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Author: Cody Bolster

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The Tired Obsidian Podcast is a podcast talking about video games, movies, tv shows, and a bunch of other random stuff. Join Cody, Brandon, and Mary Beth each week talking about the news in the gaming space, and what they're up to each week!

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This week's episode features a special guest, Sir King Eric! We talk about Minecraft, RDR2, Warlords of New York, and Ori and the Blind Forest.  Also more Witcher tv show talks. News bits E3 Cancelled and CD Projekt Red new game news! Questions, Comments, Feedback? Email at Twitter! Follow @Slannxe or @TiredObsidian Follow Sir King Eric @SirKingEric
Divison 2 Warlords of New York, new games, Batmobile thoughts, and The Last of Us TV Show. Follow on Twitter @Slannxe and @TiredObsidian
Listen to the Spoilercast for Episode 3! It's the final season, and this arc is almost over! Follow on Twitter @Slannxe and @TiredObsidian
The newest episode of the TTO Podcast is here!  New details on Xbox Series X, GDC gets postponed indefinitely, and we go down the list for NPDs of January 2020.  Follow on Twitter @Slannxe and @TiredObsidian Leave feedback, reviews, and rating!
Brandon leads this episode of the Spoilercast for The Star Wars Clone Wars Season 7! Follow on Twitter @TiredObsidian and @Slannxe
Welcome to The Tired Obsidian Podcast! A podcast all about video games, movies, tv shows, and a bunch of other random stuff!  We talk about Game Pass deals, Animal Crossing thoughts, the Coronavirus strikes again, and of course everybody's favorite new segment, Fast 9 Watch! Follow on Twitter @Slannxe and @TiredObsidian The blog!
Follow on Twitter @Slannxe Leave questions, comments, and make sure to subscribe! 8MSmjq8fELjlgVWQYA7N
What have we been doing for the past two weeks? Not much apparently. Replaying old games, reading books, and grinding in Destiny 2. Topics: Ubisoft plans for 2020 Xbox vs Google vs Amazon? Coronavirus delaying next-gen consoles? Projectors are the next big thing for making movies. Follow on Twitter @Slannxe and @TiredObsidian
On this week's Episode Cody, Brandon, and Mary Beth talk about the cultural significance of a YouTube channel, the Google Stadia and cloud gaming, and real-life mixing with video games!
Welcome to a new episode of The Tired Obsidian Podcast! This week Cody, Brandon, and our ever returning guest Mary Beth sit down and talk about Watchmen not pursuing a season 2, all the big video game delays, and the Fire Emblem fighting game called Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.  Submit your questions, comments, and feedback!  Follow on Twitter @TiredObsidian and @Slannxe The blogs!
This week Cody, Brandon, and Mary Beth talk about The Witcher and Mandalorian fight again, Game of Thrones and reading books, and of course that Pokemon Expansion news! Also, are games just getting way too big? Listen to our takes right now on this episode of The Tired Obsidian Podcast! Follow on Twitter @TiredObsidian Submit questions, comments, reviews, and corrections! Check out the blogs! and
We welcome Brandon and Mary Beth back to the podcast and talk about our favorite video games we played in 2019, answer a few listener questions, and just have a jolly good time.   If you have any questions, comments, or corrections, please send them in to Please leave your reviews through whatever podcasting app you use! Follow the blog!
Holiday Hiatus ◭

Holiday Hiatus ◭


Going on a short break for the holidays, but will be back next year so stay tuned for new content and a return of my cohost Brandon! (hopefully) @TiredObsidian on Twitter
This episode centers around Sony PlayStation's State of Play announcements! Twitter @TiredObsidian
Episode 1 of Season 2 of THe Tired Obsidian Podcast is here! I'm talking about the Resident Evil 3 Remake leaks, the impact that Death Stranding will have on the gaming industry, and how Control is a better force ability game than Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. You can follow me on Twitter @TiredObsidian Submit questions here! You can find video versions on YouTube as well! Check out the blog!
After a very long hiatus, The Tired Obsidian Podcast is making a return! Season 2 starts with a few changes! Follow on Twitter @TiredObsidian
We interrupt our regularly scheduled podcast to bring you:  The Captain Marvel Spoilercast! We walk through the entire length of the movie and give our thoughts and ideas on future Marvel movies take a listen! Follow on Twitter @Slannxe and @TiredObsidian Check out the never updated blog
On this weeks episode of The Tired Obsidian Podcast we talk about The Division 2, Archer, and audio books. We also dive into the sustainability of AAA video games, James Gunn being reinstated to Guardians of the Galaxy, and the accessibility of games. Follow on Twitter @Slannxe or @TiredObsidian FInd us on Facebook! Check out the blog I rarely update!
Hey guys, welcome to a new episode of The Tired Obsidian Podcast! This week we dive into the issues of Red Dead Redemption Online, E3 disappearing, and the Vivendi hostile take over of Ubisoft.  Leave your questions, comments, and corrections for us!  Follow us on Twitter @TiredObsidian and @Slannxe Find us on Facebook! Check out the blog!
Cody, Brandon, and Mary Beth talk about The Umbrella Academy, Netflix's newest shows! Follow on Twitter @TiredObsidian and @Slannxe Find us on Facebook
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