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Author: Candice Kelly

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Hosted by business coach and speaker Candice Kelly, we host weekly interviews with game changers, community leaders and rock-star entrepreneurs. Along with inspiration, this show gives you the concrete step by step tools to upgrade your mindset. Having a growth mindset is the key to fulfillment in life and entrepreneurship. From world travelers to Olympic Athletes, no two guests are the same.

Candice asks the questions that you truly care about to get to allow guests to reveal the step by step processes for changing beliefs and behaviors to help you WIN.

44 Episodes
Do you find yourself repeating the same patterns with money, no matter how many classes or workshops you take? Have you ever considered that you money habits can be passed down to you based on your environment and upbringing? Dr. Ted Klontz is the director of the Financial Psychology Institute and had writen 6 books on the subject of our psychological attachment to money. Learn more about Dr.Klontz here:  https://www.yourmentalwealth.comIn this episode you will learn:-How to recognize your financial triggers-The difference between a wealthy and a poverty mindset- The one thing keeping you from changing your financial situation for good- How to make more money and still be a good personLet me know what you think of the episode by emailing, or heading over to facebook @MentalCement
Raven Solomon is THE go-to expert on all things Millennials, Gen Z and beyond. After becoming an executive with PepsiCo at only 28, she quickly found herself leading a team of employees literally old enough to be her parents. She realized their was a disconnect in how generational values are expressed and evaluated and sought to bridge that gap for other high achieving young people. As the President and Founder of the Center for Next Generation Leadership and Professional Development, Keynote Speaker and Millennial Coach, Raven is by far a bonafied "boss in a skirt"Learn more about Raven at: In this Episode you will learn:- Why young people say one thing and the older folks hear something different- The most important value for Millennials and Baby Boomers- The biggest myths about younger generations at work- How to support a multi-generational teamLet me know what you think of the episode and keep the conversation going over on Facebook: 
Finding a career that is fulfilling is a goal for many but sadly does not feel like an obtainable reality for people. Transformational coach & speaker Tori Stevens is here to shed light on how we discover personal fulfillment within our career and self journeys. Tori has worked in higher education and corporate for 12 years and has interviewed, hired, and managed thousands of people. Now as a coach who focuses on career exploration and growth she teaches others how to become the master versus the joker of thoughts and habits. Learn more about the amazing work Tori is doing in the professional community at: The "nuggets" you will hear in this episode:- The difference between achievement and personal development- Why your self worth is not defined by a performance review- How to be present today for your future to show up for you- Think. Talk. Walk. Confidence. Communication. Connection. If you havent checked out Mental Cement TV you are missing out on a treat. Wath the first few episdoes here: always, send me your thoughts and connect with the community on Facebook at:
Telling stories is fun. Telling a compelling story on a digital medium that converts into sales is a whole different feat. Communicating authentically on a blog article or social media post is a surefire way to attract a loyal tribe. Our guest Eboni W has been in the health and wellness space for years and is using her wins and losses to teach other wellness professionals how to build brands that are as profound as they are profitable. Find out more about Eboni here: If you haven't already, go ahead and book your call with me and let me know how Mental Cement can be of service to your business. Even if it's just an idea you've been toying with for a while, I want to help you gain CLARITY and build a road-map for your next steps moving forward. 
So here's the truth... most people only focus on aspects of their business that others can see such as the logo or pricing or website. But as today's guest is going to share, branding and marketing are all pointless if the internal business operations are not in order.I'm excited to share my conversation with Chris McIntire because he is a true veteran to entrepreneurship. Having built and sold 4 businesses, he has identified the core principles that all business owners will eventually need to master to build a profitable and sustainable company. He calls them the 7 Gears and we are going to break down each one in today's episode. As a special treat, you can visit his website and take a quick quiz that will assess where your business is on each gear and how you can improve. Visit: If you are ready to chat about your existing business, or business idea, let's schedule a call and see how I can help you: 
How do you feel about your body? What needs to happen to improve the relationship you have to it?Today's guest is all about loving the YOU as you are and she's sharing the one thing you can do today that will make all the difference tomorrow. Michele Laine is a Certified Neuro-Transformational Coach, Brainspotting practitioner, Motivational Speaker, and Best-Selling Author. She also co-owns two additional businesses with her husband. They've shared an amazing and adventurous  27 years of building businesses together. When a perfect storm of personal and business loss hit five years ago, Michele saw an opportunity to re-invent herself.  She felt a bigger calling to leave behind her previous work of accounting/finance management and  follow her passions into the coaching world of health, wellness, and mindset. She now works with clients to help them transform and breakthrough limiting beliefs, make internal shifts to improve their mental, physical, and emotional well being, so they can live a healthier life.Through her coaching, speaking, workshops, and wellness retreats, she emphases the importance of managing stress, living a healthy lifestyle, following passions, and up-leveling self-discovery and self-love every day.Find out more about Michele here: www.michelelaine.com sure to check us out over on Facebook! 
What's up friends! This is a really cool episode because our guest today is ME! This episode is sponsored by my 5-week course How to Start a Badass Podcast which you can find out more about here: Question: Why haven't you started your show yet? What is that little voice in your head telling you? I bet it's saying "I'm not ready yet" or "I still need to learn all the steps". But the truth is that the one thing that is keeping you from getting started is also keeping you from folling through with your plans. We are going the CRUSH that little voice today! Be sure to join the conversation over on Facebook: 
We all have had the feeling of being pumped about starting a new diet or routine only to get a week into it and call things off. Our guest today Dr.Erin Baker is a transformational leadership coach and social psychologist. She works with top performers in corporate and private settings to design more passionate, purposeful, and mission-driven lives. Her approach draws on her expertise in psychology and neuroscience, her leadership experience at Facebook and Microsoft, and her own psychological transformation from social chameleon to unapologetically authentic. Learn more about Dr.Erin by vising her website at: Today she is sharing with us:1. The five step framework to set goals and stick with them2. How small habits can lead to big change3. The most important habit that you should incorporate into your daily practice starting today!Check out my article of goal setting and how it almost killed me: Be sure to connect with me over on Facebook and let me know your thoughts on the episode: 
Where do you draw the line between business partners and romantic partners? How do you balance supporting a partners outlandish dream and keeping them grounded in reality? What do you do if you have to choose between a successful business and a successful marriage? There are no easy answers to these questions but we can learn a few things from a couple that has been mixing business with pleasure for over 10 years. Today's guest, Chelsea Wedmore is the wife of 7-figure entrepreneur James Wedmore. James grew his empire by teaching business owners how to leverage visual storytelling and online video. His team offers online courses, high level masterminds and live workshops all across the country. He also host the Mind Your Business Podcast where he teaches simple mindset shifts that can transform your business. Learn more about James and Chelsea Wedmore by visiting or subscribing to the Mind Your Business Podcast  Your challenge for this week is to speak out-loud that fearful thought that has been taking up roots in your mind. When we keep our fears a secret they keep gaining momentum like a snowball. Saying it or writing it down allows us to escape from "what if" land and realize how small our fears really are.  Head on over to our Facebook page and let me know how it goes! 
One of the hardest things for new entrepreneurs is promotion. We want to tell people about our amazing services but there are so many factors that go into creating a profitable launch it can be overwhelming.  RRCA Certified Running Coach and ICF Certified Health and Life Coach Whitney Miller is here today to share her best strategies for creating and executing a promotional launch. She is going to break down the 4 essential components for creating a dynamic program, identifying your audience, crafting your offer, creating a promotional calendar and confidently asking for the sale.Be sure to check out the new Mental Cement TV channel on YouTube: Learn more about Whitney and her company at:  I would love to connect with you to learn what program your launching and how I can be of service. Send me a message on Facebook or via my email at 
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