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Author: Candice Kelly

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Money has the power to impact so many areas of our lives...yet it is so taboo to talk about. Join your host Candice Kelly as we dive into the financial literacy basics that you should have learned in school. I promise this isn't one of those boring shows that analyzes market trends or breaks down the benefits of complicated investment strategies, just simple money concepts, easy to follow step-by-step guidance to help anyone gain control of their money.

Host: Candice Kelly
47 Episodes
What is it like to know that your bills will be taken care of for the rest of your life? Well...that's a question I can't answer. BUT I know some people who can and that's who we are talking to today. Two brothers who work in vastly different fields are here today to compete for the chance to win absolutely nothing in the new game show.... mogul talk hosted by your truly, Candice Kelly. If you listen until the end you will learn What day to day life actually looks like for a wealthy person The true secret sauce to give anyone the chance at success What it's like to be a pro athlete and get your first check One thing you can do today to boost your chances of riches If you were inspired by this episode feel free to leave a review on Apple Podcasts, it really helps out alot. Also for those of you who are ready to take your money mastery to the next level and reach Mogul status yourself, I'm offering a free call to all my podcast listeners to answer any money questions you may have and walk you through exactly what you need to do to increase your net worth and build wealth. Schedule your free call soon as this is a time sensitive opportunity.
"I would save more if I made more money"  "I'm using credit cards to get the rewards points"  "I work hard I deserve to get what I want" We have so many things we tell ourselves about why we aren't where we want to be financially. It's the economy, it's the job market, it's the bills. But what if the true culprit was the big pink blob between your ears? What if there was only one thing that you needed to change, just one domino that could start a chain reaction to get you debt free, have money in the bank and never worrying about finances. What is that's ya brain. In this episode you will learn: Why your bank account is empty after all your bills are paid How your beliefs (what you think of a common sense) are screwing you over What is your Money Personality and how it affects your spending habits Your immediate next step in building wealth Once you take the quiz and learn your money personality, you can download the PDF guide that goes deeper into each personality type, unpacking your common behaviors, how you behave in work and social settings and how to grow.
What were you taught about sex? Did you get that awkward "don't get pregnant" speech, have a few condoms shoved into your hands and that was supposed to be your sex education? What about money....did anyone ever talk about that at all? I remember my one burning question during sex ed was not about STD's or the inner workings of the female anatomy, I wanted to know how the heck do I DO it?!  Well today we are going to answer that question. How do you do being money of course...this is your Money ED 101. In this Episode you will learn: Why money and sex are pretty similar The 3 steps to reach financial orgasm How to avoid FTD's (Financially Transmitted Dumb Ideas) If you want to learn more about your credit score you can check out creditkarma and create a free profile. To find out your Money Personality Take the Quiz Here
Today's guest is the wonderful Bernadette Geyer. She is the founder of Geyer Editorial Services and offers copy editing and translation services to clients worldwide. Based on over 25 years of experience in copy editing and marketing, Geyer wrote the book "Branding for Beginners: Why consistency is the key to creating and maintaining a brand image." In addition to her editorial services consulting, Geyer also serves as the Head of Marketing and Outreach for Hostwriter, a nonprofit based in Berlin, Germany.  In this episode we talk about how to plan your transition out of the corporate space and into entrepreneurship. We discuss that "ah-ha" moment and what to do if you don't have a life-changing experience that pushes you towards your destiny. For more information and to check out the free workshop visit
This is one of the most touching interviews I have done thus far.As a serial entrepreneur, Tiffany understands the challenges around balancing a thriving career and a growing family. Our amazing guest Tiffany opens up about the true cost of keeping up the facade of perfectionism even under the most challenging of circumstances, loosing a child. For details about the FREE workshop visit
Lisa is a San Diego native with over 10 years of experience in the fitness industry with certificates in everything from CrossFit to Barre to Pilates as well as a Masters Degree in Human Behavior. Her mission with her company is to help people feel stronger and happier in health and life.   Don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity to kick butt on your goals this year! Visit to sign up for this months FREE training start taking action! 
Wow this was a dynamic interview to say the least! Katie's story is a combination of gut-wrenching and relatable as she details the struggle to find where she fit in the world. She is going to whip is into shape and share the way to truly gain freedom in your life. For more info about how to register for the FREE workshop and begin making an income visit:
Are you foolish in business? Do you take risks? Do you feel silly for having blind faith in your dream? Today I speak with Kimberly Mays a web designer with over 10 years of experience who works specifically with coaches, consultants and speakers.   She is going to share the importance of taking risks and following you ambition even if it seems ridiculous to others.  If you like this episode be sure to join the Mental Cement tribe and get your free gift for being a listener: 
Known by audiences across the country as "Mr.Persuasion" Jeff Tippett is a force to be reckoned with. His dynamic personality combined with his spectacular public speaking skills make him the go to authority in persuasive communications. In this episode, Jeff breaks down the difference between persuasion and manipulation and shares a deeply personal story of struggle, growth and ultimate triumph through adopting his baby girl. Make sure to grab your free goodie for being a listener of the show. This guide will take you step b step into how to turn your idea into income! Grab that now! Head on over to to learn more about the show, and about starting your own business online. 
She has been all across the globe. She has interacted with people of different backgrounds. She has called remote villages and urban cities her home. Meet the entrepreneur without borders, the amazing Sarah Faith.  In this weeks episode she shares her secrets for being able to travel the world on any budget all while running multiple businesses online. I am also proud to announce the launch of my new website! Head on over now to claim your free gift and connect with my community! 
 In this episode I sit down with a fellow millennial to discuss the joys (and pains) of growing up in this technology rich era. We also deconstruct some of the common myths about being an entrepreneur and the convo gets real so you don't wanna miss it!  Make sure  subscribe so you don't miss an episode and join the Mental Cement community over on Facebook to connect with fellow movers and shakers! If you like the podcast and want to speak with me one on one about being a guest on the show please apply here: If you are ready to begin your entrepreneurship journey and want to learn more about working one on one with me sign up for a no-cost strategy call here:
This weeks episode is a real knockout. Calvin "The Boxing Banker" Brock is a world renowned athlete. He began his boxing career as an amateur, and worked his way up to competing for a world title heavyweight championship at Madison Square Garden. He would go on to compete in the 2000 Summer Olympics on the U.S boxing team. After an injury that left him unable to fight, he went went back to school and began his career in business. In this interview Calvin shares what all aspiring athletes and entertainers must know in order to succeed. He speaks on the importance of building a legacy and the number one thing you need to focus on today to set you up to be a champion in the future.  Make sure  subscribe so you don't miss an episode and join the Mental Cement community over on Facebook to connect with fellow aspiring champions!  If you like the podcast and want to speak with me one on one about being a guest on the show please apply here:   If you are ready to begin your entrepreneurship journey and want to learn more about working one on one with me sign up for a no-cost strategy call here:
Have you ever had an experience where you were out shopping and you were approached by someone shoving their product in your face? You tell them you're not interested and they proceed to tell you why the world will fall apart if you don't buy their completely useless thingamajig. If that isn't the most awkward situation ever then I don't know what is. In this episode Dr.Zare breaks down what it means to truly be a master salesman and explains that understanding how buyers behave can help you close more deals. Make sure to stick around the end to receieve your free gift from Dr.Zare! Join the Mental Cement Community to get connect with other entrepreneurs just like you!
From 30bls overweight playing video games on his couch to launching his own fitness program, Torenzo Perry breaks down the secret behind his surprisingly fast transformation. To learn more about Torenzo's story and connect with other passionate people, check out the Mental Cement Facebook Group!
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Here is your step by step map to creating the change you want to see in the community. No matter how big your dreams are you HAVE to master the craft of bringing people together who support your mission. This is the episode where you learn how to do that. To learn more about Amplify Charlotte visit and get started improving your community!
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In this episode I sit down with WSOC Correspondent Briana Harper as we discuss the current state of news coverage, the importance of being an informed citizen and how to live a life that is newsworthy.
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Mother, Wife and Entrepreneur Fabi Preslar, President of SPARK Publications talks about balancing home and work and how using more F words creates a more fabulous life.
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