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The Animalz podcast covers effective content marketing, its production, content strategy, the challenges of growing a business with content in 2019, and more. It is produced by members of the team at Animalz.

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In today’s episode, Ryan chats to Emily Byford, Content Marketing Manager at SaaStock. We discuss SaaStock’s pivot from one of the premiere in-person SaaS conferences to an entirely online event in the wake of COVID-19; we dig deep into category creation, by way of Emily’s work at would-be category king Akkroo, and explore the role content plays in conceiving, evangelising and owning an emergent category; and we wrap-up by discussing the differences between agency content marketing, and working in-house at a startup.
The Degreed 2020 marketing plan is changing, and fast. With their original plans out the window, learn how their team is adapting their marketing strategy to keep growth trending up and to the right. Degreed's head of content and comms Sarah Danzl and managing editor Bella Lazzareschi joined us to talk about the importance of a diversified marketing plan, the role of PR during a crisis and how the best marketing is empathic.
In this episode, Jimmy and Ryan talk about our new product: on-demand consulting for your content team. We explain what it is, who it's for and why now. We also talk through some of the behind-the-scenes of putting this together. Enjoy!
Are you rethinking your content strategy right now? So is Joei Chan, content director at the e-learning company 360Learning. She was hired to lead content just a few weeks before the Covid-19 crisis and is now launching a new content program right in the midst of it. In this episode, Devin and I interview her about the experience, plans, goals, resources and constraints.
In an environment where acquisition of new customers is very challenging for most business, retention is extremely important. In this episode, Jimmy and Devin talk about what we're doing to retain our customers, and what our customers are doing to retain their customers.
In our first-ever live podcast, Devin and Jimmy talk about content marketing during a crisis. We talk through a few situations that we're seeing our own customers experiencing and take questions from the group. Check the show notes for links, snippets and the video.
Join us for an upcoming LIVE podcast. We're going to talk about content marketing during a crisis and answering live questions. If you'd like to submit a question, just send to Register here:
This is among to the most things we common things we hear on sales calls: "Paid acquisition is getting too expensive and we haven't made any investment in content. How soon can we get started?" It's true that content can reduce your paid acquisition costs, but it also takes time to develop. In this episode, Jimmy and Devin talk about: * How to keep content very lean for better and faster results * The difference between B2B and B2C marketing * Our experience helping customers make this transition If you have feedback, comments or suggestions, reach out at
Great content requires great context. In this episode, Jimmy and Jan talk about the inputs needed to paint that context. At the very least, you need a deep understanding of: * The customer * The product * The business model * The industry * The competition * The literature Once you have this information, you can create a strategy that suits the company's business needs.
In this (very) quick episode, Jimmy talks about why so many blogs don't generate leads and talks about how to address that problem. This advice won't disrupt your entire strategy—instead, you might consider a few small changes to help you drive more revenue with content.
Is that a content strategy? A plan? Or is it a vision? We've realized that a lot of the terminology in our space is actually really confusing. Let's make sure that when we say the word "strategy" that we are all actually talking about the same thing. Here are a few of the resources we mentioned in this episode: * * * * Have feedback? Shoot us an email at
Terms like top, middle and bottom of the funnel content are thrown around all the time—but are we all speaking the same language? Ryan and Jimmy recently realized they had very different ideas of what these terms actually mean. They sat down to sort it all out and explain how to use this very imperfect framework.
Community is decentralized, hard to measure and difficult for marketing teams to execute on. So why is it so important? In this episode, Devin and Jimmy talk community. Jimmy show his bias for easy-to-measure marketing channels and Devin explains why and all marketers should get a lot more comfortable with this type of work. Community, as it turns out, is probably the best way to create goodwill for your brand and help the people in your industry.
Our teammate Jan-Erik Asplund recently wrote a piece for the Animalz blog that blew up. The piece—BLUF: The Military Standard That Can Make Your Writing More Powerful—trended on Hacker News and racked up 30,000+ pageviews in just a few days. It was shared all over Twitter, included in a few popular newsletters, mentioned on Lifehacker, and earned links from 120 domains. We had a real whale on our hands. What happened next was unexpected. Our traffic increased 4x—and then it sustained for the next few months, even long after the surge died off. Today, Jan explains how and why he wrote the post and we dissect the impact it had on our site.
Paid, earned, owned and shared. Our VP of Marketing Devin Bramhall chats with Liz Gottbrecht, VP of Marketing at the influencer marketing platform Mavrck. They explain the nuances of distribution, bounce around some great ideas and talk about their experience using various distribution channels.
What’s the secret to successful customer onboarding? VP of Operations at Animalz, Haley Bryant, shares the principles of good customer onboarding and how she transformed the way we onboard and service customers.
From how to show ROI to justify new hires, to the core functions that every content team needs, special guest Sonja Jacobs, head of marketing at App Dynamics, shares tips for how to build a content team from the ground up.
Content Outliers

Content Outliers


Posts that generate a disproportionately high volume of search traffic, can make the rest of your site appear insignificant. Today we discuss how to use reporting to craft a more accurate story about how your whole site is performing.
A well-executed rebrand can reinvigorate your base and attract new customers. Devin speaks with principal designer at Mixpanel, Mark Johnson, about how to execute a successful rebrand.
“Ranking for a keyword” is becoming increasingly synonymous with “ripping off the existing search results." This week, Ryan and Devin discuss how to creators can overcome the copycat content crisis to produce original ranking content.
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