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First Baptist Church (Jackson, MI) Sermons

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This is the First Baptist Church (Jackson, MI) Sermons podcast where we provide inspiration to grow in worship, prayer, and service.
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On this fourth Sunday of Advent, we eagerly await the promise of Love with the message, "Still Hoping for a Sign," from Isaiah 7:10-16. 
Our nation today is divided more than ever by politics. Jesus was no stranger to politics, even from the time of his birth, but how does his teaching help us in today's political landscape?
As we begin the season of Lent, we explore how scripture can be used in "There's Another Way to Read the Bible," from Matthew 4:1-11.
'A Seed of LIfe'

'A Seed of LIfe'


Finishing up the "Love Every Body" series with the message, "A Seed of Life" from 1 Corinthians 15:35-44. What do the ideas of death and resurrection mean in our daily walk? 
Invited to the Table

Invited to the Table


As we continue the "Love Every Body" series, Pastor Dallas shares about the importance of the simple act of eating together or sharing a meal with someone. 
Baptizing Eunuchs

Baptizing Eunuchs


In biblical days as today, people who are in some way different may have been treated differently. Christ's salvation and love is available to all. Listen again to Sunday's message, "Baptizing Eunuchs," from Acts 8:26-31.
In today's scripture, John 11:32-44, we read of Jesus' raising Lazarus from the dead. Have we thought about why? Listen again to this week's message, "Healing Terminal Bodies." 
At this time when many are making resolutions for the New Year, what are things Christians should keep in mind all year? Listen again to Sunday's message, with scripture from Philippians 3:1-20.  
While we celebrate the coming of the Christ child at Christmas, the Gospel of Matthew reminds us that in Jesus' day as in ours, life is seldom perfect like we see in a greeting card. Explore the journey of Mary, Joseph and Jesus to Egypt and know that in all, we have Emmanuel, God with us.  Guest pastor, the Rev. Paul Prochazka, shares a message from Matthew 2:13-23.
We celebrate Christmas Eve and the arrival of the Christ Child with "Still Hoping to Share the Big News," from Isaiah 52:7-10.
This third Sunday of Advent we celebrate with Joy. The message tells of our awaiting for our own homecoming parade and the special King who will restore Joy to the world.  Scripture from Isaiah 35:1-10.
The prophet Isaiah uses vivid imagery to describe God's kingdom, in ways that may not be what we expect. What lessons does he hold for us today? Listen again to as this second Sunday of Advent focuses on peace with  "Still Hoping for Harmony," from Isaiah 11:1-10. 
Still Hoping to Learn

Still Hoping to Learn


This first week of Advent we are "Still Hoping to Learn," from Isaiah 2:1-5.  While we sing songs about peace on Earth and good will to men, how do we make those visions reality?  
Foreign Thanks

Foreign Thanks


On this week of Thanksgiving, we consider if we are truly thankful for all we have, or do we take some things for granted? Listen again to Sunday's message... 
Pastor Dallas Flippin concludes the Braving the Shadows series with a discussion of our fear of failure. What will we do with the valuable good news that is given to us?
Pastor Dallas Flippin continues the series "Braving the Shadows" with thoughts about isolation.  
How well do we handle being out of control in a situation, not knowing the possible outcomes? Listen to "Braving the Shadows of Losing Control" from Genesis 12:1-9.
This week's message explores Braving the Shadows of Pain, how do we behavior when we hurt and when we've been hurt, and are we reflecting the character of Christ?  Scripture from Acts 9:11-19. 
We start a new series, Braving the Shadows, with a message on "Braving the Shadows of Fear." Scripture reference from Judges 6:11-17, 22-24, which tells of God's call to Gideon. 
What Are You Building?

What Are You Building?


As First Baptist wraps up the series "Being the Church in the 21st Century," Pastor Dallas explores the question, what are you building? What are we, as believers and as the church, trying to do? Scripture reference from 1 Corinthians 14:1-5, 26. 
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