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Cody and Hurchel from DC253 join the guys on this episode! DC253 is Tacoma's area DEF CON Group. They're a gathering point for folks interested in the alternate applications of modern technology, referred to properly as hacking. They meet the last Friday of the month at Devils Reef. On July 27th, they'll be at The Grand Cinema for a pre DEF CON movie screening of the 1983 hacker classic War Games. 1:32 – Jeff announces the day's safe word, Justin introduces the guests, and Cody shares the unique crowds they get at their monthly meetings. Hurchell explains what DEF CON is, Cody talks about the other cons that go on simultaneously as DEF CON, and Hurchell talks about starting the group. Jeff talks about hacking into his house recently, Scott shares his love of the hacking community, and Hurchell explains the true meaning behind hacking. 14:46 – Hurchell talks about what got him into hacking, Jeff poses a hypothetical question to the group, and Cody talks about helping find missing people online. They talk about the importance for people to check their credit because of how frequently personal information is sold online, Hurchell talks about the concern with what happens to our data in the future, and they chat about the recent story on LaMDA AI. 30:19 – Justin talks about his excitement around VR, Jeff and Scott talk about the first thing they did when visiting each other in the VR world, and Hurchell shares books with authors that do a great job of forecasting future technology. Justin talks about the technology advancements that came with Covid, the hybrid working environment, and jobs that robots can take over. Hurchell talks about the DEF CON groups in VR this year, the intent behind their Discord channel, and plans for having a more established place with hacker activities in the future. 45:03 – Cody talks about how they connected with the owner of Devils Reef, Justin talks about his Gin101 experience, and Cody talks about wanting to have a Breaker Space. Justin talks about what hacking means, what he likes about having information about what's going on in the area, and the importance of the open flow of news on the internet. Justin kicks off his new game, Cody shares what he would be famous for if he was famous, and Jeff tells his favorite knock-knock joke. Thanks, Cody and Hurchel, for hanging out and sharing information on DC253 and DEF CON. Special Guest: DC253.
This time, all the guys get together and chat about the VR world, HOA's, 4th of July party, robots, and BBQing. 00:19 – Scott talks about getting a VR, Justin talks about Meta Horizon Worlds, and Jeff shares his neighbor fertilizing his lawn. Brogan talks about lawn maintenance rates, Jeff gives recommendations for first things for people to do when first using VR, and his favorite pinball games in VR. He talks about how people find each other in Horizon World, Scott talks about the immersive VR videos he's been enjoying, and the virtual office setups. 20:12 – They jump into Jeff's Capades, Jeff talks about his recent neighbor visit, and how far his HOA stretches in the area. Justin talks about HOA complaints he hears, the challenges of being the HOA king, and Jeff chats about being approached by a lady asking for gas. Justin expresses how the lady potentially was casing the area for people being home, Justin talks about the guy being chased on his bike by a bear, and Brogan talks about his recent camping trip. 41:29 – Justin talks about why he bought his pellet gun, why he decided to have the 4th of July party on Saturday, and his recent addition of a keg to his bar. He talks about wanting to go camping, Brogan expresses being done with camping in a tent, and they kick off Scott Topics. They review the questions from the LaMDA Sentient interview, discuss the Spider-Man robot crash during a stunt, and the claim that robots will be taking over humans. 61:44 – Justin inquires about the length of time it would take to smoke BBQ wings on his Traeger, they discuss if using a Traeger is cheating, and Justin talks about smoking a pizza. Brogan talks about the success of smoked brisket tacos at his shop, selling beer on Uber Eats, and Scott shares his love of to-go drink orders still available at the bar. Jeff talks about his want to start to get back into airbrushing, Brogan talks about visiting the Washington Association of Brewers earlier in the day, and they close out talking about recent brew fests in the area before opening it up to the listeners.
On this episode, the guys chat about their recent Northwest Pinball and Arcade visit, VR, slot machines, online games, and more, including Is It Tacoma! 00:07 – Jeff kicks off the podcast talking about vampire stories being generational, Justin reflects on their recent Crypticon visit, and talks about his visit to the Northwest Pinball and Arcade show. He talks about visiting Camp Bar, Rhein Haus being closed, and the restaurants opening in its place. They talk about the different pinball machines they played at the event, Jeff talks about trying to play the Infinity Gaunlet game, and the extra big machines there. 21:57 – They talk about the sit-down arcade machines they played, Scott shares his favorite pinball machine, and talks about manufacturers having to prove that pinball machines were games of chance and not a game of skill. They discuss plans for recording in the VR environment, Jeff talks about ways people can get involved in VR, and they discuss Elon Musk insisting on staff working in-person vs. remote. 44:03 – Justin talks about following the Seattle Surge professional Call of Duty League team, Scott talks about not being able to play first shooter games, and Jeff talks about how nice the Tacoma Convention Center is. They talk about places to eat around the center, Scott shares the popsicle idea to pick places to eat, and Jeff explains what the Simpsons Colonoscopy Game was. 65:41 - Justin reads through each story related to Is It Tacoma, reveals which one is from Tacoma, and shares where the other articles were from. They talk about discounted prices for getting the lawn mowed, Justin talks about living in Roy during spider season, and Scott talks about finding a scorpion in his bathroom. He talks about keeping a scorpion as a pet, Justin reflects on old roommates, and gives a shout-out to Cosmic Bottles.
This time, the guys have a special Sunday Night Grit where they talk Crypticon, the VR world, Five Mile Drive, re-opening of Owen's Beach, and everything in between. 00:00 – Justin calls for Scott to get the podcast rolling, Brogan talks about being hungover for a week after their Crypticon adventure, and the afterlife Sunday party that featured YagerBombs. Scott talks about the t-shirts he found at the con, Justin brings up beer smoothies, and his increase in ordering out lately. Brogan talks about Door-Dashing, Justin talks about their adventures in the VR world, and their interest in podcasting virtually. 16:28 – Jeff talks about spacey age VR games, the next renovation in VR lenses, and Brogan explains the recent game he's been playing. Jeff goes VR live, Brogan shares the potential for it to bring him together with his daughter, and Justin expresses his appreciation for Brogan's puke and rally ability. They discuss the new Obi-Wan Kenobi series, Scott talks about researching VR stocks, and Justin talks about the Northwest Pinball & Arcade Show. 28:01 – Justin talks about them having a booth at the Grit City Comic Show in October, he advocates safe GCP sticker placement, and Jeff talks about the making of the movie Manos: The Hands of Fate. He recommends watching it on RiffTrax, they plan for the making of a GCP movie, and discuss the new Winney The Pooh Movie. They plan out the future OPP (Old People Party), the types of shots they'll offer, and Justin reflects on Brogan's 21st birthday. 42:03 – Justin talks about the haunting of Five Mile Drive, they talk about Food Truck plans around Tacoma, and Scott discusses the PierceTransit's Project Food Truck. Brogan discusses the Cosmic Bottles Food Truck event plans, they talk about ax throwing in VR, and Brogan talks about sharing his Oculus with his kids. Justin talks about his recent Tacoma gear find, they talk about the old Tacoma Swapmeet, and close out the episode roasting Justin.
Crypticon 2022

Crypticon 2022


This episode, the guys hit up Crypticon, Seattle's premier horror convention. The con offers opportunities for local, and not-so-local, talent in all fields, be that movies, television, radio, music, art, literature, or creators and purveyors of household products and games—all dark-themed to tickle the terrifying fancies of our lurid Seattle horde. Guests have included authors, actors, directors, producers, and writers from classic and upcoming horror titles. Friends Rusty and Ken drop in, along with actor and producer James Clark. 02:44 – Justin kicks off the episode introducing their weekend voyage, them trying to bring back their old school con funness, and the types of drinks Brogan brought to the party. They do an inaugural shot to kick off the weekend, speak of blackout plans, and return the following morning to discuss the past night's excursions. Justin explains the rule to not go hard the first night of the convention, Brogan talks about past GCP con interviews, and Justin welcomes friend of the podcast Rusty. Scott talks about the night before, Brogan tells the story of PBR Coffee, and they reflect on karaoke the night before. 28:02 – Rusty tries the PBR Coffee, they talk about the marijuana-infused Rum Scott made, and their review on Justin's Everclear cherries. Justin talks about the celebrity guests at the con, Ken talks about making his mask, and introduces his friend, actor and producer, James Clark. He talks about his directing style, the short screening of his short film at GenCon, and Amelia Samson's recent popularity on TikTok. Ken talks about his favorite characters in the movie, Brogan talks about the hobbit house in Port Orchard, and Ken talks about filming act two. 54:08 - Ken talks about the most popular individual videos from Enter the Mind Dungeon they released, his challenge with filming, and explains the chef and sous-chef dynamics. He talks about other film ideas he's been working on, and James talks about the importance of getting critical feedback on scripts. James talks about the importance of processing the feedback he receives, the guys then return on the last day of the con, and the fun of exploring movie history. 79:48 – They shout out to the guys who run the Biohazard Party, plan for a future “Old People” party, and Brogan talks about running into a past GCP guest. Justin talks about the hursts on display, Scott talks about the Horror Clowns performing there, and they give reviews of the films they watched during the Shorts Block show. They share the key to surviving a hangover, Brogan talks about the VHS treasures he found, and they close out planning next years con visit. Special Guests: Ken Carlson and Rusty.
On this Friday Night, Grit, Scott, Justin, and Jeff talk about various topics, including the upcoming Crypticon, hothusbands, Taste of Tacoma, and getting into VR. 01:24 – Jeff talks about enjoying his Hungry Man Dinner, people sleeping on the Light Rail, and Scott talks about the security at every Light Rail station. They talk about people being asleep on their feet, Jeff talks about the rampant use of Fentanyl in Seattle, and checking out Horizon Worlds. He talks about locking himself out of his house, the meaning of hot-wife, and introduces the idea of hot-husband. He talks about getting back into his house, Justin talks about his wife investing in an exercise steel mace, and gives his review on Everything Everywhere All At Once. 23:35 – Justin shares their plans to have guests on the podcast during their visit to Crypticon, talks about Brogan donating a keg to the event, and discusses its prices. They talk about plans to share a booth with friend Ken Carlson at Grit City Comic Show in October, Justin talks about what he loved about the Xbox, and other movies Michelle Yeoh has been in. He talks about his love of being able to hang out with the guests at Crypticon, Scott reveals the types of drinks he'll be bringing to the event, and Justin talks about changes with Taste of Tacoma. 47:12 – Justin shares where vanilla flavoring comes from, Scott shows the guy's Slaughter to Prevail, and how the recent show at The Valley was. Justin talks about his love of Stoned Evergreen Travelers, gives props to the band's violin player, and the sentimental feeling he got when seeing the old menu of Pizza & Pipes. Jeff proposes The Ladies Man Seductive Fruit segment, the new meaning of the word smoothy, and Justin talks about the latest whiskey put out by Heritage Whiskey. 70:17 – Justin talks about the fantastic drinks at Hops n Drops, Scott talks about new ideas for the Dark and Stormy drink, and the most recent technique of smoked drinks. Justin shares the panels he'll be on at the con, they talk about the advancements over the years in the process of releasing podcasts, and what keeps them continuing to do the podcast.
Deborah Simpier, co-founder, and CEO of Althea, sits down with the GCP guys for this episode. Althea is a new way to access broadband internet that enables network growth through a unique revenue sharing system. Althea was founded in 2017 with the vision to bring the open market and interoperable peering from the data center to the field and empowering communities to build multi-stakeholder networks faster and more affordable than legacy telecom models. 01:51 – Justin shares where listeners can listen GCP live, the Tacoma background noises that come with recording at the Union Club, and introduces Deborah. Justin talks the local buzz in the news about her company, Deborah talks about the start of the business, and the frustration she experienced with internet service in rural areas. She talks about the “meet me room” in the internet exchange, where the idea came from, and the license spectrum behind LTE. 12:37 – Scott talks about what he likes about short wave radio, Justin talks about losing cell service in the last power outage, and the issue with internet costs. They talk about the importance of having the internet as a service, Deborah talks about the company's pivot points due to technology changes, and Scott gives props to the magazine 2600. They talk about the rules behind only accepting credit/debit payments, how the cannabis industry is strictly cash, and Deborah talks about the company using crypto as their backbone. 25:12 – They share their love of the mead Justin brought back from his recent trip, Deborah talks about why she wanted to provide a better system of ISP service, and Justin talks about places that would benefit from her service. Justin and Scott talk about their experience with the internet in rural areas, Deborah talks about how people can sign up for the service, and their partner program for those interested in bringing the service to their area. She shares that there are an insufficient number of ISP’s in the US, Jeff asks a coaster question, and Deborah talks about setting up internet service in Nigeria. 38:24 – Deborah talks about wanting to have a more resilient system, the ultimate vision of the architecture, and they discuss the value of everything. She talks about the transparency behind their system, the flexibility users have with the service, and the importance of user choice behind their service. Deborah talks about building a network in Columbia and Jeff talks about why audio is still important. Thanks, Deborah, for joining GCP to share the awesome unique service your company is providing! Special Guest: Deborah Simpier.
This week the GCP crew is joined by friend of the show, Ken Carlson. Ken is a PNW writer, director, and author of the comic book mini-series Hellbound Slant 6. The four-issue mini-series chronicles the dangerous exploits of a tough-talking, no-nonsense, street-smart girl named Danielle, who's currently on a quest to escape from hell so she can be by her mother's side before she passes away. He has also written and directed Dead Drift, Penny Palabras, and Roscoe the Junkyard Cat. 01:35 – Justin welcomes Ken to the show, talks about the vintage art walk at The Union Club, and Ken describes the story behind Hellbound Slant 6. He talks about starting the writing of it at an early age, working on the fourth series, and the artists he worked with for the third issue. He talks about where he is at with issue four, the importance of character-building moments in the story, and Justin invites Ken to hand out with them at Crypticon. 15:02 – Ken explains what the film Enter the Mind Dungeon is about, the locations where Dead Drift was filmed, and the innovations in storytelling. Justin presents a new segment hosted by Cosmic Bottles, dives into his first drink selection, and talks about trying pickle flights at Pickles Deli in Whidbey Island. Ken talks about the Troll Haven castle, Justin talks about visiting Hierophant Meadery, and explains the ingredients in the drink. 31:42 – Jeff shares the benefits of marshmallow roots, they give their reviews of the mead they tried, and Justin and Ken express their love of the hammock. Scott talks about the recent burnout he saw in Tacoma, Justin talks about people complaining to the council about it, and the Tacoma mayor getting stuck in one. They talk about how long burnouts have been going on, Jeff asks a coaster question, and Ken talks about the writer that inspired him to start his comic. 45:46 – They discuss how time travel works in books and movies, Justin talks about Nicolas Cage's most recent film, and Scott talks about buying a dinosaur head if he had the chance. They talk about actual billionaire super villains, Justin reflects on the meet raffles at The Rhein Haus, and Ken talks about cool alternative music of the 90s. Thanks, Ken, for re-joining the guys; looking forward to hanging out again soon! Special Guest: Ken Carlson.
Ross Allison - AGHOST

Ross Allison - AGHOST


Ross Allison, founder of AGHOST joins the guys for this episode. Ross has been a ghost hunting for over 30 years, and in addition to being a paranormal investigator, he is an author, media host, lecturer, teacher, and event tour guide. He has appeared on several radio programs, news coverage, and television shows, including The Learning Channel’s America’s Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, The Tonight Show, MTV, CMT, CNN, A&E, the Discovery Channel, ABC’s Scariest Places on Earth, Sci-Fi’s Ghost Hunters, Nightline and two episodes of Travel Channel’s “Most Terrifying Places in America”. 01:27 – Justin welcomes Ross, where listeners can find information online about AGHOST, and Ross talks about what got him into ghost hunting. He talks about forming the group in Seattle, being a full-time ghost hunter, and Justin talks about personal ghost experiences. Ross discusses the patience needed for ghost hunting, Scott talks about his experiences in the area, and Ross talks about how he peruses places to hunt ghosts. 18:18 – Ross explains why the apps people use may not be legit, the problems he faces in the ghost hunting field, and how he validates ghost encounters. He talks about the equipment he uses to read the environment, Justin talks about his theories of what ghosts are, and Ross shares what the secrets are to his success. He talks about the most challenging parts of ghost hunting, they talk about the ease of people manipulating videos, and Ross talks about the romanticism in working with the media. 36:41 – Jeff asks the first Coaster Question, Ross talks about his best personal ghost encounter, and always being respectful of the spirits he communicates with. Justin talks about GCP’s haunting experience at Union Club, Ross shares that he’d like to do an investigation there, and his want to also do a ghost investigation at the Pentium Temple in Tacoma. 55:15 – Ross talks about developing the system to prove touch, where listeners can watch ParaSense, and how long he’s been doing the ghost tours in Seattle. He talks about ghost research bias, the importance of stripping things down to their simplest form when investigating, and the importance of interviewing people who have had the experience. He talks about why the Amityville ghost case is so well known, being able to walk through the house, and AGHOST open memberships. Thanks to Ross for joining GCP for an exciting look into the paranormal! Special Guest: Ross Allison.
Friday Night Hangout

Friday Night Hangout


On this Friday Night Hangout, Jeff, Justin, and Scott talk about 420, Crypticon, Whidbey Island, mushrooms, and much, much more! 00:04 – Justin kicks off the show, requesting Scott explain himself, Robo Brogan joins the crew, and they talk about their Patrons-only podcast. They talked about their 420 episode, Justin gives a shout-out to his mother-in-law, and they talk about the guests at the upcoming Crypticon. They talk about a friend of the podcast, Ken Carlson, being at Crypticon, their appreciation for Denny’s, and Scott shares that some Denny’s have hidden bars. Justin gives props to Scott, talks about the go-to foods he makes for his wife, and talks about his and his wife’s six-year anniversary. 27:12 – Justin talks about plans to visit Pickles Deli on Whidbey Island, they talk about pickle conspiracies, and plan for a pickle-tasking party. Justin talks about the grand opening of South Sound Scooters, Scott talks about going to the Pennywise secret show at Real Art Tacoma, and the stage diving at the event. They talk about how far we are from the apocalypse, jump into Scott Topics, and Justin talks about the mushroom festival in Colorado. 57:06 – Scott talks about mushroom caskets, Justin talks about trying to dress up his cats, and Jeff shares how his cat loves the leash. They talk about hanging out at Jeff’s house, the fantastic food they enjoyed, and the games they played while there. They plan the makes of a variety show, [this section stricken from the notes], and Justin talks about a podcast friend creating a motorized couch in Tacoma. 84:26 – They talk about places they’ve seen GCP stickers posted at, Scott talks about the random people that request to be on the show, and shares what drinks enjoyed while recording. Justin talks about the neighborhood groups he’s involved in, how to get involved in the community, and the volunteer opportunities for South Sound 911. He talks about what he’d do if he won the lottery, the Citizens Academy for the Tacoma Police Department, and they close out discussing the recent Disney news in Florida.
On this Saturday Night Grit, Scott, Justin, and Jeff talk about Jeff's recent cruse, what their friends from Chasing Ghosts have been up too, their plans at Crypticon, the upcoming 420 and much more! 00:23 – Jeff share's how he explains the podcast, Robo Brogan shows up, and Scott talks about celebrating Easter with his adult child. Jeff talks about meeting people that did an Adult Easter, Justin kicks off the Jeff's Capades, where Jeff talks about his recent vacation. He talks about flying from Seattle to Florida, being laid over in Miami, and their stop of in Haiti. He talks about the cruise's decision not to stop in Puerto Rico, his greatest fear of being on a cruise ship, and encourages listeners to reach out to their representatives to have cannabis on cruises. 22:49 – Jeff talks about the amazing pictures that were taken on the cruise, the fantastic staff on the ship, and what he loved on the cruise related to food. He talks about the great people they met from LA, the comedian and ventriloquist he watched, and the live bands on the ship. He talks about the cool thing with the bathroom on the boat, Scott makes future cruise plans with the guys, and they discuss where they would go. 44:17 – Justin expresses the group's desire to visit the Caribbean, Scott shares that birds don't dream when they sleep, and Justin talks about their plans with friends from Chasing Ghosts With Scooters. They talk about the grand opening of South Sound Scooters, Scott gives props to Camp Bar, and talks about bikes he's had in the past. Justin hypes up their plans at Crypticon, the strategy for the room bar, and Scott share's his plan to bring the Green Dragon. 66:03 – Justin shares his mother-in-law's shout out to Joe Malik on the last podcast, gives recommendations of other podcasts, and talks about his new favorite strain of cannabis. They encourage listeners to visit Mary Mart, discuss investing in cannabis, and Justin gives a shout-out to the latest Philly Steak Place in Tacoma. Scott and Justin talk about the recent comedy show they went to, what they drank at the show, and close out talking about the fantastic comedian's they saw.
On this Saturday Night Grit, friend of the podcast, Joseph Malik, joins the crew. Joe has recently retired from the Military and is now working full-time as an author. He is the author of two books, Dragon’s Trail and New Magic, and is currently working on the final installment of the Outworlders series. His first book, Dragon's Trail, was released in September 2016 and is a #1 international bestseller. The second installment in the Outworlders series, New Magic, was released in September of 2018. He also has a blog where he shares his adventures in writing, research, and attending various conventions. 00:03 – Justin shares what he’s been drinking, talks about the last podcast they did with Billy, and the things he learned from doing that specific episode. They talk about the potential of the national legalization of marijuana, Justin talks about Joe attending the upcoming Norwescon, and Joe joins the conversation. He talks about becoming a Rum guy, his go-to Scotch, and Justin talks about his go-to drink. Joe talks about gardening during Covid, the various types of rabit he and his wife enjoyed for dinner, and shares that his wife is a former traditional archer state champion. 27:22 - Joe talks about being medically retired from the Military, transitioning into a full-time writer, and the number of tours he did while serving in the Army. He shares what panels he’ll be on at Norwescon, Scott talks about what he loved most about the convention, and Joe expresses the importance of the GCP guys going to RadCon in the Tri-Cities. Justin talks about them being at Crypticon, getting roped into panels there, and they dive into Coaster Questions. 55:26 – Scott talks about the pocket knife he carries, Joe talks about his everyday carry knives, and where he takes them. He answers the next Coaster Question, they talk about ebook pirates, and Scott talks about how a friend of the podcast, Ken, was pirated. Joe talks about the books he worked on during Covid, taking a break from his third book, and the crazy fans that he’s had to deal with post-release of his books. 79:07 – Scott shares that he’s enjoying a Truly, Joe talks about having to have his book cleared through the Pentagon before release, and losing some readers when he came out on Twitter against QAnon. He talks about being in a weird position during Covid, Justin talks about updates he follows on Twiter and TikTok related to the war, and they talk about what is failing with it. They give props to Al, Joe talks about institutional hazing in the foreign Military, and they close out by making plans for their next get-together. Many thanks to Joe for rejoining the GCP guys!!! Special Guest: Joseph Malik.
Billy, a friend of the podcast, re-joins the show!! In addition to being a friend of the podcast, Billy represents the local cannabis store, Mary Mart. Mary Mart prides itself in being well-versed in their craft and love offering their expertise and insight regarding marijuana and its many applications. He's also joined the guys for 12 other episodes; find more information on those episodes at: 01:53 – Billy expresses how happy he was to re-join the podcast, Scott talks about his love for breakfast restaurants, and Billy shares his ways of testing restaurants. Justin discusses his passion for watching hockey at home and gives a shout-out to Brogan and Cosmic Bottles. He talks about GCP's Patron giveaway, their plans to be at the upcoming Crypticon, Billy talks about the two recent robberies at Mary Mart, and they talk about the recent death of someone attempting to rob a cannabis store in Covington. 28:37 – Billy shares that he's the one that picks out the cannabis accessories for Marry Mart, they reflect on Billy's past GCP visits, and their goals for the this episode. Billy talks about what he brought for the team to try, the benefits of the suppositories on the market, and Jeff talks about his and his wife's first visit to a cannabis store. Billy gives his thoughts on dispensaries having the ability to do banking safely, cannabis lounges coming soon, and they jump into Coaster Questions. 56:03 – Justin talks about how close we are to the Wild West with everything going on, Scott inquires about when the recent crimes may go away, and Jeff asks another coaster question. Billy shares his want for the current limits of purchases to go away, other limitations he'd like the state to remove, and Billy tells listeners how they can reach out to him to ask any questions they may have. Each person checks in before the big smoke out. 84:45 – Justin encourages listeners to post questions in the chat, encourages everyone to get a shag carpet rainbow room, and gives a shout-out to their friend Ken Carlson. He talks about Ken being a part of Reel Life 96, the movies and web series Ken has done, and they dive into Is It Tacoma. Justin talks about avoiding articles that would be easy to guess are from Tacoma, what Is It Tacoma is about, and reveals which article is from Tacoma. Thanks, Billy for joining the crew again for another fantastic episode! Looking forward to having you on again! Special Guest: Billy.
Scott and Justin hold down this episode discussing recent guests, Fat Zachs, plans during the Crypticon convention, their upcoming guest Billy from Mary Mart, and more! 01:38 – Scott and Justin talk about where Cosmic Bottles is located, their most recent guests, and Justin talks about Jeff Goldblum’s two jazz albums. They talk about what country he has a statue in, other records Jeff has put out, and Justin talks about the sounds he appreciates in music made in record form. They talk about their favorite times to listen to Jazz, the types of Jazz they enjoy, and going to Party for Polar Bears at Dystopian State Brewing. 19:03 – They talk about things they would add the Fat Zachs pickle pizza, Scott talks about his recent visit to Twin Peaks, and his service there. They talk about the importance of trying a dining location three times before deciding on the final review of the location, Justin talks about the Jeff Goldblum show, and they segue into Crypticon. 38:15 – Scott talks about volunteering at Norwescon, Justin talks about the familiarity with both Norwescon and Crypticon, and they talk about ways to pump up their immune system before hitting up the Crypticon parties. Justin talks about the party suites for Crypticon, his favorite party there, and they talk about potential giveaways during the convention. Justin talks about their current giveaways, other prizes, and patron incentives. 57:48 – Justin talks about turning his guest room into a Rainbow Room, how the idea was born from his love of LED smart lights, and Scott talks about the upcoming event with Billy. He dives into Scott Topics, talks about the new impossible super-thin, stronger-than-steel sheets, and how we phase back in forth in alternative realities. Justin talks about how movies have gently incorporated aliens into our reality, the different places he’s lived in Tacoma, and encourages listeners to let GCP know if they’re going to be at Crypticon.
ETHAN HD rejoins the podcast! Ethan is a pro wrestler, international pro wrestling coach, stand-up comedian, former rapper, entrepreneur, and owner of Destiny City Comics. Destiny City Comics is Tacoma's #1 destination for comic books, graphic novels, and pro-wrestling memorabilia. Follow him on his social media to find out where he will be performing, and check out Destiny City Comics online at:! Ethan last joined the group in 2019 on episode 90. 01:47 – Ethan talks about how he's been, Justin congrats Ethan on winning the WAC belt, Ethan talks about winning the belt and how well Destiny City Comics has been doing. He talks about questioning going back to wrestling, the great people he meets from the community at the shop, and his plans to do joint events with other businesses in the area. Justin shares his love of the Weird Elephant, kicks off coaster questions, and Jeff reflects on his love of wrestling as a kid. 22:09 – Justin talks about the comeback of Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers, Ethan discusses why Disney became so much more successful than Looney Tunes, and how John Cena knocked Peace Maker out of the park. Justin compares the difference between DC and Marvel characters, Ethan talks about people coming into the store interested in the b and c comic book characters and Peace Makers background story in the comic book. 44:22 – Jeff talks about how the Batman Return of the Phantasm is a cinematic masterpiece, he asks Ethan another coaster question, and Justin expresses his love of the Y: The Last man comic books. Ethan shares his favorite comic book based TV series, what sold him on the show, and they give props to John Cena's improv in Pease Maker. Ethan gives props to James Gunn for the casting of Guardians of the Galaxy, Justin talks about James's movie Super and how he brilliantly casted the main character. 66:32 – Ethan talks about being on the pulse of discovering artists in the area, his appreciation for the writing style of Kayden Phoenix, and his shift in business due to Covid. Jeff shares how he got his son interested in comic books, Ethan discusses how he is a comic book trade paperback person, and talks about buying comic books he loves for himself then reselling them in his store at a discount. He talks about starting collecting vinyl, the record treasures he finds, and Justin talks about cool records he's found. Thanks, Ethan, for rejoining the crew to discuss what you've been up to since you were last on! Special Guest: Ethan HD.
Summit Hypnosis

Summit Hypnosis


Deane Benninghoven, certified hypnotist and artist, located in Tacoma, checks in with the GCP team with Jasmine and Kellie, that have joined Summit Hypnosis since he last visited the podcast. Summit Hypnosis provides hypnotherapy to help adults and children overcome trauma, abuse, PTSD, reduce stress, anxiety, anger, change emotional patterns, increase self-confidence, focus, and performance in sports, school, and work. For more information, you can find them online at Deane has also joined the podcast on episodes 79 (/79) and 99 (/99)! 02:11 – Justin talks about Deane’s past chats with GCP, Deane shares what his business does for the community, and where he gets his referrals. He gives an example of working with a patient and what he could unlock for them, talks about the different perspectives people have when they experience difficulties in their lives, and what got him into hypnosis. He talks about how long he’s been in Tacoma, Justin shares where people can find Summit Hypnosis online, and Kelly talks about how she got into hypnosis. 14:02 – Deane talks about the significance behind hypnosis, Kelly talks about the journey from experiencing hypnosis to being a hypnotist, and the changes she has made in the last year. She talks about hypnosis helping people rewire their brains, and Jasmine talks about what brought her to hypnosis. She talks about how she found hypnosis, what she realized through hypnosis, and Deane discusses how the subconscious mind works. He talks about helping a client that couldn’t leave his room, Justin expresses how Deane is helping his clients build a map, and Jamie talks about learning from the people she’s working with. 27:34 – Scott talks about being a fan of NLP, the importance of helping people sort out their thoughts, and Deane talks about the type of hypnosis they offer. He talks about how natural hypnosis is, how he teaches people to do self-hypnosis, and Justin talks about recording at Union Club. Deane talks about the event he has going on on March 26th, giving away free tickets to the event, and Justin talks about the benefits he has found with floating. 40:47 – Deane talks about working with athletes, being in the flow state, and Scott talks about being in the zone when podcasting. Justin talks about Summit Hypnosis offering in-person and virtual sessions, Deane talks about the induction he does with clients' first visits, and walks listeners through hypnosis. Justin and Scott express their appreciation for the hypnosis, Deane talks about how powerful hypnosis is, and Justin shares where listeners can find out more information online about Summit Hypnosis. Many thanks to Deane, Jasmine, and Kellie for the insightful conversation! Special Guest: Deane Benninghoven.
In Memoriam - Sue Kidd

In Memoriam - Sue Kidd


This week the guys pay tribute to local Tacoma writer Sue Kidd that recently passed away. Sue was a career food journalist and former editor for The News Tribune. She was known in the South Sound as a fearless advocate for readers as well as for her dogged pursuit of all things related to food. She managed the Dine Pierce County website and the Dine Pierce County Facebook group. She was also an alumnus member of the Association of Food Journalists and adhered to the AFJ’s ethical standards for food and restaurant writers. She made a significant impact on the community and will be greatly missed. 00:51 – Justin kicks off the show talking about their last sad cast when a friend of the podcast Andrew with Tacoma Ghost Tours, passed, the impact Sue had on the community, and her managing if the site Dining Pierce County. They talk about what she’s done for the area, how ethical she was in her writing, and Justin talks about learning about her when he first moved to Tacoma. 6:05 – Justin talks about finding great places to eat using Dine Pierce County, her writing style, and how she would visit a restaurant three times before reviewing it. He shares why it was important to her to visit three times, and they talk about why she left The News Tribune. Justin talks about her passing and the tribute to her on the Dine Pierce County Facebook Group. 11:41 – Justin talks about the restaurants in the area that gave tribute to her by reserving tables and how that reflected how much of an impact she had on the area. They talk about how short life is, Justin shares that the Tacoma city mayor and the council are dedicating a moment of silence to her life at the Tuesday, March 8th meeting and the other ways the community is honoring the fantastic work she did. Justin closes out reflecting on other examples that showed how much of a champion she was for small businesses.
Gaming With Grief

Gaming With Grief


Joe Carlson from the podcast Gaming with Grief sits down at the Union Club with the guys in this episode. Joe created the podcast after experiencing a tremendous amount of grief between 2016 and 2020. With it, he tries to examine gaming from a perspective of how it can help deal with grief and how grief is articulated into the game itself. 01:55 – Jeff shares what square GCP would be if they were on Hollywood Square, they talk about pre-funking, and Justin welcomes Joe to the podcast. Joe shares how often Game of Grief is published, being up to podcast 141, and where the idea for the podcast came from. He discusses what made him start the podcast, talks about getting the Play Sation 5, and questions the group on different ways of using cannabis. Justin talks about his love of playing Magic online, Jeff explains his preference for playing DND, and they discuss the local Tacoma DND group. 22:33 – Joe talks about trying to be positive on Twitter, Justin talks about "hate reading" tweets, and Scott talks about shutting off his social media. He talks about the live streaming on the Citizen app, Justin talks about using the police scanner on his phone, and the multiple cannabis stores that have been robbed recently in the PNW. Jeff talks about his t-shirt ideas for the show in March, they discuss the illegal marijuana farms that are still out there in the states where it's legal, and share their reviews of Mead. 47:05 – They jump into Jeff’s Capades, Jeff gives the ending to his recent car drama, and Joe talks about what he's branched off to with the podcast. He shares what makes the best episodes for the podcast, they talk about the different types of games made to deal specifically with grief, and what the most recent grief game is about. They talk about doom scrolling, Facebook's recent loss of billions of dollars, and Joe talks about expanding his podcast to Spotify. 67:17 – Joe talks about his appreciation for GCP, Justin gives a shout-out to the listener that runs the Ferrell Furniture program, and they discuss Washington easing up on the mask and vaccination mandates. Justin talks about where listeners can find Gaming with Grief online, Joe encourages listeners of his podcast to provide feedback, and Justin discusses GCP's upcoming plans. Scott share's where people can buy GCP t-shirts, Jeff talks about designing the shirts, and Justin promotes the local Shroom Brothers artists. They talk about potential teaming with paranormal groups in the PNW, and Joe talks about shutting off the flat earth episode. Thanks Joe for joining the guys for a great conversation! Special Guest: Joe Carlson.
GCP: SADurday Night Grit

GCP: SADurday Night Grit


Justin and Scott BS on this episode about great places around Tacoma back in the day, events happening in the area, and upcoming GCP guests. 01:36 – Robo Brogan joins the podcast, Justin talks about the haps at Cosmic Bottles during the Super Bowl, and gives a shout-out to Ivers. He talks about the varying levels of sushi places in Tacoma and the new t-shirts they got in. He talks about his venture to check out KVLT Mead, plans to get past guests back on the show, and what the guys with Chasing Ghosts has been up to. Scott share's what he's been up to, Justin talks about his past Puyallup bar crawls, and Scott explains the type of bar CaskCades is. 21:50 – Justin dives deeper into his recent visit to KVLT Mead, he and Scott talk about their past experiences with mead, and Justin talks about the ones he liked the most at KVLT. Scott talks about the pirate group in Tacoma, Justin suggests that they have pirates on the podcast, and the recent robbery at Mary Mart. He talks about the sale of Narrows Plaza Bowl, the alehouse across from it, and the drive-in that used to be behind B&I in Tacoma. He talks about going to B&I when they had Ivan the gorilla, what he's doing for Valentine's Day, and what's on the Valentine Course at Bar Bistro. 47:03 – Scott talks about the newest BBQ place he's found in Seattle, the fantastic meatloaf they have, and Justin talks about the delicious smoked meatloaf he's made. Justin reflects on another great past restaurant in Tacoma, Pizza and Pipes, other restaurants in the same spot after it closed, and they talk about the recent car that crashed into a Sizzler. Scott talks about the hilarious Mount Saint Helens on Twitter, why he hates driving, and Justin talks about Brogan's last visit to a Sizzler. Scott talks about his disappointment with The Outback Steakhouse, and fundraiser ideas for Mary Mart. 65:12 – They talk about planning to attend the upcoming Point Defiance Party for Polar bears, Fat Zach's pizza being there as well, and Scott talks about going to see Soulfly the following weekend. Justin talks about wanting to check out Little Radio, his excitement for podcasts coming up, and closes out this episode talking about the passing of the chef at Unique Bakery.



On this episode, Jen Otis, co-owner of KVLT, sits down with the GCP guys. KVLT Mead is Tacoma's first meadery with a mead taproom! Each batch is hand-crafted and produced on-site with premium and local ingredients, including PNW Clover Honey, PNW sourced fruits, and Cascadian glacial waters. She and her fellow co-owner are rabid consumers of metal music and wanted a place of their own to celebrate their love of metal music and the culture that surrounds it. KVLT is located at 5011 S Washington St in Tacoma; visit their website,, for operating hours. 00:00 – Brogan kicks off the episode talking about having to work the day before, Justin and Brogan compare their boat shoes, and Brogan talks about how easy it was to find them. Jen shares where KVLT is located, explains what mead is, and what mead's primary fermentable sugar is. She talks about how mead products are never exactly the same, the agriculture component to honey, and how more mead makers are entering the market. Justin talks about his first introduction to mead, Jen talks about what got her into making mead, and they reference Tacoma as the Oakland of Washington. 13:01 – Jen shares how mead in the PNW is often Viking-themed, her love of metal music, and Justin reflects on growing up on Jagermeister and Highlife. He talks about getting introduced to the drink Starry Night, Jen talks about the cost of the bottles, and how they commission local artists to design the art on their bottles. She talks about it being slow to catch on in the community, how she likes the idea of the business growing organically, and how she works to keep a positive atmosphere at the taproom. 26:35 – Jen talks about how difficult it was to open a business in Tacoma, the amount of taxes tied to selling alcohol, and their plans to open to the Oregon market. Brogan talks about the ease for Washington to sell alcohol in Oregon and how hard it is for Oregon to sell alcohol to Washington. She talks about the events she's doing in the area, hosting the traveling dark art market Market of The Beast, and the metal-themed belly dancing coming up at KVLT. 37:25 – Scott talks about the history behind The Clown Hotel in Nevada, Jen talks about suffering from sleep paralysis, and starting a new music project. She explains the meaning behind the name of her latest project, being involved in the Doom Hags on Facebook, and they talk about their favorite metal bands. Jen discusses the great metal bands in the PNW and closes out this podcast sharing the bands performing that night at KVLT. Thanks, Jen, for joining the podcast and sharing your love for mead and metal! Special Guest: KVLT MEAD.
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