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Your Voice; Your Power with Anika

Author: Anika Wilson

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Your Voice is Your Power. Telling your Story, Speaking Your Truth can not only heal your pain, providing solace to others. Our truths show the world who we are despite what we have been through.
Many of the stories you hear on this Podcast reflect on the gifts and Missions of the Storyteller whether they are a business owner, advocate, nonprofit organizer, victim, survivor, educator or philanthropist. Let's talk...
No conversation is off limits: Love , Life, Faith, Trauma, Triumph and beyond.

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Meet the Empowerment Panel individually: Bianca Marie- I’m a full Spectrum Doula, Lactation Support Educator, Newborn Care Specialist and a Public Health Portfolio Manager with oversight of a $3 billion dollar portfolio within the federal government. Women’s health is my passion and my background ( 3 degrees) but specifically empowering minority and disadvantaged women. I help women transform their lives to take back their power when it comes to their health and especially for pregnant or postpartum minority women.Www.bloomingmamaswellness.comCandace Stuart-Findlay- Empowered Whole Being Foundation-Over 10 years studying/researching Quantum mechanics/Quantum biology which provides a new paradigm/explanation of who and what we are. Published author of book which provides clear view of the fusion of Quantum research and Metaphysics, offering a roadmap for empowered self-realization. to access the Divine Heart Coherence™ Meditation audio file: Mckinnon- Wellness Warrior Coaching-A cancer diagnosis in 2008 immersed me in my journey to strategically transform my life through health, fitness and mindfulness.  As the founder of Wellness Warrior Coaching, I work with ambitious women to create personalized success rituals to gain more energy, strength, beauty and confidence along their journey to optimal living. My signature program “ The Warrior Way” is 90 days of 1:1 coaching to address health, wellness and mindfulness habits to remove limiting beliefs, create habits that fit with your individual lifestyle and goals while reducing stress! Clay-Linda is a business and lifestyle strategist who’s had successful careers in the for profit and non-profit sectors. She uses the tools and framework she developed to support corporate women who are ready to find their purpose so they can create more time, more income, and more impact while living life on their terms.Linda is a speaker and co-author of Out-of-Work to Making Money, 21 Comeback Stories Every Job Hunter Should Hear. www.Lindamclay.comNselaa Ward, Juris Doctor- Ni' Nava & Associates, Nselaa Ward, Juris Doctor is a TEDx speaker, former attorney, and current financial adviser, business architect, grassroots organizer, and is an internationally recognized pioneer of woman of color, cultural and racial diversity, and the LGBT+ community. Nselaa Ward, Juris Doctor conducts training, research, and action on issues around the black lives matter movement, women in leadership, the Me Too movement, building a financial legacy, the entrepreneurial ecosystem, and resilience in devastation She is also one of the top female slam poets in the world giving the unique opportunity to bring both purposeful programming and  Send in a voice message: Become a supporter of this podcast:
This Podcast is an introduction to a write, coach and mentor-LT Bourne.His  mission is to start the conversation: The road to manhood without having a father in the home.His Upcoming book "It's Not A Man's World" discusses the challenges of living life without a father, being raised by a woman as a man.Tune in and keep a look out for the Pre-Sale June 30th and the book launch in November. Much more to come from LT Bourne. Send in a voice message: Become a supporter of this podcast:
What Do You Think it Means to be a Woman?  These 4 Powerful Woman discuss life as a Woman. Living to Fulfill Your Purpose Despite the Obstacles, Despite the Doubt, Despite the Fear. Kristie Kennedy-Executive Image Consultant & Owner of Queenfidence Image Consulting; Empowering women in 4 areas: beauty, brilliance, body image and business. I am a creative thought leader who is multi-talented, multi-dimensional and multi-faceted. www.queenfidence.comSunaina Talwar-Owner, Founder and Life Motivator @ She Shines Authentically; I would like to talk about how by creating mind awareness you will be able to make the transition from living the approval life to shining your authentic self. https://sue9ah.comRobin Owens-Robin L. Owens, PhD, author, speaker, coach @ Robin L Owens. I help high-achieving women entrepreneurs and leaders to have more impact and purpose through the purpose-based, decision-making system that I created. www.purpose-based.comKeisha M.-Confidence Coach for Girls @ HandiWork LLC. Being a Confidence Coach for Girls allows me the opportunity to pour into our young girls, that will allow them to have the chance to invest in themselves so they can be the healthiest version of themselves, so they will know how to participate in healthy relationships...(all types of relationships..with parents, siblings, family members, friendships, and any romantic relationships, or future relationships they may have in the future). Send in a voice message: Become a supporter of this podcast:
Gabriella Ribiero is the owner of 3 businesses: The Mogul Mom, Trumarketing and Explorateur JourneysShe discusses life after divorce, filling in the gaps in your industry and building multiple businesses through her passion of travel. This conversation discusses self-concept, family, opportunity, balance and the luxury of diving into your passion.Understanding the dynamics of entreprenurship and the freedom's.Understanding the dynamics of entrepreneurship and the freedoms in addition to creating a supportive network for has a facebook group, and other resources to assist women in Unleveling their lives. Building a tribe within a mom's network of likeminded business women. Networking and interacting with those that understand. "I want people to know that running a business (or multiple businesses) and being a single mom is all possible- everyone's version of balance is different but the scales get tipped (and not in your favor) if you do not keep moving. Forward motion is crucial and I think I do a good job of sharing what's needed to thrive by leading by example." - is a powerful small business resource providing educational, actionable, inspiring tips, ideas, and information to mompreneurs -Explorateur Journeys custom-crafts bespoke travel experiences to destinations around the world. Our team plans global travel, touring experiences and individualized holidays to 7 continents, hundreds of countries and thousands of cities worldwide, exactly the way you want -Our concept is simple and TRUthful. We leverage our wealth of experience, language capabilities, first-hand knowledge of global destinations and product, and strong relationships with key industry and media personnel. Send in a voice message: Become a supporter of this podcast:
This episode featured the Amazing Holly Kile, owner of HJK Global Solutions:I work with business owners from the perspective as a partner rather than just someone doing tasks. My co-creation process and personal investment into their success generates an amazing synergy that supports them in unique ways. My clients tell me often that I am not a typical VA because I am able to do just about anything they ask. My other passion is teaching and I have applied that to my commitment to further professionalize the virtual assistant industry. I founded The Professional VA, a 100% free online VA training program.Holly is an Author with multiple courses, books and workshops available to advance your business. She is also disabled which you would never know. She suffers from an invisible illness that almost took her life. She has passed her expiration date and changed her thinking while changing the lives of others. A single mother, a survivor, a powerhouse and full of life and joy!Her Resources are available at her Amazing website. Send in a voice message: Become a supporter of this podcast:
Riana Milne specializes in Helping Adults who have had past Childhood or Love Relationship Trauma and find the Emotional Triggers are presently impacting them in Life & Love - to Heal and Create the Life they Desire and Attract & Keep the Love They Deserve. She wears 3 hats of a Cert. Global Life & Love Coach for Singles & Couples, Psychotherapist in private practice 20 years, and as a Cert Clinical Trauma Professional who worked with both Children and Adults - using various educational methods to treat a client's past Trauma Experiences and Emotional Triggers Holistically - changing Mindset, Body and sense of Spirit to go from Unconscious Pain to Conscious Awareness in all Life areas; including Love Relationships. Http:// Send in a voice message: Become a supporter of this podcast:
I’m Dr Barbara Eaton, Coach and Mentor to ROCK STAR ChiroMoms across the globe. Although my own children are fully grown, the memory of hustling to make it all work is forever etched on my heart and in my mind. I hope that the fact that I successfully traveled a similar path to the one they are on now and helped thousands of other women successfully navigate those waters, brings them confidence that they, too, are in the right place. Chiropractor Moms are why I created the #1 Female Created & Owned Coaching Tribe within our profession- The 56 Day Chiropractic Boot Camp to DOUBLE Your Business! We build badass female chiropractors who are instinctively successful. WARNING: I don’t do any part of life half way so if we work together recognize that I take our philosophy of optimum potential very seriously and thus am fully obsessed with my life personally and professionally. This WILL rub off on you, I promise you that! : )Success is my duty, my responsibility, and obligation!I am on a mission to help 56 female chiropractors create Million-Dollar practices within the next five years. We’re off to a great start!Success is my duty, my responsibility, and obligation!I am on a mission to help 56 female chiropractors create Million-Dollar practices within the next five years. We’re off to a great start!For the past 20 years, chiropractors have enthusiastically hired Dr Barbara as their coach when they’re at a plateau and know they’re capable of so much more. She is on a mission to help 56 female chiropractors create Million-Dollar practices within the next five years. THE 56 Day Chiropractic Boot Camp to DOUBLE Your Business is THE tribe for passionate, determined chiropractors who want it ALL and believe they can HAVE it all!Listen in on this Amazing Podcast featuring a Woman that uses every experience, accomplishments and opportunities to invest in other women that are in the field of Chiropractic Care. Send in a voice message: Become a supporter of this podcast:
Thrive Kids is an organized designed and developed by PhD Candidate, educator and philanthropist Shaista Fatehali. See her mission here: As a teacher, it has always been my mission to help students feel loved, safe, secure and successful. Even though I consider myself a teacher who strives to teach beyond the curriculum, the reality is such that we are constrained to time and curricular expectations, while trying to meet the diverse needs of every student. As a PhD candidate in Early Childhood Education, I began to see how important skills such as confidence, self-regulation play a role in their learning journey. Through academic research and expertise as a teacher, I firmly believe in ensuring our children are taught holistically. This is the reason why I created Thrive Kids! A place where children, families, caregivers and teachers can directly engage in the heart mind, and help kids Thrive! As a full time Kindergarten teacher, I have been working in the Delta School District for 13 years. I serve as a mentor teacher, a leader and facilitates initiatives for the District. I'm also a certified children’s life coach and works with clients to build self- esteem, manage anxiety and develop the heart mind. All of our products are geared towards helping children feel valued, loved and finding their true sense of self!Helping kids THRIVE! is my Send in a voice message: Become a supporter of this podcast:
Ruby Mabry is Mental Health Advocate & International Best Selling Author"Helping women see the beauty in themselves and break the barriers society has placed on us.I am doing my part to share my story in my book series, Broken Chains in hopes to end the stigma and break the silence against mental health disorders. I want them to know they are not alone. I’m working on becoming a better me and accepting me the way that I am and want to teach them how to do the same. Mental wellness is very important and we need to talk more about it and end the stigma associated with it. My recent diagnosis prompted me to start the Loving Me, She, Her movement, which will focus on self-love, self-work, self-confidence, self-worth and body image." Send in a voice message: Become a supporter of this podcast:
Forgiveness is a topic that affects everyone though it is a hard concept to implement in the healing process. These three women talk about the affects, means to execute and long term affects of holding on to pain. Dhylles Victoria hosts this Amazing panel with Amazing experts from different backgrounds with different perspectives. Listen in to: April St. John-Licensed Psychotherapist-www.livinganewthought.comMonica Zimmerman-Coach-CEO/Coach-monicathecoach.comSusan Greif- Creative Transformation Send in a voice message: Become a supporter of this podcast:
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