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Welcome to Cinematica Animalia! If you share our love of both science and movie monsters, then tune in as we - two ecologists, one veterinarian, and a writer - explore the ecology and physiology of cinematic creatures; explaining what works, what mostly doesn’t, and how the movie’s plot is subsequently affected. At the end of the day, we just love talking about science. Check out our website, .
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SUMMARY Taking a slight break from movies, this week is a minisode in which Dave creates a realistic dragon. Well, actually, three dragons. Do Dave's designer dragons pass the ecological and physiological test that Cinematica applies to other movie monsters? What movies would these abominations, I mean, creations star in? Which one would Liam Neeson fight? And please, email us with your dragon ideas! TIME POINTS 00:00:43 – Introduction and News 00:06:08 – Dragons As A Concept In Science 00:11:06- Our Dragons 00:45:41- Final Thoughts
The Cinematica team dives headfirst into Underwater (2020), with special guest Eva Paulus of the University of Konstanz, Germany. This episode we are plunging into the alien world of the deep, deep sea. What really lives in the Mariana Trench? Is Cthulhu a giant Surinam toad? Does Adam implode if this movie touts itself as Lovecraftian? Should us hosts cosplay in the movies dive suits? The answer to that last one is resoundingly yes. TIME POINTS 00:00:35 – Introduction and News 00:06:24 – Thoughts on Underwater 00:25:39 – Eva Paulus Deep Sea Life Interview 00:36:59 – Underwater Organism Physiology 01:10:15 – Movie Fun Facts and Random Science 01:16:30 – Movie Recommendations Guest Link: @Deep_Sea_Dirndl
Who's afraid of the big, bad wolf? Well, according to science, no one should be. This week the Cinematica squad tears into why the movie The Grey actually cries wolf. We discuss the unjust villianization of wolves, their ecological importance, and just how quickly Liam Neeson's body would cease to function due to exposure. Spoiler alert: pretty damn quick. TIME POINTS 00:00:43 – Introduction 00:04:24 – Thoughts on The Grey 00:12:31 – Science Discussion Introduction 00:13:13 – What is Eyeshine? 00:18:42 – Are Wolves a Threat? 00:29:00 – Are Humans Apex Predators? 00:38:34 – Reintroducing Wolves Opinions 00:57:25 – Final Thoughts
Slither in for a parasitic episode to celebrate Dr. Adam Hasik officially earning his PhD! In honor of his achievement, the Cinematica team breaks down exactly what are parasites with examples from Venom, 28 Days Later, Slither, Alien, The Thing and tons of real world creepy under-your-skin crawlies.
The Cinematica team is off to the podraces this week with special guest racers Aífe and Dani from the Movie aFISHionados podcast! We are diving in deep to easily the most quotable movie of the Star Wars franchise, The Phantom Menace. Find out what a citizen of Naboo is really called, the real reason Gungans build their underwater ships so sexy, and why this is Sam’s favorite movie of all time. TIME POINTS 00:00:48- Introduction and Guest Introduction 00:07:07- Movie Summary and Discussion 00:22:49- Movie Science Discussion 01:12:02- Movie Recommendations 01:17:25 - Sign Off LINKS Spotify= Twitter=
It’s Godzilla vs Kong on our last episode of Monkey Madness. While we don’t quite know the death toll of the citizens of Hong Kong, we can tell you just how much sedative it would take to calm a giant Titan grimp, why the ecosystem of The Hollow Earth is impossible, and why Godzilla wouldn’t really fight Kong. Oh, and the human characters suck. TIME POINTS 00:00:40- Introduction and News 00:03:23- Godzilla vs Kong Movie Discussion 00:16:16- Movie Science Discussion 01:03:22- Movie Recommendations and Sign Off
This week the Cinematica team continues Monke Madness with Gorillas in the Mist. We can't talk about apes without talking about Dian Fossey; the woman responsible for bringing mountain gorillas back from the brink. Listen in to hear about how one woman with no scientific background wrote a leading book in primatology, removed an organ to show dedication to her boss, and used "witchcraft" to take poachers head on. TIME POINTS 00:00:34- Introduction 00:04:59- News & Off Leash Dog Discussion 00:11:59- Godzilla vs Kong Discussion 00:15:31- Gorillas In The Mist Discussion 00:35:30- True Or False 00:46:04- Death of Dian Fossey 00:56:41- Sign Off
This week kicks off Monke Madness! Up first is Peter Jackson’s 2005 blockbuster, King Kong. We focus in on how severe injuries seem irrelevant to our characters, from permanent brain damage to limb crushing V-Rex bites, as well as the V-Rex's tendencies to dine and dash. The Cinematica team also welcomes guest host Cami, a social anthropologist to discuss the not-so-accurate representation of Skull Island’s indigenous peoples. TIME POINTS 00:00:38- Introduction 00:08:31- Movie Summary and Discussion 00:19:00- Science Discussion 00:54:04- Gorillas In Film 01:06:00- Final Thoughts and Fan Thank You
The Cinematica team returns to explore the Korean monster movie classic, The Host. Join them as they discuss the realism of formaldehyde mutation, possible mechanisms for agent yellow, do American's make the best villains, and what is the appropriate punishment for someone stealing one of your squid tentacles. TIME POINTS 00:00:35- Introduction 00:02:56- Movie Summary 00:07:58- Movie Review 00:14:35- Science In The Film 01:01:59- Is This Film Recommended? 01:03:45- Final Thoughts
The Cinematica team is back and starting off a new season with the 2020 film Love and Monsters (loved by the entire team, especially Adam). Join them as they explore the mutated post meteor/missile wasteland and answer the truly important question, how much do we all absolutely love the dog in this film? Listen to them argue, complain, and try to sort out the science from the fiction. TIME POINTS 00:00:44- Introduction 00:05:52- New Format Discussion and Science News 00:08:44- Movie Review 00:23:37- Science In The Film 00:55:44- Is This Film Recommended? 01:00:36- Final Thoughts 01:02:04- Thanks To Our Fans
A quick announcement for the upcoming season.
The Cinematica teams up to discuss the use of "real monsters" in Cinema through exploration of Lake Placid (1999), Piranha 3D (2010), and Deep Blue Sea (1999). Would these creatures work in the real world? Would increasing shark brain size cure Alzheimer's? Is Betty White the true monster? Find out by listening in. Guest Start: Libby, the teams "story fixer upper" Time Points 00:34- Discussion of Real Monsters in Cinema 09:00- Lake Placid Discussion 34:54- Piranha 3D Discussion 54:26- Deep Blue Sea Discussion 01:08:58- Sign Off
The Cinematica Team follows up with their exploration of the Norwegian Glowing Dragon physiology by discussing the planet of the moorwen. What would this creature eat? What would it's teeth look like? Why do none of the Vikings where sleeves in the winter in this movie? All of these questions and more are answered, other than, why was this movie made?! TIME POINTS 00:33- Introduction 02:28- The Story of Beowulf 11:15- Beowulf in Film 19:30- Moorwen Ecology: Dentistry 25:56- Moorwen Ecology: Food Collection 29:50- Moorwen Ecology: Bio-luminescence 33:26- Moorwen Ecology: The Planet of the Moorwens 38:44- Moorwen Ecology: Climate Issues 42:21- Versus 46:01- Sign Off
The Cinematica Team returns to discuss a fan submission from the "cult classic" film Outlander. Join them as they relieve this film and ask themselves questions like: What is a moorwen? Does Ron Perlman do his own stunts? How does space steel kill a monster? Is this movie good? Join us as we get lost in what we think is supposed to be Norway and explore another cinematic monster. TIME POINTS 00:37- Introduction 02:15- Outlander Discussion and Critical Reception 16:43- Physiology Discussion 46:04- Vet PSA 51:54- Sign Off
Sam ditches the rest of the Cinematica Animalia and teams up Travis from Kaiju Weekly for a special episode. Join them as they discuss Godzilla 1998 in order to determine how it stacks up to the classic precursors and the 2014 reboot in regards to scientific accuracy and overall enjoyment. Check Out Kaiju Weekly: TIME POINTS 00:32- Introduction 05:08- What Is A Kaiju? 10:36- Why Do People Love Godzilla? 15:28- Godzilla 1998 Movie Discussion 21:40- Godzilla 2014 and 2019 Movie Discussion 27:04- Godzilla Environmental Discussion 32:10- Godzilla Scientists 41:18- Godzilla General Science 50:12- Godzilla's Physiology Accuracy 55:46- Versus 1:02:12- Sign Off
The episode that no fans asked for is here. Adam, Sam, and David explore the world of Cats and are as horrified and confused as you might expect. Join them as they discuss how these grotesque creatures might have arisen, learned to dance, and tried to destroy the careers of so many great actors and musicians. TIME POINTS 01:40- Introduction 04:28- Cats Movie Summary 13:06- History of Anthropomorphic Characters in Movies 27:50- Cats Physiology 43:05- Outdoor Cats Discussion 54:25- Versus 57:27- Sign Off
Sam, David and Adam dive back into Jurassic Park again to discuss other dinosaur movies, the problems with cloning, should extinct species be brought back, and who was the best movie scientist. Join them to answer the question, would life really find a way? TIME POINTS 00:41- Introduction 04:45- History of Dinosaurs in Film 17:36- DNA Problems, Cloning Issues, and Island Life 40:44- Ethical Discssions 55:14- Michael Crichton and Scientific Concerns 1:05:48- Rating Jurassic Park Scientists 1:12:24- Versus 1:15:32- Wrap Up Discussion LINKS: Does It Fart?
am and David ditch Adam this week to explore the world of Jurassic Park on their own, and it does not go well. Join them as they discuss Jurassic vs Cretaceous periods, small Velociraptors, and the realities of the Tyrannosaurus Rex. TIME POINTS 00:41- Introduction 03:18- Discussion of the film 11:43- Jurassic vs Cretaceous 18:34- Dinosaurs with feathers 23:36- Small velociraptors 26:20- Tyrannosaurus vision 29:20- Tyrannosaurus as a ascavenger 32:48- Tyrannosaurus roar 34:44- Jack Horner 36:15- DNA Recovery 44:04- How to make a dinosaur 47:01- Lysine contingency 50:17- Veterinary PSA: Esophageal Foreign Bodies
The Cinematica team decides to try and tackle the evolutionary paths and potential domestication of the magical world. The discuss if Dumbledore is the true monster, whether a Phoenix would make a good pet, and pest control for a Basilisk. Join them as they create creatures you wouldn't want to touch with your wand. Time Points: 00:40- Introduction 01:56- History of Animal Familiars 08:10- General Ecology of Harry Potter 15:24- Discussion of the Phoenix 24:54- Discussion of the Basilisk 31:52- Versus 35:16- Sign Out and Credits
Sam, Adam and David are not invited to Hogwarts, but they decide to sneak in anyway. Join them as they explore some of the creatures that make up the magical world and discuss their possible horrifying anatomy. Leave your house elf at the door. Time Points: 01:30- Discussion of The Film 05:25- Summary of Harry Potter and Magical Monsters 09:19- The Physiology of Harry Potter- The Phoenix 21:36- The Physiology of Harry Potter- The Basilisk 28:30- The Physiology of Harry Potter- The Dementors 34:34- Vet PSA
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