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Real Talk with Stacey J. is a lifestyle podcast that educates through empowering conversations that is designed to help women to live their best life on purpose. Support this podcast:
15 Episodes
How many of us are sleep deprived? Lack of sleep can affect your life in so many areas it's not funny. Let's get our sleep life together. --- Support this podcast:
I'm back! Entrepreneurship or employee... that's the question but should you do one or the other or maybe both. In this segment I discuss a few pros and cons about the two. --- Support this podcast:
Everyone has gone through depression even me. Check out this episode where I share my personal experience with depression. --- Support this podcast:
In this episode I'll be discussing how self care can help you grow personally and professionally. I'll speak on what self care truly and tips on how to implement more of it in your life to be holistically successful. --- Support this podcast:
Your goals have been set but is your why big enough for you to fully commit to accomplishing your goals? --- Support this podcast:
Award winning speaker, trainer and coach Sophia Casey speaks about the power of journaling --- Support this podcast:
In episode 10 I talked to Dr. Katina Kennedy Family Nurse Practitioner, author, health educator and fitness advocate. Dr. Katina vision is to travel the world promoting health awareness and health education through speaking engagements and health parties. Delivering the message of good health in a fun way, she also plans to hold worldwide webinars on various health topics. Her goal is to, inspire others to make a change to live a healthier lifestyle physically and mentally.Also learn about her movement #knowyourhealthstatus and The Big 3 #BCB----Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, and Blood Sugar.--- Support this podcast:
Raising teenagers in today's society is hard. LMFT & mental health therapist Ann Dillard understands these challenges and offers parent coaching and workshops to help transform the lives of teens and those that love them. --- Support this podcast:
Relationships definitely have their challenges so learning how to be a better partner by intentionally learning relationship skills to maintain a healthy relationship is a necessity. Listen to my conversation with marriage and family therapist Alex Jones of love jones LLC--- Support this podcast:
What's your relationship like with money? There's no excuse to be uneducated about making better financial decisions for your life. Check out my conversation with Andre Parker Wealth Relationship Coach and let's get your money right. --- Support this podcast:
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