on Disney +, they give their thoughts on the Jeff Goldblum show, and Justin talks about Union Club being open again. Justin talks about the sail boat that washed ashore on the beach of Chambers Bay Regional Park and Brogan explains how boat tabs work. They end the show with doing a White Claw chug and discuss their post show plans to visit the Brass Lantern.
On Quarantined 10 the guys chat about business that are re-opening in Phase 2, their plans for when they’re able to get together again, and reminisce of yesteryears. 01:45 – The guys talk about their hopes of being able to hang out with each other in person soon, Justin talks about the state being into phase 2 of the Safe Start Program, and they all agree it’s time for a camping trip. He talks about the new requirements that businesses have implement prior to opening, Brogan talks about his concern with how the new regulations will impact his business, and they talk about the online shopping they have all been doing during Covid. 16:09 – Justin talks about his recent TV purchase, his new appreciation for commercials, and they talk about the shows they’ve been watching. Jordan covers the other business restrictions that come with Phase 2, Brogan talks about their upcoming plans to share a drink together, and Scott share’s his appreciation of the peaceful protests in Tacoma. Brogan talks about the protest that happened in his area, Justin runs down the list of restaurant opening in Tacoma, and they talk about their love of the Pit Boys on YouTube. 30:03 – Justin and Scott give their props to Doyle’s Public House in Tacoma, Brogan talks about live comedy coming back to the American Tavern on the 13th, and his visits as a kid to Home Stead Restaurant in Tacoma. He talks about places he’s explored at BNI back in the day, they discuss what stand-up arcade machines they would buy if they had the chance, and Justin and Brogan share their worst drinking experience at Farrelli’s Pizza. 47:12 – Justin shares getting a dog at the Star Light Swap Meet as a kid, watching movies at the drive-in, and Scott talks about the drive-in in Idaho. Brogan shares that Point Defiance Park is the nation’s second largest city park, Justin lets the listeners know Surge Tacoma and Union Club are opening back up, as well as Urban Float in Tacoma.
On this episode, the guys chat with Dave Clark, the content creator for Tacoma Defiance and Tacoma Rainiers at He does most of the writing, which is rarely about sports, even when they are playing games. His focus tends to be on the culture of the South Sound. He writes about breweries, cideries, authors, poets, rappers, restaurateurs – basically all the people who make up Tacoma. During the pandemic he’s written something like 70 stories and only 2 of them had anything to do with sports. Outside of the job he is a soccer dork, D&D nerd, and flavor fiend who loves to try new things. We R Tacoma’s latest initiative is R Hat R City: Hero Meals which will put $5 from every Rainiers or Defiance cap sold through to Team Store towards Tacoma restaurants that are feeding essential workers. You can purchase caps from the team store at: 02:05 – Brogan shares how he knows Dave, Dave talks about how he moved into doing the content creation for Rainiers and Defiance, and how he and Ethan got to know each other. He explains how’s he’s dealing with creating articles during Covid-19, the Small Businesses story he put together, and other people he’s been talking to in Tacoma. They talk about the Snake Lake Walk in Tacoma, Justin comments on Dave doing the South Sound Battle of the Bars, and Dave talks about partnering up with Hero Meals to help local Tacoma restaurants stay open. 15:55 – Brogan shares the hat he ordered from We R Tacoma, Dave gives a word of caution for ordering the pre-fitted hats, and Justin gives a shout out to David Thompson with Food Is Free. Michelle talks about the variety of ways they’ve been cooking potatoes, Brogan gives props to the Air Fryer, and different things he’s been cooking in it (see below for Brogans Chicken Cordon Blue Recipe). Justin shares how to cook bacon in the Traeger, Brogan talks about putting his body in Ketosis, and how he tests to verify his body is there. 32:28 – Dave talks about the local non-violent Tacoma protests, how glad he is to have the connections he has in Tacoma, and Justin talks about dealing with the Micro-Homes being moved into his neighborhood. Dave talks about the semi-sports topics that he has coming down the road, how the local players are keeping busy during Covid, and they all express how excited they are to soon be sharing a beer together. Brogan talks about “The Dad” on Instagram, other suggestions he has for Dave to do stories on, and Dave talks about how he misses just being able to walk around the neighborhoods to talk with the community. 45:57 – Brogan shares getting ghosted by a friend in a car deal back in the day, Justin explains where people can find more information about We R Tacoma, and suggests that Dave gets the players into D&D. Dave talks about getting involved in D&D virtually, the reason why he still owns the physical books due to the importance of tactile experience to him, and Brogan talks about the importance for local game players to support local businesses. Thanks Dave for joining the guys for a great conversation and the amazing things We R Tacoma is doing for the community. Brogan's Chicken Cordon Blue in the Air Fryer Ingredients: Chicken Canadian Bacon Mozzarella Cheese Egg(s) Cooking Steps 1. Butterfly cut chicken breasts, spread them out, and pound thin. 2. Drop Canadian bacon and mozzarella in 3. Add Salt, Pepper, and Garlic Salt 4. Dip in egg 5. Fold over and drop in air fryer 6. Hit at 370 degrees for 15 minutes Special Guest: Dave Clark.
Quarantined 8

Quarantined 8


On Quarantined 8 Brogan, Justin, and Scott get together and talk on business, adventures of ordering out, and what they’ve been watching as the quarantine continues. 03:30 – Justin talks about what he’s been doing lately during the quarantine, how he misses podcasting with everyone recording in the same room, and Scott talks about his miss of the bars. Justin shares the local places he’s been ordering out from lately, Brogan talks about the renaming of his new company, and explains what fatty flights are. He discusses pairing ice cream with beer, Scott and Brogan talk about the weight they’ve gained during Covid, and upcoming plans for ordering out for breakfast. 14:10 – Brogan talks about the fun times he had while working in gaming, Justin shares that the local casinos are re-opening at low capacity, and his memories of going to the junk yard with his grandpa as a kid. They talk about their last episode, the drink’s they’re enjoying, and Justin talks about his excitement for doing RV tours once state parks open up for overnight camping. Scott talks about camper van places in the PNW, Justin shares Michelle’s aunt’s adventures, and they discuss the costs of the vans. 26:51 – Brogan talks about consulting a psychologist about the psychology behind naming his business, shares the application check list that has to be done to kick off the business loan application, and what he has going on with World of Warcraft. He answers the fries question that came in from a Disturbed listener, if he’s going to be selling the “good” chicken strips, and they discuss what their favorite type of fry cut is. 40:30 – Scott talks about his love for Oat Milk, Justin shares the random snacks they’ve picked up at the store lately, and shows they’ve been watching. Scott talks about being strung out on YouTube, Brogan looks up Marble Races, and Justin talks about his love for Clownvis. Brogan shares what he’s doing over Memorial Day weekend, Justin talks about his BBQ adventures, and Brogan suggests using Instacart to do their online shopping.
On Quarantine Cast 7 Justin, Brogan, and Scott talk to Brian Terbush from the Washington Emergency Management Division about the Mount St. Helens eruption that happened 40 years ago. His work supports the emergency management division’s mission to minimize the impact of emergencies and disasters on the people, property, environment, and economy of Washington State. Brian also joined the guys last November on Episode 95. 00:00 – They discuss the Facebook group where people pretend to be ants, Scott gives a shout out to their two new Patreon supporters, and Brian introduces himself and what he does at the Washington State Emergency Management Division. He explains that he’s a volcanologist by training, their recent participation in the Ask Me Anything on Reddit, and what originally got him into volcanology. He talks about the pre-cursor that let up to the eruption and the worries of its potential re-erupting in the future. 13:28 – Brian shares how American’s were shocked when it happened, Justin talks about the mountain’s gradual eruptions, and Brian talks about what scientists learned from it. He talks on the siren systems that were setup for both Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Rainier, the questions from the Reddit AMA that he appreciated the most, and their collaborating with other scientists around the world on volcanos. He tells listeners what they would need in preparedness for volcano situations, how he sleeps at night in knowing it could happen, and Justin talks about the importance of prepping a go bag not only for the humans in your life but for your pets as well. 23:22 – Brian shares what his favorite things are to include in his to go bag, some of the things his team is covering on social media, and their plan for doing a Facebook live on the 18th to talk about volcanic hazards and preparedness. Brogan talks about local business going out of business due to Covid-19, Scott shares what freaks him out about the volcanos, and Brian talks about the volcano’s people shouldn’t live close to. He shares the helpful tools the Emergency Management Division has online, how Hawaii’s volcano’s differ from the ones near us, and the importance of people knowing the impact the volcanos around near them would have if it went off. 34:56 – Brian talks about place where people can go to tour the inside volcanos, the volcanic activity in Yellow Stone, and the best source for people to reach out to when a general emergency comes up. Scott and Brogan talk on some conspiracies, Justin recommends listeners to submit coaster questions in Discord, and Brian asks the guys if they have any family stories from when the volcano went off. Thanks Brian for sitting down with the group again to talk all things volcanos. Stay safe and Happy Volcano Month! Special Guest: Brian Terbush.
Quarantined 6

Quarantined 6


Scott and Justin sit down to give their listeners a quick update on what’s coming up in the next couple weeks. They talk about The Marble League, the different resources Tacoma Public Libraries offers, and documentaries Justin has been watching through Kanopy. Scott talks about what the Backwoodsman Managzine contributers write about, Justin gives a shout out to Pretty Gritty Tours and tells the listeners what the crew there has been up to during Stay Home Stay Healthy. They each share what they did for Mothers Day, what each of them did for their recent birthdays, and what some of the PNW businesses have been doing during Covid-19.
Quarantined 5

Quarantined 5


Brogan, Justin, and Scott get together for another virtual conversation on what’s been happening lately and to take a step back in time to talk crazy road trips and the early GCP days. 00:13 – Justin gives the listeners some insight on what to expect in the upcoming show, talks on Governor Inslee’s new plan to re-open Washington in phases, and Brogan talks about his recent encounter with the BroRona. Scott shares his new drink idea that includes mixing Root Beer and BSB, Justin gives a shout out one of the GCP listeners, and they discuss how staying at home may actually be causing more illnesses to happen. Scott talks about Old Soldier giving out hand sanitizer to the community and their butterscotch flavored whiskey. 13:02 – The teams talks on their Patrons channel in the Discord App, Justin shares on the Tacoma restaurant’s he and his wife have been ordering from, and Brogan talks about the building he has found for his new business. He talks about the other perks of the building, where it’s located in Renton, and what he’s limited to doing during Covid-19. They talk about the places that have closed in the PNS due to Covid-19, what they have been watching on TV and YouTube lately, and Scott recommends Barry to the group. Justin gives a shout out to Ethan HD, talks about what Ethan has been doing lately for the community, and how listeners can support him. 25:15 – Scott asks about the states that are quarantining people, Brogan comments on the need for his puppy to get a haircut, and Justin recommends listeners to tune into Discord to see their past pics. Justin and Brogan take a step back in time, Scott and Brogan talk about hanging with Black Jesus, and Brogan talks about the glass shop they met him at. They talk about their popular GCP video, why they’re recording during the virus, and Brogan talks about his and Justin’s EverQuest Convention in Vegas. 37:42 – Justin dives into their second road trip to EverQuest in Vegas, Scott talks about the long roads through Nevada, and Justin talks about their Clownvis viewing party. Justin shares his appreciation for GCP listeners, his plans to turn part of the house into a recording studio, and they talk about Rusty’s new business. Scott comments on bringing the European “double kiss” back to Tacoma once everything is open up again, his plans to get people on the podcast in the upcoming weeks, and each comment on what drives them to shower and get dressed during the virus. GCP is ever thankful for our listeners support, stay safe!!!
GCP’s favorite marijuana expert, Billy from Mary Mart, sits down with the guys to talk about the haps at the store. Mary Mart is a retail marijuana dispensary located in the south Tacoma neighborhood. They’re family-owned and operated and take pride in serving their local community. They pride themselves in being well-versed in their craft and love offering their expertise and insight when it comes to marijuana and its many applications. Mary Mart is open during Stay Home, Stay Healthy. To find out more and their hours of operation during Covid-19, visiting their website at: For those wanting to hear more with Billy, tune into episodes 3 (/3), 5 (/5), 9 (/9), 36 (/36), 39 (/39), 51 (/51), and 81 (/81)! 00:27 – Justin gives props to their new fave Clownvis, Billy talks about his disappointment with Mary Mart not being able to fulfill their 4/20 plans due to Coronavirus, and how busy Mary Mart has been during this time. He shares the treats he’s enjoying from Royal Tree located in the Nalley Valley district of Tacoma, he and Brogan talk of living in Gig Harbor, and they each share their worst drinking concoctions. Justin gives the guys a tip on upping up the game on White Claws and they do a ‘weekly quarantine fatness check’. 12:14 – Billy and Brogan share their latest quarantined go to food, Brogan talks about taking on the family grocery shopping, and his recent experiments with loaded fries for the bottle shop. Scott shares places he has been ordering out from lately, Brogan talks of Crockets Pub opening another restaurant in his area, and Billy gives an update on what has been happening with local businesses on 6th Ave. Brogan talks about his recent bike snafu, Justin expresses that he views his life as a sitcom, and Brogan shares his new favorite show on Amazon Prime. 24:21 – Justin talks about the recent shows he’s been watching, the conversation goes to Clownvis, and Brogan explains to the guys the recent improve hosted by Tacoma Little Theatre he watched over Zoom. They talk about the video games they have been playing to kill time, Scott shares what his latest pass time has been, and Brogan expresses his excitement of learning to change his wheelbarrow tire. Scott shares his recent purchase of sea monkeys to help keep down the algae in his water based plants, Justin talks about he and his wife’s recent order out from Red Star Taco Bar to celebrate their anniversary, and Billy breaks the news that he and his wife are expecting a baby in December. 36:22 – Justin explains going Marie Condo during Covid-19, they discuss the show and Movie What We Do in the Shadows, and Brogan shares that there is a new Fight Club comic book that’s been released. They plan to have Chuck Palahniuk on the podcast, talk about their favorite things to tune into on YouTube, and Billy introduces the bong silencer. Justin gives a shout out to their listener Ceasar, where listeners can find them online, and Scott encourages them to join them on Discord. Thanks Billy for an update on what’s been going on during Covid-19 and congrats on your upcoming bundle of joy! Special Guest: Billy.
Billy with FabLab joins the guys for their third Quarantine Episode. FabLab Tacoma is Tacoma’s premier makerspace where they strive to provide easy and open access to cutting-edge design and prototyping equipment and to bring educational opportunities and a supportive community for students, inventors, artists, and DIY enthusiasts. They have recently been helping the community by making 3D printed masks and laser cut shields. Those wanting to help out by volunteering or donating to the cause, visit: For those wanting to hear more from GCP and FabLab, tune into episode 46 where they talk with Steve on FabLab and Zeva. 01:56 – Justin shares how listeners can find out more about GCP online, talks on their new Discord channel, and gives a shout out to the Shroom Brothers for their new shirts. Scott and Brogan discuss how they are partaking in beer drinking during the Quarantine, Brogan shares the grilling he has been doing lately, and his “biking with family” adventures. Scott brings Billy into the chat who shares how he has been holding up during this time, and talks about his recent adventure going to school in Ireland. 12:32 – Billy talks about how the cost to go to school in Ireland was actually cheaper than taking the classes locally, he explains how he figured out getting around while there, and when he started hearing word about the pandemic. He talks about the hassle with scheduling flights home, his school shutting down, and how he got re-connected with Fab Lab when he returned. 24:14 – Billy explains how FabLab has been acquiring the material needed to make the masks, the kind of innovation it takes to make the masks, and the amount of great collaboration that’s been happening around making them. He shares how people with 3D printers can download the files for the masks from their website, their FabLab Go Fund Me, and how he’s also been coordinating with volunteers in the community to help with making the masks. Brogan shares that he’s taking his wife on a virtual date, Justin shares his love for Clownvis, and Billy talks of what he’s been watching lately. 36:33 – Billy gives the guys an update on Zeva, compares bars here to bars in Ireland, and how he couldn’t keep up drinking with the locals. He talks about how kind the Irish bartenders are with refilling your beer as soon as they see it’s empty, his interesting observation on how people react and communicate while under the influence, and how Galway Ireland is a sister city to Seattle. Justin closes out the show sharing how listeners can help FabLab and GCP. Thanks Billy for joining the guys virtually for a great conversation on what’s been happening in your world and the amazing things FabLab is doing to help out the PNW during Covid-19!!! Special Guest: Billy Davis.
Quarantined - Episode 2

Quarantined - Episode 2


Brogan, Justin, and Scott sit down for another Quarantined conversation. They were joined by some live listeners and returning guests on the GCP Discord. 01:25 – Conversation kicks off with Brogan announcing his learning of a second language, Justin talks about the conspiracy behind his internet slow down at 6 PM, and things he’s been frustrated over in the past week. He share’s how fortunate he is during the quarantine, things that have been going on in the South Sound area, and Scott shares the local beer he’s drinking. They talk about “essential” businesses, Justin talks about what he and his wife have done to prep, and Justin shares the happy hour shots he’s been doing. He gives a shout out in honor of Norwescon, questions what businesses will be coming back as the virus dies down, and they discuss potential shows that Netflix is cancelling. 16:35 – They tell listeners how they can find them on Discord, Justin encourages to submit coaster questions and where to do so, and Brogan gives a brief review of using his air fryer. Justin talks about things he and his wife have been making in his Instant Pot, he throws out some “Would You Rather” questions, and each one shares if they are shaving and/or wearing clothes during Coronavirus. Justin talks about the return of Lime Scooters, Scott explains what Discord is, and talks about what David Thompson from Food Is Free has been up to. 32:04 – Brogan returns with his Bloody Mary, Scott suggests they have Biff back on from Biff’s BBQ Sauce, Scott shares that he enjoys pickle juice in his Bloody Mary, and Justin talks about his countdown to when they will be about to BBQ again. Each one gives his guess on when people will be able to go to a bar again, when they think the next shut down will be for the second wave, and Justin asks the guys what masks they’ve been wearing in being out in public. Scott talks about what the repercussions are for people that are still out in the streets and Justin talks about the latest mask he is wearing. He talks about what other people are wearing for masks and they question the last time they each had spray cheese. 51:04 – Scott talks about their new shirts that were just printed by Shroom Brothers, a listener jumps in and talks about how he’s adjusted to Coronavirus, and their Shroom Brother friends jump into the conversation. Justin poses a would you rather question to the group, the group talks on if this is an actual apocalypse or simply the prequel, and they debate if Amber actually sliced Johnny Depp’s finger. Everyone talks about what they have been doing during the stay-at-home order, Justin talks about the importance for him to wear pants when leaving the house, and Billy from Mary Mart joins the conversation. Special Guests: Billy and Shroom Brothers.



Brogan, Justin, and Scott connect online and talk gaming the apocalypse. Many thanks to you, the GCP supporters! We appreciate you listening and support the podcast through Patreon! 01:42 – Scott comments on how often he’s put on pants in the last three weeks, Justin comments on their last recording, and Brogan talks about the Wal-Mart ware styles he’s been featuring lately. Justin expresses how weird it is to be in the world we are in now, the new recommendation for people to wear masks, and his wife’s work from home order. Brogan expresses how thankful he is for the timing of selling his business, Justin shares the games he’s been playing since the order, and what has happened since their last recording. Scott talks about how the only comments he sees online is about Covid-19, Brogan shares his recent weight loss, and Scott comments on the drink he’s enjoying while recording. 14:09 – Brogan talks about the different types of assignments local schools are having students do while hanging at home, his plans to teach the kids survival skills while home schooling, and Justin talks about how the Kingdom Hall continues to share their religion through the mail during Covid-19. He reads their comforting words, Scott talks on the length of time it is taking people to file unemployment, and Justin comments on a friend that was recently furloughed. Brogan expresses his worries for local businesses in the area, how fragile our capitalistic society is, and Scott talks about the good buys on the stock market. They each share what their favorite post-apocalyptic attire is, the missing TP in the grocery stores, and Justin talks about the strategies people are doing to pick up their groceries sooner. 31:22 – Justin talks about the re-assurance feeling he gets with still having a job, Brogan shares the struggles that are happening in Louisiana, and Justin talks about how people are having to change how they communicate with their family in senior citizens home. Justin shares his hate for meme’s, shares great stories around Tacoma, and Scott suggests having guests on remotely. Brogan suggests the guys watch the latest hyped up show The Tiger King, Justin shares other shows he’s been watching on Netflix, and conversation goes to plans for their new t-shirts. 45:11 – Justin talks about the potential changes that will come post Covid-19, Brogan talks about the boom with companies setting their people up to work remotely, and Justin comments on how the internet is a utility and should be provided to everyone. They discuss the impact on theaters during this crisis, Justin talks about his next big home project, and he and Brogan talk about their “Honey Do’s”. Brogan talks about what he would be up to if the internet was not around, Scott updates the guys on the Covid-19 numbers, and they offer words of wisdom to listeners during this chaotic time.
This episode is a GCP original that Scott and Brogan recorded with Andrew from Tacoma Ghost Tours. As mentioned in episode 112, Andrew recently unexpectedly passed away. The idea for Tacoma Ghost Tours started in 2005 with a fundraiser for the Tacoma Art School where his father did a Tacoma’s Forgotten Disasters Tour. After researching disasters, his dad discovered many stories of ghosts in relation to the disasters in the area. After Andrew graduated from Bates College in 2010, his dad approached him about starting the business, and from there the business took off. People can learn more about Tacoma Ghost Tours and see some great pics on their Facebook and Twitter pages. Thank you Andrew for educating visitors and Tacoma locals alike on Tacoma paranormal history, you will be greatly missed. 01:05 – Brogan shares his and his wife’s Halloween costume plans, his plans for the birthday party celebration happening at Acme Tavern, and Andrew shares how Tacoma Ghost Tours got started. He talks about being into scary things since he was a kid, his love for history, and where Tacoma ghost stories came from. He talks about the haunting at what is now the Forum Bar and Grill, where listeners can find the pics he was talking about, and they converse about each of their personal ghost experiences. 14:32 – Andrew shares that his first ghost interaction when he was 19, he talks about how the tour works, the length of the tour, and how they really try to focus on a mix of ghost reports and proven historical facts. He talks about the skepticism he has on the ghost stories he’s heard, he gives credits to the people that run Brandys Attic, and talk about the ghost experiences they have had there. 27:20 – Brogan talks about his stepson getting to play for the Chinese President Xi Jinping during his visit to Tacoma, how the secret services coached the kids during the visit, and Andrew expresses how good it is that Tacoma is taking strides to reconcile when the city expelling of 200 Chinese people in 1885. Scott shares on how amazing it is that over the course of 150 years how much we have advanced our relationship with China, how India separated part of their country to turn over to the Dalai Lama, and Andrew explains how Buddhist monks are, at time, also martial artists. 45:00 – Brogan talks about working as a security guard at the Tacoma Road Center and the hauntings there, Andrew talks about working with local ghost hunters on investigations, and how running the business turned him and his dad into minor level ghost hunters. He talks about more on the creepy “ghost” incidents at Brandys Attic, Scott offers to join him with a ghost hunt there, and Andrew talks on other potential buildings that are haunted in Tacoma, including Theatre Comique run by Harry Morgan, who controlled just about anything illegal in Tacoma in the late 1800’s. Our hearts go out to Andrews parents, GCP is grateful for being able to know him. Special Guest: Andrew.
On this week’s show, the guys say good bye to longtime friend of the podcast Andrew Hansen. Andrew was the owner and creator of Tacoma Ghost Tours and recently, unexpectedly, passed away. He was a key member of Tacoma’s tour scene, the first and longest running paranormal guided walking tour of Tacoma, an amazing member of the community, and will be missed greatly. They also give a shout out to Dustuy’s Hideaway, a Bar/Restaurant on McKinley Hill in Tacoma. They offer great food & drinks and are open to all ages until 9 PM. As of today, they are open for phone in orders, in addition to DoorDash, and UberEats delivery. 00:30 – Justin shares how listeners can support the local business in their community during COVID-19, things that have been going on since their last recording, and they talk about local business and school closures to help prevent the spread. Justin shares him encouraging friends to get out to support the local restaurants, he shares the news of the passing of Andrew that ran Tacoma Ghost Tours, and Scott reflects on him visiting the show. He talks about always seeing Andrew around town, Justin talks about his encounters with ghosts, and they comment on how Andrew always played the skeptic on the tours. 13:36 – They take a step back in time and share Scott and Brogan’s ghost hunt adventures at Brandy’s Attic in Tacoma, and Jason the owner of Brandy’s Attic shares the name and personalities of the ghosts at the store. He tells the story of the medium that came to the store helping him communicate with one of them, he shows them around the building explaining different interactions he has had with ghosts in the store, and Andrew attempts to call the ghosts out. 27:04 – Justin and Scott give their mutual called shot to Dusty’s Hideaway, Justin shares the hours of the place, and they comment on what they ate there. He shares being stoked about the drinks there, which included the screwball he enjoyed that was served in a boot, Scott discusses what he loved about the place, and they talk about their newest Patrons. Justin reads off GCP reviews in his radio voice and shares how listeners can give props to the show. 39:47 – They talk about the impact the virus is having on the service industry, how we in our community can look out for them, and gives a shout out to This Week in Seattle Rock Podcast. Justin plays the song Grown Up by a local Tacoma band Hiltop Rats, he shares his love of concerts in small venues, and they talk about the craziness that’s been going on at the local grocery stores. He close out by talking on next weeks memorial podcast. Special Guest: Andrew.
GCP's Big Doin's

GCP's Big Doin's


This time Scott, Brogan, and Justin get together to talk about what’s been going on, GCP’s upcoming plans, and Called Shots. 01:38 – Brogan talks about being home with the kids during mid-winter break, the guys share their favorite stripper names, and Justin shares how listeners can get a hold of them. He gives a shout out to those who have left reviews of the show, they talk about their plans for new t-shirt colors and designs, and Justin gives props to GCP’s photographer and friend Mandy. Brogan talks about his plans for his next business that will be coming soon, him and Justin talk about their early drinking days, and the drinks that were at the top of their list. Brogan talks about his Taste Test Quest, how Yakima is the biggest producer of hops in the world, and Scott shares information on what the Washington Beer Passport is. 17:16 – Brogan talks about how great Stitch Fix is, they discuss keeping the balance between online shopping and supporting local businesses, and their plans to record at Brogans new shop. They create a plan to make GCP bottle heads, Justin shares this years Boot to Boot Two plan, and Justin and Brogan share their past strip club visits. They reflect on last years Boot to Boot, encourage those that would like to join this years B2B to reach out to be added to the list, and Scott maps out their potential B2B path. 32:05 – They share their appreciation for their videographer Jeff that has recently taken a break from the podcast, Justin suggests they do a GCP on the road, and where the idea came from. They plan on doing a trip to New Orleans, Scott talks about camper vans, and Justin reflects on his and Brogans road trip to Las Vegas 16 years ago. They all decide GCPRT is officially a non-wife trip, how many days they plan to go, and what the first trips route will be. The plan expands with talk on them first going to the Star Wars Store, by Kurk Cobains old House and Artic Tavern then stopping off at a Portland strip club. They then sort out the remaining of the trip, with plans to hitting up Corvallis, and then stop off in Yakima and Ellensburg before coming home. 48:36 – Scott talks about where he got the pizza they were enjoying, they discuss their favorite road trip foods, and Brogan shares what he flavors Cheez-It’s with before smoking them. He talks about how it’s been with his puppy and Scott mentions the video of the dog that learned to speak to it’s owner using a custom soundboard for it to speak with them. The topic turns to Called Shots, Brogan gives a shout out to Uncle Eddies, Justin gives his shout out to Takos Koreanos, and Scott shares his shout out to Paseo SODO in Seattle.
One of GCP’s faves, Suzanne rejoins the guys to talk about all things Point Defiance. Suzanne spends her days sharing her passion for animals with visitors at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium where she works as a staff biologist for the Wild Wonders Outdoor Theater. When she is not performing in shows or scooping poop, Suzanne is chair of Drinking for Conservation, a committee dedicated to conserving wildlife through fun social gatherings. Her hobbies include reading, solving crossword puzzles, trivia, dancing, and occasional modeling. Suzanne holds a B.A in English and an M.A. in Education from Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma and an M.A. in Biology from Miami University. 01:23 – Suzanne explains what Point Defiance AAZK is, the types of volunteer opportunities at AAZK, and Justin and Scott comment on going to the Red Wolves Drinking For Conservation event. Justin thanks GCP listeners, shares where people can find them online, and GCP’s plan to bring back Boot To Boot. Suzanne talks about the upcoming event March for Penguins, Scott gives props to the Red Wolf breeding facility in Washington, and Justin asks Suzanne about the pregnant muskox at the zoo. 15:40 – Suzanne talks about the planning that goes on around breeding at the zoo, the zoo’s upcoming St. Patrick’s Day themed events, and Justin gives a shout out to GCP’s photographer Mandy. Scott gives a shout out to Wing Man, they talk on their go to Karaoke songs, and Justin shares when he fell offstage while doing Karaoke. Suzanne tells the guys about the new zoo show that’s starting on Mothers Day, Scott recommends reading the Willow books, and Justin talks on the GCP movie review episodes. 30:15 – Suzanne shares how people can volunteer at Point Defiance, talks on the benefits for the youth that sign up for the Youth volunteer program, and the benefits they have discovered with the youth program. Suzanne talks about Point Defiance’s tarantula Caroline, Justin shares the story of when his mom had a tarantula, and kicks off Coaster Questions. Suzanne answers what her scariest moment with an animal has been, and the intimidation behind dumping a bucket of gran to the animals at Northwest Trek early in her career. 48:35 – Suzanne talks about her favorite animal, what training a tortoise entails, and Justin and Scott give their called shots. Justin gives a shout out to Alexis at Sublime Therapeutic Massage, Scott gives props to the Hoover Ville bar in Seattle, and Suzanne recommends Edgeworks Climbing Gym in Tacoma. She gives props to the Grand Cinema, talks on her appreciation for Grand Cinema’s dedication to sustainability, and when the March for Penguins is happening. Thanks Suzanne for another great conversation on the haps at Point Defiance Zoo! Special Guest: Suzanne Akerman.
Steve Dunkelberger is back to bring us some more PNW history. As many of you may know, Steve has been a working journalist for more than 20 years at various publications around the Puget Sound. In addition to being a journalist, he is also a judge for the Society of Professional Journalists National Sigma Delta Chi Journalism Awards. He has also has given lectures in the area on issues facing journalists, is a member of the Knights of the Pythias, and offers Drunken History tours of Tacoma. Steve has written two history books on the city of Lakewood and has just published his newest book on McNeil Island. He has also had several of his historical articles published on and in Columbia magazine. His past GCP episodes are Episode 10, a Best Of on Jake Bird, Episode 17 where the guys get to tour The Knights of Pythias’s Commencement Lodge #7, Episode 44 where they discuss The Maury Island Incident, Episode 61 where they talk Drunk History, Episode 73: JBLM, and episode 88: Steve's Drunk History. 03:30 – Steve shares where fans can find him online, Justin gives a shout out to PSP, and talks on the karaoke night the previous night at his house. He gives props to Steve on his karaoke performance, Steve talks about starting the Drunken History tour of Tacoma, and the events he does in the retirement community. He shares the plan for him to expand to doing tours at the Airport Tavern, the drive of his shows, and the plans to make a movie on the story of Jake Bird. Steve mentions how Tacoma was the furniture capital of the world at one point in time and the growth of manufacturing in Tacoma. 18:32 – Steve tells the guys the backstory on the cooling towers towards Aberdeen, he talks on why he chugged a can of clam chowder during his show, and Justin shares the plans for Trapper’s Sushi to return in Tacoma at their previous location. He talks on the plans of new apartments in Old City Hall in Tacoma, Steve shares his wish that the city of Tacoma would allow a return of apartments over Main Street level stores, and Scott and Justin gives props to the Las Tamales Restaurant on 72nd. 37:39 – Justin talks about him and his wife adopting their local roundabout, Steve talks about what his brother did with remaking his local round about, and things Justin is looking into for improving. Scott suggests GCP adopts a roundabout, Steve talks on the Spanish flu of 1918 in light of the Coronavirus, and the amount of people that were killed by the flu during that time. He shares how the working theory of the flu was that it started in America, Justin talks on not wanting to go on a cruise, and Steve talks on the diversity that he likes to put in his stories. 56:32 – Steve drops the haps on the Pythian Temple, his recent DJing at the temple’s Masquerade Party, and other things he has going on in the community. He talks on the history of fraternal lodges, the classes he taught on the making of sock gnomes, and the number of secret societies he’s a part of. Justin turns to coaster questions, Steve shares how he feels the people in Tacoma today would get along well with the people from the early Tacoma days, and they talk on the plan for the Flatstick Pub that will be hitting Tacoma hopefully soon! Thanks Steve for stopping in and dropping some history on the guys, it’s always a great conversation!!! Special Guest: Steve Dunkelberger.
This time Allison Needles from the Tacoma News Tribune sits down with the GCP guys. Allison was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and has been reporting with the paper since 2016. She covers Tacoma city politics and education. You can find her articles online at The News Tribune website and also follow her on Twitter to keep informed on what’s going on in the area. 01:28 – Justin welcomes Allison to the podcast, Scott shares how listeners can get hooked up with some GCP stickers, and Alison talks about joining the Tacoma News Tribune. She talks on starting to cover Tacoma and education news, Scott shares what led him to inviting her to chat with GCP, and Allison talks about getting information out to people to keep them connected to her work. She talks about growing up in the PNW, getting into freelancing, and into journalism. 10:33 – Justin talks on seeing the different side of Tacoma and Allison talks on the difference between Tacoma and Puyallup when it comes the stories she writes. They talk about the rising housing costs in Tacoma, Justin shares his frustration with his neighborhood, and Allison discusses how she differentiates her bias between reporting and the facts. She talks on her future story plans around housing, her resent story on school lock downs, and the equity gaps between different areas on Tacoma. 24:14 – Justin talks about how the bus rapid transit is a hot topic in his area, the concerns on how it would lower housing values, and encourages people to get involved with their local government. Justin and Scott kick off coaster questions, Allison talks on how technology has helped her with journalism, and Justin talks about going from audio editing to video edition. 36:38 – They kick off called shots, Justin talks on going to Pomodoro Italian Restaurant for Valentines Day, and Scott gives a shout out to King Street Bar and Oven in Seattle. He shares his favorite things to eat there, Allison talks about her recent visits to Happy Belly, and what her favorite soups are. Scott shares his favorite soup to eat, gives a shout out to his friends that listen from Nevada, and Justin shares where listeners can find Allison online. Allison talks on what it is like day to day in the office and Justin encourages listeners to be sure to submit Coaster Questions. Thanks Allison for stopping by to talk about the haps in local politics and your career! Special Guest: Allison Needles.
Tai from the Pizza Bro’s podcast sits in to talk about all things pizza and podcasting. Tai has been doing podcasting in the PNW for the past 12 years, including Pizza Bro’s that has been going for over 3 years and has put out 167 episodes so far. His brother co-hosts Pizza Bro’s where they talk about pizza, candy, and traveling with occasional guests that join in the conversation. Listeners can find them on their favorite podcast streaming service and can also follow them on Twitter and Instagram. 2:08 – Justin shares how listeners can submit comments or recommendations for podcast visitors, how he met Tai, and Tai shares how long him and his brother have been doing the podcast. He talks about getting started in podcasting, Justin talks about conventions in the area, and the PNW podcast convention. Tai talks on meeting fans at the convention, the other podcasts he does in addition to the Pizza Bro’s, and how his pizza love goes into his body art. 18:44 – Justin shares a local pizza place that is intending to sell Keto Pizza, Tai comments that Chicago Style pizza isn’t technically a pizza, it’s a pie, and Justin shares his favorite deep dish pizza in Chicago. Scott explains what a French Toast Pizza is, Tai talks about doing a podcast with the owners of Tipsy Tomato, and the different pizza’s they’ve tried on the podcast. Justin shares his love of Rubens, his favorite place to get Rubens in Tacoma, and Tai talks on the podcast shift to talking candy on the show in addition to pizza. 41:18 – They talk on toping hot takes, Tai shares on of the best Hawaiian pizza he has ever had, and the great lunch buffet at the Smoking Monkey Pizza in Seattle. Scott and Tai give props to Wicked Pie Pizza in Puyallup, Justin talks on stumbling on Johnny Americas Hawaiian Pizza, the Tai talks on where the Hawaiian Pizza was invented. Justin gives a shout out to the Taco Pizza from Tacoma and props to the Devils Reef in Tacoma. 56:02 – Tai talks on the list he has made of the semi-local Tacoma Pizza places, how he feels on New York Style pizza vs Chicago, and doing a pizza tour with friends starting on Olympia. He recommends those that would like to do a pizza tour should limit it to eight locations, they talk on plans of doing a co-sponsored pizza tour in Tacoma, and Justin give props to businesses on 6th Ave. Scott suggests a burger tour as well, them having Odd Otter on GCP back in the day, and Justin talks gives a shout out to Loose Wheel. Tai shares how to make a pizza meatloaf and Scott gives a shout out to Blue Max store in Puyallup. Thanks Tai for taking time out of your day to share your podcast and love for pizza! Special Guest: Pizza Bros Podcast.
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