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Author: Padre Dolphyne

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Amoris Media is a platform that seeks to promote the Truth, Beauty and Goodness of the Catholic faith.
107 Episodes
God does not give up on us, we rather runaway from God on account of our sinfulness
A Charge to look beyond your present situation with a determination to focus on Jesus
The messenger maybe abused but the truth of the message will always prevail.
Life is about patience while we wait knowing that with God we will be victorious in the end
In spite of the challenges your life must ensure that the Word of God that is planted grows
Don’t limit your understanding of family to your blood relatives?
Can the one who closes the eyes see? Similarly also the one who deny the hand of God at work cannot be forgiven
You cannot claim to worship God while neglecting the welfare of your neighbor
Jesus confronts the Pharisees with the true meaning of the Sabbath.
Jesus demands a total overhaul and a not the few parchment as proposed by the Pharisees
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