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The Grit City Podcast is a weekly audio experience like no other! Hosted from the vibrant city of Tacoma, Washington - also known as "Grit City," our show has been entertaining and informing listeners since 2014. And what a ride it's been!
Every week, we release a new episode that introduces you to the dynamic and inspiring individuals who call the Pacific Northwest home. From local business owners and entrepreneurs to authors, artists, and unique characters, our guests embody the hard-working, blue-collar spirit that Grit City is known for. And let's not forget the occasional drug-fueled weirdo we may have met at a comedy club the night before!
The Grit City Podcast first launched back in the summer of 2014 and quickly built a loyal fanbase of listeners who appreciated the show's unique perspective on the Seattle/Tacoma area. After a brief hiatus in 2017, the podcast was rebooted in 2018, with even more friends and family members involved. It quickly regained its "must listen to" status and went on to deliver an impressive 275 episodes and counting, delivering over 280 hours of audio content to our fans since. With no signs of slowing down soon!
Our mission at The Grit City Podcast is simple: to bring the hard-working spirit of the Pacific Northwest to the world and have a good time doing it! We aim to create a community of listeners who understand and appreciate the concept of "grit". With a focus on local business owners, entrepreneurs, and unique characters, sprinkled with a good dose of humor, The Grit City Podcast is a one-of-a-kind audio experience that you won't want to miss.
So, if you're looking for a weekly dose of inspiration, laughter, and a celebration of the human spirit, look no further than The Grit City Podcast! Subscribe now and join us for the ride!
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This time the crew chats about soccer, a correction to a local restaurant, frustration with Kia Boys, upcoming guests, and gives a tribute to Clownvis Presley. 00:00 – The episode kicks off debating the significance of mentioning when they experience echoes while recording, Justin shares how people can listen to them live, and talks about The Tacoma Light Trail. He shares the different events that happen during the festival, Erik joins them live from the Tacoma Double Header Soccer game, and Justin issues a correction and open invite to Side Piece Kitchen. 17:49 – Justin expresses that GCP is a Juggalo-inclusive place, shares what’s on the Side Piece Kitchen menu, and Scott talks about Kia Boys making national news. He talks about Kia’s selling like crazy right now, they talk about interest rates being currently high, and Scott encourages Justin to join him on the train ride into Seattle. 35:51 – Jeff encourages the OG to step in and give the Kia Boys a reality check on where may be headed, Scott talks about the MLM scheme behind criminal gangs, and gives a shout-out to Nicks Handmade Boots. Justin affirms he’s a blue-collar creative, gives props to StreetBeefs Scrapyard, and reflects on one of his fave dive bars from the past. 52:25 – Justin talks about the new sports bar The Penalty Box opening in Lakewood, Scott expresses his love of Justin's transformation, and Justin talks about their upcoming guests. He expresses his love of freeze-dried Milk Duds, Scott talks about things in the works with Galactic Druid Treats, and Justin talks about the other guests they’ll be talking to soon.
GCP: Hangout - Black Friday

GCP: Hangout - Black Friday


On this episode the crew discusses Black Friday, Is It Tacoma, AI Wild West, OpenAI, and Chucky Cheese getting rid of their animatronics. 01:50 – Erik pops in on this episode, the guys talk about Black Friday shopping, and Justin explains what Small Business Saturday is. Jeff shares what his wife will have for sale during the event, Justin shares the new cat tree he bought during the Black Friday sale, and each share what they enjoyed for Thanksgiving dinner. Justin talks about doing a pickle brine on his turkey and his excitement of having turkey sandwiches in the upcoming week. 21:52 – Justin talks about putting up the Christmas lights, his plans of leaving the outdoor lights up all year long moving forward, and the KiaBoyz trend on TikTok. He talks about KiaBoyz incidents in Tacoma, the group causing school lockdowns, and Scott discusses the enternment value behind taking public transportation. 42:22 – Justin kicks off Is It Tacoma, introduces the contestants, and reads each of the articles. The guys each guess which article they think is based in Tacoma, Justin reveals which one is the correct article, and shares where the other articles are from. Scott talks about the history of photography, Jeff ponders on how AI will be accepted as an art form, and Juston proposes GCP AI. 66:45 – Scott talks about the recent news of the rehire of OpenAI’s CEO, Justin talks about the CEO also getting hired by Microsoft, and what lead the board of OpenAI to let him go. Jeff expresses his excitement of using AI as a tool, ways that it could be used, and Derek explains the idea behind the game Five Nights at Freddy's.
This episode is a continuation of their visit to the Grit City Comic Convention. They get a chance to talk to the guys from SOS Wrestling, Ken Carlson, friend of the podcast and creator of Hellbound Slant 6, and they go deep in the nerd talk with another friend of the podcast Rusty the Comedian. 01:38 – Justin shares where listeners can get the haps of local sports in Discord, talks about Brogans Drunksgiving celebration, and Scott talks about his recent attendance at the Tacoma Stars soccer match. Justin talks about the Supernatural car at the convention, Jeff talks about the creative cloud at the event, and Justin reflects on watching wrestling at the Tacoma Dome. 27:06 – Justin shares where listeners can find out more information about SOS Wrestling, the upcoming wrestling event, and Derek talks about the change-up of the wrestling character of Stone Cold Steve Austin after his injury. Ken breaks down the baseline of his comic book series Hellbound Slant 6, proposes a live table read on the podcast, and they discuss if they love an egg on a burger or not. 54:26 – The crew gives their review of breakfast pizza, Justin talks about the latest pizza of the month at Puget Sound Pizza, and Scott points out Doc from Z Nation at the event. Ken explains his first interaction with Godzilla, Justin shares his favorite part of Power Rangers, and Ken talks about where people can find them online. 78:05 – Justin kicks off the comic superhero version of Is It Tacoma, Rusty reflects on the last time he’s performed comedy onstage, and Justin talks about GCP’s continuum of their questing in the VR world. Rusty talks about doing comedy on Zoom, Derek explains the bonus content they offer to Patrons, and they close out by giving a shout-out to the Grit City Comic show.
GCP: Grit City Comic Show

GCP: Grit City Comic Show


On this special episode, the guys discuss their time at the Grit City Comic Show, recap interviews they were able to catch at the convention that included local author C.M. Kane, local artist Justin Hunt, and Keith from Die Cut Stickers. 01:04 - Justin welcomes listeners to the episode, Scott expresses the great time they had at the convention, and how much the event grew from last year. They talk about their newfound love of freeze-dried candy, how they ended up connecting with the owner, and their favorites of the candy. Justin gives a shout-out to the Patrons who stopped by, author C.M. Kane talks about the type of novels she writes, and talks about the type of fiction she writes. 19:03 – C.M. talks about her love of baseball, the types of characters in her books, and how her stories evolve. Justin Hunt talks about his newest creation, how listeners can support his Kickstarter, and the historical content throughout the book. He talks about what he also has coming up, the backstory of the name, and the creation story behind the demon character. 39:40 – Justin H talks about him and his wife being super interactive with their backers, Justin expresses his love of Kickstarter, and what they love about the Grit City Comic Show. He recommends other local comic shows people should check out, the merch they had for sale, and they chat with Keith from Die Cut Stickers. Keith explains how heat can change the nature of the sticker surface and his transition into social media. 60:17 – Scott talks about what he loves about conventions, Keith talks about the haps at Die Cut Stickers, and they talk about places outside of the US they’d love to visit. The guys share places around the world where GCP stickers have been posted, Keith talks about places they test out the product, and invites the crew to stop by and check out their setup.
This time, the guys talk about Tacoma making national news, Derek’s anniversary, their excitement for the Grit City Comic Show, and close out by revealing the bonus question. 01:34 – Justin shares where people can listen to them live, talks about the bonus Patreon episode, and the recent mass shooting in Tacoma that made national news. They talk about bringing duals back, encouraging people to go to Street Beefs instead of using guns, and Scott recommends people leave their weapons at home before going out on a night on the town. 16:24 – Scott talks about choosing not to spend his money at places that support things he doesn’t support, Jeff talks about his interaction with the owner of Dorky’s, and they talk about other local game places. Derek talks about what he and his wife did for their anniversary, the bar in Seattle they met at, and Scott shares one of his favorite burger places in Salt Lake City. 32:09 – Justin talks about enjoying delicious, messy burgers at Carl’s Junior, gives a shout-out to Side Piece Kitchen, and mentions the return of pickle cheesecake there. He talks about them being at the upcoming Grit City Comic show, Scott expresses his excitement, and talks about them having two booths there. 48:14 – Justin talks about the game they’ll be playing during the event, the various events he’s also attended at the Tacoma Convention Center, and expresses his excitement for playing their new mini golf VR game. Derek talks about his new VR gear, testing the mini-golf game with Jeff, and Justin explains the various Patreon benefits they offer.
GCP: Sunday Sermon

GCP: Sunday Sermon


On this episode, the crew chats about the upcoming Grit City Comic Show, Oculus and gaming, Chicago-style pizza, hot Tacoma news, and new bonus material. 01:06 – Justin wishes Derek and his wife a happy anniversary, shares upcoming New Years plans, and discusses the reboot of the group Oculus get-together. Justin announces the new bonus Patreon podcast, confirms plans for the Grit City Comic Show after party at the Camp Bar, and the Saturday Night shenanigans. 15:51 – Justin shares what song his wife chose for karaoke at the party, the crazy traffic in Tacoma the same night, and Scott talks about the Roller Derby GCP date. He gives a shot out to Erik’s dad, they talk about the different women’s sports in the area, and Justin shares what listeners can find on Discord. Jeffs talks about his new Oculus, the problem that he’s found with it, and the impact one dead pixel can have on the experience. 31:38 – Jeff explains the various things you can do in the VR world, Justin expresses the need for cross-platform experiences in VR, and updates in the GCP meta world. Jeff talks about the big blockers with the VR environment, Justin talks about needing the full submersion experience, and gives a shout-out to Green PC. 47:12 – Justin recommends listeners try Chicago Style Pizza, where people can find Chi Town Pizza, and places in the area he’s lived. He talks about the recent Fishing Wars Memorial Bridge news, the impact the closure of it will have on traffic, and closes out this episode talking about bonus material for live listeners and Patrons.
This time, the crew talks about upcoming plans, Justin and Derek’s visit to the Dark Heart Barber Collection, Is It Tacoma, bad driver stickers, and all things gaming. 00:00 – Scott announces he adopted a stray cat, Justin gives a shout-out to their guest from the last episode, and plans to do karaoke at The Camp Bar post-comic show. They talk about the new merch they’ll have at the Grit City Comic Show, Scott and Jeff plan what song they’ll be singing, and Derek talks about his haircut experience with Shane from Dark Heart Barber Collective. 19:37 – Justin talks about his cut with Tito, the layout of the shop, and the service he got while there. He talks about the importance of self-care, Scott shares how he gets his frustration out, and Justin talks about the rash of home invasions in the area. Jeff expresses the importance of us being nice to each other, Justin gives a shout-out to RCF, and kicks off Is It Tacoma. 38:50 – Justin reads the first article, throws in a sidebar sharing that there's a place in Roy where people can take llama’s for walks, and expresses his want for a guard donkey. He reads the second article, talks about the time it took him to find a positive news article, and reads the third news headline. Scott, Jeff, and Derek reveal what article they think is from Tacoma, Justin announces the winner, and talks about crazy drivers in Tacoma. 58:03 – Justin shares his love of old-school Mario Brothers, how people can earn his respect through gaming, and they discuss the backstory of Mortal Combat. Scott talks about the Assassin's Creed Discovery Tour, Jeff talks about the updates of his VR, and the clean-up of the passthrough. He wonders about the future of VR, and Scott blows their mind with the Grim Workshop.
On this episode, Jody Ellen Akerman, owner of Bright Eye’s Photography sits down with the crew. Bright Eye’s Photography is located in Puyallup at 116 S Meridian #A. Their mission is to take absolutely captivating portraits of their customers that even they didn't know could be possible! Find them online and make your appointment today for a photo shoot consultation! 00:10 – Randy Newman welcomes listeners to this episode, Justin introduces Jody, and talks about the circles they’ve run together in the past. He talks about the newest toy he bought for the cats, the learning curve behind it, and Jody talks about what drew her into photography. She talks about the need to fulfill her creativity side, what got her started in photography, and where her business is located. 15:05 – Justin reflects on his visit to Big Whiskey in Puyallup, Jody talks about the vulnerability behind boudoir photography, and her lifetime love of capturing photos. Justin talks about the dopamine rushes he gets with his creativity at work, Jody explains what customers can expect from start to finish of a photoshoot, and how long the process overall takes. 30:02 – Justin talks about working with Jody to buy their house, his steampunk bar, and Jody talks about finding an amazing steampunk picture for it. She talks about performing at the Spanish Ballroom in McMenamins, Scott shares his interesting experience while ghost hunting at Brandy’s Attic, and explains that The Union Club building was built crooked. 44:30 – Each shares if they are on Team Jacob or Team Edward, Jody talks about the different types of shoots she does, and the administrative side of the business. Justin talks about how having a team goes a long way, Jody recommends people find a good CPA, and the type of loan she took out for her business. Thanks, Jody for an awesome conversation and for sharing your love of art and music! Special Guest: Jody Ellen Akerman.
Shane and Tito, owners of the recently opened barber shop in Tacoma, Dark Heart Barber Collective, sit down with the GCP crew on this episode. Shane is an artist when it comes to crafting effortlessly stylish hairstyles and Tito's diverse clientele is a testament to his versatility and inclusive approach. Check them out on their website and Instagram. 00:09 – Justin reveals that they’ll be doing a Boudoir photo shoot post-recording, Shane talks about how long the shop’s been open, and how he and Justin first met. Tito talks about how they got started, what led him to become a barger, and what the business focuses most heavily on. Shane talks about helping people find the cut they’re envisioning, Scott suggests Justin try a pompadour wig, and Tito expresses the importance of a consultation pre-haircut. 16:31 – Shane explains that they’re appointment only, what customers should bring with them, and the different styles he loves to make happen. The group converses about which of them has seen the Barbie Movie, Justin talks about the meaningful lesson takeaways from it, and Shane reflects on the challenges of running the business. 31:43 – Scott talks about what he loves related to the Seattle public transportation commute, Justin talks about taking the train to Seattle for games, and the difference he found between Seattle and Chicago. He shares what he loves about Chicago, Shane talks about what brought him to Tacoma, and expresses his love of the community. 47:57 – Tito talks about the amazing people they do business for, Justin talks about his D&D adventures, and Shane advises Scott to roll for creativity. Shane explains that they are at times therapists as well as barbers, Justin talks about growing up on shows like Family Matters, and Shane closes out giving info on the GCP deal at the shop. Thanks, Shane and Tito for stopping in for a great conversation and information on the newest barbershop in town! Special Guest: Dark Heart Barber Collective.
This time the guys hangout at the Union Club and talk public transportation, the Grit City Comic Show, and Tacoma’s new unofficial mascot. 00:05 – Jeff starts off this episode searching for the sweet spot, they share that each of them has had a strange week, and Scotts talks about Seattle still allowing To Go Drinks. He questions the difference between Iced Tea and Red Bull and Vodka, Justin talks about going to the Seahawk's first game of the season, and taking the train into the game. 11:54 – Jeff talks about the military solute at the funeral, they talk about family listeners, and Justin expresses his hate of the Comic Sans font. Jeff talks about his grandson's love of cooking, the amazing impressions his youngest grandson makes, and Justin talks about them being at the Grit City Comic show. He reveals amazing news for the event, the overtime Jeff has put in on making GCP merch for the show, and Derek talks about the scams on Kickstarter. 24:51 – Justin talks about the cool happenings at the Grit City Comic Show, the close-knit comic book industry, and talks about the birthday party celebration for Voxxy. He talks about sharing his love of Dungeons and Dragons with others and the fun names of the Dockyard Derby Dames. 34:48 – Justin talks about the unofficial official mascot of Tacoma, the big point of contention of the matter, and what makes it the mascot. Scott talks about owls hunting cats, Justin plans to have Suzanne back on the show, and they discuss the most recent otter attack in Florida.
This time, the crew chats about Justin's Dungeons and Dragons adventures, Jeff’s anniversary, Roller Derby season, other sports around Tacoma, GCP live events, and Tacoma Missed Connections. 01:57 – Justin gives an update on what Brogan has been up to, talks about his DND weekend, and the grit vibe in the town of Ethel. He talks about what he enjoyed at the All In bar, they jump into Jeff’s Capades, and Jeff shares the three things he has troubles with. He talks about the layout of The Cliff House, what they enjoyed there, and the location's beautiful view of the water. 17:41 – Jeff talks about the animal sightings at the spot, how long the restaurant has been there, and the amazing drinks on the menu. Derek talks about what he’s been up to, the gaming campaigns he and his wife put on together, and the new Mario game coming out for the Switch. Erik talks about what’s going down in the local sports scene and Scott explains how scoring works in Roller Derby. 30:19 – Scott reflects on the episodes they did live at past Roller Derby bouts, Erik talks about the Point Defiance Ultra event, and where people can find more information about it. He talks about the 50K being on his bucket list, Justin shares where people can get more of the down low on the area sports events, and the next upcoming live event they’ll be at. 44:11 – Justin sets a goal to wear his wedding tuxedo to Grit City Comic Show, shares where the post-even party will be, and the different events they held at the old Acme Bar. Justin reads through Miss Connections Tacoma posts, they guess the names from the store of the two who crossed paths at one’s place of employment, and share where people can read through more Missed Connections.
On this episode, the guys chat about Grit City Grub, Washington Fair, Vegas, the sad news of ALMA’s final show at the end of October, and the upcoming Grit City Comic Show. 00:18 – Scott and Jeff explain what the drink Lean is made of, Justin gives a shout-out to the listeners who are tuning in live, and chats about window shopping food at the Washington State Fair. Scott expresses that the best place to eat a turkey leg is while enjoying the Tournament of the Kings show in Vegas, Jeff talks about his bachelor party in Vegas, and they plan for what to ask Suzanne about on her next GCP visit. 19:07 – Justin shares his perspective on the ticket currency for games at the fair, hopes that someone found the ticket card he lost, and talks about his experience with the Tacoma Astronomical Society while there. He talks about enjoying the No Big Dill pizza from Fat Zachs after the fair, Scott gives recommendations for people ordering there, and Justin talks about the importance of battering ding-dongs before deep frying them. 39:18 – Justin talks about inspiring Derek to try sushi at a new place in the area, they go through the number one and two sushi places around Tacoma, and Justin talks about the cat robots at the restaurant Sumo. Scott talks about working with security robots, making working with them fun, and the battle that is on when you enter all-you-can-eat places. 51:58 – Jeff talks about how he introduces people to sushi, Scott throws out a sushi challenge to the group, and Justin discovers that 7-11 carries sushi. He gives a shout-out to his mother-in-law, her appreciation for the return of The Weekly Volcano Newspaper, and Scott reflects on guests GCP has had over the years.
This week the guys discuss the aromas of Tacoma, upcoming events for the podcast, and take a positive spin on Is It Tacoma. 00:00 – Jeff welcomes Erik to this episode, Justin promises that this episode won’t be a bummer one, and Derek gives props to new listeners tuning in live. Justin talks about this week's spin on Is It Tacoma, the closure of the paper mill, and the guys guess what they think the cause of the aroma is. 17:49 – Derek talks about hitting up the biggest gaming convention in the PNW, PAX West, how he first got into it, and running into the Seattle Freeze while there. Justin reflects on the last time he had been at PAX, Derek talks about the various connections he appreciates making at other conventions, and Justin talks about GCP getting invited back to this year's Grit City Comic Show. 36:17 – Jeff talks about the plans to have a new t-shirt at the comic show, Derek encourages listeners to stop by the GCP table at the event and mention they tune in for a shout-out, and Justin talks about what motivates him to get excited about new ideas. He shares how spite helps him get stuff done, rolls into the Good News Edition of Is It Tacoma, and introduces the contestants. 53:50 – Justin announces the last article of Is It Tacoma, each of the guys gives their guess on what article is from Tacoma, and Justin reveals where each of the articles are from. He shares the background of the Imagination Library, how people can sign up for it, and closes out by sharing an awesome story about his grandma.
GCP: Airing Of Grievances

GCP: Airing Of Grievances


On this episode, the guys express their grievances that have happened over the past couple weeks but bringing the tone up at the end closing it out on a positive note! 00:00 – The show opener highlights the use of profanity in public, Justin discusses what brought him to cover this episode’s topic, and Derek reveals the first grievance of the show. He talks about the cost of getting his car towed, Scott talks about the beauty of driving a beater car, and Justin talks about the odd way he gets his leg workouts in. 20:12 – Derek shares the good ending of the episode's first grievance story, Justin gives a shout-out to Lincoln Pharmacy, and how hard it’s been to put an Is It Tacoma together. Justin kicks off the next grievance story, gives a visual description of the table setup, the first flaw of the night, and Jeff jumps into his description of the experience. 40:39 – Jeff expresses his frustration with the resturant, keeping calm during the event, and Justin talks about what happened after Jeff and Robin left. He gave props to the martini he enjoyed in addition to the food, the final straw that put a bow on the experience, and how traumatizing the experience was. 60:21 – Justin dives into the final grievance post-dinner debacle, the GCP Facebook initial response, and Derek talks about digging further and realizing what podcast episode the person who commented was from. Derek closes out the episode on a positive note sharing his love of the new Howdy Bagel on South Tacoma Way.
Brad, a local Tacoma resident who runs TacomaWTFTrees on Instagram, joins the guys on this episode. TacomaWTFTrees is the place to view some of the worst tree-pruning jobs in the Tacoma area. People are encouraged to submit their own sightings, see the links below to check them out! 00:04 - They start this episode sharing their love of the bacon cheeseburger pizza that was enjoyed while recording, Justin introduces Brad, and Brad talks about what got him started posting on Instagram. He talks about the various comments he gets on his posts, the decision to get two of his trees removed, and the cost of doing it. 17:38 – Brad talks about getting into the Useless, Unsuccessful, and/or Unpopular Memes group on Facebook, growing up on the Northend of Tacoma, and the odd feelings he experienced while at Stadium High School. He talks about his parent's haunted house, Justin talks about the haunting of The Union Club, and the history of his house. 34:52 – Justin talks about the changes in the International District, Brad talks about how much Proctor District has changed over the years, and the best places to drink back in the day. Justin reflects on his Magic days, they talk about movies they’ve watched at Blue Mouse Theatre, and Scott talks about watching Pennywise at Real Art Tacoma. 53:00 – Scott shares that some of the trees at Wright Park have plaques on them with their history, Brad and Scott talk about how cool the Manuscript Museum is, and Brad explains where his favorite part of Tacoma is at. Brad talks about working in the tugboat industry, the difference between fishing and tug boating, and the crazy number of ships on anchor during Covid. Thanks, Brad, for a great conversation! Special Guest: WTF Trees.
Angela Jossy, the Duchess of Downtown Tacoma, and her friend Voxxy join the guys on this episode. Angela is the new owner of the local Tacoma newspaper Weekly Volcano. They plan to release the first paper this coming October. 00:16 – Justin reflects on the recent golfing trip, Angela talks about her return to organizing Art on the Ave this year, and how special this year was for the event. Scott shares his love of watching bar comedy, Justin talks about GCP being the guy's garage band, and Angela talks about her book project. Justin shares the history of the Union Club, how amazing Wright Park is now, and Angela explains what got her started as the Duchess of Downtown. 16:08 – Justin talks about the hidden treasures of Tacoma, Voxxy talks about reviving the Volcano, and Scott expresses his love of The Porch Fest. Angela talks about her evolution with the paper, plans to bring back the art bus, and getting started with the paper. She talks about her journey post her job there, what lead to her buying the paper, and the low number of females that own papers. 30:25 – Voxxy talks about helping Angela make the decision to buy the paper, Angela talks about when the first print will be released, and Justin expresses his love of Tacoma. Angela talks about retrieving newspaper digital archives, plans to turn them over to the library, and the summer camp she’s having for businesses. 46:01 – Voxxy shares that she’ll be playing at the Spanish Ballroom, they talk about other great venues in the area, and Angela talks about the magic behind soundwaves. They talk about the amazing scenes that were lost due to Covid, Justin talks about the new places on 6th Ave, and Angela shares how people that are interested can help out. Thanks Angela and Voxxy for joining the crew to share the exciting news about the return of the Weekly Volcano! Special Guest: Angela Jossy.
GCP: Isaac Pennoyer - SENCo

GCP: Isaac Pennoyer - SENCo


In this episode, the crew talks to Isaac Pennoyer, council member number eight, from SENCo. SENCo, (South End Neighborhood Council) is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to advocating for the South End by connecting the community to City services & each other. People are invited to join SENCo meetings happening Mondays at 7 PM. 00:04 – Justin and Jeff kick off the episode by giving thanks to Scott for the amazing energy he brings to the team, Isaac gives his opinion on if he considers a high five a compliment, and Isaac shares what SENCo covers in addition to what they are about. He talks about the grants the company receives allowing them to uplift from the ground level, being at the forefront of neighborhood councils, and how people can get involved. 18:02 – Isaac talks about getting involved in SENCo, the amazing work Next Chapter does for the Tacoma community, and shares where people's voice matters most in terms of local government. Justin gives a shout-out to the Union Club, the paranormal activity there, and Isaac explains where Tacoma’s mega-warehouse is going to be. 36:24 – Isaac talks about the impact on traffic the warehouse will have on the area, , extra insane drivers in Tacoma, and what people can do if they want to voice against the warehouse. He talks about the rally and community cleanup happening on August 20th, the Tacoma Climate Leadership Cohort, and the resources in the area for people to take advantage of. 55:16 – Scott talks about real-estate cycles, how the interest rate will drive down the cost of houses, and Isaac talks about the systemic problems of homelessness. Jeff talks about the growth of Kazakhstan, Isaac talks about what he wants most for Tacoma, and Justin shares the reason why he voted for the Civil Service Member in this year's election. Thank you, Isaac, for sharing your story and the amazing work you do in the community! Special Guest: Isaac Pennoyer.
This time, GCP does a throwback episode of show 152 with Dan Nims, the chief investigator for the Washington chapter of MUFON. Dan is retired from the US Air Force (thank you for your service) where he started his career as a fighter pilot and test pilot, followed by advancing to Director of Test for the F-22 program and finally Director of Test Resources. He spent his initial retirement years as a small businessman in Walla Walla and is now re-retired. He has been a member of MUFON since 2017 and Chief Investigator since 2018. He handles on average 200 reported UFO cases per year. MUFON is an all-volunteer, non-profit 501(c)3 charitable corporation and the world's oldest and largest civilian UFO investigation & research organization. Their goal is to be the inquisitive minds' refuge seeking answers to that most ancient question, "Are we alone in the universe?" The Washington Chapter hosts a monthly lecture series on Zoom where anyone can ask questions and hear how MUFON of Washington State handles UFO cases. 00:24 - Justin reflects on the recording of this best of, talks about GCP ramping up this coming fall, and Jeff talks about getting out of the city to camp out. Justin talks about his trip to Ocean Shores, getting sprinkled on while there, and gives props to Brogan and his van. He gives a shout-out to Ocean Pores and talks about watching live music at Galway Bay Irish Pub. The guys give love to Porch Fest and jump into the replay. Special Guest: Dan Nims.
On this episode, the guys discuss Porchfest, Art on the Ave, reflect on Putt Stuff, review Cajun seafood at Captain Crab, and a Scott Topic. 00:04 – This episode kicks off discussing Rob Zombie’s song about UFOs, Justin talks about checking out Art On The Ave, and Derek throws a suggestion out to organizers of the event to make it easier for people planning to go. They talk about Porchfest happening the upcoming weekend, Justin talks about the re-opening of Dirty Oscar’s Annex, and they discuss other cities that have bars open for breakfast like Tacoma. 18:49 – Justin talks about attending the ceremony at Terracrux Games where they dedicated a DND table to an amazing customer they lost from cancer, he thanks everyone that joined them for Putt Stuff, and they talked about the complexity of the course. Jeff gives Scott props on the golf swag bags, shares his love of the handmade cards, and Derek reviews the scores of the game. 38:11 – Scott gives his review on Captain Crab post-golf, Justin talks about the explosion of Cajun seafood in the area, and gives an open invite to Samantha Gallia to join the next Putt Stuff event. Justin jumps into Scott Topics, they talk about the five key takeaways from Congress’ UFO hearing, and give their reviews of it. 58:02 – Scott talks about his favorite theory of a breakaway civilization, how long we’ve been sending radio waves throughout space, and Jeff speaks to the red tape in Hollywood. Scott recommends the guys watch The Why Files – The Moon Landing, talks about the underground city found in Turkey, and Jeff reviews Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.
The time has arrived!!! They recorded this episode during the first annual GCP Putt Stuff at Parkland Putters. This episode also has a bonus episode at the end where they coincidently run into Miss Washington USA while enjoying the after-party. 00:41 – Derek kicks off this episode by announcing the news that it’s finally time for Putt Stuff, Justin talks about how long the idea has been out there, and they talk about the prizes they have to offer the players. Jeff goes through the various GCP certificates he made, Justin reflects on Scott’s infamous accident, and gives props to his wife for making the amazing trophy. 13:50 – Justin welcomes Not-Derek, the GCP sports guy Erik. Erik talks about prepping for the event, and talks about plans to do Unleashed at The Stadium next month. Scott shares what’s in the gift bag that was put together for each player. Erik shares his expectations for the event and Scott talks about the new GCP shirts they picked up from Shroom Brothers. 25:09 – Cnote scores a whole in one, Derek one as well, and Justin gives reviews from the back nine. They talk about the holes they topped out at, Michelle shares her secret to scoring, and players share how they ended up on hole six. Justin talks about his love of the course, Jeff talks about his golf style, and gave his thoughts on the front nine. 37:57 – Justin reflects on winning the classic trophy back in the day, thanks everyone for attending, and announces the winners of the certificates. Derek announces the ranking of the teams and Miss Washington USA talks about what brought her to Tacoma that day. She shares the amazing work Adorned Bridal Affordable Bridal Fashion does to fight human trafficking and other charities she volunteers for.
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Feb 14th

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Feb 7th

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Kenna Crook

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Dec 1st
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