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Your Voice; Your Power with Anika

Author: Anika Wilson

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Your Voice is Your Power.
Speaking Your Truth can not only heal your pain, providing solace to others. Our truths show the world who we are despite what we have been through.
Many of the stories you hear on this Podcast reflect on the gifts and missions of the Storyteller whether business owners, advocates, nonprofit organizers, victims, survivors, educators or philanthropists.

Let's talk...
No conversation is off-limits: Love, Life, Faith, Trauma, Triumph and beyond. Support this podcast:
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Writer/Actor/Director and Host of the podcast Women Behind the Screen with Kristen Van Nest This episode discusses the journey of Women on the Rise: -Taking Risks (Leap) -Failure -Promoting, Supporting and Encouraging Women in a Male-Dominated Society -Roadmap for Creative Careers -Switching Gears to Find Happiness From Kristen: For more info about me: I'm an LA-based Writer/Actor/Director, comedian on BuzzFeed (over 3.6+ million views), host of TVCO’s  live-stream / podcast show: Women Behind the Screen with Kristen Van Nest which promotes women in Hollywood, and head writer for the Nightpantz Youtube channel. I also have 32k+ followers (14k on Instagram, 8k on Twitter, and 10k on YouTube) for my comedic essays, characters, and sketches. My past bylines include McSweeney's, Museum of Americana: Literary Review, and my viral piece in Humungus to name a few. I started doing comedy in Shanghai, China where I lived for 3.5 years, performing improv and stand up. Writer/Actor(SAG-AFTRA)/Director/She/Her/Hers Literary Review • Forbes • McSweeney's --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
This episode features a woman on a mission to help others tap into their intuition, natural gifts to overcome fear and adversity. What a powerful gift. Learn more about Emily, her story and her passion for people. Emily is a Natural intuitive, bestselling author, and metaphysical coach Emily Davis began accessing her spiritual gifts as a child. Over the years all the fear and yuck of modern-day life got in the way of that magic and, after leaving an abusive relationship, she set out on a quest to recapture her spirit! Now, Emily specializes in helping people discover their purpose in life by unblocking their intuitive gifts and learning to use them without fear. It is her mission to make a magic part of everyday ordinary life. Emily and her family, including her many furry muses, adventure from Lake Tahoe, California where she also co-hosts her metaphysical comedy podcast Perceptionists Anonymous! Website and Social Links  My Free 3 Day Master Your Magic Challenge is being held in the group on March 16-18! - Where I offer one free psychic question for anyone Podcast Links! (Perceptionists Anonymous) Join my FREE Facebook Community, Master Your Magic - Psychic Training and Development  --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
This episode features the Amazing Nkiru Asika-a Marketing Strategist & Copywriter  I bring more than 20 years of experience and expertise in all things content and communications - from journalism, TV production, events creations and management, training, strategic communications for large corporations and running an independent copywriting business for the past year and a half. I also have a global outlook having lived and worked in the UK, US, Nigeria and now Canada. I have a passion to see more women positioned as thought leaders, or what I call authority brands. Beyond blowing up on social media, we need to see more women, especially women of color, sitting at the top tables, speaking on global stages, hitting the bestseller charts, hosting the top podcasts, being featured as experts in the press and more. We need women to have a greater share of voice in the media. I help women entrepreneurs and professionals use their unique story, experience, and expertise to craft the messaging and content they need to position themselves as authority brands. I work with them to build the assets they need to stand out as go-to leaders in their space, so they can scale their impact and income. The Scale Your Service Business Summit- This summit is aimed at all entrepreneurs running service-based businesses e.g. coaches, consultants, freelancers, agency owners. The Summit is not specifically targeted at women, however, the majority of the 28 speakers are women. The Summit goes live next week Tues Feb 25 to Fri Feb 28. It is free to attend. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Kira Ming is an Author, Magazine Owner, Professional Writer and Editor, Business Content Developer She shares her story of how she built her Empire through Vision, Dedication and Persistence. She also breaks down the importance of Content Development in a saturated market of women on the rise to freedom and success.  Kira Ming's background in publishing spans over 15 years and involves the creation of her own successful publication. Over the past decade, she's had the pleasure of interviewing some of entertainment's biggest names and has been involved in several legendary events as both host/journalist and media sponsor. She's spent the past few years developing tools, resources, marketing material, and several types of content for businesses, editing numerous projects, and contributing articles to major platforms including Huffington Post. As a result of her success within publishing, content marketing, and business strategy, she felt it only necessary to write Small Business, Big Success - a straight to the point guide for small business owners. Kira Ming has served as keynote speaker, panelist, and workshop facilitator for numerous events, and she's excited to continue giving value when it comes to her expertise Kira Ming - Author, Magazine Owner, Professional Writer and Editor, Business Content Developer IG: @therealkiraming Twitter: @therealkiraming Facebook: @therealkiraming --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Giulia Porro is a Life & Self Worth Coach all about helping women reclaim their power. She sees so many smart and brilliant women who totally forget about their self-worth. They put other people's needs in front of their own, forgetting how to access their pleasure (whatever that may be!) and end up feeling drained, unfulfilled and totally disconnected from their desires and bodies. Through self-awareness, developmental and empathic listening, she helps women find balance to live healthier, more fulfilling lives. Learn more about Giulia Porro at her website: You will learn more about her services and passion in addition to her Coaching Program and Amazing Facebook group.  --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Aja Vancica is a woman on a mission to not only declutter the homes of single mother's but their minds too. Her system caters to the hearts, minds and homes of single mothers with limited time to manage work, home and kids. With her 5 Day Bedroom Reboot and The Living Room Reset, she shares tools and strategies to help you change your environment and routine. Through her proven methods, you alleviate stress, anxiety and a messy house. Okay, not messy, chaotically placed home.  Tune into her Amazing skills and more. Listen to The Organized-ish Podcast --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Brianna Wilkerson is a Holistic Health Coach that has extensive education and inspiration on How to be healthy and thrive in all areas of your life. She has curriculums, content, a Podcast and upcoming book surrounding her expertise in breaking unhealthy habits through 7 Pilars of health: nourishment (nutrition), movement (exercise), relaxing (stress management), rest (sleep), processing (digestion), cleansing (toxic load), and rewriting beliefs and habits (mindset and habits). In addition to health coaching, she is also an Essential Oils Advocate and supports women in using essential oils as a non-toxic solution for their health and those they love. She also became a Crossfit Level 1 Trainer to support women in incorporating fitness into their lives that is functional, fun and effective. Listen in and follow her through her journey to empower and inspire others --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Shilpa is a Book Coach that help people step into their #Enoughness, giving themselves permission to believe that they are the ultimate AUTHORITY they've been looking for. She inspires those that feel inadequate or unequipped to pursue their dream of writing a book. She has an innate ability to teach and guide others through their journey of Authorship. She has multiple programs that cater to your needs. She works internationally and has an extensive portfolio. Ask her what you need to pursue your dreams... Feel free to connect with her: Her Facebook business page: Her personal facebook page: --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Barry and Catherine both had parents who created successful companies together. Working together and working with others to help their businesses grow is in their DNA. In 2003 they started their first business together and built it from the ground up. Premier Barter was one of the largest barter exchanges in Arizona. After six years of building their own barter exchange, Barry and Catherine saw the need to create a better barter exchange management software and in 2009, with the help of a business partner, launched Barter21. They sold Premier Barter in 2013, and left the software business in early 2017. Cohen Coaching was born out of the years of working, coaching, creating, and assisting business owners to get past the problem behind the problem. They’ve brought together all their skills, experience and talent to create a magical toolbox of ideas, plans, inspiration, and more, designed to help their clients to start, grow and succeed. Their services include individual coaching, business development workshops, Client Attraction Mastery, and Presentations at the SCORE-Greater Phoenix organization.... Their knowledge and experience is apparent and warranted for business owners and they also specialize in working with couple entrepreneurs.  Links: Client Attraction Mastery Program ($797) Client Attraction Workshop (webinar) Create your Ideal Client Profile (Freebie) --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
What Does it mean to be a Man? We combat stereotypes, talk about Authenticity, Vulnerabilities and life with/without men, how they contribute to Greatness.. Colin Ryan-Comedic Financial Speaker-Humor allows me put financial education and advice in a voice that is very human, memorable, approachable. I would like to talk about Masculinity. What does it mean to be a man? What were our examples growing up? What are the direct benefits to rejecting the adopted definition of masculinity (which is more toxic than not) and instead defining masculinity through a more honest lens? For example, men are not a monolith, the things we do are male things regardless of whether they're viewed as traditionally masculine. As men we have been taught that power is the result of showing your strength to others. I believe that power is actually created by sharing your strength with others. Your power can be measured by how evaluating how strong the people around you feel. I'm able to fill in the seats while teaching the same topics others teach to empty rooms or crowds of 2-3. And my mission is to teach other speakers and educators how to do the same. Follow at: @colinryanspeaks Matt Woodrum-Owner of Wrestling with Fatherhood-I equip men, specifically dads, to discover their strengths, understand their value, accomplish their goals, and live out their dreams to become their children's heroes. Wrestling with fatherhood is all about two different points of view. First, even if someone grew up with a dad who was never there, I believe they have the power to change their families history. Second, we live in a culture that does not know how to define a man or a dad. I believe that Jesus was the perfect example of what a man, husband, and dad should be. The thing that makes me different then other coaches and speakers is that I took some pretty bad stuff that happened in my past with my dad and turned it around so that I could give my kids the one thing I never had, a dad.  Shawn McBride-Owner of McBride For Business, LLC-Chief Innovation -I have almost 2 decades of experience of business planning and execution. I know how to work with businesses to build and execute the plans that matter to them. Add into that my signature message of Do Business Differently(TM) which is brought home with my unusual suits and attire. I am also the host of the Future Done Right(TM) YouTube Channel where we discuss the future of business.  Male/Female dynamics in the future of business. I am a TEDx speaker on women in business and I think it's important we understand the male/female dynamic for the future of business.//;;  Leo Lightbourne-Owner of No One Expected, Author of soon to be released 6/30 (soft/launch) about males growing up without a father figure. Speaker, Author, Activist and Mentor educating the world on the role of a Man without the presence of a father. Looking to shed light on the cultural perspectives, stereotypes and struggles that men face when raised by a village of women. @iamltbourne --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
As a parent who went through bullying as a child and who had to advocate for her own child, I bring value to parents with the knowledge, tools, and resources that help parents learn how to teach their children to prevent and stop bullying as well as how to advocate effectively. I offer virtual and in-person workshops, virtual and in-person coaching and an online master class so that parents can have options on how to learn and when. The very unique part of my workshops is that parents will find them refreshingly interesting because I teach from a diversity lens. Stereotypes are a big topic in my workshops because they are a major factor in what and how children think of others as well as themselves. Often times, stereotypes are used to tease, but because kids don't know facts, they use them to justify bullying others due to their differences. When I hold the in-person workshops, I usually include the parent AND the child. In order to make them fun, I incorporate games and a fun book that makes the workshops seem like a time of activities rather than a time of instruction. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
I focus on helping aspiring & Emerging black women Thought Leaders remove the mask, find their authentic voice & own their expertise so that they can launch a soul-aligned thought leader brand. What makes me different is I focus on helping my clients embody their thought leadership so they they can BECOME the impact they want to see in the world. Most people skip over that part and start with the strategies. I start with who a person is being before addressing anything else. 80% of your results have to do with who you BE. I combine my training as a an ontological life & leadership coach, my knowledge of & experience implementing metaphysical principles, & experience in the online space to support my clients in embodying their thought leadership & launching a soul-aligned brand. I also relate to my clients as the experts in their lives & businesses. Thus overtime they learn to relate to themselves as powerful, which affects them in every area of their lives. I want to talk about how black women can find their authentic voice in a world that often requires them to put on a mask. I can also speak about the following topics: *How to monetize your thought leadership *Self-love as a foundation for success in life & business *How to figure who you are at your best and how to infuse that into your brand *How to own your expertise so you can't stand out on the crowd "Mindset practices and routines that create a foundation for success *How to embody your thought leadership and become the impact & why that's important *Making room for divergent black voices in leadership --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Trauma Recovery is mandatory for healthy living. overcoming trauma, healing beyond dealing...listen to 5 professionals that have secrets to recovery after trauma... Randi Bryant-It is about so much more than jewelry. It is about connection and relationship. I want you to be connected and have relationships that bring value to your everyday. Sheri Simmons-S&S Enterprises-From pain to purpose, I’m a multi creative entrepreneur who uses my pain for purpose, I live my life with purpose and want to help others do the same. Susan Grief-Art Mends Hearts, Creative Transformational Expert, I’m a speaker, author & entrepreneur. More information upon request. I interpret my clients’s drawings to awaken them to what keeps them feeling powerless, panicked, paralyzed & in pain and I propel them to take action to make shifts in their life with a mended heart. Https:// Suzanne Daniels- I am a South African living in Los Angeles. I am a legal professional and single mom to a daughter who is blind. She is now a college student here in the USA and I am her caregiver at the moment and working my business from home. About 18 months ago, I blew the whistle on corruption at my company in South Africa and have faced massive retaliation from my corporation plus my family and friends. I was the head of legal and compliance at my corporation with 12 years of service when I was fired. My caption is crawling back from fear to freedom. On my journey and talking to people here, lots of women face these situations where decisions are made about them. I have learnt a new type of resilience and have gone through the emotions of feeling betrayed, feeling guilty, at the receiving end of death threats, severe depression and anxiety and now looking at daily struggles of how to live a normal life. I have Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) as a result of my experience.  --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Cycles have many different faces: Abuse, Generational Curses, Mental Illness, Chronic Illness, Parenting, and other concepts that affect us negatively. We are working together to change this... Dr. Bridgett McBride-Threefold Living, LLC I have a holistic approach to financial literacy and education. Mindset and the subconscious mind reset with traditional and non-traditional methods to wealth building. Empowering yourself and breaking the financial curses of past generations and lives. @threefoldliving Raman Saini- Manifesting Your Fairytale; I am a new-age Relationship Coach to women worldwide. I work to help my clients uncover the root causes of the problems in their relationships by diving into their subconscious mind. This helps us heal the individual and not both (since most partners do not want to come to coaching/therapy). I say new-age because I use spiritual modalities and tarot/oracle cards to guide my clients to healing & transformation in their love lives (or lives in general). I would like people to know that I give women the confidence to have relationships that are going to be long-lasting and effortless - even though you will be doing the work but it won't feel hard to do anymore. Kimberlee Leonard-Sensible Copy & Consulting; Single Mommy Tribe; I want to help women create the life they dreamt for their family before they became single - life on their terms. No get rich quick - just a blueprint from someone whose been there and made all the mistakes already! Marquez Mosher-Vision Perspective Group: Marquez Mosher sees the world a bit differently... He has a unique personality that allows him to perceive and understand situations from multiple points of view. It's a trait he has spent his professional career, as well as his personal life, constantly cultivating. Now, he wants to use it to help you. As a Perspective Specialist, Marquez works with individuals and organizations that feel like they are stuck, in a rut, or just cannot seem to break free from their routine and it is hindering them from achieving their goals and advancing their priorities. He assists them in realizing the importance of how a proper perspective and appropriate mindset impacts the quality of their decision-making skills. This is the key to pushing past and overcoming the obstacles in their way. The reason for this is that every decision, every decision, has consequences. These consequences dictate who you are, the type of life you have, and the type of life those around you have be it personally, professionally, or organizationally. As a resource, independent voice, and a consultant, Marquez truly believes that you can change your life, change the world, one decision at a time. Through his CHALLENGE Experience and Support Plans, you will think more, care more, and live more. Just have a conversation with him and you will hear his passion and purpose. Experience how one decision can change everything. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Amanda Rose is a multi-published author, actor, motivational speaker, business & mindset coach, and online course creator. She specializes in helping people through mindset mastery. She discusses her ability to endorse her Visions through Action. She is a Powerhouse and uses her DRIVE to DRIVE others in their own projects. She tells her story that began in childhood, as a writer, actress and Entrepreneur at heart.  Her transparency is infectious and enticing. This Episode will show you how she wrote 11 books in 1 year and lives a full life!  Tune in and connect with any of her services below: Audiobook MANIFESTING YOUR BEST LIFE: BOOKS: THE MANIFESTING 30-DAY GUIDED JOURNAL: THE WEALTH FACTOR: GET PUBLISHED WORKBOOK: MANIFESTING MONEY (your ad is in this one!): MANIFESTING ON PURPOSE: MANIFESTING YOUR BEST LIFE: Marketing Mastery 90-Minute Mastermind June 5th 4PM ET Sign Up Link: Amanda Rose --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Meet the Empowerment Panel individually:  Bianca Marie- I’m a full Spectrum Doula, Lactation Support Educator, Newborn Care Specialist and a Public Health Portfolio Manager with oversight of a $3 billion dollar portfolio within the federal government. Women’s health is my passion and my background ( 3 degrees) but specifically empowering minority and disadvantaged women. I help women transform their lives to take back their power when it comes to their health and especially for pregnant or postpartum minority Candace Stuart-Findlay- Empowered Whole Being Foundation-Over 10 years studying/researching Quantum mechanics/Quantum biology which provides a new paradigm/explanation of who and what we are. Published author of book which provides clear view of the fusion of Quantum research and Metaphysics, offering a roadmap for empowered self-realization. link to access the Divine Heart Coherence™ Meditation audio file: Cathy Mckinnon- Wellness Warrior Coaching-A cancer diagnosis in 2008 immersed me in my journey to strategically transform my life through health, fitness and mindfulness.  As the founder of Wellness Warrior Coaching, I work with ambitious women to create personalized success rituals to gain more energy, strength, beauty and confidence along their journey to optimal living. My signature program “ The Warrior Way” is 90 days of 1:1 coaching to address health, wellness and mindfulness habits to remove limiting beliefs, create habits that fit with your individual lifestyle and goals while reducing stress! Linda Clay-Linda is a business and lifestyle strategist who’s had successful careers in the for profit and non-profit sectors. She uses the tools and framework she developed to support corporate women who are ready to find their purpose so they can create more time, more income, and more impact while living life on their terms. Linda is a speaker and co-author of Out-of-Work to Making Money, 21 Comeback Stories Every Job Hunter Should Hear. Nselaa Ward, Juris Doctor- Ni' Nava & Associates, Nselaa Ward, Juris Doctor is a TEDx speaker, former attorney, and current financial adviser, business architect, grassroots organizer, and is an internationally recognized pioneer of woman of color, cultural and racial diversity, and the LGBT+ community. Nselaa Ward, Juris Doctor conducts training, research, and action on issues around the black lives matter movement, women in leadership, the Me Too movement, building a financial legacy, the entrepreneurial ecosystem, and resilience in devastation She is also one of the top female slam poets in the world giving the unique opportunity to bring both purposeful programming and entertainment.  --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
This Podcast is an introduction to a write, coach and mentor-LT Bourne. His  mission is to start the conversation: The road to manhood without having a father in the home. His Upcoming book "It's Not A Man's World" discusses the challenges of living life without a father, being raised by a woman as a man. Tune in and keep a look out for the Pre-Sale June 30th and the book launch in November. Much more to come from LT Bourne. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
What Do You Think it Means to be a Woman?   These 4 Powerful Woman discuss life as a Woman. Living to Fulfill Your Purpose Despite the Obstacles, Despite the Doubt, Despite the Fear.  Kristie Kennedy-Executive Image Consultant & Owner of Queenfidence Image Consulting; Empowering women in 4 areas: beauty, brilliance, body image and business. I am a creative thought leader who is multi-talented, multi-dimensional and multi-faceted. Sunaina Talwar-Owner, Founder and Life Motivator @ She Shines Authentically; I would like to talk about how by creating mind awareness you will be able to make the transition from living the approval life to shining your authentic self. Robin Owens-Robin L. Owens, PhD, author, speaker, coach @ Robin L Owens. I help high-achieving women entrepreneurs and leaders to have more impact and purpose through the purpose-based, decision-making system that I created. Keisha M.-Confidence Coach for Girls @ HandiWork LLC. Being a Confidence Coach for Girls allows me the opportunity to pour into our young girls, that will allow them to have the chance to invest in themselves so they can be the healthiest version of themselves, so they will know how to participate in healthy relationships...(all types of relationships..with parents, siblings, family members, friendships, and any romantic relationships, or future relationships they may have in the future). --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
This episode featured the Amazing Holly Kile, owner of HJK Global Solutions: I work with business owners from the perspective as a partner rather than just someone doing tasks. My co-creation process and personal investment into their success generates an amazing synergy that supports them in unique ways. My clients tell me often that I am not a typical VA because I am able to do just about anything they ask. My other passion is teaching and I have applied that to my commitment to further professionalize the virtual assistant industry. I founded The Professional VA, a 100% free online VA training program. Holly is an Author with multiple courses, books and workshops available to advance your business. She is also disabled which you would never know. She suffers from an invisible illness that almost took her life. She has passed her expiration date and changed her thinking while changing the lives of others. A single mother, a survivor, a powerhouse and full of life and joy! Her Resources are available at her Amazing website. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
I’m Dr Barbara Eaton, Coach and Mentor to ROCK STAR ChiroMoms across the globe. Although my own children are fully grown, the memory of hustling to make it all work is forever etched on my heart and in my mind. I hope that the fact that I successfully traveled a similar path to the one they are on now and helped thousands of other women successfully navigate those waters, brings them confidence that they, too, are in the right place. Chiropractor Moms are why I created the #1 Female Created & Owned Coaching Tribe within our profession- The 56 Day Chiropractic Boot Camp to DOUBLE Your Business! We build badass female chiropractors who are instinctively successful. WARNING: I don’t do any part of life half way so if we work together recognize that I take our philosophy of optimum potential very seriously and thus am fully obsessed with my life personally and professionally. This WILL rub off on you, I promise you that! : ) Success is my duty, my responsibility, and obligation! I am on a mission to help 56 female chiropractors create Million-Dollar practices within the next five years. We’re off to a great start! Success is my duty, my responsibility, and obligation! I am on a mission to help 56 female chiropractors create Million-Dollar practices within the next five years. We’re off to a great start! For the past 20 years, chiropractors have enthusiastically hired Dr Barbara as their coach when they’re at a plateau and know they’re capable of so much more. She is on a mission to help 56 female chiropractors create Million-Dollar practices within the next five years. THE 56 Day Chiropractic Boot Camp to DOUBLE Your Business is THE tribe for passionate, determined chiropractors who want it ALL and believe they can HAVE it all! Listen in on this Amazing Podcast featuring a Woman that uses every experience, accomplishments and opportunities to invest in other women that are in the field of Chiropractic Care. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
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