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Join New Wave personalities, Tyler Baikie and Corey Fuimaono, as they talk about life events, stuff in the news and other tribulations.
10 Episodes
Recorded after Episode 8 but meant to be released before it, Tyler goes out and about before the big Covid-19 lockdown to observe the happenings.
Just before the boys are locked-down and isolated within their fragile housing, Corey and Tyler talk about their memories of getting their Simpy Sims employed and the worst pies known to man. Um, that's it really. 
Do you have what it takes to win today's coronavirus quiz? In this bootlegged edition of Tidal Wave, Corey tries to guess the secret sound!
Single boys, Tyler Baikie and Corey Fuimaono, come together on Valentine's Day to talk Viewership Diaries, Winston Peters and the Parliamentary Supergold Card, Dave Dobbyn's classic call-waiting music and Tyler dealing with the Ministry of Social Development. Get in touch! Call us and leave a message on (708) 622-5435
Corey and Tyler discuss the differences between New Zealand and the USA, Gary Vee's pure genuis and create amazing, heartfelt, groudbreaking, amazing, touching, bad, assulting poetry.
On The Next Episode!

On The Next Episode!


Corey and Tyler vote in the 2019 Local Elections in the cities that they live in, in Aotearoa - New Zealand. Boy o' boy, are there some shithouse candidates this year.
They're back at it again. Tyler & Corey talk about more and more things and hope to do this show more often. 
After a bloody long time, Corey and Tyler come back with new developments within their own lives as well as a sneak peak into their fictional love life, as written by a close friend of Corey.
This week, Corey and Tyler are joined by web producer extraordinaire - Max Simonet - in a real chat about recent tribulations. That, and Pussy Farts.
Welcome to Tidal Wave, the New Wave podcast. Today, Corey discusses the intricate details of a long night in Wellington. Sit back and relax on this wild ride.
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