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Your Voice; Your Power with Anika
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Your Voice; Your Power with Anika

Author: Anika Wilson

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Your Voice is Your Power. Telling your Story, Speaking Your Truth can not only heal your pain, providing solace to others. Our truths show the world who we are despite what we have been through.
Many of the stories you hear on this Podcast reflect on the gifts and Missions of the Storyteller whether they are a business owner, advocate, nonprofit organizer, victim, survivor, educator or philanthropist. Let's talk...
No conversation is off limits: Love , Life, Faith, Trauma, Triumph and beyond. Support this podcast:
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Brianna Wilkerson is a Holistic Health Coach that has extensive education and inspiration on How to be healthy and thrive in all areas of your life. She has curriculums, content, a Podcast and upcoming book surrounding her expertise in breaking unhealthy habits through 7 Pilars of health: nourishment (nutrition), movement (exercise), relaxing (stress management), rest (sleep), processing (digestion), cleansing (toxic load), and rewriting beliefs and habits (mindset and habits).In addition to health coaching, she is also an Essential Oils Advocate and supports women in using essential oils as a non-toxic solution for their health and those they love. She also became a Crossfit Level 1 Trainer to support women in incorporating fitness into their lives that is functional, fun and effective.Listen in and follow her through her journey to empower and inspire others Support this podcast:
This episode features an Amazing Success Coach & Founding Director at Realizing Your Potential LLC, that uses her education, experience, insight and wisdom to help her clients reach their goals. Jacqueline Kaba-Harrison is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the State of Michigan since 2003 and a practicing Social Worker since 1994. Over the years, she has learned her role is to serve as a catalyst for change.She is a Confidence and Success Coach and she created Realizing Your Potential LLC to empower and inspire African American women everywhere.  Her focus is empowering African American Women to know better and be better for themselves, their families and their communities.  Her work is about getting African American women to RECOGNIZE and harness their POWER to empower themselves and others to manifest abundance in their lives.More specifically, she helps coaches and consultants create effective strategies to eliminate negative self-talk and self-sabotaging behaviors that prevent them from taking their business to the next level.She helps them create the Confidence, Stamina, Motivational Techniques and Accountability needed too consistently Boldly Show Up in their business and attract their ideal client! Support this podcast:
This episode features the Founder and CEO of Michelle Gomez Coaching. This Latina Powerhouse combines her expertise in career elevation with the experience of being a woman of color within the male-dominated corporate environment. She works with women, entrepreneurs and employees that want to up their value, return and perception of their contributions in their employment sectors. Tune in to learn more about this Powerhouse.Topics discussed: Career Development, Imposter Syndrome, Working Women, Women of ColorUpcoming Features: Gomez will be a speaker at the I Am Enough In Christ Online Conference - Sept 23 @ 9AM EST.Michelle Gomez, The Latina Career CoachAuthor, speaker, and career coachFounder and CEO – Michelle Gomez Coaching, michelle@michellemgomez.comwebsite: www.michellemgomez.comConsidering a job change? Get my FREE guide on the “5 Signs It’s Time to Leave” by clicking here.Schedule a FREE career strategy session by clicking here.Join my private FB group, Dare To Be Great, and get exclusive content on how to accelerate your career path to success: Support this podcast:
Sheri Curan is a woman that grew up with entrepreneurial parents that engrained business basics to include managing the foundation of all business: THE BOOKS. She shares tips on establishing, managing and rowing your business through outsourcing and organizing the most important aspect of your business: the money. Support this podcast:
Kristine Raymond is an Author of 16 novels that started in the Historical Western Romance genre. She has changed trajectories to Contemporary Romance and expanded her realm as she grows, taking a chance on herself. She is a writer, podcaster and visionary that inspires other to fulfill their dreams of overcoming their fears and pursue their dreams. Kristineraymond.comFree download of her book:Here to Stay - also the one for Finn-agled - Support this podcast:
Shilpa is a Book Coach that help people step into their #Enoughness, giving themselves permission to believe that they are the ultimate AUTHORITY they've been looking for. She inspires those that feel inadequate or unequipped to pursue their dream of writing a book. She has an innate ability to teach and guide others through their journey of Authorship. She has multiple programs that cater to your needs. She works internationally and has an extensive portfolio.Ask her what you need to pursue your dreams...Feel free to connect with her: Facebook business page: personal facebook page: Support this podcast:
As a parent who went through bullying as a child and who had to advocate for her own child, I bring value to parents with the knowledge, tools, and resources that help parents learn how to teach their children to prevent and stop bullying as well as how to advocate effectively. I offer virtual and in-person workshops, virtual and in-person coaching and an online master class so that parents can have options on how to learn and when. The very unique part of my workshops is that parents will find them refreshingly interesting because I teach from a diversity lens. Stereotypes are a big topic in my workshops because they are a major factor in what and how children think of others as well as themselves. Often times, stereotypes are used to tease, but because kids don't know facts, they use them to justify bullying others due to their differences. When I hold the in-person workshops, I usually include the parent AND the child. In order to make them fun, I incorporate games and a fun book that makes the workshops seem like a time of activities rather than a time of Support this podcast:
Trauma Recovery is mandatory for healthy living. overcoming trauma, healing beyond dealing...listen to 5 professionals that have secrets to recovery after trauma...Randi Bryant-It is about so much more than jewelry. It is about connection and relationship. I want you to be connected and have relationships that bring value to your everyday. Simmons-S&S Enterprises-From pain to purpose, I’m a multi creative entrepreneur who uses my pain for purpose, I live my life with purpose and want to help others do the same.Susan Grief-Art Mends Hearts, Creative Transformational Expert, I’m a speaker, author & entrepreneur. More information upon request. I interpret my clients’s drawings to awaken them to what keeps them feeling powerless, panicked, paralyzed & in pain and I propel them to take action to make shifts in their life with a mended heart. Https://www.artmendshearts.comSuzanne Daniels- I am a South African living in Los Angeles. I am a legal professional and single mom to a daughter who is blind. She is now a college student here in the USA and I am her caregiver at the moment and working my business from home. About 18 months ago, I blew the whistle on corruption at my company in South Africa and have faced massive retaliation from my corporation plus my family and friends. I was the head of legal and compliance at my corporation with 12 years of service when I was fired. My caption is crawling back from fear to freedom. On my journey and talking to people here, lots of women face these situations where decisions are made about them. I have learnt a new type of resilience and have gone through the emotions of feeling betrayed, feeling guilty, at the receiving end of death threats, severe depression and anxiety and now looking at daily struggles of how to live a normal life. I have Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) as a result of my experience. --- Support this podcast:
Breaking Cycles-Power Panel

Breaking Cycles-Power Panel


Cycles have many different faces: Abuse, Generational Curses, Mental Illness, Chronic Illness, Parenting, and other concepts that affect us negatively. We are working together to change this...Dr. Bridgett McBride-Threefold Living, LLC I have a holistic approach to financial literacy and education. Mindset and the subconscious mind reset with traditional and nontraditional methods to wealth building. Empowering yourself and breaking the financial curses of past generations and lives. @threefoldlivingRaman Saini- Manifesting Your Fairytale; I am a new-age Relationship Coach to women worldwide. I work to help my clients uncover the root causes of the problems in their relationships by diving into their subconscious mind. This helps us heal the individual and not both (since most partners do not want to come to coaching/therapy). I say new-age because I use spiritual modalities and tarot/oracle cards to guide my clients to healing & transformation in their love lives (or lives in general). I would like people to know that I give women the confidence to have relationships that are going to be long-lasting and effortless - even though you will be doing the work but it won't feel hard to do anymore. https://manifestingyourfairytale.comKimberlee Leonard-Sensible Copy & Consulting; Single Mommy Tribe; I want to help women create the life they dreamt for their family before they became single - life on their terms. No get rich quick - just a blueprint from someone whose been there and made all the mistakes already! Www.singlemommytribe.comMarquez Mosher-Vision Perspective Group: Marquez Mosher sees the world a bit differently... He has a unique personality that allows him to perceive and understand situations from multiple points of view. It's a trait he has spent his professional career, as well as his personal life, constantly cultivating. Now, he wants to use it to help you.As a Perspective Specialist, Marquez works with individuals and organizations that feel like they are stuck, in a rut, or just cannot seem to break free from their routine and it is hindering them from achieving their goals and advancing their priorities. He assists them in realizing the importance of how a proper perspective and appropriate mindset impacts the quality of their decision making skills. This is the key to pushing past and overcoming the obstacles in their way.The reason for this is that every decision, every decision, has consequences. These consequences dictate who you are, the type of life you have, and the type of life those around you have be it personally, professionally, or organizationally.As a resource, independent voice, and a consultant, Marquez truly believes that you can change your life, change the world, one decision at a time. Through his CHALLENGE Experience and Support Plans you will think more, care more, and live more.Just have a conversation with him and you will hear his passion and purpose. Experience how one decision can change Support this podcast:
Just Do It-With Amanda Rose

Just Do It-With Amanda Rose


Amanda Rose is a multi-published author, actor, motivational speaker, business & mindset coach, and online course creator. She specializes in helping people through mindset mastery. She discusses her ability to endorse her Visions through Action. She is a Powerhouse and uses her DRIVE to DRIVE others in their own projects. She tells her story that began in childhood, as a writer, actress and Entrepreneur at heart. Her transparency is infectious and enticing.This Episode will show you how she wrote 11 books in 1 year and lives a full life! Tune in and connect with any of her services below:Audiobook MANIFESTING YOUR BEST LIFE: MANIFESTING 30-DAY GUIDED JOURNAL: WEALTH FACTOR: PUBLISHED WORKBOOK: MONEY (your ad is in this one!): ON PURPOSE: YOUR BEST LIFE: Mastery 90-Minute Mastermind June 5th 4PM ETSign Up Link: Support this podcast:
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