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Welcome to Cinematica Animalia! If you share our love of both science and movie monsters, then tune in as we - two ecologists, one veterinarian, and a writer - explore the ecology and physiology of cinematic creatures; explaining what works, what mostly doesn’t, and how the movie’s plot is subsequently affected. At the end of the day, we just love talking about science.
124 Episodes
The Cinematica Team finishes off their series by returning to the movies that inspired, guided, and helped them to become the people they are today. Join them one last time to discuss science and storytelling within a shared love of films. Thank you so much for listening and joining us over these last few years. It has been a joy to share with all of you. TIME POINTS 00:00:57- Introduction 00:04:45- News 00:09:12- Adam's Movie (Bad Mac & Cheese Night) 00:18:24- David's Movie (Scientists Finding Love & Life) 00:29:00- Libby's Movie (A Bards' Journey) 00:35:43- Sam's Movie (Invasive Wildlife Removal) 00:47:25- Movies That Scared Us 00:55:23- Final Goodbye
This week, the CA Team goes into the belly of the beast, The Sea Beast (2022) that is. It's a whale of tale as we discuss all things cetaceans. What would really happen if you got swallowed by a whale? What is whale culture? How were whales hunted and why? Libby also reveals what happens if Catholics stay under water for too long. TIME POINTS 00:00:40- Introduction 00:02:44- News 00:07:13- Summary & Our Thoughts On The Film 00:14:58- Trivia 00:17:16- The Evolution Of Cetacea 00:27:39- Surviving In A Whale & Whaling History 00:44:23- Sea Monster Exploration (part 2) 00:53:57- Final Thoughts
Raise your wands, prepare your blades, and grab your magic babies and join the Cinematica Team as they explore the world of Willow (1998). What would happen to humans if they were mouse sized? Could a brontosaur evolve a taste for meat? Is the Fantasy genre still profitable? All of these questions and more will be explored in the name of Elora Danan. TIME POINTS 00:00:35- Introduction and News 00:05:00- Summary, Our Thoughts, and Trivia! 00:16:08- Brownie Physiology 00:25:00- Eborsisk and Nelwyn Evolution 00:33:56- Being Struck By Lightning 00:44:00- Fantasy Genre: Where Did It Begin & Why Is It Popular? 00:52:26- Final Thoughts
The Cinematica team gets "hooked" by the latest season of Love, Death, and Robots and "wade" into Bad Traveling (2022). Join them as they explore "shellfish" crews, basic "claws" of developmental ecology, and how short stories can "chitin" your day. Please don't be "crabby" and come join them. TIME POINTS 00:00:36- Introduction and News 00:03:00- Episode Summary & Trivia 00:09:24- Decapod Reproductive Strategies 00:16:45- Crab Facts 00:27:07- Short Stories 00:32:18- Final Thoughts
Check your sasquatch, because it's time to talk about Bigfoot. This week, the CA Team analyzes the found footage from Exists (2014). Adam walks in the creature's footsteps, exploring why these hairy Hendersons might be solitary; as well as why they ended up in North America. Dave's segment might be hard to find as he reveals the hidden patterns behind camouflage in nature and reveals some bear truths. Libby reveals why people love to believe in this elusive myth. And we all agree that no one should ever light their friend's beard on fire or take midnight hikes on the highway. TIME POINTS 00:00:38- Introduction 00:03:13- Exists Summary & What We Did And Didn't Like 00:13:01- Trivia 00:14:57- Sasquatch Populations & Hiding 00:26:27- Cryptic Coloration 00:37:09- Research On Bigfoot Hair 00:40:09- Squatchers & Those That Track Bigfoot 00:52:38- Wrap Up
S5E26- Book-In It

S5E26- Book-In It


The Cinematica team leaves the realm of movie adaptions and returns to the source material with an exploration of their favorite books they wish would be turned into films. TIME POINTS 00:00:38- Introduction & News 00:03:21- Literature Trivia 00:05:56- Galactic Football League Series by Scott Sigler 00:20:28- The Windup Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi 00:32:20- Elf Quest by Wendy and Richard Pini 00:42:43- The Name Of The Wind by Patrick Rothfuss
What do you do when your local farm is invaded by a group of 80's aliens that don't want to phone home, help you become the last starfighter, or fight the decipticons? The answer involves homemade fireworks and a shotgun. Join the Cinematica team this week as they explore the world of Critters including the physiology of rolling, eating till your grow, and what makes a hero. TIME POINTS 00:00:36- Introduction and News 00:07:26 - Galaxy Quest Summary & Discussion 00:14:29 - Trivia 00:17:56 - Ravenous Eating Ecology 00:24:24- Rolling For Locomotion 00:32:49 - Paralytic Potency 00:33:57 - Types Of Heroes 00:46:33 - Final Thoughts
By Grabthar's hammer and by the suns of Warvan, the CA Team goes intergalactic this week with Galaxy Quest (1999). Listen to our historical document as we probe into dick-headed octopus culture and the very real city of Octlantis. Adam proposes a theory of sentience matching body plans and breaks down the difference between convergent and homologous evolution. We reveal what species is the most violent and murderous towards its own kind; spoiler, it's not us! Learn the different subtypes of satire with Libby. One question remains: are Thermians really just Finnish? TIME POINTS 00:00:36- Introduction 00:03:58 - Galaxy Quest Summary & Discussion 00:13:13 - Trivia 00:17:43 - Octopus Culture 00:24:51 - Convergent Evolution 00:30:30 - Mammalian Violence 00:36:07 - Different Forms of Satire 00:43:08 - Final Thoughts
Time to get lost in a world full of deadly dinos. Join us as this week the CA Team takes an island vacation with The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997). What should you do when you find a baby T-Rex in the wild? What is a "complete ecosystem"? Does Cretaceous Park have the same ring to it? And why is Dr. Ian Malcolm brought back from the dead? More importantly, will he ever shut up? Also, bees are fish! TIME POINTS 00:00:34- Introduction 00:03:37 - News (The Fish & The Bees) 00:05:05 - Movie Summary (Jurassic Park 2: More Cash For More Movies) 00:16:41- Trivia 00:19:45 - Baby Rex Medicine 00:39:35 - Isla Sorna As A Study System 00:46:54 - Sam's Three Dinosaur Questions 00:53:38 - Ian Malcolme RIP 1:00:16 - Final Thoughts
Peace green brother! This week the CA Team is pregnant with possibilities as we give birth to our worst movie yet: Carnosaur (1993). What is a T-Rex's proper posture? Do anti-viruses actually exist? What is so shocking about an experiment with snails and genetic memory? And what is a mockbuster; but more importantly, how many Kung Fu Panda mockbusters are there? TIME POINTS 00:00:41- Introduction 00: 05:48 - Stranger Things Cast Discussion 00:08:46 - Carnosaur Summary 00:20:18 - Trivia 00:24:03 - Dinosaur Stances 00:32:43 - Anti-Virals 00:42:46 - Genetic Memory 00:48:17 - Mockbusters 00:57:54 - Final Thoughts
Things just got stranger as the CA Team take on both demi-dogs and the power of Billy's mullet in our continuation of Stranger Things (2016 - present). Could the Upside Down be a meteor impact site? What is a fungal shotgun and did Hopper take one in the face? Is a virus jumping species common? What does Jurassic Park tell us about writing from a child's point of view? Also Sam wants to know, when are we getting a Steve and Dustin buddy spin-off?
Hold tight and flicker the light, the CA Team is upside down this week and next as we explore all the dimensions of the Stranger Things TV series (2016 - present). What type of predator is the Demigorgon and what does it lam-prey upon? Why is our bipedalism more significant than our brains as homosapiens when looking at our history? Just how powerful is nostalgia and how do you treat it? And how does Steve have such incredible hair?
Everybody Dar-wins this week as the CA Team explores Evolution (2001). We discuss why the universe doesn't really styles itself in one direction, no matter how much it paynes us to think there is a story of our lives. We divide the facts from fiction on the subject of cellular mitosis. We divide the facts from fiction on the subject of cellular mitosis. Asexual reproduction sprouts some interesting dialogue as we take a look at "budding". And our story section reveals how to research solid science when writing science fiction. TIME POINTS 00:00:33- Introduction 00:02:12 - News 00:06:12 - Movie Summary (Ghostbusters with Shampoo) 00:13:14 - Trivia 00:17:27 - What Is Evolution? 00:27:17 - Budding 00:34:40 - The Diversity Of Life 00:39:25 - Earth's Evolutionary Timeline 00:47:31 - Libby Lessons: Putting Science In Sci-Fi 00:55:39 - Wrap Up
Say Expecto Patronum and hopefully summon another movie as the CA team returns for hopefully the final Fantastic Beasts film in The Secrets of Dumbledore (2022). We have serious concerns about why the Qilin would bow. We ask if this is actually a Manticore? We worry about how the Wyvern would work. Finally, we explore paper thin world building. TIME POINTS 00:00:38 - Introduction and News 00:08:01- Movie Summary (Dumbledore's Dickheads)and Our Thoughts 00:19:25- Trans Rights Are Human Rights and Trivia 00:22:58- The Qilin 00:28:55- The Manticore 00:34-48- The Diricawl 00:36:51- The Wyvern 00:41:52- The Matagot 00:43:59- Paper Thin Story Building 01:02:36- Would We Recommend This Film and Final Thoughts
Say Accio and summon a sense of patience as the CA team returns to the world of Fantastic Beasts in the Crimes of Grindelwald (2018). We cheer with the Zouwu and its’ new found freedom. We worry about the carnivorous implications of the Kelpie. We freak out about the death of the adorable Chupacabra and WHAT KIND OF SOCIOPATH DOES THAT!? Finally, we explore how exposition drop works and how to tell a story. TIME POINTS 00:00:36- Introduction and News 00:07:30- Trans Rights Are Human Rights 00:08:04- Grindelwald Walkthrough and Our Thoughts 00:20:45- Trivia 00:22:17- Antonio la Chupacabra 00:27-52- The Kelpie 00:32:28- The Zouwu 00:41:52- The Matagot 00:49:18- Liberature 101: Exposition Dumps 00:39:45- Rowling Etymology 00:56:27- Which Of These Animals Do We Feel The Worst For And Would We Recommend?
Say alohamora to a menagerie of magical and mythical beasties this week as the CA Team casts themselves into part one of three fantastic episodes, starting with Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them (2016). We can't get enough of Niffler and his bower bird tendencies. We harrumph at the erumpent's almost diminutive size comparative to actual giant rhinos, Paraceratherium. We flush a common goldfish myth down the toilet as we look at the occamy's trait of indeterminate growth. We chuckle that the adorable bowtruckle is likely a predator. We call lies on the demiguise's futuristic eyesight. We tank the idea of Frank's six wings. And finally, we shine some much needed lumos on the origin of many "borrowed" words in this wizarding world. TIME POINTS 00:00:34- Introduction and News (Wolves & Dinosaurs) 00:07:40- Trans Rights Are Human Rights 00:08:38- Fantastic Summary And Film Thoughts 00:15:55- Trivia 00:20:15- The Niffler 00:24-46- The Bowtruckle 00:27:27- The Erumpant 00:31:01- The Demiguise 00:34:47- The Occamy 00:37:13- The Thunderbird 00:39:45- Rowling Etymology 00:47:45- Which Of These Animals Do We Feel The Worst For? 00:49:59- Would We Recommend This Film?
Exactly how many monsters are in The Monster (2016)? Just like a car on an old back road, we breakdown this week's canid-like monster and ask the hard hitting questions. How can burns kill so quickly? Do wolves understand paved roads? Is it healthy to snack on other carnivores? How is an allegory different from a metaphor? Can Sam pronounce the word synecdoche? TIME POINTS 00:00:33- Introduction and News (How To Unfuck The World) 00:12:32 - The Monster Summary and How We Felt About This Movie 00:22:21 - Trivia 00:27:42 - Monstrous Wildlife 00:35:14- How Burns Kill You 00:45:46- Predators, Wildlife, and Vehicle Collisions 00:50:53 - Carnivores Eating Carnivores 00:54:21- Libberature 101: Allegory to Synecdoche 01:00:51- Final Thoughts
This week, the CA Team bares their souls in the world of Elden Ring (2022). We wrap our tentacled brains around the strange, amorphous beaked blob that is the land octopus, now known as an octoplonk. We simp for imps as we analyze ambush predation tactics and social structures. We yabby-dabby-do want to see more crayfish take the horrifying spotlight that they deserve. We scribble down some thoughts on epistolary novels and how abstruse storylines work. But most importantly, we try and put a finger on this game's odd fetish. TIME POINTS 00:00:37- Introduction 00:12:39 - Elden Ring Summary 00:21:24 - Trivia 00:23:40 - Land Octopus Biology 00:34:38 - Imp Physiology 00:42:08- Giant Crustaceans 00:51:47 - Epistolary Stories 01:06:34- Final Thoughts
Out of the depths came Stephen Sommers's Deep Rising (1998) and you are in for a Treat (Williams). All aboard as the CA Team asks some unsinkable questions. How far back do human's tales of sea monsters go? What exactly are Archaea Ottoia? Why are octopi's brains located throughout their tentacles? Will this group of adults be mature enough to refrain from making jokes as we discuss penis worms? TIME POINTS 00:00:34- Introduction 00:03:46 - News (New Squid Discovery) 00:06:12 - Summary and Our Thoughts 00:17:43 - Trivia 00:22:51 - Under Pressure 00:28:25 - Penis Worms 00:39:37- Octopussies 00:45:03 - Story Discussion: Sea Monsters 00:52:45- Final Thoughts
The city of Gotham flashed the CA logo in the sky and we answered. For our very special 100th episode of the podcast, we chose the nontraditional, The Batman (2022)! Breaking from analyzing monsters to create our very own DCinematica versions of a realistic Batman, Catwoman, and Penguin, with the help of a very special guest host. The original veterinarian caped crusader and catalyst of our podcast, TJ! Enjoy a Batman that pees while hanging from a pull up bar, a Catwoman that should be kept indoors, and a Penguin with unbelievably sweaty palms. Cheers to another 100 and thanks for your support and listenership! TIME POINTS 00:00:36- Introduction 00:05:17 - News 00:09:22 - Summary (What A Joke?) and Our Thoughts 00:21:42 - Trivia 00:28:08 - Batman Biology 00:41:48 - Catwoman Cytology 00:55:04- Penguin Physiology 01:10:34 - Favorite Batmen 01:15:20- Do We Feel Bad For Our Monsters? 01:17:04- Final Thoughts
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