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Author: Lawrence Killebrew

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COMEDY HUSTLE reveals the real and explores all things that take place before comedian Lawrence Killebrew ever makes it to the stage. From bookings, traveling and every possible situation in between, welcome inside as we share the often funny and unfunny side of the comedy hustle.
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Do you support businesses just because the people who have the business look like you? Or do you support quality first? 
It has been a long time since I have dropped a new podcast episode but I'm back in more ways than one. Check out the latest episode of the Comedy Hustle podcast to see how my first time on stage in 4 months went. Sorry for the delay. 
With all this free time I decided to add something to my catalog. I'm writing a book. 
Hey y'all I know Im late but I forgot to upload this episode. But this is my take on the Teddy Riley Vs Baby Face IG battle. 
It was my birthday April 20th and I found something that I wanted to share with y'all. Take a listen. 
With word that the Country will be quarantined for another 30 days and comedians won't be able to get back to work, things are getting hard. Just when you really love something and cant do it... Listen to what Lawrence has to say. 
On the latest episode of the comedy Hustle podcast Lawrence breaks anxiety. 
On the latest episode of the Comedy Hustle podcast Lawrence talks about the Corona Virus. How he is handling it is, why he is taking it serious, and much more. Take a listen. 
On latest episode of the Comedy Hustle Podcast Lawrence gives his point of review on dated a woman who use to deal with women before him. After watching the hit show Love is blind, it was a couple on the show where the man told the woman that he use to deal with men before her. I'm not going tell you what happen but this is what Lawrence thought and what Lawrence would have done if he was in the same situation. 
On this episode of the Comedy Hustle podcast Lawrence Killebrew talks about not having an ego in comedy. And how not having one has allowed him to make more money. Having an ego sometimes can get in the way of you getting to where you want to go. 
So on this weeks episode Lawrence Killebrew clears up a statement he made on social media about the D Wade situation. Where D Wade is supporting his son who wants to be recognized as a girl. Lawrence made a post on facebook about it and it received a lot of blow back that he felt should be cleared up on the Comedy Hustle podcast. Take a listen. 
Over the weekend I made a statement saying any woman I deal with better make my plate of food on a real plate. I  don't eat off of paper plates. I didn't think that it was a big deal, but the negative response women gave me really shocked me. Listen to this weeks show to hear the details. 
Good Morning, On this Ep of the Comedy Hustle podcast we talk Half Time Super Bowl performances. Some of the best along with some of the worst. We also give our thoughts on last nights performance of Jay Lo and Shakira. 
The fact that we don't have a choice about when or how we live this Earth is something that I can't deal with. Check out this weeks ep of the comedy hustle podcast... 
Today on the ComedyHustle podcast, Lawrence talks about getting things done when YOU want them done. We all feel as though we have to do something by certain time for a number of reasons. Get married, have kids, finish school, etc. So sometimes we rush things because of society. Lawrence is here to tell you to move at your own pace. 
On today's episode Lawrence talks about after breaking up with someone do you unfollow them on social media? Or are you able to stay following them? This topic was spark after hearing that Fizz from B2K and Apryl the mother of Omarion's Children another member of B2k had decided to split. But the way media found out was that they had both unfollowed each other on IG. 
With the New Year here in full swing I still see people wanting to change, be a new them. When the old you was just fine. All you have to do, is work on what worked. Then do that better. Let me break it down for you on the latest episode of the Comedy Hustle Podcast hosted by Lawrence Killebrew. 
I know its been a min since you've heard from me and the comedy hustle podcast. But take listen as to why... But I'm back ya'll and I'm back to stay. 
Sometimes you just have to vent, speak your mind. This is one of those times. This episode of the Comedy Hustle podcast is a vent from Lawrence Killebrew. Take a listen. 
Someone asked Lawrence Killebrew what is the hardest part to his career in Stand Up Comedy...Take a listen to his answer. 
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