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Are you a current or future graduate student and you are concerned about what to do in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic? You can rest easier with these 5 steps that Ashley Hill is going to teach you in this episode of The Scholarship Chat Podcast. You will learn the specific action steps that you need to take right now so that you can position yourself to thrive during this crisis. This episode is sponsored by The Scholarship Bank, a free resource to teach incoming and current graduate students how to graduate without debt. Join The Scholarship Bank at today.
In this podcast episode, Ashley Hill, host of The Scholarship Chat, interviews Dr. Juan Garcia, founder and CEO of The Doctoral Support Team. Dr. Garcia shares his journey of obtaining his doctorate degree in education while juggling his family responsibilities to encourage you along your journey to your doctorate degree. Dr. Garcia draws on the experience of earning his Ed.D. in three years, more than a decade as a senior-level administrator in for-profit education, and nearly 20 years of teaching and coaching experience in both the public and private sectors.  If you need assistance with earning your doctorate degree, Dr. Garcia and his team at The Doctoral Support Team help doctoral students (re)gain control of their lives, develop work habits that work for them, manage professional relationships, and get past the internal and external criticism that keeps them stuck. You can connect with Dr. Garcia and his team below: Website - Facebook - LinkedIn -
 As a graduate student, your income isn't always a consistent amount each month. It is crucial that you develop the right skills using the right tools to manage your money wisely. In this podcast episode, Tarra Jackson, an award winning International Speaker, best-selling Author, Spokesperson, Brand Ambassador and Financial Expert is going to give you the right tools to manage your bank account properly. Tarra Jackson inspires her audience to overcome financial challenges by giving simple strategic steps to help them reach their personal, professional and financial goals. If you are interested in working with Tarra or purchasing her books, please visit Follow Tarra on social media:  Facebook Twitter Instagram
Tax season can be a challenging time for graduate students especially if there is a possibility that they will owe money to the IRS. Before you stress about your taxes any further, listen to this podcast episode with expert insight from CPA, CFP® professional, and Financial Advisor with over 21 years of experience, Sharif Muhammad. He breaks down how graduate students should prepare to file their taxes, how their financial aid packages can affect their tax filing, and when graduate students should hire a tax professional. If you would like to contact Sharif about hiring him to advise you on your taxes, you can reach him in the following ways: Website: Email: Facebook: Twitter:
In this episode of The Scholarship Chat with Ashley Hill, you will learn about the importance of increasing the percentage of minority engineers from Dr. Whitney Gaskins, Assistant Dean at the University of Cincinnati who manages underrepresented minority outreach and retention in the College of Engineering and Applied Science. Dr. Gaskins shares her journey to working as an engineer before working in higher education. Also, she shares on insights into how to successfully gain admission as an engineering major and thrive as an engineer. Lastly, she shares how her foundation, The Gaskins Foundation, provides academic, college, and career preparation opportunities for under recognized and under-represented youth.
In this episode of The Scholarship Chat with Ashley Hill, you will learn about something that is affecting millions of Americans - the student loan debt crisis. Student Loan Doctor, Sonia Lewis, shares the major impact of student loans on those struggling to pay back the $1.5 trillion+ of student loan debt. She shares how to make the right money moves today to avoid the consequences of student loan debt after college graduation.
In the latest episode of The Scholarship Chat with Ashley Hill, you will learn exactly how Nakita Bowman, an accomplished engineer and social entrepreneur, was paid to obtain her engineering degree plus an additional $15,000 in scholarships! Also, she shares about how she was able to leverage her college years to land competitive placement as an engineer in a global firm. She has taken all of her knowledge and experiences to guide students through the college admission process with her company, Tackle Ur Dreams. Let Nakita's story inspire you to take action today to get paid to obtain your degree!
In this episode of The Scholarship Chat, you will learn about the top 3 mistakes to avoid when preparing to study abroad, the importance of reaching out to support services on campus, and more!
Tune into this episode of The Scholarship Chat featuring college admissions expert, Dadé, as she shares how to write strong personal statements. In this episode, Dadé shares insider tips including: - The personal statement is the most important part of a student's college application. - Students need to know how to write an effective personal statement to help them get into their dream school. - The do's and don'ts to help your personal statement to stand out among the applicants
If you are an international student studying for the SAT to get into your dream college or university in the US or elsewhere, tune into this podcast episode with expert, Christian Manrique. He shares amazing tips including the major mistakes that international students make when studying for the ACT, simple solutions, and how to get through the college application season!
In this episode of The Scholarship Chat Podcast, Elizabeth Wallace, college admissions expert and author of Free College, shares insider tips on how your child can attend college for free. Listen as Elizabeth shares simple steps that your child (K-12th grade) can do now including: 1. Start preparing for college as early as elementary school. 2. Take enrichment classes during breaks from school. 3. Be consistently involved in extracurricular activities.
In this podcast episode, I answer questions from our listeners! I talk about what to do when you need last minute scholarships to how adult students can find scholarships. This episode is sponsored by The Scholarship Bank.
In our first episode, listen in as College Admissions Expert, Chad Dorman, shares how parents can help their student athletes prepare for college the right way. This episode is sponsored by The Scholarship Bank.
Are your students considering taking a gap year after high school? If so, tune in to this podcast episode with guest, Julia Rogers. Julia Rogers is an experiential education expert and professionally accredited gap year counselor. Julia works with educators, service-learning organizations, non-profits, government entities and families to develop creative educational pathways that result in young adults being better prepared to succeed in college, life and work.   As the founder of EnRoute Consulting, Julia oversees a social enterprise dedicated to fueling the gap year movement and developing a generation of compassionate, driven and resourceful global citizens.  Julia co-hosts a podcast called Gap Year Radio, is an alumna of Hamilton College in New York, a TEDx speaker and a graduate of the Snelling Center for Government's Vermont Leadership Institute.
Join Ashley Hill and her special guest, Elaine Rubin, a higher education finance expert to discuss how students can use Scholarships360 to pay for college. There is no secret that a college education is a pricey yet worthy investment. Elaine shares the resources that students and families can access inside of Scholarships360 including financial aid information, scholarships, and scholarship application tips. Encourage you students to create their free Scholarships360 account at today!
Join Ashley Hill as she interviews Ryan Barba, MBA admissions consultant. After earning acceptance to a top-5 MBA program, Ryan earned his MBA from Cornell University's Johnson Graduate School of Management, where he received a full-tuition scholarship. Ryan has been an MBA Admissions consultant for more than 7 years. He and his team have helped more than 600 candidates get acceptances from the top-15 MBA programs. More than 60 students currently enrolled at HBS, Stanford GSB, and Wharton were past clients of Ryan and his team, and more than 94% of former clients earned at least one acceptance to a top-tier program. Ryan and his team take on a small number of clients each year, to ensure a very high level of accessibility and attention. In this episode, Ryan discusses how the pandemic has impacted MBA admissions. He shares strategies on how you can still successfully gain admission into a top-tier business school. You can connect with Ryan for more information about working with him to get into top-tier business schools below: Website: Reviews: Youtube: Instagram:
Join Ashley Hill as she interviews Dr. Blair Chance about the her path to her career in medicine. Dr. Chance shares tips on how to ace the MCAT, keeping a balanced life during and after medical school, the power of God in her life and career, and how she is utilizing her platform to educate others about living a healthy life. Follow Dr. Chance on social media:
Join Ashley Hill, host of The Ashley Hill Podcast, as she interviews Robert Farrington, Millennial Money expert, about what students and families can expect when preparing for college (and paying for college) during a pandemic. Robert Farrington is the founder of The College Investor and has been helping people navigate college and escape student loan debt for a decade. Visit The College Investor at to get information on how to manage finances, pay less for college, and more! Follow Robert Farrington online at: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Youtube:
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