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This is the Blank String podcast, staring Luke, Tim and Matt as they talk about things and stuff and junk and things.
95 Episodes
Picking an all-around accessible and great game for children is tough. Really tough and game designers don't understand what a teeny tiny human needs from a game. Guided by Matt and Luke who have kids, and Tim who has money, we work out the ultimate game for children. The answer may surprise you!
Sorry, we didn't get around to it sooner, but we thought we'd take a crack at solving the current pandemic. Put your fears aside as we have finally solved it! You can go back outside with your loved ones after following our advice (for legal and sensible reasons do not follow our "advice"). We also talk about the Matrix trailer, that looks so amazing and we're pretty excited about it!
Matt and Luke try not to spend money, mainly so their pesky kids can eat and wear clothes and have a roof over theirs heads. Tim on the other hand has plenty of disposable income because he does not have those things to spend money on. Did we do something wrong along the way? Regardless of our life choices, Tim has some really cool stuff! We learn about his flight simulator setup, and it is pretty extreme and rad!
The final part of the Shiny Crustations. Thodus, Lesleigh, Helga and Fabian made their way through a tortuous trap and into the back of the cave to discover the source of the magical crabs. What they find will change the history of the Blank String Faction in ways that are unimaginable, even for this DM.
Disclaimer: It happened again! We lost an episode due to technical issues. In the missing episode Thodus, Lesleigh and Helga made their way to a cave where the crabs came from and met a young person named Fabian and with his remarkable skills, he created a massive crab robot which created a new hole in the cave. In this episode, Thodus, Lesleigh, Helga and Fabian make their way through treacherous perils in the cave. Will they pull through using their muscle or for once use their brains to get through? Both are doubtful!
Disclaimer: The previous episode broke whilst recording so we are missing that episode. To fill you in, Thodus and Lesleigh finished their previous mission, they spent their time in between having a bit of a break. They picked up a new job to track down where magical crabs have been coming from as it sounds like Blank String origin. They are joined by Helga, a strong Goliath masseuse who works at Blank String and is the adopted daughter of Winston. They make their way to the town being destroyed by these crabs and find themselves on a ship. Who is on it, pirates? sailors? horny bards? Only time will tell.
Continue with this winter's festivities! We finish the game of Pin the Tail on the unicorn with a very comedic and satisfying results then move onto Kobold, Kobold, Sorcerer where Lesleigh (Tim) is the Sorcerer and Thodus (Matt), all the dwarves and Klaus turn into crazy skittish Kobolds. Who will win? What prizes does everyone get? Tune in and find out! I hope everyone had a happy holiday season and that you have a wonderful 2021
Thodus (Matt) and Lesleigh (Tim) celebrate this winters festivities by joining the Blank String faction in a couple of games. Several games including "Catch the Magic Mushroom" where the first person to catch the mushroom wins, no other rules exist. Then they start the game of "Pin the Tail on the Unicorn". Grab some snacks, sit back and listen in to this hilarious series of games. We hope you have a happy xmas holiday and we will back next year to finish the second part of these epic games!
After successfully getting some Wisdom Jade, Thodus and Lesleigh return to the Blank String Faction HQ and go from Rank D (Initiate) to Rank C (Rookie). They are met by one of the factions founding member, Luke who shows them to their magically enchanted room and takes them on a tour. Did someone ask for high-quality voice acting? Well, Luke tries his best! Luke would like to mention (against out best advice) that if anyone from the BBC is looking to get voices for Love Monster they should give him a call whilst he is still available.
Last time on the Blank String plays Dungeon and Dragons adventure Thodus, Lesleigh and Eddie got into a fight with an Ogre. Thodus is currently lying in the mud bleeding out. Eddie, who is meant to be saving these two, is trapped under a rock. Lesleigh is the last person standing staring down an Ogre and her badge flashes, now she is ready for out first wish of the saga. Will it be a good one? Will she manage to save the day? Will they collect enough Wisdom Jade between them to finish this quest or will they get covered in more Troll scat? Tune in and find out as we play Dungeon and Dragons!
Continuing their Dungeon and Dragons adventure Thodus and Lesleigh are digging in Troll Scat looking for Wisdom Jade. They met a very friendly Troll who shared a couple of laughs a few wise words of wisdom and helped them jump down his toilet to find some stones. Then suddenly and Ogre shows up, will these 2 Level 1 PCs survive a fight against a monster reserved for level 5 PCs? There is only one way to find out!
Luke as the wonderful DM is guiding Thodus (played by Matt) and Lesleigh (played by Tim) through the wonderful and glorious game Dungeon and Dragons. Last time the two met Eddie who was their guide for their initiation job to collect Wisdom Jade which is processed by Trolls up Mount Lion Mountain. They start in a heated battle with an Orc before continuing their dangerous adventure up the mountain. 
We continue the D&D adventure. Luke taking the helm as an inexperienced Dungeon Master, Matt playing the not too bright yet highly dexterous Half-Orc Ranger named Thodus and Tim playing Lesleigh the Dragonborn Warlock who will, out of nowhere, go from placid to insane in an instant. They meet a Halfling named Eddie who is guiding them on their initiation where they will have to find some Wisdom Jade, an ingredient used by the Blank String faction in the manufacturing of wishes. The only snag is, they can only harvest it from Troll scat in the Troll reserve up the side of Moutain Lion Mountain.
Luke is leading Matt and Tim on the journey into the unknown. A magical world filled with paper, pen, dice and... wait it's all digital? It is still the ultimate level of nerdiness requiring imagination and wit to solve puzzles, kill monsters, save the world and fall in love (probably)? Luke, as the Dungeon Master, helps Matt and Tim design their first D&D characters. As you guessed they made sensible decisions would really help them get through some complex problems and solve some expertly designed puzzles... What do you mean he has -1 intelligence? She is from HR? Is there an HR department in D&D? Putting all that aside, we love it and hope you do as well!
Luke, Matt and Tim power on through the latest phase of the MCU movies in an epic style. There are some absolute belters in this phase including Black Panther, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Thor: Ragnarok and 2 Spiderman movies! So whether you have agreed with us or not, it does not matter because the best is yet to come. Much like the ending of phase III of the MCU, listen to the anti-climatic ending of the review of these blockbuster movies. If you are a true fan then you will flip a coin and if you get heads, skip to the end of the episode and claim that you missed it all because of the blip. Luke apologises for the quality of his audio in this episode, he has no idea what went wrong.
After Luke's low score reviews and Tim's high score review and Matt's a little bit lower than Tim's we decide to continue with Phase II of the MCU. There are some belter movies in Phase II and we all finally agree on at least Guardians of the Galaxy to be one of the best Marvel movies (if not the best). Like last time if you do not want to hear any spoilers for these movies then please skip this episode. If you feel like you want to compare you opinion against these three (not) experts then have a listen of this episode.
After Luke finished binging all the movies in the MCU he is now ready to give his opinion. Both Matt and Tim have previously seen them all and this makes for a fun trip down memory lane for them. Luke has a lot to say about these movies which are loved by so many people. If you have not seen the Marvel movies before and do not want any spoilers I suggest you go watch them, most are on Disney+. Otherwise listen along, see if they are something you would like to watch if you haven't or compare your own review with ours.
Luke, Matt and Tim continue their quest for knowledge, for power, for glory and honour on the terrific game Zork. Many twist and turns along the way, a surprising plot twist which no one expected. They don't make games like they used to. Join us in what is most likely the finally of the Zork saga.
Luke, Matt and Tim are back in the wonderful world of Zork! In part 1 we die by killing ourselves with a sword. In part 2 we die because a troll hit us on the head. Only Zork knows how the three of us will die at the end of this episode. So if you enjoyed listened to the previous two episodes of a character walking around trying to eat, lick and break everything they see then you are going to enjoy this episode even more!
Join us Luke, Matt and Tim as we continue this exciting retro adventure! Last time we wondered if we could commit suicide, turns out we could with a glowing sword. Instead of continuing our adventure, we started again! This is really like part 1 all over again, but we get further than the first episode so maybe it is part 1.5. Regardless we push on. So please come and join us as we play an 80s video game which we are now addicted to.
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