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If you want to see change happen in your cities, it’s important to get involved, especially at the state and local levels — because this is your chance to actually make something happen that would not have taken place otherwise! On today’s episode of An Honorable Profession, we welcome Hawaii Senator Stanley Chang. He was raised in East Honolulu by hardworking immigrants from China, who instilled in him the core values of responsibility, humility, and honesty. During the show, we talk about how COVID may have permanently changed Hawaii’s economy, the Singaporean model of public housing, the state’s efforts to build a resilient energy system, and his secret places to visit in Oahu that will make your stay in Hawaii that much more magical! So don’t miss out on this episode, tune in today to hear all this and more, from Senator Stanley Chang!
In this week's episode of An Honorable Profession, NewDEAL CEO and host Debbie talks with Florida Representative Fentrice Driskell. They discuss how Florida has become ground zero for the fight for reproductive rights and how Floridian Democrats are holding the line against Governor DeSantis' overreaching. Representative Driskell gives some insight into the issues plaguing Floridians, like the property insurance problem gripping the state, and the solutions Democrats are proposing. She also addresses the fearmongering that has become commonplace in governance. Tune in until the end to hear about how the Representative was inspired to become the rising leader and feared litigator that she is today!
Today on the show, host and NewDEAL Leader Ryan Coonerty talks with Ben Schierer, the mayor of Fergus Falls, Minnesota, about how smaller cities can adapt in order to thrive in a post-COVID world. He also shares his advice on how Democrats can rebuild trust in rural communities, based on his own experience of being elected and re-elected in a county that overwhelmingly supports Donald Trump. Ryan and Mayor Schierer discuss what the last few years have been like, raising five kids, managing two restaurant businesses, and working as the mayor. Finally, he touches on the importance of the ecology of Fergus Falls and the work he's doing to protect environmentally and economically important resources. Stay tuned to the end of the episode to hear Mayor Schierer talk about why folk are gravitating towards smaller communities like Fergus Falls, and why you must visit to enjoy everything from omelets to local art, the world's largest otter, and more!
On this very special edition of An Honorable Profession, we sit down with NewDEAL Leader Michigan Senator Mallory McMorrow. This conversation was recorded in a NewDEAL virtual forum on cultural wedge issues soon after Senator McMorrow’s powerful speech responding to a divisive and hateful personal attack by a GOP colleague went viral. Amid an ongoing national culture war, including the impending Supreme Court decision that may overturn Roe v Wade, Senator McMorrow shares her comments and backstory with listeners, offering valuable lessons about how we can all use our unique voices to communicate authentically and persuasively in the face of fear and division. Tune in today to hear more!
In honor of Earth Month, NewDEAL CEO Debbie Cox Bultan hosts a special episode with Colorado Senator Chris Hansen, a state and national leader on climate policy. He opens the show by talking about what it is like to co-author the annual state budget and how Colorado can leverage this money to ensure transformational change happens in communities throughout the state. Also, hear him discuss the innovative climate solutions being implemented at the state level to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Hansen shares some great insight into the importance of thinking about climate policy from an economic as well as an environmental perspective. Don't miss it. Listen to the full episode to let Senator Hansen help plan your summer vacation as he gives us his list of must-see attractions in Denver!
Today on the show, host and NewDEAL Leader Ryan Coonerty talks with Jon Mitchell, the mayor of New Bedford, Massachusetts, about how his city is leading the way in offshore wind projects and mitigating the effects of climate change. He also shares his advice for leaders looking to tackle climate change by transitioning to new industries as seamlessly as possible, drawn from his four terms of experience as mayor. Ryan and Mayor Mitchell discuss how rural towns, small cities, and superstar cities are catered to differently by political parties and what federal and state policymakers should know about small cities to improve the lives of the residents. Mayor Mitchell also discusses the erosion of trust in institutions and why transparency is key to building trust during times of change like we are living in now. Finally, he touches on stories from his time as a prosecutor for high-profile cases, including his work with the task force searching for Boston mob boss James “Whitey” Bulger. Stay tuned to the end of the episode to hear about the great balance of big and small city life that you can find in a trip or move to New Bedford, plus the great seafood!
Today on the show, host and NewDEAL Leader Ryan Coonerty talks with Sydney Batch, Senator from Wake County, North Carolina! She breaks down why she is grateful for North Carolina's response to COVID led by Governor Roy Cooper, why their economic recovery looks promising with companies like Apple and Epic Games relocating, and how this influx of new residents affects the state and her district. She shares the realities of being a purple state, and what the Democratic brand looks like right now, particularly as the urban-rural gap widens. And she shares how all of this affects the ability to pass legislation while in the minority and how she leads through action for constituents. Finally, listen for a powerful story of her strength during her fight with cancer whilst also holding the line for North Carolinian families during a consequential vote!
  Today on the show, host and NewDEAL CEO Debbie Cox Bultan talks with Malia Cohen, a Chair on the Board of Equalization of California. They talk about what the California State Board of Equalization does, what her role as the chair of this Board entails, and the large purview of the Board. With the amount of money being brought into California annually by the California Board of Equalization, California's economy could be considered the 6th largest globally. Through their decisions, board seatings, and investments, the Chairs and Controller determine what is done with this money. Looking ahead to more ways to serve, she has now entered into the Controller race to interact with crucial industries, become the deciding vote on the Board, and control fiduciary responsibility to help California grow for all. Malia looks back at her work as the President of the San Francisco Police Commission, where she played a pivotal role in improving law enforcement policies, and the Board of California Public Employees Retirement Systems (CalPERS), where she helped divest retirement funds from fossil fuels. Highlighting her leadership approach and how the golden thread that ties all of these positions together is Malia's deep drive to effect positive change in the communities she serves. She credits a lot of this to a memorable field trip to City Hall that inspired her to work there when she got older. Stay tuned to the end of the episode to hear about a San Francisco favorite of her's that serves some refreshing Margaritas just in time for spring!
Today on the show, host and NewDEAL Leader Ryan Coonerty talks with Eric Johnson, the mayor of Dallas, Texas, about how the city achieved a post-pandemic bounce back in jobs as well as a reduction in violent crime, what is left to be done, and why he was drawn to public service. We discuss Eric's non-partisan style of governance, how this has helped him better serve voters, and why nuance is critical. He shares how a study funded in part by the Bloomberg Philanthropies Organization motivated his decision to hire a workforce czar and some of the changes he hopes to see. He speaks on what workforce development means today and how Dallas continues to work in helping what he has termed the "working poor." We delve into some of the voter reform changes that Eric has been working on getting passed. He even takes time to talk about the two-party system, and the idea of other parties arising in hopes of representing the spectrum of each party.    Stay tuned to the end of the episode to hear about some of Dallas's award-winning green spaces and Bon Appetit-listed restaurants!
Host and NewDEAL CEO Debbie Cox Bultan talks with Beaverton, Oregon Mayor Lacey Beaty about how her military service and reintegration back into civilian life led to her being a full-time mayor. She also discusses how her past experience coaching lacrosse taught her the importance of consistent action.
Host and NewDEAL CEO Debbie Cox Bultan talks with Mark Keam, Virginia Delegate, about his work to grow Asian-American Pacific Islander Caucus in Virginia. He also reflects on what he has taken away from the recent Virginia Gubernatorial race.
NewDEAL Leader and host Ryan Coonerty talks with Nevada Assemblymember Sandra Jauregui about her work to strengthen gun safety legislation and reduce gun violence, a fight that turned personal after she went through the 2017 Las Vegas massacre, the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.
NewDEAL Leader and host Ryan Coonerty talks with Kailua, HI Representative Patrick Branco about his work to balance the priorities of native Hawaiians and the influx of new residents, the importance of making tourism sustainable, and how the islands are adapting to climate change.
Host and NewDEAL Leader Ryan Coonerty talks with Delaware's New Castle County Executive Matt Meyer about how he works to make sure programs are running efficiently and benefiting those most in need, and why Delaware is a breeding ground for political leadership.
Host and NewDEAL CEO Debbie Cox Bultan talks with Phyllis Dickerson, CEO of the African American Mayors Association, about her work to support and highlight America's Black mayors across the country. She also reflects on her unusual path from working in fashion to being an advance staffer to the Clintons and Obamas.
Host and NewDEAL Leader Ryan Coonerty talks with Brownsville, Texas Mayor Trey Mendez about turning one of the least connected places in the U.S into a growing tech hub on the U.S.-Mexico border.  Listen to hear how he is doing this through relationship building here and across the border. 
Host and NewDEAL CEO Debbie Cox Bultan talks with Montgomery County Councilmember about his work to restore smart growth in Montgomery County with investments in education, public transit, and clean energy. He also reflects on his time as National Youth Vote Director for the historic Obama for America campaign in 2007.
NewDEAL CEO and host Debbie Cox Bultan talks with Canton, NC Mayor Zeb Smathers about his town's process of rebuilding from not only the fight with COVID, but also the second "100-year" flood in twenty years.
NewDEAL CEO and host Debbie Cox Bultan talks with Connecticut Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff about what goes into being a Majority Leader, how COVID impacted being a part-time legislator, and some of the bills that have resulted in tangible differences for his constituents.
Host Ryan Coonerty talks with Scranton Mayor Paige Gebhardt Cognetti about having all eyes on her city as the President's hometown, how she's building Scranton into a place where working families can thrive, and her work to rebuild public trust after the previous mayor's indictment on corruption charges.
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