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Nariyuki is given the impossible task of tutoring two geniuses in order to receive a letter of recommendation for college. He finds that he’s going to have to use all of his wits and compassion to get these girls to pass or say good-bye to his dreams.Topics discussed: We Never Learn, Bokuben, We Can't Study, harem anime, tutoring, studying, arts and literature, science and mathematics, STEM, dead parents, loss, broken relationships, Arvo Animation, Studio Silver, character designs, adult characters who look like students
In an attempt to terraform Mars, humanity sent the most durable creature they could think of to the planet: the cockroach. What they didn't plan on was the lowly creatures evolving into unstoppable killing machines. Can an elite team eliminate the threat or is humanity doomed?Talking points: space bugs, bug juice, Mars, medicine, sci-fi, cockroaches, bear fights, gore, censorship, Mortal Kombat, campy slasher horror
This week in an especially non-spooky Halloween episode, Colin and Kayla discuss the 2014 anime series Noragami!Hiyori Iki’s life is suddenly altered dramatically when she meets a strange god named Yato and his spiritual weapon Yukine. Trying to live between two worlds will test everything she has ever known, but maybe she will find more of herself along the way.__Talking points:__ gods and goddesses, spirituality, spiritual weapons, shrines, religion, afterlife, the near shore, the far shore, spirits, tracksuits, cats, delivery service, Bones, animation studios, Hello Sleepwalkers
When humanity is threatened by ferocious monsters, society depends on children trained to pilot battle robots called Franxx. When a mysterious and skilled pilot named Zero Two meets a boy named Hiro, the world might finally have the heroes they desperately need.This one has a mild parental warning! Darling in the Franxx uses some sexual imagery and innuendo, and it would be difficult to have a serious discussion about the anime without describing some of that. It's nothing major, but listener discretion I suppose.__Topics discussed__: mecha anime, Evangelion, child soldiers, post-apocalypse, Studio Trigger, A-1 Pictures, collaborative animation, sexual innuendo, robots
Eight years after the death of his father, Kaito Kuroba learns of his father’s secret identity as the Phantom Thief Kaito Kid. When he discovers the organization responsible for murdering his father, he dons the mantle of the Kaito Kid to thwart their plans of achieving immortality through the Pandora Gem. With each stolen jewel he gets closer to avenging his father and stopping the organization.__Topics discussed:__ the Gentleman Thief archetype, Detective Conan (Case Closed), long-running manga and anime, illusions, sorcery, magic, heists, Persona 5, Death Note
This week, Colin and Kayla enter the Digital World to talk about Digimon Fusion, the sixth anime in the Digimon franchise.Taiki and his friends are swept into the Digital world where an ongoing war is threatening the lives of the digimon who inhabit it. There are those who wish to take back their once peaceful homes, and fight against the dark powers destroying their land. The unlikely heroes will leverage the power of the cross loader to help save the digital world and their new friends.How does it stack up against the beloved Pokémon franchise? Are they even worth comparing? What is going on over at Toei Animation?Talking points: Digimon Fusion, Digimon Xros Wars, Taiki vs. Mikey, English localizations of the Digimon franchise, the Digital World, Shoutmon, Ballistamon, Toei Animation, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball, transformation sequences, Guile, cartoon theme songs, Pokémon, Scooby Doo
On this week's episode we discuss Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun, an isekai that is maybe meant for kids and maybe for teenagers but seems pretty okay to us oldies too.Iruma Suzuki has never been given the chance to live a normal life due to his parent’s neglect, so it’s no surprise that they would sell his soul to a demon named Sullivan. Living out the rest of his life as a human in the demon world might come more naturally to Iruma than he would have guessed.Other topics: Game of Thrones, Sonic the Hedgehog, the Funimation/Sony acquisition of Crunchyroll, the new custom randomizer
After more than a year away from the microphone, Colin and Kayla are finally back with their first proper randomized episode of AniMonday, and their 50th episode is about Love Live! Sunshine!!Chika Takami dreams of becoming a school idol to bring some excitement to her boring life. In her sleepy seaside hometown, this might prove to be more difficult than she anticipated. But with her friends by her side, Chika knows she will always be able to find fun and adventure.
Many will never make it past the audition phase, and their dreams will be left behind. Only a lucky few of these girls will get to experience their Cinderella story.
Humans have developed telekinetic powers that will forever alter civilization and the world they inhabit. Two millennia in the future, five young students are about to discover that their peaceful world has been hiding a dark and violent reality.
This episode was recorded live from the Explorer's Lounge aboard JoCo Cruise 2020!Everyone agrees that High school president Miyuki Shirogane and vice president Kaguya Shinomiya would make a perfect couple. But when it comes to the battlefield of love, confessing your feelings puts you at a clear disadvantage. Who will come out the winner in this game of love and pride?
The freelance bodyguards of the Three Sisters Detective Agency suddenly find themselves intertwined with a once-famous author named Nenene. What they thought would be a straightforward job becomes a dangerous mystery that the girls might not be prepared for.
An engineer named Derrida discovers a terrifying bug in the autonomous robots he helps design. Before he is able to apply a patch, Derrida's life is threatened by those who stand to profit from the bug. While running for his life, Derrida is Frozen in cryostasis for 10 years, and awakens to the robot hellscape that he helped create.
Jonathan Joestar, commonly known as JoJo, lives a privileged and happy life under the care of his doting father. When a young boy named Dio Brando becomes part of the family, JoJo’s life is turned upside down. Jonathan knows that his new rival is up to no good, but doesn’t know quite how far Dio will go to steal wealth and power from the Joestar family.
Ten years ago, the world was shaken when the wish of a child named Eiji caused mass destruction. For the last decade, Eiji has managed to keep his mistake a secret, but now with his identity revealed, Eiji is forced to unleash his powers as an "Order". Eiji's desires will either lead to peace in the world, or to more untold destruction.
For the first 15 years of his life, Yuri Shibuya believed he was like any other high school student. When he is accidentally transported to another world and finds himself at the center of a global conflict, Yuri must balance his normal student life on Earth and his destiny to become the Demon King.
Episode 41 — DNA²

Episode 41 — DNA²


Overpopulation has become such a problem in the future that it is a criminal act, punishable by death, to have more than one child. This catastrophe can be traced back to a family carrying the powerful “mega-playboy” gene. A DNA Operator named Karin must go back in time to alter the DNA of the original mega-playboy, a high school kid named Junta.
Among the 37 trillion cells in your body, one little red blood cell is working hard for you! Her life is filled with nutrient deliveries, avoiding deadly bacterial attacks, and making new friends! She’s happy to do it though, because working is what cells do!Be sure to check out Josh's website for info about his work, his music, and his art. []( "Joshua C Sheehy website")
*Content warning: this episode contains brief/mild discussion of suicide.*A teenager named Shiki lives an unusual and often dangerous life, making it difficult for her to connect with her peers. When a classmate starts to pursue a friendship with her, Shiki doesn’t know what to make of it. These are the stories of how their two fates become forever entwined.
A great evil has made its appearance in the world, and Nike (against his will) is chosen as the Hero to save everyone. He is joined by Kukuri, the only mage left of her tribe, in a quest to take on the Demon King. Their journey is full of new friends, magic, and monsters.
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