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Author: Virtual Vinny

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Virtual Vinny presents classic old-time radio programs from crime fighters to comedians. We travel to the Golden Age of Radio and present many well-known, and lesser-known classic radio programs. Support this podcast:
212 Episodes
Irma spends the last of her savings on piano lessons.  The only problem is Jane had got rid of the piano to save money.  So Irma joins Mrs. O'Reilly in a singing competition to win money. --- Support this podcast:
 A criminal is bankrolling a mad scientist who is working on an electronic disintegration machine. He plans to "send living flesh by wire." --- Support this podcast:
Secret Word - Smile - Hotel Clerk & Law Secretary / Beauty Operator & Husband / Taxidermist & Wife--- Support this podcast:
 A walk in the woods, along with death and confession --- Support this podcast:
 A nice guy named Henry Baker is trying to give away $50,000 while his brother is trying to stop him. --- Support this podcast:
 Jane plans an April Fool's party. --- Support this podcast:
 A witch's curse befalls the descendants of the clergyman who had her killed. --- Support this podcast:
 Conductor & Stevedore / Gardener & Housewife / Diamond Merchant & Dime Store Clerk --- Support this podcast:
 An insanely jealous orchestra conductor is convinced that his wife is seeing a young artist. --- Support this podcast:
 An action-packed murder story set in the garment district. A beautiful model named Tori Jones is found hanged. --- Support this podcast:
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